Field Practice and Experience within the Police Department

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Over the course of the fall 2013 academic semester, I served as an intern to the Fort Worth Police Department. My time as a criminal justice major at Texas Christian University equipped me with the necessary tools of understanding how the judicial system works. However, the field practice and experiences I received working in the recruitment department of the Fort Worth Police Department helped me to better grasp how efficient and helpful law enforcement is to our communities and societal maintenance.
Going forward in my field of study post TCU, I had never really given sincere thought as to where I might land a profession in the field of criminal justice. The department is such a vast field, with flourishing resources that are critical to carrying out the laws. Initially, I was attracted to the therapeutic/rehabilitative side of criminal justice as a juvenile counselor or probation facilitator. I enjoying helping others and being an active listener, through skills and methods acquired from my minor in Communication Studies. Upon entering internship, my eyes were opened to all the field opportunities present that are often overlooked. Police work is not an easy task, and actually challenges individual physical/mental stability. My process as an intern began with me being stationed at the Fort Worth police academy. During my time at the academy, I got to know a lot of the officers on a one on one basis. During our conversations, I would notice that each of the men and women were drawn toward the field for their own personal beliefs or goals. It was during my first task at the academy, that I developed an inside look to the pros of law enforcement.
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...rk force after next semester. Although my interest may not fall on wanting to pursue a career as a police officer, there are other commendable departments that should be explored. Going forward I would recommend my experience to anyone pursuing an internship. The one thing that separates the Fort Worth units from any other law enforcement department is the chemistry the people serving have towards their jobs. It is like joining another family unit working towards a family goal. Leaving my position as an intern I feel impacted by all the experiences I made, and the people I met. Reporting to work many days I felt like I was part of the force myself, going through the academy to one day graduate and serve my city. I feel Fort Worth Police Department would be the place for me, or anyone else that wants to join a family unit driven towards serving and protecting others.

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