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Imagine, a person is sitting in their classroom in college. He or she is focused on listening to the teacher, because he or she needs to pass the final exam in order to graduate. All of a sudden, an intruder charges through the door. The intruder pulls out a gun and starts blasting bullets throughout the classroom. There is nowhere to run and there is no way to fight back. Everyone is hit and on the floor, bleeding. This person is so close to graduating and starting a new life. Now his life has been cut short, because there was someone who illegally brought a gun to a school. Because the school had a symbol of “no guns allowed”. Because the intruder knew there was no one else could shoot back. Now imagine if that student, dying on the floor, …show more content…

“The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment supports conceal and carry by stating “the right to bear arms.” That statement should be exemplified as to have a gun in public. People need to have a weapon ready for use in case of emergency. Not in a car or locked up inside a house, but in reach of the certified personnel. According to the opposing side on, the article Should Adults Have the Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun states: “the amendment is not unlimited and should permit weapons only to citizens who can prove a ‘justifiable need’” (“Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun” 3). The article also has a women’s opinion on Conceal and carry. She stated “women need to be able to defend their home and defend themselves if they go out. It 's just a safety issue” (“Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun” 2). In order to feel safe, and have a reliable self-defense mechanism should be a justifiable reason for Conceal and Carry …show more content…

They are afraid the wrong type of people will legally own a gun, and then commit a crime, and it happens. “In 2007 the South Florida Sun-Sentinelreviewed a list of concealed gun permit holders in Florida and found that 1,400 had pleaded guilty or no contest to a felony, 216 had outstanding warrants, and 128 had active domestic violence injunctions” (“Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun” 4). It is a good statistic of how the wrong people can still obtain legal guns. However, that was back in 2007. Illinois is the last state to approve the Conceal and Carry act. The benefit of that is Illinois has witnessed all other states and their gives and takes on this law; this has helped create Illinois own Concealed Carry Law. Observing all other states, Illinois has created a careful application in order to obtain your concealed carry license (“CCL).In the Illinois Bar Journal, Caitlyn G. McEvoyl explains the rights and restrictions of the Conceal and Carry Law. The first step is to obtain a FOID card, which is the id to legally buy a firearm. It is harder to receive a FOID card than it is to apply for the CCL. Such restrictions like mentally or physically impaired, addicted to narcotics, or mentally ill can discontinue your application. Afterwards one must have sixteen hours of training with an approved instructor; this involves: caring and safety of a

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