Essay on Similarities Between Human And Chimpanzees

Essay on Similarities Between Human And Chimpanzees

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Through many centuries of passionate research and dedication on behalf of scientists worldwide, the general consensus among them is that human’s and ape’s are overwhelmingly similar. Years of research, comparison and evaluation have allowed for scientists and science enthusiasts to draw conclusions about not only the similarities between human’s and chimps, but how those similarities translate to similarities and differences between human’s and their behavior. Despite valid and accurate conclusions being drawn, Marks notes significant examples of scientists incorrectly using apes to draw conclusions between human behavior and differences overall, as seen in his noted examples regarding differences in skull size and sexuality and behavior and how these examples have affected our perceptions and cultural assumptions (Marks 2002: 23). Thus, despite a 98% similarity in our collective genome’s, the difference in skull size is extremely significant and varies greatly between human’s and chimps, despite their similarities. With the clear comparison of skull size, it’s easy to understand how human’s have evolved to be the high functioning species we are, while chimp’s have remained relatively lacking in mental capacity, despite certain evolutionary advances here and there. With this scientific determination, scientists then went on with the assumption that comparisons could be made between humans and skull size variance between different “races”. First, it is important to note that race as a biological construct is a construct that many hope will be considered obsolete as it has no scientific bases to prove that race exists within our genes. Later in the mid 19th century, pre modern physical anthropologist Samuel Morton carried about a st...

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...ural assumptions.
Mark’s writing throughout “What it Means to be 98% Chimpanzee” constantly and consistently aims at establishing the idea that sometimes, science doesn’t play the accurate role we would expect it to. There have been times through scientific research that scientists have incorrectly drawn conclusions about human behavior and differences as a result of already proven and accurate conclusions and study about primates. This trend of incorrect conclusions has led to impacts on the understand of relationships between not only humans but between humans and non-humans. As a result, the cultural assumptions being made by many may be affected and may lead to a lack of misunderstanding about human behavior, the differences between us and how those differences affect roles and standing in society as the highest functioning and most capable species of all.

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