Short Note On Sleep And Memory Essay

Short Note On Sleep And Memory Essay

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通し番号01-018: Classroom instruction (60-70 words)

(Narrator): Listen to a college psychology professor talking to a class.
(Man/Woman): Today we are going to talk about sleep and memory. The brain makes short-term memories, or memories that last a very short time, all of the time. However, long-term memories, or memories that last a very long time, are made when we sleep. Therefore, things you study before you sleep, can become long-term memories easier. It is very good for students to study just before they sleep. (67 words)

Q. What is short-term memory?
Memory that lasts a short time.
Memory that lasts a long time.
Memory of numbers.
Memory of letters.
Q. What is long-term memory?
Memory that lasts a long time.
Memory that lasts a short time.
Memory of things you study.
Memory of when you sleep.
Q. When is the best time to study in order to make long-term memories?
All of the time.
When we sleep.
Before we sleep.
In the morning.

通し番号01-019: Classroom instruction (60-70 words)

(Narrator): Listen to an American Culture professor talking to a class.
(Man/Woman): Hey everyone, I’m going to talk about something that most American colleges have: “Fraternities and Sororities”. “Fraternities and Sororities” are groups of students that usually live together in a house. Members are usually called “brothers” or “sisters”. These social groups often throw parties. They also host events where they raise money to help people. “Fraternities and Sororities” are a huge part of American college culture. (65 words)

Q. What are the students in “Fraternities and Sororities” called?
Fathers and Mothers.
Fraternities and Sororities.
Brothers and Sisters.
Q. Where do the students in “Fraternities and Soror...

... middle of paper ...

... a country. For example, Japan’s “official language” is Japanese, and Spain’s official language is Spanish. Most people think that the United States’ official language is English. This actually is not true. The United States has no official language. English is the most spoken language in the U.S, but the government uses various languages. The most popular languages used in government documents are English and Spanish. (86 words)

Q. What is an “official language”?
The language in a country that is spoken the most.
The language in the country that people like the most.
The language that the government uses in a country.
The language that the president of a country speaks.
Q. What is the official language of the United States?
There is none.
Q. What is the most spoken language in the United States?
There is none.

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