Importance Of Production Planning In Garment Production

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Production planning entails the organisation of an overall manufacturing process to manufacture the end product. In garment industry, different activities involved in production planning are designing the end product, determining the machinery required and capacity planning, plant layout and material handling , establishment of sequence of operations for a style and nature of the operations to be carried out and specification of certain production quantity and quality levels.
Production planning and control is one of the vital part of the apparel manufacturing industry. Accuracy in planning equates to timely shipment of orders, the better utilization of operators and guarantees that proper supplies and machineries are available for each style
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While the production control constantly keeps a watchful eye on the production flow and use of resources along with the location, of any deviation from the preset action and to arrange for prompt adjustment so that the productivity may run according to the original or revised schedules (Russell & Taylor 1999; Schertel 1998).
In other words production control is a facilitating service to manufacturing. It coordinates all the production operations by collecting the relevant information about various types of inputs and outputs, and by making necessary adjustments in them. It directs and checks the course and progress of the work and closes the records on the completion of the work or order. The functions of production control are:
 Provide for production of parts, assemblies and products of required quality and quantity at the required time.
 Coordinate, monitor, and feedback to manufacturing management, the results of the production activities, analysing and interpreting their significance and taking corrective action if

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