Essay on The Skills And Abilities As The Peer Counselor

Essay on The Skills And Abilities As The Peer Counselor

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The Peer Counselor class of this quarter helped me in developing the valuable skills and abilities as the peer counselor. I have learned many things that have enhanced my knowledge. I think now as a peer, I could support is effective for increasing the knowledge, skills, communication and different other kinds of the professional skills. Before starting this quarter, I was familiar with my skill of being a not good listener to my friends and family even though I used to attend different classes and lectures, I would focus on something different. So, it is the effective interpersonal skill, but there are different other interpersonal communicational skills that are required to build the professional attitude. My experience of learning in this peer counselor class was very interesting as I get the place for learning new things and developing new abilities. Also, from this quarter, I learned about myself that what skills and capabilities that I have, and I have learned that I am a good listener where I did listen and observe the body language of counterpart, register the flutter in voices or feel the aggressive undertone. I feel now I am empathetic, committed and an active listener to solve the problems. Along with the listening, I feel that I have become a good problem solver as well. I can solve the problems with or without sharing personal experiences, information and values. I have identified this after practicing my skills in the classroom and during the traids. Therefore, I have become a good listener where listening skill will help me in becoming a really effective peer counselor as I will be able to listen empathetically to the peers and understand their issues. In return, this will help me in analyzing things better before j...

... middle of paper ... listening skills to polish them and to use them effectively, when required. I am really thankful to this quarter for teaching me the best parts of becoming a peer counselor, and by having a good eye contact, I would be able to make my freinds feel satisfied about the solution of their problems. With my ability of problem solving, I would be able to solve the significant problems without even sharing the personal experiences and personal information. Finally, I enjoyed the time of peer counseling classes and I get the opportunity to learn different new things and abilities about the peer counseling and about different professional activities. Thus, the classes were very effective and helpful for me because I learn different new skills and abilities about the interpersonal communicational skills. In my opinion, this class helped me effectively for developing myself.

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