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Questions and Answers on Ernest Rutherford

- ... Ernest did a lot of work before he discovered the atomic theoryanx made a big name for himself. Ernest went to England in 1907 to become Langworthy Professor of Physics in the University of Manchester. In 1919 he accepted an invitation to succeed Sir Joseph Thomson as Cavendish Professor of Physics at Cambridge. He also became Chairman of the Advisory Council, H.M. Government, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research He became the Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Institution, London; and the director of the Royal Society Mond Laboratory, Cambridge....   [tags: nuclear physics, radio active materials]

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The Death Certificate Of Mrs Audrey Rutherford

- Conor McKinley noticed the jurors arriving back into their box, each taking their designated seat. However, something got his attention when he observed one obviously straight Juror sitting with a stain of cum on his pants, targeting his asshole. Then, McKinley looked towards Juror Number Nine’s direction. He had that Cheshire cat grin. Conor couldn 't believe what he thought; I need more cock in me. McKinley’s asshole twitched at the thought of that straight Juror getting fucked by Juror Number Nine’s impressive cock....   [tags: Judge, Jury, Prosecutor, Lawyer]

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Ernest Rutherford and The Gold Foil Experiment

- ... Although this theory was widely accepted, some scientists theorised that Thompson’s model was incorrect, one of them being Hantaro Nagaoka who countered Thompson’s model with the argument that opposite charges cannot infiltrate one another, so the positive charge held by the atom must be focused in the nucleus and the electrons would revolve around the outside. Rutherford’s experiment would prove Nagaoka correct, and reinvent the model of the atom. Hans Geiger, Rutherford’s colleague, built a vacuum tube with a mass of radium at one end, and in the opposite end, a fluorescent zinc sulphide screen to created tiny flashes of light when the alpha particles from the radium hit the screen....   [tags: splitting the atom, plum pudding model]

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Ernest Rutherford

- Ernest Rutherford Ernest Rutherford was born in New Zealand in 1871 as one of 12 children. It was Rutherford who first "split" an atom and who discovered the atomic "nucleus", a name that he invented. For this he is regarded as the greatest experimental physicist of his time. Rutherford was one of the first and most important researchers in nuclear physics. Soon after the discovery of radioactivity in 1986 by the French physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel, Rutherford discovered the three different types of radiation....   [tags: Papers]

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Ernest Rutherford

- Ernest Rutherford Ernest Rutherford was born in Spring Grove in New Zealand on August 30th, 1871. His parents, James and Martha, had emigrated from Great Britain and believed their children, numbering 12, should have proper education. At the age of 16 Ernest won his first scholarship to Nelson College, where he was a popular student. He followed with a second scholarship to Canterbury College in Christchurch, and by 1893 had graduated with first class honours in Physics and Mathematics. Rutherford stayed at Canterbury for a further year to study Physics in more detail, particularly how iron reacted in magnetic fields....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Ernest Rutherford

- Ernest Rutherford Born on August 30th, 1871 in New Zealand, Ernest Rutherford accomplished to be one of many successful chemists throughout the world in the 19th and the 20th centuries. With his brilliant experiments he explained the puzzling problem of radioactivity and the sudden breakdown of atoms. In addition, he determined the structure of the atom and was first to ever split it. Rutherford's great mind triggered innovations of new technology such as the smoke detector that saves many lives today....   [tags: Biography]

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Rutherford B. Hayes

- Rutherford B. Hayes (19th president) Rutherford Bichard Hayes was not a well know president. He was not president that had the opportunity to lead us through a war. He was not a president that would draw much attention to the public eye. He was however one of the presidents that had a great triumph over a major U.S. problem, economics and civil rights following a war. The United States was just coming out of the Civil War and was in need of a new president. They were in need of one that could lead them into a booming economic system, start the process of paying off the national debt, and show them the benefits of a nation-wide unification of the North and the South....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rutherford's Alpha Particle Scattering Experiment

- Rutherford's Alpha Particle Scattering Experiment Rutherford was the world leader in alpha-particle physics. In 1906, at McGill, he had been the first to detect slight deflections of alphas on passage through matter. In 1907, he became a professor at the University of Manchester, where he worked with Hans Geiger. This was just a year after Rutherford's old boss, J. J. Thomson, had written a paper on his plum pudding atomic model suggesting that the number of electrons in an atom was about the same as the atomic number....   [tags: Papers]

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Rutherford B. Hayes

- 	 Rutherford B. Hayes was considered by many to be a simple, uncontroversial, and honest man to run for the presidency. That is why many people are perplexed that such an astute person should have one of the most controversial elections and presidencies ever. Considering Hayes’ honorable principles, it came as a surprise to see how he could unknowingly make a decision about reconstruction where its effects were so blatantly derogatory to the cause he was trying to help. 	The controversy began when he was merely running for office....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rutherford County and its Greek Influece: Personal Perspective

- Hu Reaction Essay The Greeks/Romans never invaded Rutherford County– physically. Yet the Greeks have left a deep and unforgettable mark on Rutherford County and the United States thinking, politics, philosophy, law, art, architecture, literature and the sciences. In going out and about in “Small-Town” friendly Rutherford County, I realized that just like the Romans of old we like to “borrow” other people ideas. My husband, kids and I, travel through Rutherford each Sunday on our way to church, when I started reading these chapters I become conscious of how much Greek and Roman Architecture is around us....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Structure And Function Of The Atomic Model

- The structure and function of the atomic model have been a subject that has had various theories revolving around it. The theory that is the predecessor of modern chemistry started over 2400 years ago, however, it was ignored until the 1800s. The theories about the atomic model ranges from Greek philosophers to 1800s scientists to modern chemists. Bernard Pullman states in his book, “Most of the early philosophers believed that the essence of all things could be reduced to material principles.” In 440 B.C., the Greek philosopher Democritus started to question what ‘matter’ was....   [tags: Atom, Electron, Ernest Rutherford, Proton]

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Atomic Theories Of The Atomic Theory

- Atomic Theory History The Atomic Theory first came to the surface of science around 400 B.C. by a famous philosopher named Democritus. He actually didn’t create it first, but he was the first man to adopt the Atomic Theory into the world. His Atomic Theory stated that, “ All matter consist of invisible particles called atoms or atomos. The universe consists of two elements that are atoms and the invisible space that the atoms move around in. He also said that the atoms cannot be destroyed, are always moving, and they differ in size, shape and temperature (Democritus).” It took many centuries after Democritus’ discovery of the Atomic Theory, before a new chemist named John Dalton he...   [tags: Atom, Electron, Neutron, Ernest Rutherford]

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Rutherfords Gold Foil Experiment

- Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment Rutherford started his scientific career with much success in local schools leading to a scholarship to Nelson College. After achieving more academic honors at Nelson College, Rutherford moved on to Cambridge University's Cavendish laboratory. There he was lead by his mentor J.J. Thomson convinced him to study radiation. By 1889 Rutherford was ready to earn a living and sought a job. With Thomson's recommendation McGill University in Montreal accepted him as a professor of chemistry....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Rutherfurd's Estates

- In Edward Rutherfurd’s London, characters from all three estates are introduced and throughout each chapter their ideals and personality traits are developed. Some characters tend to be better off than others economically, but each of these more unfortunate characters uses his intellect to get ahead. The powerful characters are divided into two categories, because some are politically powerful and others are powerful in their community by making tough decisions and having important leadership qualities....   [tags: Character Analysis, Lady St. James, Meredith]

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Middle Passage: A Review

- Reading Portfolio Middle Passage is a novel filled with different techniques such as allusions, foreshadowing, humor, character transitions, and many other techniques. Charles Johnson, the author of this amazing novel wanted the readers to acknowledge the past and present events. He connects the past and the present with many different examples. One example is when the police hit Santos for no reason. This comparison is made very clear and simple enough for the readers to understand that police brutality continues to this day....   [tags: African-American Literature]

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Exploration of Bondage in Middle Passage

- Bondage can be defined as a state of subjection to a force, power, or influence or the state of being under the control of another person. Throughout the novel Middle Passage, written by Charles Johnson, bondage is a reoccurring theme. The characters in the novel are bonded physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Some characters are bonded and can not escape their bondage. Others choose to place themselves in the situations. Throughout the course of the novel, some of the characters gain their freedom and move forward with their lives....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Who Influenced The Scientist? How And Why?

- Ernest Rutherford - (1911) Who influenced the Scientist. How and why. JJ. Thompson influenced Rutherford by improving on Thompson plum pudding model and saying that a nucleus is involved in an atom. What part of the Atomic Theory were they investigating. Electrons Nucleus What model did they use to explain their theory?(Draw the model and explain the theory) Rutherford used his gold foil experiment to help explain his theory of atoms. Rutherford’s model is described as the atom having a small, dense yet heavy positively charged core called the nucleus, where almost all of the mass is concentrated....   [tags: Atom, Electron, Neutron, Quantum mechanics]

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The Case Of The Japanese Manufacturer Takata And Their Faulty Airbags

- Ethics, in any form, provides a detailed verdict on what is considered right or wrong. This means that it provides assertions of what ought to be done and what should not. Ethics is also universal and affects anything in relation to individuals. These matters keep businesses from abusing consumers. Laws have even been enacted to enforce principles set forth by ethics. But, in some cases, scrutiny of the laws or their enforcements may be too loose and ineffective. This is evident in the case of the Japanese manufacturer Takata and their faulty airbags....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics, Justice]

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Niels Bohr and the Atomic Theory

- Over the years there have been many scientists studying the atom and making huge discoveries. Although all of them have been on the right path, Niels Bohr was credited with having the most correct atomic model and electron mechanics until recently. Coming from a very educated background, Bohr came up with his atomic theory which corrected Rutherford's atomic theory. His discovery made a huge impact on what everyone else thought about the atom and left a very complete and thorough explanation of the atom....   [tags: Atoms, Physicist, electrons]

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History of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

- Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses, the name that evokes a variety of images and produces a numerous amount of reactions. Known around the world for distinct beliefs, door-to-door proselytism, refusal to participate in any political or military conflict or saluting to the national flag of the many lands in which they live and worship in, often greeted with a mixture of respect and hostility. According to the Yearbook of Jehovah s Witnesses they number well over six hundred thousand active members worldwide and are regularly involved in spreading information about their religious beliefs and practices....   [tags: beliefs, trinitarian theology]

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How did Descartes Explain the Relationship between Mind and Body?

- Across the years, many scientists and philosophers believed that a human being is made up by mind and body (Radner, 1971). Some of them believed that the mind-soul is something different from the body and each of them works by themselves without any interaction between them (Radner, 1971). The other point of view said that body and mind works together as a unity and mutually influences each other and the result is the human being. This view had been held by great figures like the Greek philosopher Aristotle and Aquinas (Radner, 1971)....   [tags: rene descartes, mind and body, aristotle]

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The History of the Atomic Model

- The atomic model is the core model regarding everything in science. This model is used when experimenting, analyzing data, and also when forming new theories. However, this model isn’t something that was simply just created in one day. It took hours of work, different scientific experiments carried out by various scientists, and the process of slowly adjusting the original model as the proton, neutron, and electron were discovered. Dalton created the first atomic model and considered the atom an indestructible sphere....   [tags: science, proton, neutron, electron]

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Middle Passage

- INTRO Examination into the true heart of experience and meaning, Charles Johnson’s Middle Passage looks at the structures of identity and the total transformation of the self. The novel talks about the hidden assumptions of human and literary identity and brings to view the real problems of these assumptions through different ideas of allusion and appropriation. As the novel tells Rutherford Calhoun’s transformation of un-awareness allows him to cross “the sea of suffering” (209) making him forget who he really is....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Charles Johnson]

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The Middle Passage by Charles Johnson

- In the novel “The Middle Passage” by Charles Johnson, mental slavery is a huge factor that is used throughout the book. Metal slavery is the inability to view events, or one’s self, differently from commonly held beliefs. This explains that if you have heard something that is most likely not true and will not research history on it, but spread it around as if you did thus being ignorant as the person that told you. I think that mental slavery is a terrible thing in the world today because everyone is or was a slave captivated by lies or false accusations....   [tags: Mental Salvery, Character Description, Analysis]

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Middle Passage By Charles R. Johnson

- Up until December 6,1865 slavery had taken place in the United States. Slavery is the practice or system of owning slaves. People were treated as property, forced into labor and had their freedom taken away from them. Middle Passage by Charles R. Johnson is a book containing a story of newly freed, Rutherford Calhoun. This first person journal documentary is set in 1830 and is his personal description of the unfortunate time spent boarding the Republic heading to Africa. Rutherford has first hand experience of being a slave....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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The Discovery of the Electron

- There are many different experiments which can give varying intelligence about the makeup of matter, in different ways and with different conclusions. In this instance I will be looking at the discovery of the electron, how our understanding of it has changed over the years, and measure how it has contributed to where we are today. Joseph John Thomson (J. J. Thomson, 1856 - 1940) is widely recognized as the discoverer of the electron. Thomson was a Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge University, and Director of its Cavendish Laboratory, from 1884 until 1919....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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The Article Standardized Nursing Language : What Does It Mean For Nursing Practice?

- 1. The article Standardized Nursing Language: What does it mean for Nursing Practice. by Marjorie A. Rutherford was about the language of health care people and how important it is to have a common language; rather than, having multiple different ways to say one thing. It discusses the topic of informatics and how the goal is for “nurses and nursing leaders is to use information technology to ensure that critical information is available to caregivers at the point of care to make health care safer and more effective while improving efficiency” (Rutherford, 2008)....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale, Nurses]

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The Effects and Minds Behind the Atomic Bomb

- The first atomic bomb to ever be used against humanity was dropped on August 6th, 1945. On that day a new kind of war was invented. There were, of course, many events leading up to this catastrophe. Some would say it began as far back as when Democritus proposed the idea of an atom. Maybe the first step towards the atomic bomb was when Einstein sent his fabled letter to President Roosevelt. Regardless of when exactly these events started, they would lead to the creation of one of the most dangerous weapons to ever be conceived....   [tags: dangerous, weapon, experiment, damage]

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The Discovery of Radioactivity and its Effects

- During the 1800’s, the late 1800’s, scientist discovered radioactivity. The study of radio activity became a phenomenon amongst scientist during this time period. With the discovery of new elements polonium and radium by Marie and Pierre Curie, the use of radioactivity to probe the center of an atom, provided the instructions of a nuclear weapon that will kill innocent Japanese, leaving there face disfigured, and permanently changed. The majority of people know of the effect of radioactivity but not how it was discovered and its close relation to physics....   [tags: chemistry, Radiation, Atomic Bomb]

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Inflation: The Rise & Fall of The American Economy

- Why is inflation bad for the American economy. Imagine going into the popular local food market or gas station several times a week. After a couple of weeks, imagine going into these stores and noticing the prices have steadily increased over the past few months. This is called inflation, and it is causing many problems in the United States. There are three different types of inflation: demand-pull, cost-push, and built-in. Demand-pull inflation occurs when prices increased because of such high demand....   [tags: Economics]

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Biography of Niels Bohr, The Danish Physicist

- ... Bohr received an invitation form Rutherford to do a post-doctoral work at the Victoria University of Manchester, where Borh met George de Hevesy and Charles Galton Darwin. Bohr became a privtdocent at the University of Copenhagen, giving lectures on thermodynamics .Bohr then began teaching medical students. His 3 papers, which later became famous as the “trilogy “were published in the Philosophical magazine in July. Later in the year He revised Rutherford’s nuclear structure to Max Planck’s quantum theory and created the Bohr model of the atom....   [tags: singularities, the hall effect]

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The Atomic Bomb Of World War II

- In The Manhattan project, Jeff Hughes claims that the development of atomic weapons in World War II did not create “Big Science,” but simply accelerated trends in scientific research and development that had already taken place. Hughes was able to support his argument by introducing the Big science and the atomic bomb which was a main factor of World War II. Hughes introduce “Big Science” saying, during the twentieth century, almost every aspect of science changed. He went on to explain that geographically, science spread from few countries to many....   [tags: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Manhattan Project]

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The Nuclear Theory Of The Atomic Theory

- Many different scientists contributed to the atomic theory. Every single one of them played an important role in creating the atomic theory known today. Around 400 BCE Leucippus was the scientist who originally thought of the atomic theory. Democritus adopted the ideas of Leucippus, his mentor. Democritus soon developed the idea of an atom. Democritus believed everything was made up tiny particles of matter called atoms. He chose this name because in Greek atom means indivisible. After Democritus Isaac Newton was the next scientist to contribute to the atomic theory....   [tags: Atom, Electron, Quantum mechanics]

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The Physics Of The Atomic Theory

- The Atomic Theory in its Essence Many people have been involved in making the present Atomic Theory dating back to 460 B.C. The Greek era was filled with a handful of great philosophers, one being the great philosopher Democritus. Democritus was one of the first to propose the existence of an ultimate particle. He used the word “atomos” to describe such a particle because the particles that had been left were invisible. Democritus stated “By convention bitter, by convention sweet, but in reality atoms and void,” giving a meaning that there is no effect without a cause....   [tags: Atom, Neutron, Electron, Proton]

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Biography of Ida B Wells

- Ida B. Wells was a woman who devoted her life to social justice and equality for both African Americans and women. She was a woman of unique character. Her courage was what caused her to stand out amongst the majority of black women during her time who were subject to both racial and gender oppression. Wells was amongst the first of many to dedicate her life to the fight against injustice and the push for African American progression. Wells was born a slave in Holly Springs, Mississippi on July 16, 1862, just a year before President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation (Fradin 2)....   [tags: African American progression]

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The Trial Of The Courtroom

- Sheepishly, the jurors one-by-one were seated in the courtroom by a grinning ear-to-ear Bailiff as their escort. Judge Ricardo Sandoval had concluded his interrogation with the Defendant; both were positioned back in their appointed chairs, where each smiled coyly at each other. Unbeknownst while Judge Sandoval hit the gavel to finish this proceeding, Min-jun’s baby juice started escaping from his asshole. His Honor never felt so alive, and yet Sandoval was afraid that either the Prosecution or the Defense would recuse His Honor from this trial after such behavior....   [tags: Jury, Judge, Fuck, Prosecutor]

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Professional Football : The Star Player At Princeton

- Football in 1925 was all about the college level, no one really cared about professional football at this time. Leatherheads is about the beginning of popularity in professional football. The Duluth Bulldogs get the attention of America by attaining Carter Rutherford, notably the star player at Princeton, as well as a decorated war hero. The Duluth Bulldogs are a professional team in Minnesota trying to make professional football as relevant as college, so they can keep their job and not be relegated to mine workers and day laborers....   [tags: American football, Football, Professional sports]

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Applying A Standardized Terminology For The Electronic Health Record That Reveals The Impact Of Nursing On Patient Care

- Name: LOVELYNE DALEY Introduction (min 100 words This is a critical review of the article entitled “Selecting a Standardized Terminology for the Electronic Health Record that Reveals the Impact of Nursing on Patient Care”. In this article, Lundberg, C.B. et al. review the different standardized terminology in electronic health records (EHR) used by nurses to share medical information to the rest of the care team. It aims at showing that due to the importance of nursing in patient care, there is a great need for a means to represent information in a way that all the members of the multidisciplinary medical team can accurately understand....   [tags: Nursing, Omaha System, Nursing diagnosis]

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Moral Risk And Nuclear Weapons

- Moral Risk and Nuclear Weapons See the Cat. See the Cradle. "'See the cat?' asked Newt. 'See the cradle?'" (Vonnegut- 183). The day the atomic bomb dropped, August 6, 1945, was the day in which Newt Hoenikker's father tried to play a game with him. Felix, one of the scientists who had helped create the weapon, wanted to play cat's cradle. It is a game played with string looped over the fingers. After a series of movements, one is supposed to be able to see what appears to be a cradle shape. To most, it simply looks like a tangled string....   [tags: Nuclear Weapons Essays]

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A Summary of Family by J. California Cooper

- Family is a story about slaves, masters of the land, and the interconnectedness of what it means to be “family”. Loretta is the daughter of the Master of the Land and as a child spends time with Sun even teaching him to read. She was going against the law in doing this and she helped him to escape. Loretta was not a mean person; she risked a lot for Sun and truly cared about him. She knew he was her half-brother and treated him with respect. When Sun left he promised he would send for her, but he never did....   [tags: slavery, freedom, owners]

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Brisbane: Impacts of Water Management Strategies

- 1. Introduction The Queensland region recently suffered its worst drought in over a century. This period was shared with a rapid increase in the city’s population. A combination of severe drought and a rapid increase in population had a permanent impact on the city’s water management strategy. Brisbane population is expected to reach 4.5 million by 2050. This report aims to look at how the relationship between Brisbane’s water resources and population growth have effected society, the economy and the environment....   [tags: Brisbane Population growth and water supply]

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Forensic Case #356228

- In the Forensic Case #356228, skeletal remains of both human and animal were discovered in a hunting area. The skeletal remains were of potential victims named as either Robert Rutherford or Stephen Morton. Robert Rutherford, potential victim #1, was an African American, 65 years or age, had a pacemaker, carried a Gerber 650 knife, had unknown religious affiliations, and was 5’ft 6”inches tall. Potential victim #2, was Stephen Morton, a Caucasian 40 years of age, had a heart condition, was a hunter in the same area, also had unknown religious affiliations, carried a Gerber 650 knife, and was 5’ ft 7” inches tall....   [tags: Forensic Essay]

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The Atomic Theory

- The atomic theory is a very broad topic to even begin talking about. Throughout the course of many years it has been revised, more information found and explained all types of ways. The bases of the atomic theory started with what they described as all matter was composed of, what they called, atoms. The word atom originates in Greece coming from the Greece word “atomos” meaning “uncuttable.” Atoms were first discovered when Ernst Rutherford started experiments with electromagnetism and radioactivity in 1911....   [tags: Atom, Electron, Neutron, Proton]

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Disadvantages of Helicopter Parenting

- Helicopter Parenting How does a person grow up to be who they are. Most people say it is determined by the way their parents raise them. The parents that hover close and the parents that give their children space will have children with complete opposite characteristics. Parents that hover close are referred to as “Helicopter Parents,” and children that are given a lot of space are called “Free- Range Kids” (Rutherford). Although these styles of parenting are vastly different, both kinds of parents are trying to do what is best for their child....   [tags: parents, children, anxiety, depression]

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The Theory of Knowledge

- “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” We live in a strange and puzzling world. Despite the exponential growth of knowledge in the past century, we are faced by a baffling multitude of conflicting ideas. The mass of conflicting ideas causes the replacement of knowledge, as one that was previously believed to be true gets replace by new idea. This is accelerated by the rapid development of technology to allow new investigations into knowledge within the areas of human and natural sciences....   [tags: Natural Sciences]

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Rhetoric, Paideia and the Phaedrus

- Rhetoric, Paideia and the Phaedrus ABSTRACT: Some of the notorious interpretive puzzles of the Phaedrus arise from reading it in terms of a static version of mimesis; hence, the concerns about its apparent failure to enact its own norms and the status of its own self-commentaries. However, if the dialogue is read in the light of the more dynamic model of a perfectionist paideia — that is, Plato’s portrayal of Socrates as attempting to woo Phaedrus to philosophy (with only partial success) is itself a rhetorical attempt to woo the appropriate reader — then many of the puzzles fall into place as part of the rhetorical strategy....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Representation of Different Masculinities

- Representation of Different Masculinities It is contended that elements of Rutherford’s statements are invalid when applied to contemporary media representations of masculinity. Rutherford’s argument is threefold. Firstly, he contends that his contemporary media portrayed two polarised images of men; they were either sensitive “new” men or they were more stereotypical, patriarchal “retributive” men, arguing that there is no grey area in between or overlaps apparent. Secondly he proposes that this was an aspiration and thus an unreal construct; that these states were desired and that men strove to meet them, as they were somewhat out of the reality that most men c...   [tags: Papers]

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The ADD/ADHD Controversy

- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood disorders. ADHD is a broad term, and the condition can vary from person to person. There are an estimated 6.4 million diagnosed children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The condition is also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD), though this is considered an outdated term. The American Psychiatric Association released the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) in May 2013....   [tags: ADD/ADHD Essays]

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The Coat Of Arms : The Fundamental Values Are Trust, Empathy, And Social Justice

- Introduction The Coat of Arms is composed of four main components, three of which are nursing qualities and the other one being a banner. The three fundamental values are trust, empathy, and social justice. These values are symbolized as two different colored leaning blocks, two overlapping circles, and a world that contains a Red Cross and three nurses respectively. The first two values are both a component of the nurse-client relationship and they can shine light on a person’s well-being by building a healthy relationship with patients in the health care setting....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Health, Individual]

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The Contribution of Patient Case Studies on our Understanding of Cognitive Processes

- Although it shares cognitive neuroscience’s roots, cognitive neuropsychology has developed into a discrete discipline. While cognitive neuroscience studies neural organisation of the brain, cognitive neuropsychology concerns itself with the brain’s functional architecture; Coltheart (2010) describes this as a distinction between brain and mind. According to, among others, Coltheart (2002, cited Coltheart, 2010) this makes cognitive neuropsychology a branch of cognitive psychology rather than neuroscience....   [tags: Medical Research]

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The Relationship Between One 's Values / Beliefs, Knowledge, And Skills

- Education318 has been a meaningful and influential course thus far, with some particularly valuable aspects for me personally. My existing values/beliefs (supporting inclusive education), knowledge and skills/practice relating to education and disability have been informed and consequently strengthened. In this article I initially discuss how valuable it has been to learn about the relationship between one’s values/beliefs, knowledge, and skills/practice. I subsequently explain how learning about the power of language and the importance of hearing the voices of students has enriched my knowledge, strengthened my values/beliefs and changed my skills/practice....   [tags: Learning, Educational psychology, Education]

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The FLDS Church and the Jehovah’s Witnesses

- Looking at his most recent mug shot, no one would guess that Warren Jeffs was once a prophet and leader to a church with nearly ten thousand members; without Warren’s dark brown hair and the suits he commonly wore, Warren could be passed off as any other hardened criminal. Despite the dramatic change in his appearance, it is speculated that the convicted sexual predator still manages to maintain control over his people. While the FLDS Church followers believe that Warren is the one and only mouthpiece of God today; the Jehovah’s Witnesses, on the other hand, have a governing body of seven men that lead their denomination....   [tags: Religion]

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The Constitution And The Freedom Of Speech

- There are many key points within the first amendment, regarding to the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and the right to petition. According to the First Amendment to the Constitution it states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (“Bill of rights transcript text,” 2012)....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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Utopia: Real Peace or Real Freedom?

- Utopia: Real Peace or Real Freedom. James Hilton's “Lost Horizons” tells the story of a random group of characters who become stranded in a strange lamasery. Located among the Himalayan Mountains, this place called Shangri-la seems to have strange effects on anyone who resides within the valley (Zurich). These individuals, their reactions and this new utopia are the basis for a story that raises the question if given the chance, who would choose to live in a place like Shangri-la. The book is written as a story within a story....   [tags: Literary Review ]

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Physics: The History of Backscatter Ratherfod

- ... The amount of energy lost depends on the braking power of the material . A particle will also lose energy after the collision itself. The loss of collision depends on the mass of the projectile to the target atoms . The ratio of the energy of the projectile before and after collision is called kinematic factor . The number of backscattering events occurring from a given element in a sample depends on two factors : the concentration of the element and the effective size of its kernel . The likelihood that a material will cause a collision is called the scattering cross section ....   [tags: particles, energy, atoms]

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Application Of A Nurse Client Relationship

- As a first year nursing student, it is important to understand the impact that making connections with your patients has on their overall health outcomes. Before one can understand the importance of making such connections, it is imperative to explore how these connections are made. The purpose of this paper is to establish the importance of making connections in the nurse-client relationship, to recount my personal learning of a course concept, and to explore how the course concept is integral in the formation of connection in the nurse-client relationship....   [tags: Nursing, Psychiatry, Mental health]

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Contemporary Society's Crisis of Masculinity

- Contemporary Society's Crisis of Masculinity Works Cited Not Included Masculinity is the word used to describe the broad stereotyped traits traditionally ascribed to all males in British society and the notion of how men should appear and behave. It is more accurate to refer to 'masculinities', to reflect the complexity and diversity of masculinity today. There are important differences made between 'hegemonic' and 'subordinate' masculinities; hegemonic masculinity is the dominant western image - white, heterosexual and middle class, subordinate the diverse masculinities - homosexual men, black men and the working class....   [tags: Papers Men Masculin Essays Papers]

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The Existence of Radiation

- Radiation has existed throughout the entire existence of earth. Scientists did not know about radiation until very recently because radioactive materials look the same as non-radioactive materials. It was not until February of 1896, when a French scientist named Antoine Henri Becquerel did an experiment using naturally fluorescent minerals to study x-ray properties, which were discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen, that scientists became aware of the existence of radioactivity. Becquerel “exposed potassium uranyl sulfate to sunlight, and the uranium-bearing crystals were later exposed” The Discovery of Radioactivity....   [tags: Radiation, FRC, RPD]

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The History of Chemistry

- ... In 1774-1794, Joseph Priestley discovered a colorless gas he called “dephlogisticated air”, which is actually oxygen, by taking a calx of mercury and burning it. Antoine Lavoisier disapproved the Phlogiston Theory. He named the “dephlogisticated air” oxygen when he realized oxygen combines with substances as the burn. Lavoisier is now called the “Father of Modern Chemistry” because of his attributions. In 1803, John Dalton’s Atomic Theory states that all matter is composed of atoms, which he discovered are small and indivisible....   [tags: alchemy, turning cheap metals into gold]

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Atomic Mass

- Laboratory Write-Up The game in which we participated simulates the early efforts of scientists because they had very little to work with. They too had to guess the size and shape of the atom. In 1911, Rutherford conducted a series of experiments in which he bombarded a piece of gold foil with positively charged alpha particles emitted by radioactive material. Most of the particles passed through the foil undisturbed, suggesting that the foil was made up mostly of empty space rather than of a sheet of solid atoms....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Life of William Carlos Williams

- The Life of William Carlos Williams “Nothing whips my blood like verse.” These are the famous words of the great poet, William Carlos Williams. Williams was born on September 17, 1883 in Rutherford, New Jersey. He spent most of his life in Rutherford, so today he is a local hero. Williams’ mother was Puerto Rican and almost had pure Spanish blood. His father was American. As a child, Williams’ dad was a salesman and was often away from home. Thus, they didn’t see each other very much. When Williams was four, he attended school in Switzerland and France for three years....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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Is the Government Relevant and Powerful in an Era of Global Capitalism?

- “This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. How is this?” – Rutherford B. Hayes The above quote, written in 1888, is taken from the diary of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States (1877–1881). In this powerful statement, Hayes condemns the influence and sway large corporations held over the economic policies of his time and, in doing so, he questions the power of his nation’s government when made to operate in the same economic spheres as these companies....   [tags: globalisation, EU, IGO, IMF, corporation, economy]

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Future of Learning, Now! Common Practices Symposium in Hickory, North Carolina

- On November 19th and 20th, I attended the Future of Learning, Now. Common Practices Symposium in Hickory, North Carolina. This event was hosted by North Carolina New Schools (NCNS), a federally funded initiative to pioneer greater teaching and learning in the public school spectrum. Principals and teachers from high schools across North Carolina were in attendance; however, the majority of the schools represented were from early-college high schools, NCNS's original focus. I attended with two other teachers from our high school, Chase High School, and there were four other teachers there from the other two traditional high schools in Rutherford County....   [tags: professional development, personal growth]

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The Right of Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror

- The Right of Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror Introduction September 11, 2001 changed the United States forever. This disastrous attack on the Pentagon and the twin towers at the World Trade Center destroyed the lives of thousands of people. Over 3,000 people were killed, including hundreds or firefighters and policemen, many of which were never found. The attackers were Islamic terrorists from Arab nations. The war on terror declared by the Bush Administration, had become one of the most important issues in the United States during that time and still is today....   [tags: islamic terrorists, attack, pentagon]

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The Presidency of Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, and Harrison

- President Rutherford B. Hayes former governor of Ohio was the 1876 presidential nominated for the Republican Party and he was chosen over the more dynamic Speaker of the House of Representative, James G. Blaine. Corruption in politics was widespread. Hayes was elected by a narrow margin of 185 electoral votes to 184 in a disputed election over the Democratic nominee Samuel Tilden, even though Tilden won the popular vote. The election was so contentious that some Democrats threatened to march on Washington and force the inauguration of Tilden; others wanted a filibuster to prevent the recording of the electoral vote and leave the country on March 4 with no president....   [tags: US Government, Presidents, Politics]

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North or South: Reconstruction after the American Civil War

- ... New Amendments were added to the Constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution declares that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction" (Primary). The Amendment states that slavery is abolished and has ended in the United States. The Thirteenth Amendment was passed by the Congress on January 31, 1865, and was approved by the states on December 6, 1865....   [tags: development of secret vigilante organizations, KKK]

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What Classifies as Common Knowledge in Science and History

- ... In science particularly, if there is conclusive evidence supporting more than one view on a subject, they can both be accepted as knowledge, unlike other areas with a more opinionated view towards developing knowledge. Science has set values that must be upheld in the process of developing knowledge and as long as these values are maintained the facts will be accepted as knowledge. In my life as a student, I encounter countless natural science theories that failed the test of time and have either been improved or refuted....   [tags: theories, facts, perception]

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Colonial and Post-Colonial Mentalities in the Middle Passage

- One of the most baffling aspects of European interest in African people is the civilizations collective distaste of and fascination with people of African descent. The initial journey into Africa, and the planning that preceded it, spawned many of the most enlightening theories about African people. These theories, usually in support of African savagery and inferiority and in favor of European superiority and civility were based in the colonial mentalities of that time. Of the most notable theories is the idea that African religious system was pagan and that African people were inferior because of their darker skin pigmentation and “beast-like” nature....   [tags: Charles Johnson novel]

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Taking a Look at the Theory of Knowledge

- Within the world, many times we have to reevaluate and consider multiple varying possibilities. Nothing is ever completely known, so when new discoveries are made about a topic that has already been previously discovered we must readapt our way of thinking about something that we believed we had used to know. In order to evaluate the quote, “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow,” we must first define key words within the phrase to get a better understanding of what the quote actually means....   [tags: psychological and philosophical analysis]

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Biographies on Niels Bohr and Geogr Simon Ohm

- Niels Bohr Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 7, 1885 to mother Ellen Adler, and father, Christian Bohr, Niels would later go on to be a Nobel Prize winner in the category of physics. He attended the University of Copenhagen, where he studied physics. In 1911 he received his doctorate and left to England to study under J.J. Thomson, the man who discovered the electron. In 1912 he married Margrethe Norlund. Together they had 6 sons, one of which followed in his father’s footsteps and won his own Nobel Prize in physics in 1975 Bohr’s main focus was working on a way to understand the structure of an atom....   [tags: model, atom, energy, electons]

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What I have Learned in Chemistry, Grade 10

- From the unit of chemistry in grade ten science, the students have learned many things from different types of elements in the chart all the way to how each element impacts the daily life each student or even adult lives in. Some of the things I as a student have learned include how to draw the different elements in a bohr rutherford diagram, balancing chemical equations, types of chemical reactions, and even information about the different types of acids and bases. Although there were many other things in the unit, these four definately helped me learn about chemistry in a more in-depth way, as well as teaching me something very new since these were some things a few of the students had nev...   [tags: Science, Atoms]

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The Premature Sexualization of Girls in the Media

- ... (Rutherford, L. , Bittman, R. et al, 2005.). In Australia the highest amount of sexual content legally available to children in music and music videos. “44%-81% of music videos contain sexual imagery”, especially the presentation of women in provocative and revealing clothing, emphasising their bodies and “sexual readiness”, and using women as “decorative objects that dance and pose” (APA, 2010) Advocates responsible for the sexual education of Australian children are less concerned with preventing early and unwanted sexualisation, and more concerned with minimizing disease and potential harms after sexual activity (Rutherford, L....   [tags: mainstream media, unrealistic standards]

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The Death Penalty Is Cruel And Unusual Punishment

- "I have never heard a murderer say they thought about the death penalty as consequence of their actions prior to committing their crimes" (Gregory Ruff, The Rutherford Institute). The Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791, prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment” in the eighth amendment. However, the phrase “cruel and unusual punishment” is disputed today. According to, the definition includes “torture, a deliberately degrading punishment, or punishment that is too severe for the crime committed.” In 2006, California ruled that lethal injection held a risk that “an inmate will suffer pain so extreme” that it was considered cruel and unusual (History of Capital Punishment in Califor...   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder]

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Neils Bohr and How the Universe Works

- Throughout history, we have become increasingly better at understanding the way the world works. This understanding began with simple observations of our world that remained the accepted truth for centuries. Our observations explained what we didn’t know; we were able to use intuition to find out about the world and the universe, which became a central part of the knowledge we had during our development. Almost all of that was wrong. Through the establishment of empirical science, we have discovered that many old ideas that we had accepted as fact were in fact fallacious....   [tags: quantum physics and mechanics]

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Science Is Not The Fault Of Science

- Individuals have continuously debated whether a scientist should have moral obligations to end his or her research if it has the potential to impact society negatively; however, an invention’s negative impact on society is not the fault of the developer. Arthur Galston is quoted “Nothing that you do in science is guaranteed to result in benefits for mankind. Any discovery, I believe, is morally neutral and it can be turned either to constructive ends or destructive ends. That’s not the fault of science“ (Pearce)....   [tags: Cold War, United States, World War II]

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Science Is Not The Fault Of Science

- Throughout the years there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not a scientist has a moral obligation to end his or her research if it could potentially impact society negatively. However, one should take into account when debating this issue that an invention’s negative impact on society is not the fault of the developer. Arthur Galston is quoted “Nothing that you do in science is guaranteed to result in benefits for mankind. Any discovery, I believe, is morally neutral and it can be turned either to constructive ends or destructive ends....   [tags: World War II, Cold War, United States]

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Identity Paper : Social Class Of Parents

- Identity Paper Social Class of Parents I come from a small-town known as Rutherfordton, North Carolina. I live with my parents and my younger brother. My parents were both born and raised in Rutherfordton. My mom lived a middle class lifestyle. Her parents divorced when she was young. Her mom remarried when my mom was young to a man with two daughters. My mom’s dad did not remarry until my mom had moved out. He married a woman with one daughter and one son. My mom always had everything that she needed growing up....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Mother, Father]

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A Short Biography of William McKinley

- Introduction A. Background information B. Anecdote C. Map Early Life/Student A. Serious Student B. Allegheny College i. Illness caused dropout C. Worked full-time ii. Worked as clerk Military Career A. Enlisted after war started B. Went up rankings quickly i. Went up for courage C. Fought in savage battles ii. Battle of Antietam Creek Lawyer Career A. Entered Albany Law School B. Opened Law Office i....   [tags: 25th president of the United States]

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Reasons why the South Won Reconstruction

- The Civil War marked a defining moment in United States history. Long simmering sectional tensions reached critical when eleven slaveholding states seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. Political disagreement gave way to war as the Confederates insisted they had the right to leave the Union, while the loyal states refused to allow them to go. Four years of fighting claimed almost 1.5 million casualties, resulting in a Union victory. Even though the North won the war, they did a horrible job in trying to win the peace, or in other words, the Reconstruction era....   [tags: civil war, confederate state, reconstruction era]

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Post Civil War: The Gilded Age

- The Gilded Age was the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War. During this time period, the recently separated North and South were piecing back together as one united nation. After being enemies for so long reuniting as a whole seemed easier than perceived to be, and required strong leadership to aide in the process. Unfortunately, many historians believe that this Reconstruction period did not experience the luxury of having these elite rulers. Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, and Benjamin Harrison deserve their historic reputation as they failed to maintain control of the country, and lacked authority when making decisions....   [tags: reconstruction period, democrats]

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