The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing is a down fall to many students but also an opportunity for many others. Standardized testing has its pros and its cons. It can be the make it or break it factor into getting into colleges you are hoping to attend or the scholarships you want to earn. Some people may have their opinions about the test, whether they hate it or not but the fact is that it’s here to stay. What exactly is standardized testing you may ask, it is a test which measures the knowledge among different students. There are many different standardized test in many different forms. High school standardized test include the SAT, ACT, and the awful dreaded FCAT. There are also standardized test in many different fields such as Medical (MCATs) or the standardized test needed to enter law school (LSATs). Most of these test are needed to get excepted into a certain school you want to go to or to get a scholarship. The reasons why we have standardized testing today is because of many reasons. The States use it to compare abilities and skills of a student. We also give standardized testing...
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