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Law Enforcement and the Rights of the Accused

- Law Enforcement and the Rights of the Accused   Law Enforcement and the Rights of the Accused In this paper, I will discuss Amendments VI, V, VI and VIII which give rights to the accused. I will also examine how these rights affect law enforcement procedures. I will then give details on which law enforcement agencies each amendment affects and how. Amendment VI gives the people the right against unreasonable search and seizure. It also states that a warrant has to be signed by a judge and cannot be issued without probably cause....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Law Enforcement in The Community of Shartlesville

- January is the start of a New Year; a time when many are celebrating their New Year’s resolutions and enjoying a day off from work. This year, the community of Shartlesville, Pennsylvania had no such luck. I woke up that day and almost swallowed my toothpaste (not to mention my toothbrush). I looked out the window of my bathroom to see the door to my Ford Explorer wide open. I ran out the front door, shoe-less, to take inventory. The Garmin GPS unit, a gift I received for Christmas, was missing....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families

- Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families The law enforcement officers who protect and serve the local communities have and live stressful lives. How stressful is the occupation of a law enforcement officer in their job and in their personal lives than other occupations. How hard would it be to be a spouse or loved one of a law enforcement officer. Does the public know what goes on in a law enforcement officer's job life and the life of their family. Could the average person handle the daily stress that takes place in the lives of law enforcement officers....   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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Use of Force in Law Enforcement

- When a law enforcement officer uses force on a subject it will be classified into one of three main categories which are, justifiable, excessive, and deadly force. The authority for law enforcement officers to use force comes from the United States Constitution (case law), state statutes, and department policy. Law enforcement use of force is very important because it involves the patrolman on the street, the corrections officer in jails and prisons, and the courts where excessive use of force cases are held....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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The Newest Technology in Law Enforcement

- The license plate reader, LPR is a mobile plate hunter that comprises of a camera(s) placed on the outside of a squad car that is then connected to a computer database inside the squad car. The plate hunter has the capacity to recognize the character on a number plate and rapidly relay the information to the database computer that would verify of the owner or the automobile has any record or if the vehicle has been reported stolen/missing. This ability is even possible when the squad car is moving at 75 mph and can check up to 3, 000 number plates within an hour....   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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My Paths into Law Enforcement

- My Paths into Law Enforcement There are many different career paths that make up the professional field of Law Enforcement in this country and around the world. It has been a dream of mine to be part something that is bigger than myself, that offers the opportunity to help the community I live in. To me, Law Enforcement offers me that chance. It is also the closest thing to the military that I believe will allow me to put to use what I have learned and experienced from my time in the U.S. Army....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Police Enforcement And The Law Enforcement

- The recruitment of minorities is a big issue that surrounds many law enforcement agencies today. Agencies lack an appropriate number of blacks and women in their departments. With so many issues surrounding law enforcement today, it is imperative that administrators increase recruitment efforts and ensure that all people are represented in law enforcement ranks. Today, there are a lack of a sufficient amount of blacks in law enforcement. “Blacks are among the minority groups that is under-represented in policing” (Kringen 16)....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency]

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The Law Enforcement Agency Enforcement

- This paper looks into the law enforcement agency conducted throughout the semester and observing the duties of the staff and its deputies. Upon completion, this will allow an explanation on how they operate in different fields of law enforcement, all using each other 's resources to complete a case or solve a crime. The internship also prepares the individual in their wish of career choice and learns the qualifications such as Patrol deputy, Detention deputy, 911 dispatcher, and so on. The Hillsborough County Sheriff 's Office is the primary law enforcement agency for the county while inside this county also has three of its own Police departments; Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency]

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Effectiveness And Effectiveness Of Law Enforcement

- Effectiveness and efficiency correlate when discussing law enforcement. By definition, effectiveness is described as, “The degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. In law enforcement, there are many problems that are faced on a daily basis. Being effective, one must analyze for a problem, target the problem, make changes to alleviate if not eliminate the problem, and determine how those crimes or issues resolved in a measurable way. In contrast to efficiency, effectiveness is determined without reference to costs and, whereas efficiency means "doing the thing right," effectiveness means "doing the right thing.” http://www.businessdiction...   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law enforcement]

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Effective Law Enforcement and Less Crime

- From day to day, everyone experiences some form of racial profiling. When people go to apply for a job, they are required to state their race and ethnicity on the application; this is so that the employer can hire the correct amount of people by their race and ethnicity as required by the federal law known as Affirmative Action (Wikipedia). In addition, when people go apply for college, driver licenses, social security, food assistance/stamps, unemployment, and even health care, you are required to provide your race and ethnicity for approval....   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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The Law Enforcement Handling Of The Public

- For future policing, I believe that it will be the same as today. In today’s time there are mass panic of riots and fear of terrorist’s attacks throughout the public. The law enforcement handling of the public have deemed questionable and been concluded, by some masses, that they are discriminate against minorities. I, for one, believe that our law enforcement is trying their hardest in keeping us all safe. Although there have been times, where situations could have been handled differently but ultimately they were not....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement, Crime prevention]

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The Law Enforcement Should Be Legal

- An enormous benefit that we Americans take for granted is the law enforcement that governs the daily actions of the people. Throughout history, safety has been a key factor in the core of governing bodies. Citizens do not generally want random thieves breaking into their houses without being prosecuted. However in the last decade or so, the police force of America has been under fire from several groups that believe law enforcement should take a step towards the sideline in the daily lives of Americans....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement agency]

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The Critical Tasks Of Law Enforcement

- James Q. Wilson’s defines critical tasks as, “those behaviors which, if successfully performed by key organizational members, would enable the organization to manage its critical environmental problem” (Wilson, 1989, p. 25). In his writings the organization’s tasks were different from the organization’s goals. The critical tasks of law enforcement agencies are to provide order, protect, serve and enable people to feel safe and secure. Dominant trends in policing innovation over the last two decades include community and problem-oriented policing....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Law enforcement]

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The Containment Concept in Law Enforcement

- One of the core roles of police officers is that of law enforcement. However, there are times that it is necessary for an officer to rely less on enforcement of the law and instead concentrate on keeping peace in situations that exist outside of the norm. One such situation exists in the policing methods used in “skid-row” type areas of society. These types of areas are an anomaly to the rest of standard communities where simply enforcing the law will not be successful. The goal in these areas is to plainly contain the chaos using a hybrid form of community policing....   [tags: Law Enforcement, policing, criminal justice]

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Law Enforcement Careers

- Introduction To be perfectly honest, when I found out we would be working on a research paper I was a bit nervous because I know I procrastinate. I tend to leave things for the last minute which just adds unnecessary stress. I had an idea of what I wanted my future career to be but was still not 100% sure at the time. It was not until I did more research that I decided law enforcement was the career path for me. I feel as though that’s what my destiny is, what I was meant to do. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else, except for the military which also ties into law enforcement (MP-military police)....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Law Enforcement And Everyday Uses

- Law Enforcement and Everyday Uses There are all kinds of situations that officers could go through during their time on the force. Patrol officers, detectives, and undercover policemen have to expect the unexpected. Some people assume that officers are lazy, but they are not; officers have a very difficult job, and they go through a lot of bad calls. Some of those calls are shootings, robberies and child abductions. They go through rigorous trainings to handle calls and situations such as this....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement agency]

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Women And The Law Enforcement

- Although women are mistreated in law enforcement, they make a big percentage of the law enforcement community. They could care less about the way people look at them in the field they work at, however, they still wake up in the morning and get the job done without asking for anything. Despite all the negative things in this field, they make a huge difference. But why is women treated in such a different way than men in this field. Are men and women hired and promoted with equal consideration. This paper will review women in law enforcement today and their evolution into the field....   [tags: Police, Gender, Law enforcement agency]

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Police Discretion And Law Enforcement

- Over the past couple decades, the profession that is policing has changed tremendously. With the emergence of new laws and social movements, being a police officer is no easy task. The question whether to limit police discretion has become quiet the controversy. Research on law enforcement decision making has consistently explored the use of discretion by its officers (Tillyer). We must acknowledge that taking away too much discretion may not be the key to law enforcement reform. Police officers need to be responsible for their actions and create a policing method that promotes trust, healing, and genuine partnership (Alexander)....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement agency]

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Police Issues Of Law Enforcement

- Police Issues One of the biggest things in law enforcement today is the accountability of the officers or deputies. People hold law enforcement to a higher standard than normal people because they expect them to be perfect in every aspect of what they do. Some of the major problems that law enforcement faces are Terrorism, Body Worn Cameras, Civil unrest, Criminal prosecution of officers, recruitment and retention and social media. Terrorism is beginning to become a big problem in the United States, local law enforcement agencies are preparing their officers with highly qualified training and necessary equipment to combat the terrorist threats....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law, Riot]

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Law Enforcement Is Necessary For Social Order

- It is impossible to maintain social order without the existence of law enforcement. The expectation of uniformity is unrealistic among everyone in any given society. The mixing of various nationalities, culture, religion, and especially socioeconomic backgrounds generate conflict. Conflict can only be remedied by a neutral entity. The current trends in the impact law enforcement has on minimizing crime globally and domestically proves law enforcement is necessary. Social order is integral in order to generate an environment free from terror and unpredictable chaos....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law enforcement]

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The Law Enforcement Of Public Trust

- right. In all but the rarest of cases, rogue cops convicted of betraying the "public trust" can discard any expectation of sympathy when standing before a sentencing judge. One of the simplest things to do and it requires is hold the law enforcement personnel accountable for actions deemed to be in the wrong. Examples of bribes, getting out DUI’s, abusing their power to name a few. According to the law everyone is to be treated fairly and equally. If a moto with police leaders was to believe that our profession must be held to a higher standard that would be such a positive example while showing no one is above the law....   [tags: Police, Law, Law enforcement and society, Camera]

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Federal Law Enforcement Careers

- Many people studying in the field of Criminal Justice should choose their career carefully. There are many interesting careers that are arising as the years pass by. To become a successful employee you need to be able to fulfill many requirements, qualifications, and trainings. A probation officer’s has many duties to fulfill. They are not only supervising the offenders that live within the community, but by monitoring probationers’ progress. The offender must stay away of any trouble, yet comply with the rules and regulations required....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Evolution Of Law Enforcement And Community Interactions

- Evolution of law enforcement & community interactions Have u ever thought about how law enforcement has come to just a click of a button and there at your front door for assistants. Or riding through town and there patrolling the streets waiting for something to happen. The start of Americas first known system of law enforcement was established in Boston. In April 1631, the townspeople formed the "watch" guys that patrolled at night, walking around. They typically reported fires, maintained order in the streets, raised the "hue and cry"....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement]

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Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Careers

- Law enforcement is a career that is both violent and rewarding in many capacities. Justice needs to be served in law enforcement and they have a responsibility to uphold the law and serve the people in the community. Law enforcement is crucial in the world today as a global realm as life continues to be more complex and law enforcement struggles to combat many aspects of crime. In order to combat these problems and have a positive future in the criminal justice system, everyone must work together on a bigger scale....   [tags: Careers in Law Enforcement]

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My Dream Is A Law Enforcement Officer

- My dream is to be a law enforcement officer, but in order to reach my goal I have to pass through a difficult process. This first step and the most difficult for me, it’s obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. The process of obtaining a BA is difficult because as a fulltime worker, it’s difficult to balance assignments and night shifts. The life of a college students is difficult because sometimes I feel a lot of pressure in doing well in both aspects. In one side, work is crucial in obtaining economy so pay for the university and to provide the basic life necessities....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law]

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The History Of Law Enforcement

- The History of Law Enforcement Organizational structure of Law Enforcement agencies of any state is being built in accordance with the functions, entrusted to the police. In turn, functions that are performed by the law enforcements in different states largely evolved historically and are usually formed due to the peculiarities of national, social and political development of a particular State, the traditions of its society. I paid my attention to the most interesting, in my opinion, histories of Law Enforcement systems – in America and Europe, in particular, France....   [tags: Police, United States, Law enforcement agency]

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A New Educational Philosophy for Law Enforcement Training

- Since the mid 1980’s there has been a paradigm shift in law enforcement from the military policing model to the community oriented policing model (Breci & Erickson, 1998; Pliant, 1998; Rosenbaum & Yeh, 1994; Thayer & Reynolds, 1997; Varricchio, 1998). In the military model, police react to events in the community (Thayer & Reynolds, 1997). Community problems filter up the chain of command and solutions filter their way back down. Police respond when a crime is committed. There is little contact with the members of the community until the crime has already happened....   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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I Am A Law Enforcement Officer

- Ever since I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming a police officer so I can fight crime along Batman and as I grew older my interest of becoming a law enforcer kept on growing and growing. I was so fascinated with becoming that lone wolf individual that will enforce the law and bring justice to his surroundings that I even became a hall monitor when I was in middle school. Unfortunately, when I was a hall monitor nobody respected my authority and my classmates will see me as a joke rather than respecting me....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law]

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Law Enforcement Ethics Cases

- Scenario #2 You are a 14-year veteran at your police department and recently scored third on a promotional test. Your good friend, with only 11 years on the job, scored first on the test. Your friend is a good officer with a promising future but has had some problems in the past few years. After having back surgery, your friend developed a dependency on pain medication that ultimately got him suspended, and he went through a treatment program to get clean. Now, more than a year and a half later, he seems to be back on track; the sky is the limit for his career....   [tags: Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, ethical dilemma]

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The Pervasive Influence of Women in Law Enforcement

- This paper will go over the pervasive influence of the female gender in Law Enforcement. It will go over the challenges and some solutions to those challenges. The paper will also show how females and police departments overcame some of these challenges. THE CHALLENGES FEMALE FACE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT Police Departments years ago would only hire women for clerical roles such as filing and doing paper work or dispatching. The civil rights act change all that making it possible for women to hold the same jobs as the men in law enforcement....   [tags: law enforcement, police department, nawlee ]

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Discussion Questions On Diversification And Law Enforcement

- Question 1. I chose the topic of diversification in law enforcement. As a small white female who desires to be in law enforcement, this topic was very important to me. Question 2. Below are the APA citations for the two articles that I chose to take the information from: Sklansky, D. A. (2006). NOT YOUR FATHER 'S POLICE DEPARTMENT: MAKING SENSE OF THE NEW DEMOGRAPHICS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, 96(3), 1209-1220,1222-1243. Retrieved from Matthies, C., Keller K., Lim,N....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement agency]

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Effective Strategies For Co With Law Enforcement

- As we weigh the pros and cons involved with each program, its just as important to identify areas of support as it is to identify potential barriers. The internal areas, such as the officers, supervisors, unions and the law department have been discussed. Although they can be barriers, they are all a part of the same organization. The more difficult accomplishment may be identifying external partners who can offer support for these programs. To find the right people and organizations to offer support the U.S....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement, Cincinnati, Ohio]

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Law Enforcement Officers And Body Cameras

- Law Enforcement Officers and Body Cameras Law enforcement officers make an oath to serve and protect, and they are expected to uphold this oath to the best of their ability, but recently there has been an increase in the number of civilian deaths at the hands of law enforcement. Since the rise in this alarming trend, public distrust of law enforcement officials is at an all-time high. This has caused the public to demand the use of body worn cameras be made mandatory. Some people argue that imposing this new technology can cause unintended problems such as, violating privacy laws or interfering with how police interact with the public....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Constable]

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Reasons Why Law Enforcement Managers

- There are significant reasons why law enforcement executives feel that the time has come to reevaluate the policies and practices of their organizations. These reasons derive from the history of policing and police research during the last years, in the changing demographics of communities, and in the shifting characteristics of crime and violence that affect these communities. When Sir Robert Peel established the London Metropolitan Police, he established a number of principles to follow, one these principles could be considered the start of community policing: “the police are the public and the public are the police” (Bain, 2014)....   [tags: Police, Crime, Criminology, Law enforcement]

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South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

- The state agency I have chosen to write about is the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). They are the states leading law enforcement agency who handles case all over the state to include investigating crimes committed by common people to those committed by police officers. Therefore, in order to keep track of all the crime that is happening within our state they use the South Carolina Incident-Base Reporting System (SCIBRS) in which their training manual was last revised in 2014 (   [tags: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency]

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Trust Between Law Enforcement And The Citizens Of Nations

- Trust between law enforcement and the citizens of nations is the key to stability within our communities. The behaviors procedurally by police officers can be based on just four principles. Those principles are determined as: Treating people which is the citizens with dignity and respect, getting individual 's voice during encounters meaning letting them have a right to explain their situation, being neutral and transparent in decision making and conveying trustworthy motives. Fair and impartial policing is built on understanding and acknowledging both explicit and implicit human bias....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law enforcement]

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The Law Enforcement Personnel Accountable For Actions

- One of the simplest things to do and it requires is hold the law enforcement personnel accountable for actions deemed to be in the wrong. Examples of bribes, getting out DUI’s, abusing their power to name a few. According to the law everyone is to be treated fairly and equally. If a moto with police leaders was to believe that our profession must be held to a higher standard that would be such a positive example while showing no one is above the law. Second part is having all records available for any department to request when it is pertaining to new employment....   [tags: Police, Law, Camera, Law enforcement and society]

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Laws Of A Country, Law Enforcement Agencies

- To uphold laws of a country, law enforcement agencies are required; the laws have many components, divisions and sectors e.g. police, ambulance, fire department, children and animal’s warfare. Each one requiring different skills, knowledge of the laws, their capability and responsibility who can co-ordinate with dexterity and proficiently to enforce the laws. A strong communication between services is essential; a primary framework is needed with professional experts in their own field who are able to make decision without hesitation in an emergency situation....   [tags: Police, Law, Law enforcement agency, Crime]

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Transnational Criminal Organization and the Law Enforcement Community

- The problem of transnational criminal organization poses some unique challenges to the law enforcement community. The scope of these organizations’ activities and personnel creates exponentially more work for law enforcement than relatively isolated or contained criminal acts by individuals or small groups. Random and personal crimes committed by individuals can usually be handled by police at the local level, as the investigation is limited to the known crime (or crimes) that have been committed and reported....   [tags: Law Enforcement Essays]

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Is Diversity an Issue Within Law Enforcement From the Past to Present?

- The term diversity refers to the condition of being diverse; thus, “composed of distinct forms or qualities” (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2004). Looking back at the history of the U.S., there has always been a diverse population in many jurisdictions. But did policy agency workforces mirror this diversity of the communities they served. When in the past the issue of diversity within law enforcement was at stake, where the same measures used today the same as the in the past. The U.S’s law enforcement mores originate from the English Law Enforcement....   [tags: Law Enforcement ]

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FBI's Unique Role in the United States Law Enforcement Community

- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a unique role in the United States law enforcement community. The FBI is not a national police force, unlike other nations (such as France, Italy, Spain and Columbia) where patrol units and first responders are organized under the national government. The FBI is purely an investigative and intelligence agency and focuses on cross jurisdictional crimes and national security issues. Its stated mission is “To protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and int...   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Recruiting in Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies

- Many people studying in the field of Criminal Justice should choose their career carefully. There are many interesting careers that are arising as the years pass by. To become a successful employee you need to be able to fulfill many requirements, qualifications, and training. The two fields that at this time are recruiting include the Border Patrol and the Texas Probation. These two fields include some of the most extensive hiring process that is out there. A probation officer has many duties to fulfill....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Department Of Widget County Law Enforcement Services

- Introduction-Department of Widget County Law Enforcement Services In remaining consistent with the established laws of the land in reference to public service, the following document will serve as the policy and guidelines that will govern your behaviors and actions while carrying out your law enforcement duties and responsibilities. This document will identify the agencies values and principles and will establish rules of conduct that will protect the agency and the citizens we service. A. AGENCIES MISSION STATEMENT The members of our law enforcement agency will be committed to providing the citizens with the highest quality of public service....   [tags: Law, Police, Law enforcement agency]

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The Impact of Technology on Law Enforcement and Organized Crime

- Organized crime involves the illicit flow of goods and services in one direction and the flow of the profits of crime in the other. Technology has created much change in the way organized crime groups conduct operations. It has also caused law enforcement organizations to evolve and use a variety of techniques and methods to effectively combat organized crime groups. In order for law enforcement to effectively target and prosecute these groups they must adapt as the organized crime groups have in their use of technology....   [tags: Law Enforcement, technology, criminal justice]

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The Importance of Higher Education Among Law Enforcement Officers

- Introduction Law enforcement like much of the economy and society has had to adapt to the rapidly changing Atmosphere of the technological advances. To counter these advances, education has served in the forefront to combating the technological sophistication that is rapidly sweeping the workforce. The need and desire to remain competitive with the technology that we have is a need that can be satisfied with more education. Much like technology, education has benefits elsewhere in the equation of remaining competitive....   [tags: Law Enforcement, criminal justice system]

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The Criminal Justice System As A System Of Law Enforcement

- Although television and media, in general, portray the criminal justice system as a system of law enforcement punishing dangerous criminals of their harmful acts to protect the society, the reality seems different. Throughout The New Jim Crow of Michelle Alexander, this system is actually “brutal (and allows) racialized oppression and control” (59). The Lockdown depicts the structure of mass incarceration, especially of people of color, concentrating on the War on Drugs. The rising powers and incentives of the police emerging throughout the United States and the fate of the potential suspects that fall into the system are deliberated....   [tags: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency]

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Crime Scene Investigators Work For Law Enforcement

- Crime scene investigators work for law enforcement agencies or other criminal justice fields that utilize trained investigators. They collect, identify, classify and analyze physical evidence to help solve and prosecute criminal activity. A crime scene investigator may test weapons, clothing, hair and tissue for criminal evidence. Once they collect all the evidence, they have to write reports detailing evidence collection procedures and conclusions, which is part of their responsibility. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of crime scene investigator work with local and state government agencies, including in crime labs, Medical examiner offices and Law enforcement agencies...   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Crime]

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Why I Am The Right Choice For Law Enforcement

- Within the past two years, I have had a number of experiences that can relate to competencies that both myself, and your organization share. Honesty, attitude, maturity, integrity, and confidence are competencies that I view are very important in myself and also with a person having a career in law enforcement. To have a job with law enforcement, whether it is in a city, a town, or an airport; RCMP, Sheriff, or CBSA; you are going to be dealing with the public. Having the proper and more important attributes it takes to have a job in law enforcement is very important; a must....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law, College]

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Federal Support For Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition

- Annotated Bibliography Executive Office of the President. (2014, December). Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition. Retrieved from Whitehouse.Org: This document provides information on how local law enforcement agencies receive their military equipment from the federal government. It has history about the equipment provided from 2009-2014. This is a helpful source showing why type of equipment has been provided and the source of it....   [tags: Police, Constable, Law enforcement agency, Sheriff]

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How Asian American Communities Viewed Law Enforcement

- Introduction In chapter one, a complete empirical argument was outlined regarding how Asian-American communities viewed law enforcement, and the various types of barriers that has created challenges to recruit Asian-American applicants. Chapter two will provide justification and identify the most relevant and significant literature that is associated with the problems addressed in this thesis. The problems to be addressed in chapter two pertains to the following: (1) underrepresentation of Asian-American police officers; (2) recruiting Asian-Americans into law enforcement; and (3) methods to dispel cultural barriers to develop a diverse police force....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, United States]

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Law Enforcement and Miranda Warnings Case Analysis

- This paper will go through the first arrest that a new police officer did while responding to a house break in. It will show what a FTL would say to the new officer on how they did with the situation after the arrest. We will identify four issues during the arrest that related to the Miranda Laws. Then, we will try and relate these issues to a historical case. Later, we will carefully analysis the situation and see if we could resolve the issues or not. We will then go over how these issues could have been prevent from happening....   [tags: miranda rights, fifth amendment, law enforcement]

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Law Enforcement And Laws 's Reactive Nature Has Enabled These Criminals

- There are some, but not many I’d be willing to wager, that can imagine life without some form of digital input device. Computers, cell phones, tablets, cameras, the list goes on when we think about devices that bring the digital world to our fingertips. This gives us an awesome gift to have access to so much information and the conveniences such as shopping, communicating in different ways, and finding information that are enabled by the internet. With this gift though, comes an awesome responsibility that most do not consider....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency]

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The Law Enforcement Is A Unique Opportunity That Has Intrigued Me For The Majority Of A Municipal Agency

- A career in law enforcement is a unique opportunity that has intrigued me for the majority of my life. My curiosity likely stems from multiple family members of mine, who either have a career in law enforcement or had one previously. With my family history and my interest in law enforcement, it would appear that selecting an occupation in law enforcement would be a simple task. Yet, I often ponder whether I would prefer to work for a municipal agency such as the San Francisco Police Department, or a federal agency, namely the FBI....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency]

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The Use Of Police Tactical Response And The Necessity Of Militarization Within The Ranks Of Local Law Enforcement Agencies

- Empirical research conducted in the 1990’s strongly suggested that mass shootings such as the Columbine High School incident are the new norm for American law enforcement (Rafter, 1990). Many researchers such as Kraska and Zimmerman have described the militarization of civilian police organizations to counter these types of threats to the public as an extension of the protective state mechanism found in authoritarian governmental systems. These researchers believe that government has a monopoly on the use of force, which leads to a loss of liberty and individual rights (Zimmerman, 2005)....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Law enforcement]

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Law Enforcement Officers Have Policy Regulations they Must Obey

- Law enforcement officers must adhere rigorously to the proper conduct of the legal aspects of policing, which consist of police officers complying with the Constitutional Amendments and the Bill of Rights. These rules and regulation are widely known as the legal aspects of policing. The legal aspect of policing involves everything from individual rights to legal procedures during a search warrant, arrest and interrogations. Individual rights are used by the Constitution of the United States to make sure that no government branch becomes more powerful than the other....   [tags: Law enforcement officers, police officers, regulat]

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Role of Police Reports In the Law Enforcement Community

- A discourse community is a community that shares common goals, language, and genres. Law enforcement officers belong to their own discourse community in which they are united in their overall purpose: to protect and serve. An oath they take when sworn in as officers. Law enforcement officers seem to speak a common language that, to a civilian, is foreign. We’ve all heard the famous “10-4” comment for “understood” or “got it” on police shows and in action movies. Pretty much everything that comes out of an on-duty officer’s mouth is in some sort of code....   [tags: Law Enforcement 2014]

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Community-based Policing: The Future of Law Enforcement

- OUTLINE Thesis:Community-based policing provides hope for the future of Law enforcement. I. Introduction to C.B.P. A.The roots of C.B.P. B.So what is community. II.The two elements of C.B.P. law enforcement philosophy are: A. Community partnership. B. Problem solving. III. The reaction of police to change. IV. The future of C.B.P. A. A first step in C.B.P. B. Measuring success. C. Crime prevention. V. Conclusion. INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY-BASED POLICING. "In Philadelphia, a pulsating tavern juke box that has caused irate neighbors to log 500 Police calls in six months, was moved away from a common wall with the adjoining building.@ (Author unknown US News) The calls stopped....   [tags: Law Enforcement Essays]

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The Use Of Tasers By Law Enforcement Agencies Are The X26 And M26 Models Created By Taser International

- The most commonly used tasers by law enforcement agencies are the X26 and M26 models created by TASER International. According to TASER International’s self – reported statistics, of the 18,250 law enforcement agencies in the United States, over 17,800 of them are equipped with their taser devices; since 1994, they’ve sold 850,000 units (TASER International, 2015). These conducted energy devices (CEDs) feature a 50,000 volt shock which can be applied in five second increments or as long as the officer holds the trigger....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency, Taser]

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Law Enforcement and Leadership

- Introduction Police leadership uses standardization and procedure as a way to create consistency and predict¬ability in law enforcement operations (Batts, Smoot, & Scrivner, 2012). The San Diego Police Department, like nearly all law enforcement agencies uses leadership models mimicking the United States military. Paramilitary organizations use highly structured framing to conduct business operations. The structural frame creates compartmentalized specialization, and predictable, uniform task performance desired by police executives....   [tags: police, enforcement operations]

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Technology And The Field Of Law Enforcement

- Thirty years ago I was sitting in-front of a 32-inch console color television amazed at the picture. Today I have a 62-inch smart television on my wall and think nothing of it. After researching this assignment I’m now equally amazed at the leap in technology that has occurred in the field of law enforcement. The field of law enforcement has gone from the traffic cop that stated “Press hard there are five copy” when the violator was signing the ticket, to a swipe of the violators driver’s license on an electronic ticket writer....   [tags: Law, Police, Automatic number plate recognition]

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Police Discretion And Law Enforcement

- Police discretion. Police discretion is defined as the decision-making power afforded to Police Officers that allows them to decide if they want to pursue police procedure or simply let someone off with a warning. Police discretion can be also defined as the individual’s ability to make a decision based on the principle of courses in the actions. Police officers are usually in the position of having to make decisions on how to handle a specific situation alone, or without immediate supervision....   [tags: Police, Crime, Criminal law, Arrest]

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General Terms Of Law Enforcement

- This is a basic list of general terms used in Law Enforcement. This list is not intended to make you a law enforcement officer. 1. Abandoned Vehicle- a vehicle that has been left unattended for an unknown amount of time. 2. Abduction- a person taken against their will 3. Accessory – One who is not the chief actor in the offense, nor present at its performance, but is in some way involved, either before or after the act committed. One who aids, abets, commands, or counsels another in the commission of a crime....   [tags: Police, Crime, Constable, Criminal law]

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Crime, Incarceration And Law Enforcement

- Crime, Incarceration and Law Enforcement Building a new prison in the community is an ineffective way to combat crime thus failing to address the underlying issues in the criminal justice system. Instead of building a new prison, there are several innovative policy initiatives used in other countries and counties that have proven to reduce the prison population as well as saving taxpayers some dollars. America is considered one of the most incarcerated nation in the world, by isolating and sending millions of Americans to prison....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law]

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Police Enforcement And Law Enforcement

- What is considered force in law enforcement. Force is the amount of physical interaction between individuals or objects. Law enforcement officers use force when it is necessary, in order to protect individuals from each other. Police officers have the discretion to use force in situations that they see as necessary. What is the limit that law enforcement officers are able to use physical force. The amount used is dependent on the law enforcement officer in the situation. The use of force can be categorized into soft hands, presence, hard hands, baton, and deadly force....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Deadly force, Constable]

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Police Enforcement And Law Enforcement

- Law Enforcement, what’s the first thing that pops in to your head. Is it the terrible image that is given to law enforcement by society. Do you think about how police officers risk their life every day to defend the rights of others, to keep peace in your town. I know by experience that being an officer is not an easy career of choice and it’s not for everyone. Most of every law enforcement agency has a dreadful work agenda. I also know that not everyone is cut out to be a police officer, you must have the demeanor and the features of an officer to be a successful officer....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Constable]

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Law Enforcement And Federal Enforcement

- Law enforcement comes in many different aspects, ranging from local and state agencies to federal agencies. Each agency operates according to different standards, but are all built on the same principles of law enforcement. Job requirements and duties may also vary, but the main goal of all law enforcement is to protect society. Some responsibilities for these agencies include the prevention of crime, maintaining law and order, and to perform a public service. These agencies can operate with one another or operate totally independent of the other....   [tags: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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The Law Enforcement Officers And The Judicial Process

- Georgia’s legislature has presented a bill for the governor to sign as a law into the state’s bylaws in regards to accusations towards law enforcement officers and the judicial process changes. The bill indicates the law enforcement officer involved in a shooting or violent act cannot be in the court room when the grand jury reviews evidence. Officers would be allowed to testify in case of grand jury requesting, but cannot sit in on the case to hear the evidence in the need to match the evidence to the officer’s story of events....   [tags: Law, Jury, Grand jury, Common law]

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The Climate Between Law Enforcement And The Communities

- For the past few years one can easily say the climate between law enforcement and the communities they have pledged to protect and serve has changed. The tactics used by law enforcement to address crime and the individuals that engage or are suspected of engaging in these crimes needs to change. I would like to help with that change. Obtaining a Master of Science in Criminal Justice will equip me with the tools needed to raise awareness between law enforcement and their communities. As a law enforcement officer you must have a positive outlook on your community....   [tags: Police, Law, Constable, Crime]

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Criminal Justice System And Law Enforcement

- Every country has a form of criminal justice system. This system consists in a different series of organizations that work together to defend, sentence and punish those that did not follow the law or have been involved in any type of crime. In most of the countries, the system is similar be-cause is based on law enforcement agencies, attorney generals, judges, courts of law and prisons. All of these organizations work together to contribute towards the better enhancement of the working cooperation within the criminal justice system....   [tags: Law, Common law, United States, Police]

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The Effects Of Body Cameras On Law Enforcement

- The Effects of Body Worn Cameras by Law Enforcement There has been a great deal of controversy over the recent police involved shootings, and whether or not law enforcement has used excessive force in some situations. With only the word of the police officer or those involved to go on, it can be very difficult to know exactly what took place. In some cases, there may be cell phone video available but a lot of times it is up to the person doing the recording’s discretion what parts they want to record and what parts they don’t....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Law, Crime]

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The Law Enforcement Officer Of Any Field

- Sweat,Blood, and Tears is what you will be faced with when you become a law enforcement officer of any field. This job can be dangerous and painstaking , but very rewarding knowing that you helped take a dangerous person off the street. When considering a career in any criminal justice field, a person must first carefully look at the responsibilities, skills , work conditions,and salary, just as important is the university you choose to attend in order to get the education you need to complete your career such as The University of North Texas....   [tags: Police, Illegal drug trade, Law]

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Law Enforcement And The Criminal Justice System

- of the homeless. As a result many cities use the law enforcement and the criminal justice system to punish people living on the street for doing activities needed to survive. These measures often prohibit activities such as sleeping/camping, eating, sitting, and/or begging in public spaces and often include criminal penalties for violations of these laws (National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty 2009). Some cities have enacted food sharing restrictions that punish groups and individuals for serving food to homeless individuals....   [tags: Police, Law, Homelessness, Criminal justice]

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Law Enforcement And Its Involvement With Juveniles

- In the majority of cases and incidents that have to do with juveniles, police are the first to apprehend juveniles which is what makes juveniles and law enforcement, specifically the police, such a crucial subject. In reviewing law enforcement and its involvement with juveniles, several prominent topics come to mind. They include the following: police discretion, intake of juveniles, and school resource officers. Police involvement in the lives of juveniles is almost guaranteed and the role of police in a juvenile’s youth is essential to ensuring the juvenile will not become a chronic offender or a violent criminal at a later age....   [tags: Police, Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law]

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Law Enforcement, The Judiciary, And Corrections Branches

- Within America we have a three part criminal justice system. Including law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections branches. First I will discuss law enforcement. Local, state and federal law enforcement has around 750,000 sworn officers (Zumbrun, 2014). Preventing crime, commanding control, apprehensions, defending and keeping the peace, are examples of what these officers do within our law enfacement system. law enforcement rely on the public for support just like the public rely on the officers for help and safety....   [tags: Crime, Criminal justice, Prison, Criminal law]

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Improving Law Enforcement's Approach to Combating Organized Crime

- Introduction Organized crime involves a group of people made up of several ethnicities and international unions, who coordinate as well as work in unison, apart, or in line with legal enterprises alongside political realms. Many analysts have concurred that organized crime is both an impediment to academic projects and a realistic social issue that obligates urgent solution. Strategies implemented to limit organized crime often tend to be inclined towards one form of the two approaches. One of the approaches is tailored on dealing with individual members of the criminal gangs, whereas the second stresses on the structural aspects along with market networks that assist in accomplishing organ...   [tags: Crime, Law, Law Enforcements]

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The United States Law Enforcement Community

- After an investigator has answered the “Who, what, where and when” of an incident, the next goal is to ask and hopefully answer the “why”. Throughout the entire “Why” process, there are certain rights that a victim is entitled to. The law enforcement community has an obligation to victims of crimes throughout their case. The aforementioned rights are secured through the incorporation of victim’s rights into the constitution. By now, most states have made amendments to their constitutions to give them a feeling of being permanent....   [tags: Crime, United States Constitution, Law, Police]

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The Responsibility Of The Law Enforcement

- Rush to Judgment The ability to make decisions is a part of each of our daily lives. Decisions are impacted by a variety of social attributions. Factors may include the environment in which we were raised, as well as a variety of outside variables influencing perception. Society’s behavior may be based on perception, and not specific to reality itself. Perceptions are based on attitudes, life experiences, expectations, personal interests and even motives. For law enforcement, split second decisions are vitally important....   [tags: African American, Police, Mass media]

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The Law Enforcement Of The Texas Rangers

- Introduction There are countless of interpretations of the criminal justice system that we practice in today’s world. The criminal justice system consists of these three components: police, courts, and corrections. (“Anonymous,” n.d.) The Texas Rangers were considered the first police association in 1835. In today’s society, our organization consists of over 17,000 law administrations only in the United States. Sizes of police departments can range from small little cities, to cities like Chicago, or LA that have over hundreds of officers....   [tags: Crime, Police, Capital punishment, Prison]

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Analysis of Corruption in Law Enforcement

- Corruption in law enforcement has been a nationwide problem for many years. Not only is corruption held in one level of law enforcement, but throughout the three levels including the state, local and federal. The formation of the first police departments were the model by the early english society. The early years of policing began to contribute various forms of misconduct from police officers. Soon thereafter, Sir Robert peel established early modern policing which influenced the colonial america policing to the english society....   [tags: corruption, august vollmer, policing]

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Police Brutality And The Law Enforcement

- Police Brutality According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the phrase “Law Enforcement” is a term that describes the individuals and agencies responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining public order and public safety. Law enforcement includes the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension and detention of individuals suspected of law violation. That definition should solely describe the purpose of law enforcement. Many times in the past and also within the present, many people within the society could testify to experiencing law enforcement not living up to their purpose, but furthermore being oppressors to the people of the community....   [tags: United States, White American, White people, Race]

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