Growth Of Human Population

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The human population growth rate is an alarming issue that brings with it irreversible consequences, that will likely effect the way of life for future generations to come. With the serious incline in population statistics comes catastrophic processes such as global warming and deforestation that have major ‘knock on’ ramifications. It’s issues such as these that need to be considered when we think about the growth of the human population, and we must take into account why these issues are occurring. We must also explore the options available to us that may assist in limiting the problems, or eliminating them all together, to provide a better place, not only for us in existence now, but also those who will walk this earth in the future decades and centuries to come. Human population growth tends to occur in developing countries, where education is poor, particularly among the women who do not want to have fewer children, and the economy is poor. These developing countries are rich with history and the women have ideologies and pressures from the surrounding communities to bear many children. Religion is also heavily practised by the nations, and in some of these religions multiple children is desired. A male may also have the right to marry several women, all of whom he has multiple children with. India, the second highest populated country in the world after China, with 1.27 billion people currently recorded to be living there and equates for 17.31% (India Online Pages 2014) of the world's population, but is still considered a developing country due to it’s poverty and illiteracy rates. As these nations continue to grow at rates that are too fast for resources to remain sustainable, the government’s in these areas wi... ... middle of paper ... ...hich is an issue that simply cannot be ignored, due to the implications it has on our atmosphere. Our trees must be preserved as they are humanities biggest ally in the fight against the greenhouse effect, and if we continue to cut these trees down at rates faster than they can recover, the end for humanity as we know will be sooner rather than later. If deforestation is limited it will also limit the loss of biodiversity, which is an integral aspect to future survival. It has become clear to me at how much trouble the earth is really in, and how ignorant governments and world leaders can be, and how easily influenced they are by the mighty dollar, and while population growth cannot be halted, it can however be monitored and somewhat controlled, which in turn will secure a better world for not only those existing, but for the many future generations to come.
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