Ernest Rutherford

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A highly recognized character in the areas of chemistry was Ernest Rutherford. His distinctive ideas created discoveries and theories that made him famous, up to a point that he's even being considered the father of nuclear physics, not an everyday title. Nowadays we know of certain types of rays thanks to Edward, even though he basically named them. A sturdy example would be the gamma rays, that are used in therapeutic machines. Ernest basically implanted a seed in science which later developed into massive discoveries.

Ernest Rutherford was once born in Nelson, New Zealand. It was a 30 of August, of 1871 when this genius was brought to the world. He was the second son out of seven kids James and Martha gave life to. His mother was a teacher, and his father a wheelwright. His education was fulfilled with government schools. At age 16, he joined Nelson Collegiate School. Later on, he was awarded a scholarship for the University of New Zealand for his excelling intelligence, where he began in the Canterbury College. On 1893, he graduated with Mathematics and Physical Science degree. Later, he continued research on the same college receiving the B.Sc. Also received the Exhibition Science Scholarship in 1851 and was prized with the B.A. research Degree in Trinity College which is quite fascinating for his young age. Moved to Canada for a vacant spot in the Macdonald chair. Returned to England, sharing his knowledge as a teacher on the University of Manchester and Cambridge. Became part of the Royal Society Mond Laboratory. His main researches are concerned with magnetics and description of measures in a period of a hundred-thousandth of a second. Invented a detector for electromagnetic waves. Worked with his ...

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...ray, beta and gamma rays. He also worked on the rate of decay of uranium atoms, which led to the development of radioactive dating.

Even though Ernest Rutherford was one of the most prominent scientist of his generation he was not greatly awarded. In 1900 he was elected fellow of the royal society of Canada, and three years later he was elected fellow of the royal society of London. In 1908 he won his most important prize, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. And finally he was knighted in 1914.

Ernest is someone to admire, who always looked forward in exceeding. It was his strength in improvement which lead him to his ideas, and to which now a days we have to be thankful. A side from his intelligence, he was a person with values toward life and his profession. He once quoted "Of all created comforts, God is lender; you are the borrower, not the owner".
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