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Film and Video Production:

Becoming the Future of the Silver Screen

Every so often a movie is released with such tense anticipation and glamorous visual art that the public is drawn to this dramatic rendition of life in the theatre. For even just two hours or so, you are put into a different lifestyle. Action, drama or comedy it may be. We are thrust into a different way of thinking. We are forced to learn the characters thoughts and feelings. The hard work and artistic skill that goes into these magnificent films is not an easy thing to mimic. Out of the thousands of movies released worldwide each year only a handful are truly worthy of the label film art. Most of the great movies are either produced by a multi million dollar company that hired a director with quite a bit of experience under his belt, or are made with little money and slowly find their way into the film business due to

increasing popularity because of the good writing and talented though

unknown actors in the film. These small films are a great way to get a foot in the door of the giant Hollywood business.

There are many courses that need to be taken to get a bachelors degree in film arts, and though not promised, it can really help one get a good footing in the business of film and video production. The first thing needed is to learn the basics of film making. This course would be labeled as Introduction to Film and Video or Introduction to Cinema. It introduces the basic education for prospective film students. It starts with the conceptualization to execution and examines the many different film genres, such as context of history, theory, fiction, drama and comedy. Many major colleges across the U.S. offer this course, such as UCLA, UT at Austin, SDSU and many others. This course is easy to complete and requires no pre-requisites. Though taking courses such as these is not required to get into this business, it is defiantly recommended since one’s chance of creating a small film with the common amount of knowledge and having it produced and hit the big time is very slim. Film is such a competitive business that education is crucial if one wants to land a decent job in the work force. Although it is possible to do it all without the education, it is highly unlikely.

The knowledge one learns from just basic filmmaking techniques will prove extremely valuable in the ...

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...lm festival’s one can attend to gain more knowledge about the business. Film Festival’s could help to broaden the readers knowledge of the actual film production world. It would help show the impact of good screenwriting and small films that can

indeed start out as nothing and grow to become a worldwide grossing feature film.

In conclusion this author would like to let the reader know that, though an exciting career this is, it is an extremely hard business to break into. It takes a lot of hard work and patience and maybe just a bit of luck.

One could attend a college and take all the required courses, get a degree and still never see a movie set or get a good grip on the business. Although, If one has the heart and strong will to make it in this business it could be extremely rewarding. - (Columbia college Chicago) - Cannes Film Festival - Paragraph 1 - (Courses)

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