Essay about Self Assessment Instruments : Student 's Name

Essay about Self Assessment Instruments : Student 's Name

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Self-Assessment Instruments
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Self-Assessment Instruments
The world as we know it has undergone a series of metamorphosis to what it is now, a business world. Each and every country, every individual and organization has geared their efforts towards becoming economically productive and bettering their lives. In an attempt to do so, organizations do not just employ any Tom, Dick or Harry to be responsible for various duties and activities. When it comes to hiring individuals, business owners or those in charge of the human resource department need to go beyond the act of hiring by critically considering where this individuals best fit into the organization. Although an organization may be confronted by several candidates who possibly possess the same right skills and experience, they might have totally different management styles. Considering that every individual has his or her own perception of various situations, it is obvious that their management strategies may differ regardless of their similarity in skills. Hence, the need for self-assessment tools is inevitable.
Self-assessment tools are techniques employed by organizations in an attempt to gather information about their employees’ interest, skills, personality and values. However, these instruments are not only employed by organizations, any individual wishing to determine their interests, values, personality or feeling towards something. People have different feelings and some feelings are more paramount than others. Self-assessment tools give employees an avenue to learn more about their employees and how they handle different situations. By so doing, employers are able to place people together in an attempt to br...

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...fter, individuals are able to make informed decisions regarding their life choices such as career decisions. There are many self-assessment tools geared towards improving an individual and organization. However, although there are a variety of self-assessment instruments, different tools will bear different results. The results may be conclusive or inconclusive depending on the instrument chosen. However, MBTI and DISC are the most common tools used in self-assessment. Although they are the most common, they have their shortcomings. Hence individuals and organizations should familiarize themselves with every aspect of the self-assessment tool in use. Without an iota of doubt, self-assessment tools are a vital ingredient towards individual improvement and organizational success. Self-assessment tools help in the creation of a stronger and more vibrant organization.

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