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Niels Bohr was a Danish scientist that was responsible for some major contributions to both physics and chemistry. Of course, like all most other scientists, Niels Bohr had some major influences in his life. Bohr made many contributions to science including two of his main contributions, his work with atomic structure and his quantum theory, along with other scientific work in the fields of chemistry and physics. Scientists are still learning about Bohr’s work today.
Neils Bohr is a very important role model to science because of all of his contributions to chemistry and physics. As a result of one of his contributions, Bohr won a Nobel Prize for his work on the structure of atoms in 1922 (“Neils Bohr- Biographical”). Other Examples of Bohr’s work include: the atomic model, the liquid droplet theory, and the quantum theory. Bohr was one of the few scientists to first observe the quantum theory. As a result of his observance of the quantum theory, he created the atomic model.
Bohr’s involvement to atomic structure was his most important piece of work. Bohr completed this theory of atomic structure in 1913 (“Niels Bohr.” Concordia). Bohr came up with this theory by using Rutherford’s idea of the atom and combining it with the quantum theory, which stated that an electron can be viewed in two different ways, either a particle or a wave (Palermo). Another name for Bohr’s atomic structure is the atomic model or the Bohr atomic model. The atomic model shows the atom as a small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons (Palermo). This means that the electron does in fact orbit the nucleus but only does so in separate paths. When Bohr came up with the idea of the atomic model, he used his quantum theory a...

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...t with the quantum theory (“Niels Bohr.” Concordia). Without Bohr’s father and Ernest Rutherford, Bohr would not have accomplished all that he had done.
Niels Bohr, the Danish scientist, was responsible for some major contributions to science. Two of his main contributions were his atomic model and his quantum theory. Niels Bohr also had other contributions that were in the field of chemistry and physics. Bohr was a huge role model to science. Other fellow scientists are still learning about his scientific work today.

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