Sexual Morality and Social Context Essay

Sexual Morality and Social Context Essay

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Sexual Morality
“There must be integrity between body and life. You must not do with your body what you’re not willing to do with your whole life” (Keller). Keller is directly talking about our individual sexual morality and how or how not it should be perceived in a social context. Most people think sexual dilemmas of it in a broader spectrum, not directly related to one’s morality, by saying “this act isn’t right” where others may simply say “why not”. Yet, what justifies an act for one person and condemns it for another? More importantly on what grounds do they condone their actions? Sexual morality can be described as: a communal and personal benchmarks for which we model are social relationships, as it pertains to all and every segment of engaging in sexual activities. This is not a limitless definition; it ranges from contact with one’s self or another, the context in which the act was preformed, and in some cases the place where it was performed. It can even be as controversial as what type of physical contact is considered sexual. All these guidelines must be met by our own standards to justify the sexual acts we partake in.
Alan Goldman takes the non- tradition point of view in his analysis carefully named “Plain Sex”(Luper). Plain sex is exactly as we read it, sex with no other context or restrictions held by non-moral hierarchy. Goldman asserts sexual acts are a balance between one’s freedom and their personal duties. The interpretation of freedom comes from idea of natural rights, for which we are brought in to the world with including the ability to think, articulate our thoughts and act as we desire. Goldman limits these actions in the context of sexual morality as long as the act does not harm another. As Just...

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...oldman. Who would also say the evaluation of risk is out of tune with contraceptive technology. Others would say obligations are important but should be separated from sexual acts.
The views of Goldman and Scruton have varying but, never the less, are important and significant in showing differing views that have changed with the time. None the less sexual morality will be an argument of scrutiny for years to come. My own view of sexual morality no matter how traditional has solid grounds stand on thanks to the works of Rodger Scruton. It uniquely allows for social acceptable units to restrain the risks associated with sexual activities. Although no plan based on the sexual morality of humans is perfect. We should strive for a plan that is socially responsible and limits the risks not only to children but gives grounds for acceptance within culture as a whole.

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