Senior Autobiography on Education Essay examples

Senior Autobiography on Education Essay examples

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Senior Autobiography
My story of the past and present. (Who I am?)
Educational achievements are the part of the success in one’s life. College is the platforms to show ability and to expose knowing the world. As a part of getting in the college education, I am getting prepared since last twelve years to explore the challenges by avoiding procrastination and getting passionate about things I like and are helpful with the part of the college education. I am challenging myself by taking a broad range of classes in the beginning.
As long as I remember, I have been a bright student who had always wanted to move forward with enthusiasm and ambitions. I have been hardworking, intelligent, and a self-reliant person. I was a good leader among my colleagues. Science and Mathematics had always been a passion for me. Mathematics, Science, Global culture, Politics and law had always been my best interest as it is now too. I want to move forward and want to end up with either doctor or an engineer.
There’s nothing I love better than mastering a skill or gaining a new piece of knowledge. I find learning to be one of the few vices in life that are both addictive and good for me. Considering I often indulge in those other vices that aren’t really in my best interest, I try to get a big dose of education as often as I can. As much as I may love education, I’d much rather learn something new than doing anything else.
I was born eighteen years ago in refugee camp in Nepal. I have three siblings who were born before me. My parents were forcefully evicted from their motherland Bhutan due to ethnic cleansing sponsored by government of Bhutan. After that tragedy, my parents stayed in refugee camps back in Nepal for more than seventeen years. Refu...

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...eelings. I found difficulties putting my memories into words. I prefer them to call extreme feeling memories.
I am thinking about the spirit or soul of a place changing over time. I have changed in what I like about places. I am feeling earthy and intense. My soul of the place of my home changed as I changed my spirit or soul of a place changes over time. I need to reflect more on my beliefs of whether the soul changes over time. My idea of a good time is settling down with a great book talking to myself. People have caught me doing it even when I don't realize I'm doing it. I love myself, so I laugh.
America has given me a hope to fulfill my dreams. I am working hard to achieve my goal, which is to be able to be either doctor or an engineer. I am moving on with the same enthusiasm, and patience. I just need a chance or will create chance to prove myself.

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