Persuasive Paper On Gun Control

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In the United States of America, there is much debate about the effectiveness and practicality of concealed firearms. Many citizens today are trying to support their claim with old, outdated evidence and targeted research to attempt to prove a point, but can not escape the truth. Although Concealed firearms may sound appealing to reduce crime rates and stop violence, new evidence suggests otherwise. Recently there has been trends of certain lunatics who own guns that decide to shoot innocent people, justifying the need for more strict gun control laws. The purpose of this paper is to educate and inform about the immensely important topic of concealed firearms, with focus on what effect it has on society and crime rates. We will go over modern…show more content…
Although it seems straightforward, the US constitution leaves a sort of ‘grey area’ when speaking of concealed firearms in public, the second amendment speaks of militia related interest, not self-defense related interests. The second amendment defines the right to keep a firearm in a household, which was normal for the time; but the ever-changing world and constant threat of shootings means we should leave it to police officers to handle crime. One major argument, however, is the thought that ‘if everybody was armed, everybody would then be able to protect themselves’. Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world; we live in a world where more guns leads to more accidents. Also if everybody was armed, Criminals and under-the-radar insane people would all want to perform heinous acts against society. In Gun Control by Earl Kruschke he states, “Someone who keeps a gun in their house for self-defense is more likely to injure themselves than to ward off an attacker” (Kruschke 34). That means owning a gun for self-defense and recreational use is statistically not worth doing, but it may offer some much needed peace of mind. Many citizens believe that owning a gun in a home can be an effective way to defend their…show more content…
Accompanying the high margin for human error, untrained citizens can use firearms in unlawful ways. According to a violence policy center analysis of news reports, CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) permit holders have killed at least 14 law enforcement officers and 622 private citizens since May 2007 (LCPGV 1). Most if not all of those deaths could have been avoided if there was no concealed carry law. People now need to be informed of the facts, and not some old false reasoning. What holds many people back from seeing the truth is the disadvantageous annotation that comes with change. Sure, this country was built on people who rose up and overthrew the unethical government with their own weapons, but that is not what is being threatened; the right of a militia and to own firearms is written in the second amendment. What does need to change, however, is the idea that the constitution is flawless and covers all things. Although the constitution does lay very stable ground rules for a country to be governed, laws are meant to change with new inventions and ideals. New models of more and more deadly firearms are created everyday, each being deadlier that the latter. What could be called into the question is not the banning of the weapon, but the banning of the deadliness of the weapon. New guns can be specially constructed to wound a
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