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The Significance of Language in Dramatic Productions

- The Significance of Language in Dramatic Productions The significance of language in any dramatic production, or indeed any piece of performance art, be it song, poetry or whatever, is undoubtedly of great importance, as it is not only the medium through which ideas, thoughts, emotions etc. are communicated, but also sets the scene in regards to style, feeling, mood and tone, an understanding of which ought to lead to greater appreciation of the work in question....   [tags: Papers]

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The Human Body: One of the Most Complex Productions in the World

- ... Smooth muscles are muscles that act automatically without conscious intervention. These are usually found in the internal organs such as the stomach or intestines. These muscles are noticeably slower in their contraction than skeletal muscles. These muscles lack the striations that the skeletal muscles have. Cardiac muscles are the muscle are found in the heart and are the muscles that keep the heart beating. These are completely involuntary and will contract without stimulation of any kind....   [tags: biological and cellular analysis]

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Dan Parris, A Filmmaker And Owner Of Speak Up Productions

- Dan Parris, a filmmaker and owner of Speak up Productions, in his documentary, What Matters, argues that it is everyone’s responsibility to care for the poor. Parris along with his two friends and assistant producers, Rob Lehr and David Peterka embark on a journey to experience poverty firsthand, in order to challenge their audience to think about their purpose. They adopt a deeply personal tone as they call young people to action. They support their claim through the use of ethos, pathos, and logos....   [tags: Poverty, Africa, Malnutrition]

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Hip-Hope Groupe: Above AveRich Productions

- Above AveRich Productions (AA) was founded on November 24, 2009 as a hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan by Ivory “A.I. Da Truth” Pete and DiAngelo “Angelo Martez” Rouse. A.I. Da Truth and Angelo Martez began producing music, writing and recording songs over the course of the summer of 2009. This two man team quickly grew with the addition of other recording artists with the same passion and skills in writing, recording and producing. The passion that each of them had for music was unquestionable and they saw an opportunity to create a group of individuals with that same passion....   [tags: authentic music, brand name]

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Political Rap and Boogie Down Productions

- Political Rap and Boogie Down Productions In the fall of 1987, Scott la Rock, the DJ of the rap group Boogie Down Productions (B-D-P) was shot in a car after trying to break up a fight (Small 77). In light of B-D-P's role in reforming rap in the succeeding years, his biography is significant; he was college educated and was employed--in addition to his musical activity--as a social worker. He had released a groundbreaking record that year, and had already worked on a follow-up, which would defy older categories of rap music....   [tags: Rap Music B-D-P Essays]

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Comparing Different Productions of Romeo and Juliet

- Comparing Different Productions of Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare, a well-known dramatist wrote and directed many famous plays such as ‘Macbeth’ and ‘ AMid Summer’s Night Dream’ that made a great impact on his audience and resulted in Shakespeare becoming one of the world’s best-known dramatist. However, a tragic love story of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet is probably his best-known theatrical production in which two teenagers fall in love, with a complication of hatred between their two families....   [tags: Papers]

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Acme Productions Human Dynamics Analysis

- Acme Productions is one of the largest independent, full service television and video production companies in the country. Acme Productions was founded in 1981 and originally headquartered in Northern Virginia until 1991 when it expanded to a custom designed building for television production located in Washington D.C. With a full time professional staff of over 70 employees, Acme Productions has grown over 220% since the recruitment of a new President & COO in 1998, but in recent years their growth become unstable and profitability figures have started to decline (See Exhibit 1)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Modern Productions of 18th Century Plays

- Modern Productions of 18th Century Plays Abatract: This essay discusses the modern-day production of the main British plays of the eighteenth century that are still performed today, including John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, William Wycherley’s The Country Wife, George Etherege’s The Man of Mode, William Congreve’s The Way of the World, Richard Steele’s The Conscious Lovers, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The School for Scandal. Plays of Eighteenth century British literature have withstood the test of time in many ways....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Comparing William Shakespeare's Macbeth Productions

- Comparing William Shakespeare's Macbeth Productions For the purpose of this assignment I shall compare and contrast act 1 scene 1 and the scene surrounding the murder of King Duncan in the play 'Macbeth' as presented in the BBC production and Roman Polanski's production. The Roman Polanski's version of Macbeth opens with a shot of a beach, with a calm blue sea lapping against the shiny sand, and a red sunrise. The red sky suggesting blood or evil turns slowly to blue suggesting coldness....   [tags: Papers]

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Social Arrangements Are Justified By Religion And Cultural Productions And Backed By Law

- Battle of the Sexes “Gendered social arrangements are justified by religion and cultural productions and backed by law, but the most powerful means of sustaining the moral hegemony of the dominant gender ideology is that the process is made invisible; any possible alternatives are virtually unthinkable” (Lorber 41). This quote from Lober’s article “Night to His Day” shows a small glimmer of the confusion that surrounds the idea of gender. The familiar routine of gender is one that is easily taken for granted, although its impact has potential to change the lives of individuals, as well as society as a whole....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Transgender, Woman]

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Why I Keep Playing House

- My favorite game to play as a little girl was “House”. I remember at pre-school, kindergarten, or summer camp, that I was the first child to put on an apron and begin “cooking dinner” and refused to stop even after all the other children lost interest. I never restricted myself to one role. I was the loving mother, or the adventurous teenager, or even the annoying puppy that wouldn’t stop barking. Playing house allowed me to imagine a new world and be whoever I wanted to be. I was addicted to it....   [tags: acting, discover, productions, character]

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Comparing Two Different Productions of William Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Comparing Two Different Productions of William Shakespeare's Macbeth Shakespeare and many other writers of the Elizabethan time used soliloquies. The meaning of soliloquy is as follows, you share your thoughts, and thus giving the audience further insight into your characters and events. A soliloquy reveals a characters deepest thoughts and fears. Macbeth soliloquies enable us to understand Macbeth because a soliloquy indicates what a persons current thoughts are about a certain situation at that time, or what the person is thinking of doing at the minute....   [tags: Papers]

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Fairytales And Disney Productions Threaten Gender Politics And Women 's Role By Portraying Women

- Cinderella’s mother passed away and her father remarried a woman who had two daughters from a previous marriage. A few weeks passed and a prince is holding a three day festival and all the beautiful young girls in the town were invited. Cinderella wanted to go but her evil stepmother gave her two impossible tasks to complete before she could attend the festival. Cinderella completes the two tasks with the help of her bird friends and her mother’s grave. Cinderella goes to the festival and she dances with the prince all three days....   [tags: Fairy tale, Brothers Grimm, Cinderella, Family]

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Inner Evil Revealed in Film and BBC Productions of Shakespeare’s Richard III

- Inner Evil Revealed in Film and BBC Productions of Shakespeare’s Richard III     All the passions of the irascible rise from the passions of the concupiscible appetite and terminate in them. For instance, anger rises from sadness, and, having wrought vengeance, terminates in joy. --  St. Thomas Aquinas        In Richard III, Shakespeare creates evil personified.  The wicked protagonist conspires against kin, plots political takeovers, woos widows, sets assassins against children, and relishes each nefarious act.  We watch Richard's bravado with wicked glee and delight in each boasting comment sent our direction.  Once the bad guy becomes seductive, even amusing, in his blatant cruelty...   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Contract Implementation for Oil Companies

- ... This will help companies in the long run with minimal setback and also help with reducing mistakes. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure that contract negotiations between supplier or subcontractor meet the standards of the contracting company. As stated by Boham (2013) “A contract- compliance review of the joint operating agreement is conducted for the purpose of verifying transactions and resulting charges reflected on the Operators’ join interest billings.” Conducting a contract review will help long-term to avoid unnecessary cost as well help companies avoid unnecessary work....   [tags: cost, productions, setbacks, deviation]

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Globalization: Poverty and Equality

- GLOBALIZATION: A CAUSE OF TRANSFORMATION IN THE PATTERN OF GLOBAL POVERTY AND INEQUALITY. INTRODUCTION There is no topic in present international relations that attracts more noise than the concept of globalization. This is because of its deep controversial nature. Many scholars argue that advocates of globalization argue that it allows poor countries and their citizens to develop economically and raise their standards of living, while antagonists of it contend that the creation of an unregulated international free market has profited multinational corporations in the Western world at the expense of local enterprises, local cultures, and common people....   [tags: economic incorporation, productions]

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Facing the Giants

- When looking among Christian-produced films, a particular film production company stands out from the rest. This film production company is Sherwood Pictures. Sherwood Pictures has produced a number of films including Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. Sherwood Pictures always puts forth a Christian theme or message in their films, and this is especially evident in their film Facing the Giants. Sherwood Pictures began with a pair of brothers, the Kendrick brothers, who were incredibly gifted in media and film (Catt)....   [tags: film productions, sherwood pictures]

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Prediction of Clean Coal Product Using Mathematical Models

- 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 COAL WASH PLANT The wash plant is feed by a 100T bin fitted with a vibrating feeder to aid and ease the flow of coal onto Conveyor belt 18-31. The bin can be filled up to 80T; above that it overflows through the chute connected to its side. Below 30T the bin is interlocked not to feed the wash plant to avoid coal and the bin lining being subjected to impact causing damage and excess fines generation. The maximum feed rate of the vibrating feeder and the capacity of the belt is 200t/h....   [tags: Coal Wash Plants, Coal Productions]

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Representations of Native Americans in Disney Productions from Peter Pan to Pocahontas

- Historically the treatment of Native Americans has been highly problematic, especially throughout the colonization of the New World. Although, when colonising some Europeans took a merciful and sympathetic approach to the Native Americans, generally the treatment towards the indigenous people was not humane. Not only did the Native Americans die at the hand of the settlers, they also died from diseases that had been brought to the new world by explorers for which they had no immunity. In some cases diseases such as smallpox wiped out entire tribes....   [tags: indian removal act, colonialism]

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Factors Of Production Theory Assignment

- Factors of Production Theory Assignment Answer at least 5 sentences Factors of Production 1. Briefly define each factor of production. Land: Land includes everything that can be used to produce and is not man-made. For example: sunlight, air, water, wind, and soil. Land includes all the raw materials. It is very important for human survival. Labour: Labour exists in order to use land. In order to utilize the land, humans must alter the land resources and produce something based on it. People are labour resources....   [tags: Economics, Capital, Land, Factors of production]

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Basic Roles Production And Cost Estimation

- Chapter eight, nine and ten all discuss the different roles production can have. Chapter eight discusses cost in the short run, chapter nine discusses cost in the long run and chapter ten discusses production and cost estimation. This summary is on chapter eight. To become technical efficient a company must maximize output. This maximization includes tacking advantage of different variables to include technology. For a company to become economically efficient the output should be at the lowest cost....   [tags: Economics, Costs, Economics of production, Cost]

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Production Line Inspection

- Any production line involves some form of inspection; the most basic form is manual visual inspection. This kind of inspection is not always the least expensive or the most reliable. For example, metal sheets are monitored visually by trained personnel, which require a very slow production line for reliable detection and to insure the inspector’s safety. Such systems are very costly due to the slower production speed; they are also labor intensive and labor dependent and need to be a separate stage to avoid production line interruptions....   [tags: Production]

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Production Method For The Heat Pump Production

- 2. Production method For the heat pump the production method used is also batch where it is inexpensive to make a certain number of everyone item especially in one go, this is because so that machines can be operated more efficiently, and then also the materials can be stocked in bulk so that the workers can specialise in that specific task to perform. Batch production is a quality standard technique used in manufacturing industry, we chose this because the product is then created stage by stage with a number of workstations, where different batches of the product are made....   [tags: Manufacturing, Production and manufacturing]

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A Career in Film Production

- My entire life I have been fascinated with film and commercials. As a kid, I would stop what I was doing to watch a commercial. This has not changed through the years. My goal in life is to work in the film industry and work with video. This may have developed from my brother’s short term love for the video arts. Like most little brothers I followed in his footsteps through a lot of things and most of them would not stick. As I grew older I developed my own different ideals and likes. But, video just stuck with me....   [tags: Film Production]

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The Production Possibility Frontier ( Ppf )

- THE PRODUCTION POSSIBILITY FRONTIER. The production possibility frontier (PPF) is a curve depicting all maximum output possibilities for two goods, given a set of inputs consisting of resources and other factors. When predicting the production possibility frontiers for Brazil and United States the following factors such as labor, capital and technology, among others, will affect the resources available, which will dictate where the production possibility frontier lies. The production possibility frontier is also known as the production possibility curve or the transformation curve would be as follows....   [tags: Economics, Production-possibility frontier]

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Analysis of Production System Process

- Industrial practices are designed to ensure that quality products are manufactured efficiently at a profit. They involve designers working together with clients and manufacturers, all of whom need to keep the needs of the consumer in mind. Roles in industrial practice The client The client identifies the need for a product through market research and uses this to provide a design brief for the designer. They set production deadlines and the price of the product. The client is usually a manufacturer or retailer....   [tags: industrial practice, manufacturer, production]

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Forecasting US Oil Production

- 1. Introduction Oil production in US has been experiencing fluctuation for a long period and there is a need to identify whether there has been a trend in oil production for the period from 1980 to 2008. This analysis could be of interest to the energy administration commission and the government for the purpose of planning for the amount of crude oil that can be allowed for export as well as for the purpose of planning investment in infrastructure for other energy sources. (Bp, 2013) In addition, the study will be seeking to identify the effect on accuracy of using different periods in computing moving average....   [tags: oil production, petroleum]

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The Toyota Production System ( Tps )

- Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing, also known as the Toyota production system (TPS), is a way to reduce flow times within production system, response times from suppliers to customers, and capitol needed to produce goods. JIT Manufacturing originated in japan during the 1960s and 1970s and mainly at Toyota. Alternative terms for JIT manufacturing have been used. IBM used continuous-flow manufacturing (CFM), and demand-flow manufacturing (DFM), and Motorola 's choice name was short-cycle manufacturing (SCM)....   [tags: Lean manufacturing, Toyota Production System]

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Toyota Production System ( Tps )

- TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM (TPS) The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a unique system of producing vehicles developed by Toyota. The goal is to make and deliver vehicles and most efficient way possible. Also known as “The Toyota Way” TPS arise of necessity due to the circumstances surrounding the company. Many of the concepts are unique to Toyota while others have their backgrounds in more old-fashioned sources. TPS was established on two concepts • Jidoka • Just-in-Time (JIT) The oldest part of the production system is the concept of Jidoka which was created in 1902 by Toyoda founder Sakichi Toyoda....   [tags: Toyota Production System, Lean manufacturing]

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The Story of MFB: A Production Company

- MFB Productions I am Bobby Cramer, the CEO and co-founder of MFB Productions. I am going to discuss how this film production empire began and the inspirations that trail blazed the way for our dreams to come to be realized. ​Like all great companies, MFB Productions started as an idea or dream that three very talented individuals had when we were teenagers. The individuals are Micah Demby, Francesca Davis, and me, Bobby Cramer. As teens, we attended Cedar Hill Collegiate High School and received our Associates Degree and High School Diploma in the same year....   [tags: Network, Coverage, Film]

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Production System at Toyota Manufacturing Company

- Introduction In the production systems of Toyota Motor Company, the suppliers take instructions from Toyota Company. The system adopted by the Company is internationally embraced, and it is very popular for the minimal stock levels adopted and complete justification. This process may also be introduced to as Just-in-time process of total eradication of waste. This process implies that the Company makes only what is required, availed just when it is required and in the right quantities that the item is required....   [tags: control, design, production policy]

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Increasing Food Production in Underdeveloped Countries

- Many developing and developed countries are concerned about the adaptation of crops towards various abiotic stress conditions in food production industry. Considering the crop improvement and food production, they are highly influenced anticipated variations in temperatures and rainfall. This review deals with the following aspects of agricultural biotechnology: (1) the role of two key biotechnology approaches namely, molecular breeding and genetic engineering in crop development; (2) explains the integration of these two modern technologies with the conventional breeding technique, which makes crops more tolerant to abiotic stresses and (3) Potential constraints for crop production that nee...   [tags: agriculture, genetic, crop production]

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The Performance Of A Theatre Production

- The most memorable part of a play that a person remembers when he or she leaves the theater are the people that came together as a group to make the production happen. The scenery, lighting, and special effects should not overpower the performance of the actors. It also should not determine whether or not a play is successful. Theatre productions such as You Tweet My Face Space, Home Chat, The Curious Incident of the dog in the Nighttime, Cats, and Peter Pan Goes Wrong are examples of plays that had wonderful playwrights and performers....   [tags: Theatre, Performance, Scenic design]

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The Cost Of The Production Process

- The cost of the production process is an important consideration, it not only affects the final price, but also affect people and their audience acceptance. With the development of the industrial revolution, more and more products into the homes of ordinary people. For mass production of products, cost control becomes more and more important. Meanwhile, technology development and innovation become more and more attention as well. Every technological revolution will increase the production capacity level and the cost will be cheaper....   [tags: Henry Ford, Assembly line, Mass production]

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Showboat: A Revolutionary Production

- Showboat; a Revolutionary Production The 1900’s were a time for great transformations and growth within the theatrical community. Of all types of theater that were developed during that period, musical theater matured into a more respected and widely desired form of entertainment. Musical theater transformed from blackface minstrel shows with gag productions into pieces of reputable theater. One of the most influential productions in making that turn into sophistication is Showboat. Based on the novel by Edna Ferber Showboat was written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II (Smith 627)....   [tags: Theater ]

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Costumings Effect in Theatre Production

- What is costuming. When first hearing the word, one’s thoughts tend to lean towards costumes: colorful arrays of frivolous or wild clothing, usually worn during some sort of theatre production or special event. Why is this though. Because from the dawn of time people have used costumes to aid in the telling of their stories, myths, and legends. Costumes were used to better a person's understanding of these tales being told to them, making it easier for a person to remember the story, and thus making the story easier to be retold again and again....   [tags: Costuming Hisstory, Theater Analysis]

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Production Management System

- Production Management System refers to processing centralize environment, where in this system controls aspects in production. This generates with some information that provides inventory, with this system production management plans an effective production that monitors the production target by the economy. Production Management System gives many ways to a better performance of a company for the growth of economy and this is common especially in production. According to Karauolova T. (2011) “production mangers and engineers may be directly responsible for searching out ways to decrease the use of energy”....   [tags: labor, production, energy efficiency]

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Production Plants and Factories in Asia

- With the migration of production plants and factories to Asian countries, as well as service being outsourced to Asia, Asian countries experienced a booming economy in the 21st century (Kenny 2014). This caused rapid developments and urbanization, such as rapid industrial productions, discovery of natural resources, and built environments to fit social and economic needs (Indrawati 2013). However, the prosperity that Asian countries experiences comes with a cost which exceeds monetary value in human society – The environment....   [tags: Rapid Developments, Urbanization, Asian Countries]

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Analysis Of ' Great Production '

- “I 'm living in that 21st Century doin ' something mean to it, do it better then anybody you ever seen do it, screams from the haters got a nice ring to it, I guess every superhero need his theme music.” Many people believe modern day Hip-Hop contains nothing but blasphemy, profanity and references to narcotics, despite these contrary beliefs Hip-Hop is still an outlet for rappers/artists to express their thoughts and opinion through lyrical composition. Artist work night and day to compose what they see as a masterpiece, they always wish to create new and better works from their pervious album....   [tags: Kanye West, The College Dropout, Jay-Z, Nas]

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Movie Production : The Secret Service

- Movie production is a highly admired visual entertainment towards people’s lives. It is a form of entertainment for people of all race, gender, and age. Many seek to take part in the luxury qualities of this entertainment including advertisers. These advertisers of many thriving companies such as Nike, Domino’s Pizza, Adidas, Coca Cola, etc. are prominently promoting their products towards the audience through movie productions. Therefore, the term of their action of promoting the goods of their own company is called product placement....   [tags: Caffeine, Coca-Cola, Coffee, Energy drink]

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Romania 's Factor Of Production

- Romania is a beautiful country located in central Europe. Many tourists travel to this country to see all of the great things it has to offer. Some of these things are their agriculture, architecture, main attractions in cities, and even getting a cultural insight. Although these things are attracting to tourists, Romania’s factor of productions goes into depth of how their country works and even runs. The first factor of production is land. Land is the environment and agriculture of this country and how it is being used....   [tags: Economics, Capital, Investment]

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Organic Honey Production

- "Organic is a label indicating that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods that integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity, where synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used" (National 2013). Thus Organic honey is the honey that is produced from completely organic sources; beginning from the plant that the bee needs to collect nectar or honey dew from, to the water that the bee gets and uses in the formation of honey, to the bee itself and finally to the bee keeper and his way in feeding his bees, trea...   [tags: Organic Honey Production]

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The Production System Practice At Automotive Industry

- This chapter is discuss and compile information that is related to this final year project which is about the lean production system practice at automotive industry by using one of the lean tool which is standardized work kaizen to improve productivity and reduce production time. In this chapter will briefly discuss about the history and introduction about the Lean Production System. There are 7 type of deadly waste that listed by TPS and with the elaboration of Muda, Mura, Muri. The TPS House Diagram illustrates the manufacturing system and the Malaysia Japan Automotive Industries Cooperation (MAJAICO) program created to improving the Malaysia Automotive Industries....   [tags: Toyota Production System, Lean manufacturing]

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A Successful Theatre Production

- ... If you return to reality with a sense of approval of the set design, then it seems a design concept may have been chosen. After the sketches are proposed to the Director, scale models of the design should be created to allow the production team to make alterations to the design without the expense of doing it once the set is built. Colours Evoke Emotions in people. Most share similar feelings towards certain colours, but some shades and tones will affect people differently. This is why colours of the set, lighting and costume designs are important....   [tags: the script, realism, space]

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Silk Production in Africa

- SILK PRODUCTION IN AFRICA Recently some African countries recognised a great opportunities and potential in sericulture industry. Sericulture industry is a silk industry or silk farming involving rearing of silk worm and a raw silk production. The Sub Saharan African countries have a suitable environmental and climate conditions all year round to grow the mulberry tree which is needed by the silk worms to live, feed and grow. This industry seems to be very promising agricultural enterprise and if wisely accelerated will bring many employment opportunities in the rural areas of the countries and will help to alleviate poverty....   [tags: sericulture industry]

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Proposal for Film Production

- PRODUCERS STATEMENT: Reviewing my tenure at the university I have yet to produce a short film in its enterity. Of course I have helped others with outside productions like Oliver Twist 2012. However my role was more of a director and senior member of the team. While I did invest in the production it is wholly owned by another member of the group. Over the years I have contributed towards the organisation of other projects in assocaition with Dr. Wendy Moody for several of the graduation fashion shows and most notebly the NSPCC and Childline Charity Show where we raised over £6'000 in one night....   [tags: university, director, music]

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Differences Between Detroit Style Production And Japanese Model

- What are the main differences between Detroit-style production and the Japanese model and why flexible production methods are difficult to implement in all types of institutional settings. A manufacturing system is a process that involves the systematic conversion of input into sellable output. The conversion method is highly reliant on the type and nature of demand of the product. Production is often classified into two broad categories; intermittent and continuous production. Intermittent production is preferable in situations where the demand for the product is seasonal and the product lacks standardization....   [tags: Toyota Production System, Manufacturing]

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The Current Meat Production Industry and Its Impact

- The current meat production industry and its impacts Experts predict that by 2050 nearly twice as much meat will be produced as today, with a projected total of more than 465 million tons being produced each year. According to the United States Department of Agriculture in 2013, 58.62 million Metric Tons of Carcass Weight Equivalent (the term used to measure livestock production) of beef alone was produced. What is interesting to note here is that for more than a decade, the strongest increases in production have been in the developing world....   [tags: beef production, policies, laws]

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Short Run And Long Run Production Periods

- A company’s profit is affected by the amount of revenue it generates and the costs associated with production. When a company is deciding how much to produce, there are both short-run and long-run production periods. A short run is the current time span during which at least one fixed input must be paid whether or not any output is produced. A long run is a time period far enough into the future that all fixed inputs can be variable. Planning for the future involves looking at all possible situations which will maximize profit and minimize cost....   [tags: Economics, Costs, Economics of production]

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A Machine Created for Mass Production and Interchangeable Parts

- A Machine Created for Mass Production and Interchangeable Parts 1. Introduction: When you think of cars, chairs or furniture you probably think of cars being nice and chairs being sturdy and furniture being comfy. Do you ever really think about how it is made and the history behind it all. Well one, it’s made in a factory that has a huge machine. This machine creates products in large quantities in a short period of time. Back in the day before machines and their ability to create products in large quantities, everything was handmade which took long periods of time....   [tags: history of mass production]

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Sustainability of Palm Oil Production in Indonesia

- Sustainability of Palm Oil Production in Indonesia Palm oil is the leading edible vegetable oil by production volume. It is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of a wide variety of products that are used globally every day, such as chocolate, soap, and cosmetics. It is also a common cooking oil in many countries, notably in Asia, and is used in other industries, including livestock and, increasingly, biofuels. Palm oil is produced from the fruit of oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis). Palm oil can be separated into a various distinct oils with different properties....   [tags: vegetable oil, palm oil, production, economic]

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Brooklyn Academy of Music's Production of "The Tempest"

- I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical about seeing a production of The Tempest. After sitting through painstaking high school productions that killed the romance in Romeo and Juliet, misinterpreted the meanings in The Merchant of Venice, and failed to realize Much Ado About Nothing was actually a comedy; I promised myself to never see another production of Shakespeare. I concluded the best way to enjoy the great works of Will was to read them through the medium of a book. However, a free ticket to the Brooklyn Academy of Music too see The Tempest directed by Sam Mendes was too tempting to not attend....   [tags: Theater Review]

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Accomplishing and Studying a Production Degree in the Media

- After studying a GCSE and while studying this Diploma, a degree course within Media was an obvious choice to study at university. Initially studying GSCE Media as a fluke, my passion for the subject as grew throughout MidKent College and will continue you grow with yourselves and in due course into employment. Accomplishing and studying a production degree in the media sector will greatly increase the chances of gaining relevant entry career employment in something that I thoroughly enjoy. By moving on to the next educational step in my life, my knowledge and understanding of the arts will dramatically increase as there's only so much you're able to learn from a level three Diploma course....   [tags: GSCE Media, career choices and opportunities]

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Food Production in Relation to Climate Change

- Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges facing our species. This case study report will examine issues related to food production in relation to climate change. In this regard, the focus will be on the Peace River Country, which is a parkland region that spans from northwestern Alberta to the Rocky Mountains in northeastern British Columbia and around the Peace River. As part of its examination, this report will explore the local environment conditions, and offer predictions of what lies ahead in areas of economic development, the food practices including how climate changes may affect the local food production, as well as other future and predicted changes in the area....   [tags: food practices, peace river, economic development]

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My Experience Of Film And Television Production

- During orientation for my freshman year at BRMHS, I signed up for piano classes. When I was given my schedule, Piano I was not listed. Instead, I had been enrolled in a media arts course due to the piano classes filling up too quickly. I thought I would hate the class because of my lack of interest in film, television, and broadcast journalism. After my first few weeks in the class, I was hooked. Now, I have been taking media arts courses for over three years. Because of my experience in film and television production, my love for art and creativity, and the joy obtained from entertaining other people, I want to be a film director....   [tags: Film, Film director, Entertainment, James Cameron]

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Trevor Biship 's Production, Assassins

- A specific aspect of the production that stood out to me in Trevor Biship’s production, Assassins, is the musical number The Ballad of Guiteau. The Ballad of Guiteau stood out to me because of the music, Rob Murray’s delivery and the connection I made with the character Charles Guiteau. One aspect that stood out to me in The Ballad of Guiteau is the music choice. It is a well thought out musical choice to display Guiteau’s lack of psychological well-being. I believe that the combination of the religious funeral like music with the high tempo dancing music helped to display Guiteau’s lack of being able to understand other human beings - having empathy....   [tags: Emotion, Thought, Mind, 2006 albums]

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John Caird’s Production of Hamlet

- Shakespeare’s longest play has a lengthy production history. Through waves of different Hamlet productions, John Caird’s 2000 production of Hamlet stands out especially because of its lead actor. This National Theatre show, staged at the Littleton Theatre, featured Simon Russell Beale as the titular character. In The Guardian, Lyn Gardner writes that Russell Beale had wanted to be in a production of Hamlet for twenty years and when he got his chance, he didn’t “blow it.” John Caird’s elaborate three and a half hour production gave a great big nod to the religious aspect of the play, especially with its use of the set....   [tags: Rediscovering Hamlet]

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Economics Is The Pursuit Of Factors That Help Determine The Production And Consumption Of Goods And Services

- The study of economics is the pursuit of factors that help determine the production and consumption of goods and services. It is important to understand terminology used in economics prior to diving too far into the subject matter. There are many tools available to student with the goal of attaining a better understanding of economics. With any field of study, there are terms and principles that must be understood economics in order to fully comprehend the topic of study. Without a proper grasp of the production possibilities curve (ppc), knowledge of factors that effect a ppc, an ability to analyze a ppc, and an understanding of opportunity costs associated with changes to a ppc it is impo...   [tags: Economics, Production-possibility frontier]

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Discussing Ethical Judgments in the Production of Knowledge in Both Arts and Sciences

- Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. To a certain degree, ethics can be considered a matter of one’s heart, the source of emotional life, as well as their head, the center of a human being’s faculty of intellect and reasoning. Ethics, or moral philosophy, is a set of ideas that are systemized, defended, recommended in differentiating behaviour as either right or wrong prescribed by social and cultural taboos....   [tags: ethics vs production of knowledge]

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Innovations in Crude Oil Production

- Innovations in Crude Oil Production The first oil well was drilled in 1859 by Edwin Drake. It burned to the ground several months later, but had it survived it would only have yielded around 20 barrels of oil per day, hardly a drop in today’s market.(“Story”) At the time however, it was considered a success and it began a revolution in oil production. Crude oil production in the world skyrocketed from a few hundred barrels of oil per day to 76 million today. (“International”) Of course, in the long term, this is not sustainable....   [tags: Oil Production Essays Papers]

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Comparing Zefferelli's Production of Romeo and Juliet with Luhrman Production

- Comparing Zefferelli's Production of Romeo and Juliet with Luhrman Production In this essay I am going to write how the production of Romeo In Franco Zeffirelli's production of Romeo and Juliet, the setting and language are of a traditional, realistic nature. This is in complete contrast to Baz Luhrmans production, with the exception of the language used in both productions. Zefferelli's production however is far more effective, as he has tried to keep the film close to the original script and intended exactly how Shakespeare wrote it....   [tags: Papers]

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Production Systems of Toyota and GM

- Production Systems of Toyota and GM The differences between these two production systems are very clear, in fact it can be said that they are the total opposite of each other in terms of their approach to, and methods of, production....   [tags: Toyota GM Production Compare Contrast]

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Historical Materialism : A Historical Materialist Approach On The Capitalist Mode Of Production

- Fredrick Engels takes an historical materialist approach regarding the capitalist mode of production in a passage entitled Theoretical. Engels discusses the drastic separation between the bourgeoisie and proletarians as the feudal system shatters, allowing the notorious bourgeoisie to rein freely (Engels 292). This essay will begin by examining what historical materialism means and its connection to production and exchange, outlining the basic contradiction in capitalism according to Engels, as well as, analyzing the two contradictions that arise from the fundamental contradiction....   [tags: Karl Marx, Marxism, Means of production]

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Ua 's Production Of Shakespeare 's Hamlet

- UA’s production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, was a successful retelling of a well-known classic. There were fascinating and appropriate choices made in regards to setting, stage appearance, play reorganization, and overall mood. But perhaps the most interesting choices, were those made according to character. Some of the character choices enhanced the play well beyond what it could produce in print, while others diminished some of the play’s best moments and most important themes. When commenting on character choice, the most appropriate character to begin with is the play’s namesake—Hamlet....   [tags: Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude, Hamlet, Polonius]

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The Live Performance Of, Disgraced And The Filmed Production Of Chicago

- For this assignment, I chose to view the live performance of, Disgraced and the filmed production of, Chicago. Disgraced, was about a man in New York of Pakistan descent who had disowned his religion of Islam. He seemed to be living the American Dream, a married working lawyer living in New York. However, his past Islamic beliefs catch up with him, turning his life to a downwards spiral. He ends up losing everything he worked so hard to achieve. Chicago follows the life of a young girl who has moved to Chicago in search of fame....   [tags: Performance, Audience, Live albums, Theatre]

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Muda: Toyota's Production System

- Idea behind the theory Muda is the Japanese term for waste and is a key concept in the Toyota Production System. The definition of waste is basically anything that does not add value. “Value and waste are opposites. "Value" is what the customer is actually willing to pay for the product or service. Economists define value as the ratio of the usefulness of a product or service to its costs. This includes the product's functions and features and it relates to the whole product, service or both. Costs include the price paid and also the cost in time and hassle in obtaining and using the product or service” (Sowards, 2005)....   [tags: Toyota Production System JIT Waste]

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The Buena Vista University Production Of Romeo And Juliet

- There were some interesting things engaging that can be noticed about the Buena Vista University production of Romeo and Juliet. The first thing noticed that was interesting was that the women in the play were casted in some of the men roles. Through studying William Shakespeare, in most of his productions did not cast roles for women. In the plays, they cast men only and would dress them up as women. The director took another spin off on this play and turned it into something not really seen before....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, William Shakespeare]

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Peter Brook’s Film Production of King Lear

- Peter Brook’s film production of King Lear was followed by diverse critical opinion. W. Chaplin (1973) deemed the production as a dramatic failure due to its violent nature; however, W. Johnson (1972) conversely praises the “bursts of exaggerated violence” which he claims, leads successfully to the establishment of the production’s atmosphere. Through both these views we see violence as being central to interpreting Brook’s King Lear. In a similar fashion, Anne Bradby (2004) described Shakespeare’s Lear as having an “atmosphere of unparalleled rapine, cruelty, and bodily pain” as central to its plots and themes (a theme also touched on by other critics such as G....   [tags: King Lear Essays]

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A Production of Sophocles' Antigone

- To direct a production of Antigone, one has to consider the fundamentals of the playtext and the history of the plays productions. The context that the play was written in, the playwright himself and the major themes of the play and issues of characterization must all be considered before setting out on such a task, especially if the play in question happens to be two and a half thousand years old. In the fifth century B.C. Sophocles wrote and produced Antigone, the first of a trilogy that would become the most famous works of that age....   [tags: World Literature]

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Not So Distant Relatives: Evolution of Human Vocal Production

- Humans and nonhumans are closely related to one another through physical form, but what exactly differentiates them from one another. Several people argue that there is not much difference between humans and nonhuman primates, but the most obvious difference is the way they communicate. Compared to humans, nonhumans’ ways of communicating is very simple. While both have their ways of communicating with their members, their vocal communication systems are also similar and different in terms of how they produce their vocal sounds and how they are structured, how complex they are able to produce their sounds and what they mean, how it relates to their societies, and what they intentionally use...   [tags: sarcasm, vocalization, nonhumas]

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Ulterior Motives of Mass Media behind their Production

- We live in a world of mass media in these modern days. We often believe that mass media functions mostly to make our life better than before, yet, mass media have ulterior motives. Among other elements within mass media, aspect entertainment grows to illustrate the ulterior motives behind mass media industries. Entertainment used to indicate any action that supplies a recreation or offers people to have well being of their leisure time. On the other hand, as many other authors have noted, entertainment is often also simply understood as something which causes the decline of moral principles (Habermas, 93)....   [tags: Media]

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Advanced Production Critical Evaluation

- Advanced Production Critical Evaluation For my AS production I followed a set brief. I was required to work in a group to produce a 3 minute trailer for a new horror/thriller movie. In my A2 advanced production my brief was to work within a group in order to produce a promotional package to introduce a new band into the mainstream music industry. The package could take any form, using a variety of medias. We started the project by doing individual research into the music industry....   [tags: Papers]

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Production History of Hamlet

- Production History—Hamlet William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of the most produced plays of all time. Written during the height of Shakespeare’s fame—1600—Hamlet has been read, produced, and researched by more individuals now than during Shakespeare’s own lifetime. It is has very few stage directions, because Shakespeare served as the director, even though no such official position existed at the time. Throughout its over 400 years of production history, Hamlet has seen several changes. Several textual cuts have been made, in addition to the liberties taken through each production....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Observation of a Production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet

- Observation of a Production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet On Saturday October 14, 2000, the North Carolina Shakespeare festival put on a performance of Hamlet. This show, which was performed at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina, was directed by _____________________, who also directed ____________________. ___________________ did a really good job at playing Hamlet, which is a very hard role to act for any actor. Hamlet was produced by the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, which is a group of actors that travel around NC and the South, running productions of Shakespeare's many plays....   [tags: Papers]

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The Last Night Of Ballyhoo - Production Critique

- This paper is a critique of a production of The Last Night of Ballyhoo, a play written by Alfred Uhry, which was performed and produced by the Ball State University Theatre. Gilbert L. Bloom directed the production and was very successful with producing a truly entertaining, comedic play with an important message about the personal dilemmas that we as individuals with different beliefs and values must encounter in our daily lives. All elements of the production were wonderfully implemented making The Last Night of Ballyhoo quite a success....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Production Of The Toyota Production System

- The Toyota production system has not only been a major influencer in the Automobile industry but the socio-technical system has also impacted other industries. Taichi Ohno the father of Toyota production system started with the following goals his mind .he wanted to eliminate waste ,inconsistency and overburden. The basic objective was to design for smooth flow of process which would occur by eliminating inconsistency(mura),making it flexible by nullifying stress(muri) as this causes waste(muda).Succintly,they wanted to remove everything that does not add value to a process making it function effortlessly....   [tags: Lean manufacturing, Kanban, Assembly line]

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Production : Production And Operation Requirements

- Part Six – Production/Operation Requirements Production In order to create this product we will first finalize the different features of each of the three product tiers through contacting provincial meat processing owners. Second we will contact someone within OMAFRA in order to ensure that all aspects of the products contain all of required documents that future customers need to fulfill are part of the applications. Once we have a clear definitive picture as to what we the applications need to contain we then would get several quotes from software application developers in order to create the software....   [tags: System software, Application software]

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Production System Of Lean Production

- In 1980s, Glenn Ballard and Greg Howell did to create LPS to improve productivity in construction with predictability and reliability of its production. LPS also work in new product development and design. LPS is a short-term project planning system which are used 20years ago in construction engineering. Lean production was developed by Toyota Led by Engineer “Ohno”. To get perfection in design criteria, lean construction took the Ohno’s production system. “The term “Lean” was coined by the research team working on international auto production to reflect both the waste reduction nature of the Toyota production system and to contrast it with craft and mass forms of production” (Womack et al....   [tags: Construction, Project management, Project]

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Energy Production Of Electricity Production

- The production of electricity is absolutely vital to modern society. We have, for better or for worse, become dependent on it. Natural resources, such as coal, have been squandered in inefficient electricity production. Coal is the dirtiest non-renewable resource, and is the largest source of electricity production. This is a very unsustainable practice, due to the finite amount of coal and the pollution generated from burning coal. Since then, in the name of sustainability, new sources of energy production have come to light, hydroelectric, solar, wind, tidal, and nuclear....   [tags: Nuclear power, Nuclear fission, Coal]

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The Production Of Cheese Production

- The production of cheese is an important contributor to economical sustainability of the dairy industry. Approximately one third of the milk produced globally is used for the manufacture of cheese, estimated at more than 20 million metric tonnes in 2011, with the revenue representing approximately 30% of the total dairy product sales revenue, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Farkye, 2004). Cheese consists primarily of fat and coagulated protein and is a highly nutritious food with diverse ranges of flavours and textures....   [tags: Cheese, Milk, Pasteurization, Bacteria]

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