Short Story : ' Heaven And Earth ' Essay

Short Story : ' Heaven And Earth ' Essay

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A New Beginning
Le Ly, in the film Heaven and Earth has clearly had her moments of hardship. Le Ly in the face of the Vietnam war was stripped from the remnants of her childhood and faced with her enemy on multiple occasions. Le Ly’s older brothers went off to fight for their country, while she and her family stayed on their village to ten their farm. It wasn’t long until the war was at their front door. Le Ly was then tortured by the Viet- Con, almost raped by soldiers; if that wasn’t enough to break her spirit then her and he mother had to move away from their beloved village to find work in Saigon. There Le Ly is seduced by her boss, and becomes pregnant. This is where Le Ly’s true story begins, she learns that in order to make her son’s life perfect she must work for it. This is where she captures the eye of an American soldier, they fall in love after a little hesitation from Le Ly and eventually get married. After Le Ly’s husband Steve is done with his tour they move to the United State to start their new life after the war in Vietnam.
Typically, in films this is where our h...

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