Security Measures After September 11 Essay

Security Measures After September 11 Essay

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The implementation of several security measures after September 11 has led to new types of developments in the collection of data. With the rapid growth of information technology and its reach around the world as well as the average citizen’s ever-growing reliance on technologies, arguments have risen over the importance of individual freedom and privacy. The leaks from those such as Edward Snowden and their revelations of how the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance practices target and monitor their own citizens led to even further scrutiny of big data mining by government agencies. With the threat of terror attacks still a constant fear among many, a particular mindset is developed arguing that these overbearing safety measures and sacrificing freedom keeps people safe and that if you are not guilty then you have nothing to hide (Verble 2014, 16). This nothing-to-hide argument is dangerous in a world where the combination of growing technologies and the post September 11 landscape is leading to further reliance the NSA and the intelligence community. This essay will debunk this nothing-to-hide argument, centring on how data is collected and analysed should be concerning to all, including those who have done nothing wrong. This essay will begin with a brief description of data mining and the prevailing arguments for its continual use. It will then elaborate on the issues and limitations of big data mining, notably the oversights in regards to data quality, interoperability, Jeffery Seifert’s concept of ‘mission creep’ and how they disregard privacy (2006, 209). These limitations will be further shown through examples of oversights in the implementation of these practices. This essay will conclude with outlining the poss...

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... Tier two nations are those the NSA choose to work with on specific projects, but are also nations that the NSA heavily spies on. These include mostly European and Asian nations, including influential nations such as Germany and Japan (Greenwald 2014, 123). Tier three nations are the remaining nations that the NSA chose not to cooperate with and are routinely spied upon. However, these nations still have friendly or neutral relationships with the US, such as Brazil and South Africa (Greenwald 2014, 123). The security agencies of these nations have all assembled a web of interoperability that span the entire globe. The incredible scope and global reach of this cooperation also includes having partnerships with over eighty major influential global corporations (Greenwald 2014). This collecting of information takes away the right to privately hold innocuous information.

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