Essay Short Summary : ' Not Hungry '

Essay Short Summary : ' Not Hungry '

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Two hours later I come up the stairs after having pizza with Mason, Leighton, Avery, and Liam to find Ashton crawling back into bed.

"There 's pizza downstairs."
"Not hungry," he grumbles.
I lean against the closed door and sigh.
"Are you feeling better?"
He nods, "Yeah."

I glance down at my clothes, thankful I had taken the lazy route. I 'd basically had to. After three nights with no news of Ashton I hadn 't gotten any sleep.

"You look tired," he says, softly.
"I am."

He pats the empty side of the bed next to him and I walk over. He rolls onto his side, facing me as I lay down. After a few moments her covers his face with his arm. Laying there in complete silence.
With a long sigh, I crawl under the covers next to him. Lifting his arm I lay my head besides his on the pillow. We lay in silence for a few minutes until he opens his eyes to look at me.

"I was a jerk to you and here you are taking care of me."
"You 've taken care of me," I whisper.
"I 've also been a bad influence. I 've gotten you high. On more than one occassion."
"I could have said no, it was my choice."

He sighs and moves his head so we 're nose to nose.
"I 'm sorry, buttercup." He winces. "I can call you that, right?"
"Yes. But only you."
He smiles softly and brushes his nose against mine.
"You do look tired," he murmurs worriedly.
"I am."

He pouts and runs his thumb over the shell of my ear.
"Why, buttercup?"
"I haven 't been sleeping all week."
"What happened?"

He stays silent as we stare at each other for several minutes. Finally I have to speak.

"I was worried about you. Monday, I figured you were just ditching. But when Avery said you hadn 't been home at all, I got worried. I asked her to loo...

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...mble. "I wonder what they want."
"To scare us," Ashton says softly.

I look up at him and then at Avery.

"I think we need to tell them the truth."
Avery shakes her head.
"If you tell them you were lying they 're never going to believe another word you say. Not at this point."
"But we were together, we know neither of us did it."
"It doesn 't matter," she says sternly.
"I think Kenna might be right, Av," Ashton says, quietly.

She shakes her head determinedly.
"No. Keep quiet about it, at least until Olivia wakes up."
Ashton and I share a look.
"When she wakes up, we 'll talk to her," he murmurs.
"What if she doesn 't wake up?"
"Then we 'll tell them everything we know."

He takes my hand and squeezes it as Avery turns on the bedroom light with a lost look on her face.

"Either way, we have a murderer out there, and they may or may not be targeting one of you, next."

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