Servant Leadership And Transformational Leadership Essay

Servant Leadership And Transformational Leadership Essay

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Servant-Leadership versus Transformative Leadership

The world growing more and more complex and institutions need managers who can adapt to the increasing pace of innovation. Servant leadership and transformative leadership are some of the new management techniques and ideas that address the increasing complexities of the world. However, as these new ideas are developed and implemented, which one works the best in today working environment? Which one of these management styles has a greater impact on those who use and those who are managed? Finally, which of these ideas is sustainable into an uncertain future?
Transformative Leadership has long been researched and scrutinized described it place in the work space (Stone, 2003). Since its introduction by Greenleaf, servant leadership has had less research and studies into its effectiveness. Servant leadership research has focused on comparing its concept to other forms of leadership. (Stone) The opportunity presents itself to take closer look at both transformational leadership and servant leadership to find how these two style compare and contrast to each other.
Transformational leadership and servant leadership seem to embody similar aspects when compared to each other. As we look at both leadership methods an uninitiated may confound the two. The question is what are the differences of transformational leadership and servant leadership? Are they different enough to definitely determine these are two separate leadership methods? It could also be asked can they combined or fused to capture a method they serves a leader 's needs.
Transformative leadership is, “a process where leaders and followers rise one another to higher level of morality and motivation."(Burns, 1978) Thi...

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...servant leader being is not to direct or control, but to “motive and facilitate service and stewardship.”(Stone) The transformational relies on charisma to “garner influence and motivate followers.” (Stone) Both get results from their people and for their organizations.
As organization search for leaders to lead them deeper into the 21st century, they must remember the best metric is success. New leaders have to be smart, adaptable and creative in a ever diverse workforce. These competing demands requires a leader who can address both the external needs of the organization and the needs of those who make up the organization. When follower recognize leaders care about their needs those followers produce more and have less turn over. Both servant and transformative leadership equip leaders to achieve this. Therefore are viable leadership styles for the 21st century.

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