Essay about The Social Theory Of Social Life

Essay about The Social Theory Of Social Life

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Man evolves in a society where he was born or have seen or in which he moved to. This sometimes affects himself and his environment. The environment has an influence on his personality through his behavior and habits. To move in the society, the individual socialized to adapt himself to life in the community. To better understand and analyze social life in which we live, we can just use microsociology and macrosociology as sociologists suggests.
There are two tools that sociologists use to study the behavior of the individual in a broader like restricted environment. According to Henslin, microsociology is « the analysis of social life that focuses on broad features of society, such as social class and the relationships of groups to one another» (Henslin). It is an approach used by functionalist and conflict theorists. It can also be defined as the branch of sociology that deals with social relationships and basic social groups of small sizes. Henslin also pointed out that macrosociology is « The analysis of social life that focuses on social interaction» (Henslin). In other words it is the branch of sociology that study the society as a whole, such as social classes, relationships between one group and another. This approach is used by the symbolic interactionist. In order to illustrate why we need both, my study will be focused on the case of a student who is expelled from school. How these different factors influencing him could take him to this point.
Based on macrosociology, we can focus on two elements of social institutions. The first one has the biggest impact on a child 's family. Family is the first group from which he receives the basics meaning of life. Family describes the transformations made through the social chang...

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...l become a walking disaster. In this specific case of face-to-face interaction, the author talks about « What people do when they are in one another’s presence» (Henslin). He also goes further in describing the concept of group while he said that: « When we belong to a group, we yield to others the right to judge our behavior» (Henslin). For example a student who is part of a group of young people smoker, which causes the other students who are lawless to do exactly as they will likely be referred in the school in order to preserve the other students .
In conclusion, we can say that the great part of responsibility for good or bad behavior of children is from the society in which they live, and also how parents and individuals in their environment react to them and what kind of aids have been provided to them out door to improve their behavior and not put them away.

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