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Population Growth and Feeding the Poor

- ... As Helle Jeppesen points out in an article on population growth that the “highest population growth occurs in poor countries (Jeppesen, Helle).” The reason for this is because of the lack of sex education and birth control in these countries. This has caused around 80 million women each year to have unplanned pregnancies, says Helle Jeppesen. According to the UN, if current growth rates don’t decline, the population could reach 28.6 billion by the year 2100. These poor nations are already finding it hard to feed the people, and the decrease in water, energy, and food only makes things worse....   [tags: population growth, scarcity of food]

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The Decline Of Global Population Growth

- Global population growth is also affected by religious principles, such as Catholic doctrine or Islamic law. The Catholic Church is totally opposed to abortion, contraception, sterilization, and other ways of birth control; they accept only “natural” family planning (“Global Population Growth” 56). Additionally, Pope Francis speaks from his religion position, saying life “is always sacred and inviolable, in any situation and at every stage of development. . . .It is not progressive to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life” (56)....   [tags: World population, Population growth, Family]

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The Impact Of Rapid Population Growth On The United States And India

- ... Since there is always an influx of people from the rural to the city looking for jobs, factories owners often take advantage of this to lower labor costs (#). As a result, workers are left with no other options but to work under minimal regulations and live in crowded tenements. Hence, labor unions are created to fight for the rights of workers by demanding specific working regulations from the government. In terms of a social impact, population increase supplies workers for the industrialization in England and at the same time widens the gap between the rich and the poor....   [tags: Population growth, Overpopulation]

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The Impact of Population Growth on the Environment

- Our world is too small for our ever rapidly growing population. One day resources will run dry and vanish, which will bring death and loss to all nations on this planet. Many researchers and scientists have confirmed that the population will reach 10 billion by the end of the century and will continue to stream upward. There are many different ways in trying to decrease population to contain global warming and assist our environmental changes. The only way to steadily succeeding, families must be the regulators of their fertility and future....   [tags: population integrity, birth contro]

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The Effects of Population Growth in China

- Thesis statement : Since the population has grown rapidly since in the past Fifty (5) years, how did the Chinese government deal with the population explosion in the past and how will they deal,with it in the future. Though China is the world's fifth-largest country in terms of area and the second largest country in Asia, it is the most populous country in the world. There is over one billion Chinese people which is 19 percent of the world's population and the population still keeps growing. From 2000 to 2010, Chinese population growth is about 6.2% and if we compared the population from 1960 with 2010, the population had grown more than 100%....   [tags: population density, one child policy]

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Population Growth And Poverty: Nigeria

- Population growth is one of the biggest issues that the human species can face no matter where it is occurring in the world. For years ever since the 1960’s, the world’s population growth rate has been rapidly increasing and in some cases doubling. With the rapid growth of population come many challenges that people have to face and Nigeria is no exception. Nigeria, a country located in West Africa, is the sixth most populous country in the world with a total population of over 167 million (Rosenthal)....   [tags: increase in population, unemployment, crime]

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The Problem Of Population Growth

- ... Governments could preserve, and maybe even increase, tax and other financial benefits that are aimed at helping parents by linking it not the amount of children that they have but rather to the parenthood status itself. One last strategy would be to offer age-appropriate sexuality education for all students. Exposure to comprehensive programs that detail things like puberty, options of abstinence, birth control, intercourse, and respecting the sexual rights and decisions of individuals can help to prevent unwanted pregnancies which in turn can reduce birth rates (“Nine Population Strategies”)....   [tags: Abortion, Birth control, Population, Demography]

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The Rate Of Population Growth

- I. Demographic Transition Cameroon, a low-income country with a rapidly increasing population estimated at 21,700,000 million in 2012 [1] is currently experiencing high population growth resulting from continuing high fertility during a period when mortality rates have been declining consistently. In the period 1950-1955, life expectancy for both males and females was 38.5 years [3]. In 2012, over 17.5 years have been added to life expectancy for both sexes, raising it to 56 years [3]. On the other hand, fertility rates have dropped slowly since the last 50 years....   [tags: Demography, Population, Total fertility rate]

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The Impact of Population Growth

- Overpopulation is increasing every year and will eventually consume the planet. According to Nasif Nahle, overpopulation is “a term that refers to a condition by which the population density enlarges to a limit that provokes the environmental deterioration, a remarkable decline in the quality of life, or a population collapse.” People often ignore the subject of overpopulation, but this predicament is the world’s leading problem that society is burdened with going into the future. Unless the human population across the world lowers drastically, the consequences of overpopulation will ensue....   [tags: population, quality of life, medical technology]

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Human Population Growth

- Human population growth is becoming a huge issue in our world today. The population is increasing rapidly. The reason that it is becoming a concern is because it has affected the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our world. In the film Frontline: Heat, we can see how there might not be a future for our planet unless we are able to reduce the emissions and make our world a safe place. Not only for the present but also for future generations so that they are able to live long and healthy lives....   [tags: World Population]

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The Study of the Population Growth of Kenya and Thailand

- The world’s population grows by 150 people per minute and 78,840,000 people per year, according to With the increasing population, the world may not have enough resources for everyone. The average Global Hectare per person in Thailand is 1.15 and in Kenya it is 0.59 as of 2007 and the average global hectare per person in the world is 1.8 (Wikipedia). Due to the growing population, the average number of global hectares per person is shrinking. More land is required to sustain a larger population....   [tags: population, resources, kenya, thailand]

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The United States Problems With Population Growth

- While the world has issues with immigration, health care, drugs, gun control, taxes, and so on going on in the world we forget to think about the fact that our world is facing an issue as impractical as population growth. The idea that having a child will create issues for a country is odd, but it is the case for many countries, including the United States of America. “The U.S. is the third most populous country in the world and has the highest population growth rate of all developed countries,” ( Chamie 1) to further analyze this issue to put it in perspective of the global issue it actual is by comparing the United States current issue with population growth to the population growth issue...   [tags: immigration, over-population]

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Human Population Growth Is The Leading Factor

- ... Currently, water scarce areas produce 22 percent the total GDP. In as little as 45 years that number will jump to 45 percent challenging those regions ability to grow. Just to put into reference how much industrial water affects our day to day life, it takes more than 2,900 gallons of water to produce just one pair of jeans (Economic Implications). Over population makes consumables like water the new oil. With unhealthy and unreliable water, business cannot grow, hire or sustain a work force....   [tags: World population, Overpopulation]

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Analyzing the Effective Growth of Population in Alberta

- It is difficult to presume what would happen if one day Alberta’s population has the lowest average of population expansion . As Johnston and Maclennan (2008) indicate, “Alberta’s population growth continued to be the highest among all provinces” (para. 1). At the same time, fast development of urban areas, stable economy and oil reserves attract newcomers to move the province of Alberta. In addition, the government of Alberta takes all possible measures to increase the quality of life and develop health facilities for all population groups....   [tags: Population]

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Population Growth Before and After World War II

- ​“Given the serious worldwide dilemmas posed by population growth, why should we consider low fertility rate a problem?”(pg 340). I think this question raises a big concern for the human species in general. If the number of people on this earth is declining, that isn't necessarily positive. It is exceptional to mention that population studies weren’t that widespread before the Second war. People weren’t involved regarding however a population grows. In truth their evolving population was thought-about a mathematical analysis instead of a demographic one....   [tags: human ecology, population, analysis]

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Urban Population Dynamics as a Social Driver of Land Fragmentation

- 3.2 Urban population dynamics Between 1990 and 2000, total population of the American West region increased from 52,786,082 to 63,197,932, which is 19.7% increment and it was the fastest among all four regions in the country (Perry and Mackun 2001). It is also a reflection of the population growth trend continued in the post-World War II period characterized by rapid growth of several Southwestern metropolitan cities. These “magnet” cities have been a popular destination for those looking to tap into burgeoning economic opportunities in the region as well as for those seeking to retire in a place with better “quality of life” and amenities—warmer climate, year round sunshine, and wilderness...   [tags: Population Growth]

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Human Population Growth

- Globally, the growth rate per person of the human population has been declining since its increase in 1962 and 1963 which was at 2.20%. In 2009, the estimated annual growth rate was 1.1%. As of now the population of the world is at about 7,211,021,348 humans, which has gone up 4 billion people since the 60’s. Most of this growth is coming from the countries in high poverty. Rise in human population can cause problems such as pollution and congestion; these might be resolved or worsened by technological and economic changes....   [tags: poverty, children]

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Understanding Population Growth

- “The study of human characteristics of human populations” is known as demography which helps depict the progress of nations at many levels (Know, Marston, Imort and Nash, 2011, p. 99). Also it displays information that can relate to the current problems that the nations are facing. The advancement of populations is measured using the demographic transition theory which consists of four main phases, with unique characteristics that countries are grouped within. Studies conducted on these nations are significant as it helps us gain an understanding of the current position the country is in, and how it can develop into an industrialized nation....   [tags: industrialized economies, demographic]

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Population Growth: The Problems Created By Urbanization

- As the world continues to evolve, it is evident that population growth is one of the leading issues humans face. The 21st century world has displayed how science, medicine, and technology have been able to sustain human life, while also creating a human birth boom. Although many of these advancements are positive, they also bring forth many challenges that society must learn to face. The rise of megacities such as Mumbai, India are key examples of how urbanization in search for better opportunity has led to many problems such as poverty, poor living and health conditions, and extreme depletion of resources within the environment....   [tags: poverty, poor living, overpopulation]

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Human Population Growth and Water Drought

- Water Drought and the Depletion of our Aquifers have lots to due with the human population growth in the World. The population is growing around 80 million people per year. Hence, we now need 64 billion cubic meters of water, per year for everyone in the World. With all the demand for water increases, we need to dig deeper into our wells. However, by digging deeper under the earth’s surface it is more likely to be contaminated with naturally occurring minerals, like radium that have been in contact with rock formations for hundreds of thousands of years with minerals that have dissolved into the water....   [tags: lake michigan, rain fall, wells]

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The Effects of Population Growth in Brazil

- The Effects of Population Growth in Brazil The population of the world today is 6,112,911,145 and progressively growing. Unfortunately, that figure is expected to double by the year 2050. Four-fifths of this population resides in developing countries of the "South". Because of extreme levels of fertility, mortality, and new migration, these developing countries are accountable for most of the world population growth. There are many reasons that explain why the numbers are increasing, but the main reason is the way of life for many of the people inhabiting these regions....   [tags: Papers]

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Population Growth and the Malthusian Prophecy

- Population Growth and the Malthusian Prophecy All exponential growth must have a limit. There is simply no getting around this reality for the following reason: any population or other object which grows exponentially will eventually overtake the size of the universe, a physical impossibility, at least as we conceptualize physics. Take the example of Standard Oil, run by John D. Rockefeller, the largest monopoly this country has seen. Just past the beginning of the twentieth century, Standard Oil was growing at an exponential pace greater than that of the economy....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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Population Growth and Standard of Living

- Population Growth and Standard of Living Recently, the human population on this planet surpassed an amazing milestone. In the year 2000 it hit 6 billion, and without a sign of slowing down, continue to increase at an unprecedented pace. After taking nearly 3 million years to reach our first 1 billion, it has taken us only 11 years to raise our population the most recent billion (from 5 to 6). This rate of growth can be graphically interpreted as a J-shape pattern. If the past is any indication of the future, this means that while our rate of growth is high right now (a net increase of almost 87 million annually), it will continue increase to no end....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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The Population Growth Rate In India

- The Population Growth Rate in India For many years concern has been voiced over the seemingly unchecked rate of population growth in India, but the most recent indications are that some success is being achieved in slowing the rate of population growth. The progress which has been achieved to date is still only of a modest nature and should not serve as premature cause for complacency. Moreover, a slowing of the rate of population growth is not incompatible with a dangerous population increase in a country like India which has so huge a population base to begin with....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Population Growth, Industrialization, and the Environment

- Population Growth, Industrialization, and the Environment Human population growth was relatively slow for most of human history. Within the past 500 years, however, the advances made in the industrial, transportation, economic, medical, and agricultural revolutions have helped foster an exponential, "J-shaped" rise in human population (Southwick, Figure 15.1, p. 160). The statistics associated with this type of growth are particularly striking: "Human beings took more than 3 million years to reach a population of 1 billion people...The second billion came in only 130 years, the third billion in 30 years, the fourth billion in 15 years, the fifth billion in 12 years..." (Southwick, p....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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The Population Growth of Taiwan

- The Population Growth of Taiwan 1. The three paradigms of human population growth are, the Cornucopia paradigm, the Neo-Malthusian paradigm and the UN Model. The cornucopia paradigm makes the assumption that the more humans are the better because then there will be more ideas and technological advances; the human population growth is unlimited. This assumption is unrealistic because with an overabundance of people, the resources they would need to survive would diminish as they already are. The result of this kind of growth would mean there would be six quadrillion people on earth....   [tags: Papers]

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India's Population Growth Problem and Its Consequences

- The population of India is in trouble. They are facing widespread overpopulation and the second largest AIDS epidemic in the world. The objective is to point out the differences in Indian and US population compositions, total fertility rates, economic conditions, disease control policies, growth, and literacy rates. These comparisons will help to put India's population problems in perspective. Together, these two countries house the second and third largest populations on the Earth. To put it in perspective, of the 6.1 billion people who exist on earth, seventeen percent are either Indians or Americans (Haub, 3)....   [tags: India Population Overpopulation Essays Papers]

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Agriculture and Population Growth

- Agriculture and Population Growth The earth is increasing its population by 90 million people per year, and yet we still have 5.9 billion people left to feed and to give shelter (Mitchell, 1998). Along with the increase in the population, there are also more people on Earth who are living longer lives. The global population boom has coincided with the improvement of health, and of productivity, around the world. On average, the human population today lives longer, eats better, produces more, and consumes more than at any other time period in the past (Eberstadt, 1995)....   [tags: Agricultural Economy Science Technology Essays]

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Population Growth in Brazil

- Population Growth in Brazil Population growth is one of the most significant global problems currently faced by humanity. About a quarter of the world’s population suffers from malnutrition, and over 10 million people die of starvation each year. This misery is concentrated in the Third World countries. Ninety percent of the world’s population growth until 2030 is projected to occur in the Third World countries. (Giddeons, 484). The gruesome film, “Brazil, The Gathering Millions”, illustrates the governing factors of population patterns: fertility, mortality, and migration....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Population Growth in Perspective

- Population Growth in Perspective Introduction To anyone even remotely acquainted with the situation, the ever-expanding world population can easily be a cause of grave concern. Indeed, the simple realization that the total world population will most likely be doubling within the next century may seem to imply catastrophe. Considering the strain our current huge population puts on the world, is it not natural to presume that two times our number will spell disaster. While this is the view held by many prominent voices, there also is a less-noticed group of people who contend that the resiliency of the earth and the ingenuity of its people will keep the planet a decent place to live....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Population Growth Causes Poverty

- Everywhere in the world, in every kind of culture, the poorest people have the most children. Does having many children make people poor. Or does being poor make people have many children. That is a hot question in the continuous struggle over how to spend foreign aid money. Those who think population growth causes poverty advocate programs in family planning and population education. Those who think poverty causes population growth favor direct economic aid, jobs, capital investment. Take care of development, they say, and the birth rate will take care of itself....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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The Growth of Population Through History

- Worldwide Human Population Humans both early and modern for millions of years had to find food on their own. They collected plants and hunted which took most of the day. Within twelve thousand years Homo Sapiens started making food and making changes to the surroundings. We have made a inadvertently turning point on earth of our life history. Population growth is divided into four periods that are major. 1. The first is the early Paleolithic era around one and a half million years ago....   [tags: food, cultivation, medicine]

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Population Growth

- Population Growth Population Growth is becoming a huge issue in our country and world today. The reason that it has become such a pressing issue is that our growing population needs a growing economy and has growing needs. As our population grows, the needs of the population become bigger. Very large population becomes a problem when there isn't enough space to live, and not enough food and supplies to live off of. We can predict population size in the future by examining the recent past. This can give us good ideas about what we will have to do to accommodate all of the people in the US and the world, or start to put restrictions on babies being born like our fellow country China....   [tags: Papers]

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Population Growth Of Yeast And Effects Of Various Substrates On This Population Growth

- Population Growth Of Yeast And Effects Of Various Substrates On This Population Growth Plan: 1. Introduction; Yeast is a unicellular fungus which reproduces asexually by budding or division, as in the case of the genus Saccharomyces, which is important in fermentation in food (walker, 1998). Yeasts are widely distributed in nature. Like bacteria and moulds, they can have beneficial and non-beneficial properties in food production. The most well known examples of yeast fermentation are in the production of alcoholic drinks and the leavening of bread....   [tags: Papers]

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We Have a Growing Problem

- We have a Growing Problem Garret Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons first appeared in a science journal in December, 1968. In this article Hardin attempts to convince his audience that there is indeed a population growth problem and that something need to be done about it. Although Hardin realizes that solutions to the problem are not clear, he states that if we ignore the issue, “it is clear that we will greatly increase human misery” (1). For someone to acknowledge there is a problem is one thing, but to get someone to notice and do something about it is another....   [tags: Population Growth]

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India's Population Growth

- India's Population Growth The Evolving Nation India the mysterious nation some times referred to as "the Jewel in The Crown" or "The Land of the Snake Charmers" has been a star of the East, an exotic, ancient land that has consistently beckoned the curious and adventurous. Although, it is believed that the nation is on path towards becoming a powerful industrial nation within the next twenty years. India , even today is a of culture aged for centuries and preserved by time itself. Its forts, palaces temples provide a living history of time....   [tags: Environment Sustainability Essays]

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Regional Variations and Patterns of Population Growth

- Regional Variations and Patterns of Population Growth The demographic transition model provides one with insight into the transformation or transition which occurs in several steps as the industrialization of a country progresses. By using the demographic transition as a model one can describe regional variations and patterns of population growth on a global level. The demographic transition model includes four stages: the pre industrialized society, the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and the post industrial societies/developed....   [tags: Papers]

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The Problem of Population Growth and the Solution of Population Planning

- The Problem of Population Growth and the Solution of Population Planning INTRODUCTION Human population growth, overpopulation, and earth’s biological carrying capacity have been concerns of scientists for many years. In 1679 Antoni van Leeuwenhoek estimated that the maximum number of people Earth can support is 13.4 billion and estimates have continued to vary drastically since then (Cohen, 1995). There are many ecological indicators, including desertification and water problems, which point to the likelihood that we are approaching our limit....   [tags: Overpopulation Shortage Essays]

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Is Limiting the Population Growth a Key Factor in Protecting the Global Environment?

- Is it right to think that population is a threat to the global environment. Is there indeed a direct correlation between population and environment. Is there such thing as overpopulation and who has the power to say that there is what they called overpopulation. These are some of the questions that are running through my mind. Now, in response to the question “Is limiting the population growth a key factor in protecting the global environment?” I with all conviction say no to that. I believe that it is the behavior of the people and not the population growth itself that affects the environment....   [tags: Environment ]

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World Population

- In the last few centuries, the number of people living on Earth has increased many times over. By the year 2000, there will be 10 times more people on Earth than there were 300 years ago. How can population grow so fast. Think of a family tree. At the top are 2 parents, and beneath them the children they had. Listed beneath those children are the children they had, and so on and so on, down through each generation. As long as the family members continue to reproduce, the family tree continues to increase in size, getting larger with each passing generation....   [tags: population growth]

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There Doesn't Have to be a Negative Correlation between Population Growth and Environmental Wellbeing

- “Often, environmental problems – like climate change or forest destruction -- are widely acknowledged, but governments, corporations and international bodies all duck or dismiss the solutions” (Greenpeace 2014). Everyone wants to believe, and wants everyone else to believe, that they are environmental activists because they wear green on Earth Day and might recycle a plastic bottle or two in the span of a year or so. But this is not a case in which small intentions can accumulate and equate to a large contribution to the problem at hand....   [tags: ecological issues/footprint]

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Causes of Overpopulation

- According to the U.S Census Bureau the current world population is estimated to be about 6,770,332,394 people and still growing exponential. Also the world population is suppose to be over 8 billion people by 2025, and 9.5 billion by 2050 (U.S. Census Bureau). The only way to prevent this problem from becoming a world epidemic is by truly understanding some of the causes of the problem and what this problem might bring to the future of mankind. The world population growth is moving exponentially up in a J curve, which is normal for populations in nature with abundant resources....   [tags: Population Growth]

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Too Many People? by Vanessa Baird

- The worldwide population is approaching 7 billion and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 (Baird). This projected population number is down from a once predicted 16 billion (Baird) and while some are not concerned, others are worried about any increase in population. Population growth is discussed in the articles “Too Many People?” by Vanessa Baird; “Population Control: How Can There Possibly Be Too Many of Us?” by Frank Furedi; and “The Population Bomb Revisited,” by Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H....   [tags: population control, population growth]

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The Revolution That Changed The World

- ... As well as the technological improvements and inventions that were made, another creation of the Industrial Revolution was the factory. In addition, the factories created during the Industrial Revolution, have affected the modern world. Due to the efficiency of factories, there was a large production increase. More materials goods were able to be produced in a shorter amount of time and goods became slightly cheaper (Pros and Cons). With the help of trains, businesses reached to other countries in the continent....   [tags: World population, Population growth, Population]

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Population Reduction: The Method for Economic Growth?

- Until recently, the term “population growth” has always been regarded in a positive manner; still many people believe that a growing human population results in a growing economy. While many people debate whether a reduction in our total numbers is necessary, others debate what the effects would be. Not only does our population affect the economy, but also our environment, education, quality of life, and everything around us depends on how we react to this growing problem. Our population is growing and we must decide how we will react and what effects our actions will have....   [tags: Tax Rate, Ponzi Schemes]

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Population: A Vital Indicator of Economic Growth

- Economic growth in a city, state, or country is characterized by steady growth in the productive capacity of the economy or a growth of national income (Fernandez- Villaverde, 2001). The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate is most commonly used to measure economic growth because it is a reflection of the total change in a country’s national output (Filardo, 1999). This growth rate is used to predict the direction of an economy. A positive growth rate indicates a positive economy with more jobs, consumption and income while a negative growth indicates an economic decline (Filardo, 1999)....   [tags: Economics]

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Abortion : The Powerful Growth Of The World Population

- ... According to MedlinePlus (2012), the National Institutes of Health 's Web site, there are some main explanations which lead to miscarriage. The first element is fetal malformation, which means that the baby is incapable of development due to defects in the genes of the father (or mother) or because of chromosome problems. The mother’s health and age are also the major elements influencing directly to the baby. The higher the age of the mother, the more risk of miscarriage, starting from 30 years old and most dangerous after 40 years....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Miscarriage]

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Population has Outgrown the Food Growth

- In this paper, I brainstorm and develop certain topics that I find interesting and novel to pursue in future research. I write about two separate topics, one being theoretical, and the other empirical. In the first section, I propose an extension of the classical Malthusian model of economic growth by introducing different specification for birth and death rate income elasticities. I solve for the steady state parameter values and offer directions for future model development where land is not a fixed factor of production....   [tags: agriculture, economics, malthusian model]

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Population Growth Equals Greater Demand of Goods

- The prices for these luxury goods are getting more expensive rather than cheaper, so why are these sales escalating. Population growth is one possibility as the greater the population, the greater the demand. Society today is based on the fundamental concept of supply and demand. If the demand increases the quantity supplied will rise. If the demand decreases the quantity supplied will diminish. However, the fluctuation in demand for all products is based on numerous factors such as price, population, income, advertising and more influential than price, taste....   [tags: Economics]

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Letter Analysis about Human Population Growth

- Letter Analysis about Human Population Growth The world we live in is encountering a problem that affects all of its residents, from Australians to Alaskans, and everyone in between. I am writing this analysis in regards to a letter I received addressing Earth's population growth problem. This letter directed my attention to a situation of global proportions and with devastating potential. This situation that I speak of is unchecked exponential population growth. I am confident that we will be able combat this problem effectively with the intervention of our government through the implementation of tax incentives and the power of knowledge through education....   [tags: Papers]

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Why the Dominican Republic is in the Early Expanding Stage of Demographic Transition

- ... The infant mortality rate (IMR) indicates the number of deaths for a person under the age of 1 per 1000 live births. The Dominican Republic’s IMR is 27 or 2.7%. This, in comparison to the world average, is significantly lower. This rate is caused by lack of healthcare, malnutrition and a low number in urban population. The more a population is urbanized, the more access it has to proper food sources and healthcare and as a result, better off to survive. With a lower than average IMR, the Dominican Republic is effectively keeping a low CBR and can expect to see a decrease as more of the population transitions from rural to urban....   [tags: population, growth, mortality]

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Overpopulation Cause Destruction Of Forests And Water Shortage

- ... For example, in China, most people were starvation because of natural disaster in 1953. A great number of locust ate their grain, and they didn’t have enough water to plant crops, but the Chinese imported new technology to promote output of corps. Also, China had good health since they imported the technology from some developed countries. Therefore, technological advancement is perhaps the biggest reason why overpopulation is continuing to be more and more serious. Effect Moreover, overpopulation cause destruction of forests and water shortage....   [tags: Overpopulation, Population growth]

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The Earth's Carrying Capacity for Humans

- Does the Earth have a Defined Carrying Capacity for Humans. Introduction: Having a population size that is not dangerously large is the limit where the population size is acceptable and understood as the defined carrying capacity for humans1. Population size and consumption can create stress on the environment through resources and social systems so that the quality of life declines. However some believe that resources can be created by humans and not all need to be replaced and reinvented once depleted, so resource availability may not be declining after all2....   [tags: Environmentalism / Population Growth]

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The Economic Strategy For Economic Crisis

- ... The fact that one out of four adults cannot read or write (Southwick, 160) does not necessarily point to an overpopulation problem, but rather a problem with the distribution of wealth and thus educational opportunities. Is Southwick suggesting that a population of only 2 billion would result in total literacy. It seems highly implausible. We can 't even manage total literacy in the U.S. with overreaching legislation, never mind if we were to spread our population across the span of the entire globe....   [tags: Population growth, Overpopulation]

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Cultural Competency and Health Disparities

- The United States’ population is currently rising exponentially and with growth comes demographic shifts. Some of the demographics shifts include the population growth of Hispanics, increase in senior citizens especially minority elderly, increase in number of residents who do not speak English, increase in foreign-born residents, population trends of people from different sexual orientation, and trends of people with disabilities (Perez & Luquis, 2009). As a public health practitioner, the only way to effectively eliminate health disparities among Americans, one must explore and embrace the demographic shifts of the United States population because differences exist among ethnic groups (P...   [tags: Demographic Shifts, Population Growth]

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American Indians and Alaska Natives

- The United States population growth rate continues to increase gradually by less than 1% per year. Over the past decade, American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIANs) population increased by 26.7%.1 According to 2010 census, there are approximately 5.2 million AIANs living in the United States representing 1.7% of the U.S. population.2 By 2050, the projected population of AIANs will reach an estimated 8.6 million.2 Alaska Natives (AN) comprise of the second largest population group in Alaska. They make up a bigger percentage of Alaska’s population than Native Americans in any other state....   [tags: population growth, alaska, natives]

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Hunting for Whales: Outdated Practice

- ... The first type of data is just that, the number of whales landed, the second type is “reports of catch and production by pre20th century commercial shore whaling establishments.”, and the third data is that of which is collected from catch and production by voyages (Reeves & Smith, 2010) WHALING 4 The second two forms of data collected from whaling, pre20th century commercial whaling establishments and pre20th century whaling voyages, are only used because these groups were whaling before it became illegal for commercial use in 2014 (Ganderton, 2014)....   [tags: assisting the whale population in growth]

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The Causes of Population and Employment Growth Devon

- The Causes of Population and Employment Growth Devon The county of Devon in the S.W of England has seen the effects of counterubanisation (the de-centralisation of people and economic activities from urban areas to rural areas). The county was amongst the big gainers of population from 1981-1991. Devon grew between 7 and 10.4%, which is above Britain, -0.8 to 2.3%. The cause of population and employment growth in Devon can be explained by three main causes. Firstly, technological advancements in transport and communication....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Effects of Urbanization

- Urbanization Urbanization is the gradual constant increase in the population of people in urban areas or rather cities. Urbanization is mostly associated with the rural-urban migration phenomenon that takes place when people move in large numbers from rural areas into urban areas in order to seek a better life quality (R.Faridi, 2012) (Tellnes P, 2014). As much as that can be said it is the only way that the population increases, people may also move from other their own urban areas to other more urbanized areas if they chose to do so....   [tags: population growth, agriculture]

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The People’s Republic of China and The One Child Policy

- In the 1950s the People’s Republic of China first implemented the beginnings of the one child policy. It made significant changes to the population and the nation’s growth rate decreased. Professor Yinchu Ma (1957) initiated the policy with his book New Population Theory. His book responded to the huge increase in population growth occurring in China (Singer 1998). Under the Mao republic, leaders saw the population development as a danger to the nation’s economy (White 1994). The political party promoted childbirth in the 1950s and 1960s according to the slogan “one is a good few, two is just enough, and three is over” (White 1994)....   [tags: new population theory, population growth]

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A Debate On The Effects Of Overpopulation

- A Debate on the Effects of Overpopulation Overpopulation is a major challenge that humans face today. The human population is close to 8 billion, and at our current birthrate, we are adding nearly one billion more people every 12 years. Issues including depending on natural resources, degradation of the environment, poverty, unemployment and other dangerous effects which are extremely likely to effect the human race as a cause of overpopulation. In” Overpopulation is Not the Problem,” Erle C. Ellis makes the claim that humans will adapt to population growth, as they did in archeological records....   [tags: World population, Population growth, Human]

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Is Overpopulation A Minor Issue?

- ... The Babylonian Empire, which is now present day Iraq, is believed to be the first to have conducted a census. All of this occurred 3800 BCE, and Manuscripts from the ancient Egypt provide evidence to this (population growth). Later during the 1800’s a British economist and demographer named Thomas Malthus was the first one to draw attention to the dangerous of population growth. Malthus came up with the idea of exponential growth and how population growth is similar to it. He also stated that “the power of population is indefinitely grater than the power of the earth to produce subsistence for man.” His second idea declared that in a future date the population of the earth would become s...   [tags: World population, Human, Population growth]

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Growth of Human Population and Its Effect on the Environment

- The growth of the human population has been strikingly apparent that the rate of growth has been much steeper than recent times. The earlier Homo sapiens were vegetarians and gathers they hunted and fished for food. With increased knowledge humans learned how to farm, domesticate animals and used irrigation to meet their needs. The knowledge of water and sewer conditions along with better medical care and agriculture made life easier. Earlier man did not have these factors and the population remained stable, for over thousands of years....   [tags: Death and Birth Rate, Medical Community]

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Brisbane: Impacts of Water Management Strategies

- 1. Introduction The Queensland region recently suffered its worst drought in over a century. This period was shared with a rapid increase in the city’s population. A combination of severe drought and a rapid increase in population had a permanent impact on the city’s water management strategy. Brisbane population is expected to reach 4.5 million by 2050. This report aims to look at how the relationship between Brisbane’s water resources and population growth have effected society, the economy and the environment....   [tags: Brisbane Population growth and water supply]

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Sustainability: The over used word and unachievable goal

- Nature is one of those words that lack a narrow definition. Raymond Williams wrote that “nature is perhaps the most complex word in the (English) language” (Williams 1983). One could argue that sustainability is a term that is just as intricate. Sustainability often gets twisted and misconstrued as political jargon and is more often than not misunderstood by the less educated public. The confusion over sustainability has a couple factors. It is comparatively a newly used word, and a popular word....   [tags: Population Growth, Economic Systems, Nature]

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The Unemployment Rate Of Namibia

- The unemployment rate in Namibia is 27.4% and its inflation rate is 6.7%. Their 5yr compound annual growth rate is 3.5% and their GDP growth rate is 4.30%. The World Bank states that most Namibians are employed in agriculture related jobs which makes up 27% of the jobs with the government being the largest employer. Mining accounts for more than half of their foreign exchange earnings and according to global EDGE (Michigan State University’s global business knowledge website) their top 3 trade partners are South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland....   [tags: Population growth, World population, Namibia]

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Effects of the Industrial Revolution

- Effects of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution created many changes in society. Two of these changes had positive and negative effect on the labor forces and the growth of the modes of transportation that was used to. New jobs were created with the assumption that things would be better for everyone. The increase of the development of technological and industrial fields weren't what society thought it would be. The Industrial Revolution was the good and bad of many civilizations....   [tags: technological advances, population growth]

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Socioeconomic Vocabulary and Concepts

- Macro environment Macro environment is an environment which can’t be structured by a company, the environment is natural, political, social etc they are important peripheral which not controllable aspects that effect an association’s decision taking which could change its performance and tactics. Actions which affect the entire industry Demographic environment is a component of the marketing environment and this comprise Vital points such as population growth, population age mix, educational groups, ethnic groups, household patterns and geographical shift in population....   [tags: environments, population growth, financial public]

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Factors Affecting the Growth and Size of a Population

- Factors Affecting the Growth and Size of a Population A population is defined as a number of organisms of the same species living together such that they influence each other's lives, e.g. they can reproduce, protect each other, compete with each other for food, shelter, space, light, water, etc. The population size of organisms changes over time, it increases with births and immigrants but decreases with deaths and emigrants. Below is a diagram that shows a population growth curve....   [tags: Papers]

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Protecting the Environment Should Be a Global Effort

- The environment is the topic of conversation at every level of nations, governments, institutions, and private homes. As the population and globalization grow it aides in the expansion of industries that causes pollutants of chemicals and particles in the air and the waters on the planet. The needs and demands for energy to support the growth of industries occurring around the world have provided opportunity for expansion of nuclear power plants and coal power plants. With every facility that opens for operation the increase of pollution occur to the environment....   [tags: population and industrial growth]

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Put a Belt on It

- The global population is increasing exponentially. Enormous quantities of children are born each day and a small percentage is born into an adequate household. This drastically affects the global economy, society and the environment. As the founder of Planned Parenthood said, society wants “more children from the fit, less from the unfit” (Sanger). Population control needs to be implemented through the enforcement of sexual education and greater access to contraceptives in order to decrease the number of births each year....   [tags: global population, exponential growth]

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Green House

- Greenhouse masses Each year, since the 1800's, the human population of Earth has been increasing at an exponential rate. Overpopulation acts as a root cause of numerous ecological problems that humanity faces today. The number of people on earth directly relates to the amount of food, water, and space that exist in short supply. Scientists worry that the amount of resources that the world has to offer will not suffice for its swelling human population. Exemplified by Soylent Green, a 1973 American science fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer, overpopulation poses as a cancer that saps potency from the planet's environment and its inhabitants....   [tags: Environment, Population Growth]

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Water Crisis

- Water Crisis Western water consumption has spiraled out of control. The average American house uses about 300 gallons of water a day (Green). According to United Nations Development Programme, “An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than the average person in a developing country slum uses for an entire day.”(Green) Women in western countries have it easy compared to those in developing countries who “spend 200 million hours a day collecting water for domestic use” (Green). WHO/UNICEF estimates the manpower equivalency to building 28 Empire State buildings each day....   [tags: western water consumption, population growth]

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Urbanization in China

- Urbanization (or urbanisation) is the increasing number of people that live in urban areas. Urbanization has been the result of economic growth for most countries. In fact, every developed nation in the world has gone through urbanization and this is no news to Chinese leaders. To turn the nation of China from being a developing nation to a developed nation, China encouraged the migration of citizens from the countryside to move to large cities and fuel the industrializing nation. Though urbanization has been a process many countries have gone through, China’s urbanization plans are very distinct compared to western examples....   [tags: population, economic growth]

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Growth Population and its Effects in the Later Twentieth Century in China

- Growth Population and its Effects in the Later Twentieth Century in China From the 3.68 billion people that will be added to the world population between 1995 and 2050, Asia will contribute some 2 billion. This enormous increase is due to the already massive size of the population. Most of this growth will occur in the next three decades. Between 1995 and 2025 Asia's population will grow by 1.35 billion - between 2025 and 2050 the increase is projected to be just 658 million. China is the world's largest population, estimated to be around 1.24 billion in 1998....   [tags: Papers]

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- The westward movement gained momentum rapidly after the Revolution. The frontier advance, slowed by the Indian uprisings, was quickly resumed after 1815 when Britain no longer gave support to various Indian tribes. The availability of cheap land that could be purchased on credit because of the Harrison Land Law made the areas west of the Appalachians to the Rockies very appealing. The movement can be likened to a procession of settlement. The first settlers were hunters, traders and explorers. After them, farmers began to settle the land to give the region stability for the United States....   [tags: American History]

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The World Needs Population Control

- Today there are more than seven billion people living on Earth (Kuo 23). One billion of these people are on the verge of starvation, and even more have absolutely no access to sanitized water (Kuo 23-24). Some say that this is due to overpopulation. Having more people on earth proves the need for more food, water, housing, medication, and other necessities (Kuo 24). Though most people who read this paper will not encounter these problems, they happen all over the world (Cover 444). The world population has almost doubled since 1965 and is currently growing at a rate of more than 80 million people every year (Ehrlich and Ehrlich 557)....   [tags: ecology, growth limits, China]

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Ecology: Population Regulation

- Population regulation is a basic process related to most phenomena in ecology: regulation arises as a result of potentially stabilizing density-dependent processes, even when brought about by non-equilibrium mechanisms (Murdoch, 1994). No population continues to grow indefinitely. Specifically, populations that exhibit exponential growth eventually succumb to the limitations brought about by the environment. As a population’s density changes, a naturally-occurring series of interactions which are environmentally controlled form between members of the population, thus regulating the population size....   [tags: Growth, Development]

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Growth of the City of Manchester, England

- Manchester DBQ During the nineteenth century, Manchester, England became an increasingly industrialized city, and its population rose considerably. Although the industrialization of Manchester was extremely successful for the modernization of society, Manchester’s growth also raised many problems in society. Many different problems arose due to the industrialization of Manchester; however the conditions of the industrialization were viewed differently by different people. Some people wrote and spoke positively of the effects of industrialization, mostly in reference to the improvement of working conditions, and medicine, others wrote about social issues emphasizing the degradation of civiliz...   [tags: Population, Economy, Industrialization]

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World Population Balance

- Population growth is one of the ways a sociologist can view the changes within society. A population consists of everything or everyone being studied in an inference procedure. Populations can be large in size, although this is not necessary. What is important is that a population includes all of what we are curious about. Populations consists of groups, which must be living in the same area at the same time (Taylor). The number of individuals that inhabit a place in society at one time is called size....   [tags: social issues, growth, immigration]

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