Credit and Debit Cards vs. Cash

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Over the last ten years people in the United State and around the world have heavily relied more on their debit or credit cards to process transactions of their purchases. In the old days it used to be when you would get your paycheck on Friday and rush to the bank during your break or lunch in order to cash withdraw your funds or deposit them into your account. It used to be where you carry cash to buy groceries, pay bills, and go shopping. Now some people don’t even set foot inside their bank branch because they are paid using direct deposit or the funds are loaded into a debit card provided by their employer. Many employers from around the globe don’t even issue paper check anymore. Bills are often times paid online, babysitters are accepting electronic payment such as PayPal and even food trucks now take electronic payments. According to a Washington Post column by Michelle Singletary society and businesses embrace using cashless ways to pay for things than the old time traditional “cold hard cash”. In my opinion there should still be cash circulating out in the world. My first ...
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