The Function of Production

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The Function of Production

The main function of production is making the goods or services which

the business or company provides. This includes using expenses and

resources including:

* Buildings and land, like offices, factories and shops

* Necessary equipment, like vehicles, computers and factory


* People, such as operators, managers and support staff

* Raw materials and materials, such as products for retailing and

materials to build up the business, like construction work

These are the two most important roles, which are key to managing

production. The first is the planning of production to ensure that

there are enough raw materials, components, employees with the right

skills, and machinery or other equipment available to make the product

in large enough quantities and at the right time to meet customer

needs and business deadlines.

The aspect is controlling production to ensure that there are no

delays or problems during the production process. Also during

production it is important to monitor the costs, which are required

during the production process and also waste products of the raw

materials and components.

Planning and controlling production involves the finance function in

purchasing the raw materials and components, machinery and equipment

and the human resources function in recruiting employees with the

right skills and training current employees. Production must also work

closely with marketing and sales, which let production know how many

products are needed to meet consumer needs.

Also production involves the controlling of key variables such as:

Quality control, a system usually carried out by a business to ensure

that the products they have produced have met a suitable and agreed

standard, quality control usually takes place after the production


Quality assurance, mainly a system that is designed to stop poor

products being produced during the production process. At each stage

of production the products are checked to ensure that they are at a
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