Should Teachers Be Able For Conceal Carry? Essay

Should Teachers Be Able For Conceal Carry? Essay

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Should teachers be able to conceal Carry
“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. Said Vice President of NRA Wayne LA Pierre. Mass shootings particularly in gun free schools zones are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. This epidemic is raising the uncomfortable question if teachers should be able to conceal carry on schools grounds K-12. Teachers shouldn’t be able to conceal carry on schools grounds because teachers are meant to teach. Guns in a schools could still be accessible to children. Teachers carrying guns would create an unnecessary fear to students that they are in danger. This is an under developed solution to a complex issue on our children’s safety.
Educators are meant to nurture our children in an academic setting not lay their lives down for them. According to the online pole administered by the School Improvement network, 72% of teachers would not likely bring a firearm to school even if allowed. Teachers would have to go through copious amounts of training to use their guns properly under the pressure of a mass shooting. I...

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