Should Law Enforcement Officers Be Monitored More? Essay example

Should Law Enforcement Officers Be Monitored More? Essay example

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Should Law Enforcement Officers Be Monitored More?
I. Introduction
In the past and recently, people have been either directly or indirectly affected by police brutality. This societal issue is apparent in many democratic societies around the globe to include the United States. The increased knowledge and awareness of police brutality have raised many concerns for people and advocates from various areas. On one side, law enforcement supporters have advocated the legality of officer’s actions while the opposition identifies police racial profiling, corruption, and excessive force. Additionally, police brutality has raised serious concerns for human rights violations; however, guiltiness has only been proven against a few individual officers rather than agencies as a whole.
Police brutality has proven to have an extensive amount of consequences, some intentional or unintentional, due to a lack of sufficiently mandated sanction(s). Lacking satisfying ramifications, certain demographics within public populations have reacted extremely. Activists have before and are currently fighting against certain government agencies in what they believe to be unlawful actions by police officers, and they are demanding accountability. Police brutality has raised significant concerns, but it is ambiguous to recognize a proper solution. Overall, the societal issue of police brutality has gathered much attention and countless individuals are demanding a solution to end the depravity. So, should law enforcement officers be monitored more closely?

II. Significance
The magnitude of the issue with police brutality is extensive. In a democratic state, police hold the authority to use “legitimate force” necessary to enforce the law, and maintain order and ...

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...edia is one of the main methods of spreading news about police brutality. Thus, the messages that are created are at the mercy of the individual person who writes the story for that source. Depending on their framework, a message can be delivered with the influence to intensify or reduce the effect of a situation. Many news sources like, CNN, Fox News, and NBC have made multiple reports about police brutality. For example recent articles accessible on the Internet read as follows: “Police brutality toward Latinos us unacceptable,” “The dangerous militarization of our police,” and “Paintings show the casual violence of colonial masters [in reference to police brutality].” These are some of many examples that the media has molded the attitudes of their viewers. Thus, assumptions about police brutality are greatly influenced by the messages portrayed by media sources.

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