Should General Education Classes Needed Within Colleges Around America? Essay

Should General Education Classes Needed Within Colleges Around America? Essay

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Currently, in colleges across America, the topic of being required to take general education courses is on the rise. The fact is that they are expected across America today. It can be an issue now and in the future. Should general education classes needed in colleges around America? i Are requirements a problem? Well, Requirements are good for a lot of things, they help make a guideline for you to follow when otherwise it could be stressfull, some might even think it lets you escape your comfort zone. Even though I believe it is good to get out of your safe zone, I don’t think you come to college to escape your box. That being in the sense of education anyway, you can escape your safe zone for your social life if you choose to do so.

I believe you come to college to learn about the field in which you choose to study. I will say that it 's not a bad thing to step outside of your safe zone. However, I don’t believe someone should be forced to do so. After all, you are paying for your education why should you have to pay for classes that won 't even help you but only hurt you and p...

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