Weed Control Management in Crop Production

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Weed Control Management in Crop Production

Eons ago, our ancestors were a nomadic peoples that relied on their physical abilities as well as luck to survive. Our ancestors were a people that obtained their food through hunting and gathering. With the intelligence inherent of the human race, our ancestors soon realized that the hunting and gathering life style was not very reliable, nor did it allow much in the way of free time. The search began for an easier way to get food. Soon people realized that if they grew their vegetables close by and put up fences to keep the animals in, they would have a fairly reliable and easily attainable food source. With their meals secured, the people of prehistoric days could concentrate on other things, like culture and social behaviors (Smith, Crop 147). Obviously, without the progressive introduction of free time, the "fine" things in life could not have come about. Similarly, free time could not have evolved had the cave man not discovered agriculture.

As long as there have been people, there has been a need for food. A group of individuals that we call farmers have always been the ones to supply the food to the people. Without the farmer, there could be no other people. As long as there have been farmers, there have been fields to maintain, and ever since the first farmer picked up a hoe, there have been weeds to chop with it (Smith, Crop 129). A wise man once said, "God made weeds to give the farmer something to complain about!" (Unknown)Research papers would always rely on verifiable quotes. Save the colorful phrases for personal argument. Originally, the only method of controlling weeds was the organic method. However, not long after the birth of the farming industry, it was found...

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