Questions and Answers on Ernest Rutherford

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What school did Ernest Rutherford go to? How far did he go in his education? Why?

Ernest received his early education in Government schools. At the age of 16 he showed great talent so entered Nelson Collegiate School. In 1889 he was awarded a University scholarship to the University of New Zealand, Wellington. 1894, he was awarded an 1851 Exhibition Science Scholarship, enabling him to go to Trinity College, Cambridge. It is believed that Ernest received more scholarships that any other chemist.

Who were Ernest's family? What did they do?

Ernest was born August 30, 1871, in New Zealand he was the 4th child in a family of 7 sons and 5 daughters. His Father James Rutherford, a Scottish wheelwright immigrated to New Zealand with his whole family in 1842. Ernest's Mother Née Martha Thompson, English teacher, came with her widowed mother to live there in 1855.

What work did Ernest do before he discovered nuclear physics?

Ernest did a lot of work before he discovered the atomic theoryanx made a big name for himself. Ernest went to England in 1907 to become Langworthy Professor of Physics in the University of Manchester. In 1919 he accepted an invitation to succeed Sir Joseph Thomson as Cavendish Professor of Physics at Cambridge. He also became Chairman of the Advisory Council, H.M. Government, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research He became the Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Institution, London; and the director of the Royal Society Mond Laboratory, Cambridge.

What awards has Ernest won for his work?

Rutherford was awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry before his gold foil experiment. He was knighted in the New Year's Honors List for 1914. He became a Member of the Order of Merit (Civ...

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...shed together as the plum pudding model suggested. This understanding gave us a greater understanding of new technologies. This model of the atom is widely accepted and used as the basic atomic model. It is used very commonly in early teaching of the atom. Rutherford's model also helped form the understanding of quantum mechanics. Without this understanding of atoms many technologies used very commonly today would cease to exist.

How has technology changed due to the understanding of atoms?

Since the understanding of the atom technology has gone from the cathode ray tube to the invention of television. From then the cathode ray tub has been used in monitors of all sorts. Including the one you're viewing this on now. From this X-rays were discovered, X-ray telescopes, X-ray machines, ct scanner, crystallography, which led to the understanding of DNA.
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