Role Of Women Empowerment

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Secondly, the ideologies of modernization have to loom. The idea of modernization and empowerment is a transformation for women, it has brought a lot of changes in the social structure. The roles of women started to change from the submissive, dependant and the childbearing conventional women to the modern empowered women. (Thedevelopmentreview, n,d )There are more and more women have become developed, they have to leave what they are traditional characteristics behind of them. They are requesting for equal rights, autonomy and independence expecting the similarly heavy career responsibilities. (Thedevelopmentreview, n,d) The impact of modernization affected the role of women effectively. Women wanted to break out of their bonds, they wanted…show more content…
(Bodichon 38) Women empowerment is a new phrase in the vocabulary of gender literature. The phrase is used in two broad senses which are general and specific. (Thedevelopmentreview, n,d) In a general sense, it refers to empowering women to be self-dependent by providing them access to all those freedoms and opportunities, which they were denied in the past only because of their being a ‘women’. (Thedevelopmentreview, n,d) In a specific sense, women empowerment refers to enhancing their position in the power structure of the society. (Thedevelopmentreview, n,d) The word women empowerment essentially means that the women have the power or capacity to regulate their day-to-day lives in the social, political and economic terms – a power which enables them to move from the periphery to the center. Women empowerment is about transformation, it is about radical social transformation, and it is about the ordinary people, common people rather than politicians, experts, and other socially or culturally advanced persons. Above all, it is about power, although the concept of power contained in it is generally left unspecified. (Thedevelopmentreview,…show more content…
The influence of traditional male stereotypes have on the perpetuation of gender inequality. Women were often taken for granted and not as capable as men before the late 19th century. The word of gender equality reveals the fundamental problem when it is deconstructed in isolation. Gender is a system based on the difference between individuals. However, it will never be transformed into an equivalent situation. The stereotyping of male as masculinities, handsome, rich and more. Sex and gender are the classifications for differentiating between men and women. The female graduates regard success as masculine and political in a male-dominated field. (Davey,2008) Therefore, if women want to be successful in the male-dominated atmosphere, women have to behave in other ways that are unusual to them. (Chovwen, 2007) There are more and more women taking the roles of a leader in the workplace, especially in male-dominated industries like the technology sector. Women have been paying more attention to the harassment in the workplace, language surveillance, and other forms of discrimination women have faced in their career. (Thedevelopmentreview, n,d) One of the most outstanding leaders of the second wave feminist movement, Gloria Steinem said that only in women is success viewed as a barrier to giving advice. (Steinem, n.d) Women have to adopt male characteristics and
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