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College is a great experience where no all high school students get the chance to live the feeling of a college student before their graduation. High school might be great for these teenagers, but college is even greater. College can offer them a lot more experience than they get while in high school. Becoming a college student and having a professional education is more than important for new generations. The importance of having an associate degree, a doctoral degree, and a master degree symbolize a successful person. Becoming an educated person with any degrees will make that person’s life as simple as attending to school and getting the best out from it. Now, high school students should attend to college before or after they graduate to…show more content…
They are no longer kids, some of them will be teenagers ready to become young adults. As high school students, they are not enjoying their freedom as they will in college. In high school teenagers don’t have that many options as students; they can’t choose their teachers, classes, or time. Having a flexible schedule might be a fantastic idea to have in high school although that’s not the case for them. Somehow, many students get frustrated at the beginning of the school year, since they disagree with the subjects they were given or because they just might not like the instructor designated. Students can comply as much as they want and still nothing will change in their intent to get better options. Meanwhile, in college is just another flow where students can enjoy their liberty from choosing their roommates to choosing their classes. But that’s not the only things college members can get advantage of. They have too much freedom that they can even choose the time they want to go to school, the number of classes they want to take and with whom they want to take them. If they don’t like the instructor, they can drop out of that class and go to another class without arguing with…show more content…
In high school, it seems super fun having the same friends for four years long, in most of the cases they are friends since middle school and that’s when they start calling each other best friends; However, having too many friends in the same class not always is a great idea. Some could be not a problem but sometimes it is a disaster when two or more students know well each other. They can distract the entire class and become a nightmare to the teacher and to the rest of the class. But, what happen when they transcend to a new lifestyle all that friendship that was built in high school comes to an end. After graduation, all students take their own path and that friendship built for years suddenly banished. On the other hand, when young students get to college they have to adapt to a new world. They might not have the same friends but they surely will have better ones with the same goals and levels as theirs own.
College is the time to try new stuff, form new friends and discover what you want to do with the rest of your life. “You are no longer confined to the cliques and pettiness that often comes with high school” says Megan M. on her article.
Above all, Students who understand the differences and learn how to bridge the gap between high school and college should have a greater chance for success. while high school gives students a slight of taste of what it’s to have
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