Should Standardized Testing Be Taught? Essay

Should Standardized Testing Be Taught? Essay

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Going through school learning important knowledge for the future is a part of everyone’s life. Getting the most out of those school days is another thing. Standardized testing is a commonly used method of gaging a schools ability to teach students. Standardized testing can be very costly and time consuming and can greatly impact a student’s learning from focusing on test scores, even though there are many alternatives to achieve the same goal with lesser impact.
Testing student’s by using standardized test can help to measure how well schools are teaching students, but it can also limit their learning. Many school have strayed from just teaching student’s skills and knowledge that is useful to teaching them what might show up on state and federal testing. This trades the learning students could be doing for test preparation and testing. A study was done on two schools in the United States that showed “test prep and testing absorbed 19 full school days in one district and a month and a half in the other in heavily tested grades.”( The author of this article also go on to say “the estimated annual testing cost per pupil ranged from $700 to more than $1,000 per pupil in several grades that had the most testing.”( Having graduated from a school district that took a large amount of pride in their testing, I know that there were many subjects in my classes that I felt should have been covered more thoroughly. For example, when I graduated high school I had no idea about matters such as credit, retirement plan, investments and I was completely lost when it came to balancing a check book. Several years later I have a wealth of knowledge over those topics, but it would have been a large burden lifted...

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...asily one of the important steps for a minor. Filing that education with test preparation and testing can take up time and funds that could be used to educate students further. Using alternatives to standardized testing can free up time and money
for a better education and can lead to a more thorough learning.

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