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Highway Revolt: The Eisenhower Interstate system

- The Eisenhower Interstate system had many long term effects, negative and positive. It positively affected the country in that many americans began migrating from the North Eastern states to more rural states such as Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. This shift in population patterns spread out Americans and increased the variety of lifestyles in the United States. Other consequences of the interstate system were seen on the ecological aspects of the country. Forman & Alexander state in a journal article that, “Sometime during the last three decades, roads with vehicles probably overtook hunting as the leading direct human cause of vertebrate mortality on land…an estimated one million ve...   [tags: anti-highway movement, federal highway act]

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Trans-Canada Highway Act

- "I didn't know at first that there were two languages in Canada. I just thought that there was one way to speak to my father and another to speak to my mother." -- Louis Stephen St. Laurent. As the second French Canadian prime minister of Canada, Louis St. Laurent had a very influential role to Canada. St-Laurent became prime minister in 1948, after a selection authorized by a Liberal Convention. He was a well-respected prime minister and was given the name "Uncle Louis" for reshaping and improving Canada as an international well-known country....   [tags: transportation, highway history]

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The Rez Sisters : A Native Play Written By Tomson Highway

- They Won Bingo but it was not Money The Rez Sisters is a Native play written by Tomson Highway. Highway has written this play about seven sisters on a reserve trying to win the bingo to better their lives. The Rez Sisters see the biggest bingo in the world as a way to fulfill both their needs and wants, even though it is all the way in Toronto. Although Marie-Adele and Annie Cook both wanted to win the biggest bingo, their reasons for wanting to win was only to conclude their happiness. In the end they both found a different type of fulfillment they needed was not winning the bingo....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Tomson Highway]

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Thomson Highway's The Rez Sisters

- Thomson Highway's The Rez Sisters Works Cited Not Included The play The Rez Sisters is written by one of Canada's most celebrated playwrights, Tomson Highway. Highway was born in 1951 in northwestern Manitoba. He went on to study at the University of Manitoba and graduated from the University of Western Ontario, with honors in Music and English. Native Literature is inspired by 'contemporary social problems facing native Canadians today; alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, wife battering, family violence, the racism of the justice system, loneliness, rejection, youth awareness, as well as modern-day environmental issues.';(P....   [tags: Thomson Highway Rez Sisters Essays Papers]

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Dream Interpretation of the Film Lost Highway

- Dream Interpretation of the Film "Lost Highway" Cop: Do you own a video camera. Renee: No. Fred hates them. Fred: I like to remember things my own way. Cop: What do you mean by that. Fred: How I remembered them. Not necessarily the way they happened. A dream can mean everything, or it can mean nothing. According to Freud, if we take its contents seriously, it has the potential to reveal things about ourselves that we scarcely believe could be true. But often the fragmented oddness of such a vision damages its credibility, and one is left wondering how something so disjointed could contain insight of any value....   [tags: Lost Highway Movie Films Dreams Essays Papers]

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Natalie Goldberg’s Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up in America

- Natalie Goldberg’s Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up in America “I don’t think fate is a creature, or a lady, like some people say. It’s a tide of events sweeping us along. But I’m not a Fatalist, because I believe you can swim against it, and sometimes grasp the hands of the clock face and steal a few precious minutes. If you don’t you’re just cartwheeled along. Before you know it, the magic opportunity is lost, and for the rest of your life it lingers on in that part of your mind which dreams the very best dreams—taunting and tantalizing you with what might have been.” (from the film Flirting, 1990) “Every moment is enormous, and it is all we have” (Goldberg xii)....   [tags: Long Quiet Highway]

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The Admnistrator of the Highway Department

- ... This will make each fill last longer, therefore, making less work for the future. The feedback that accompanies each goal comes at the end of each week. Feedback is objective information about performance. Motivational feedback serves as a reward and the highway administrator clearly understands that since he is using rewards to drive his employees’ productivity. (Hogue, 2004) Each week, the highway administrator will post performance data on a board for all of the other crews to view. Since there are only rewards and no harsh consequences, this creates friendly competition for each crew....   [tags: goal setting program]

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- Where are you at seven-o-clock on a Monday morning. If you are like most of the working populous, you are waking up for work. Skip ahead to eight-o-clock, the car starts and it is off to join the morning commute. During the daily grind, sitting in the car becomes repetitious and thoughts begin to wander. During this wondering, the thought of unlimited speed and unclogged highways overflows into every corner of your brain, but traffic begins to move again and those thoughts dissipate. This anecdote is an example of a cultural value, specifically, the value of freedom; the freedom to drive fast....   [tags: Building Roads, Freedom]

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The Highway Agency in England

- This essay discusses the importance of knowing the business environment together with the social and economic factors that have both a direct and indirect impact on the business world. The following are the three subsections on how the essay is arranged. Firstly, the discussion tackles the abstract and then followed by the introduction of the essay. In addition, the essay also has the body part where all the detailed discussion is done. Finally are the conclusion and the reference part of the essay (Tinsley 2001, p .1)....   [tags: International Business ]

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A Speech On Speeding Down The Highway

- Speeding down the highway, Attorney Henry Brookhurst wanted to arrive at the mortuary ahead of the invited guests. Arriving at the Sunnyside Funeral Home, he went through the gate and drove up the hillside to the main office. After parking, he locked his car and hurried to the office. Entering the office, he asked, “I’m Henry Brookhurst. Is Julie available?” The young man sitting at the desk pointed toward a chair, “Have a seat over there, I’ll see if she’s available,” he said and entered the door on his right....   [tags: 2008 singles, 2007 singles, Never Forget You]

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The On Highway Trust Fund

- You might have heard recently that the United States Trust Fund is currently experiencing a solvency issue due to an increased cost associated with financing road projects. The members of the United States Congress, as well as numerous other influential leaders, have been discussing means of addressing this “broken” Highway Trust Fund. The budget deficit in the Highway Trust Fund has been an issue that affects every American but particularly those who are on a fixed budget. This issue has been consistently thrown on the back burner for some time now and due to this procrastination an issue that would have normally been an easy fix has ballooned into a much larger issue....   [tags: Tax, Taxation, Progressive tax, Tax rate]

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Texting Driving Down The Highway

- When driving down the highway, people hear that recognizable text ringtone. They begin to think, “Maybe it is my friend telling me the update on the party this weekend or my mother calling to see where I am at. What if it is an emergency?” It appears to look like traffic is not going to be moving anytime soon, and knowing it will only take a few seconds to respond, they do. Before they know it, the car in front of them stops or the car behind accelerates and then there is an accident. Texting while driving behind the wheel diverts the driver’s attention off the road, the driver loses their focus, and the factor of risk increases by many folds....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Automobile, Traffic]

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Buckley Highway on Halloween

- There had been a perfect storm of circumstances which had led to the vampire, the gangster, and the witch to find themselves of lost on this unlit wooded road, swallowed by grey fog. First of all, Halloween had been kind enough to fall on a Friday this year. The second happened three weeks prior when Josh, the vampire, had received his seventeenth birthday present: a brand new Ford Explorer. And finally it was the scantily clad witch, Katie who had invited Josh—and because he was also in the room at the time, Connor—to her cousin's party forty minutes away in Wardale....   [tags: creative writing, imaginative writing]

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The Highway Administration Program

- Question one: highway administrator’s goal-setting program The Highway Administration Program was concerned with the repair of the worn out roads in the country during the winter period. This owed to the falling of snow on the roads that made activities such as driving and transportation very difficult to the citizens of the country. Problems associated with the process To begin with, the landing of the snow on the road caused many damages to them. This was because the levels on which the roads were raised were in different proportions....   [tags: road repair, reconstruction process]

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Highway Maintenance Worker

- The career I chose is Highway maintenance worker. I chose this job because I am good at working with my hands and getting involved. As well as I can operate big semi trucks and machinery that that job requires me to use. Thus I would be able to advance through ranks quickly. This career wasn’t needed until the year 1925 when the first transcontinental highway was made, state route 30. In 1921 Bureau of Public Roads was authorized to fund for the building of highways, by the Federal Highway Act. With being employed as a Highway Maintenance worker you have to be able to drive trucks to the work sites that are carrying the equipment....   [tags: Career Ambition ]

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Road Trip on the Trans-Canada Highway

- ... After Boyd’s Cove the trip takes a ferry south into Nova Scotia, where it goes to Shubenacadie. Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia is a community about 37 kilometers from the Trans-Canada highway. The community is a former producer of the Mic-Mac hockey stick. The Mi’kmaqs have played hockey and similar games as early as the 18th century. The first reference to the Mi’kmaqs supporting themselves from the production of the hockey sticks came in 1898. The Mi’kmaqs have traditionally supported themselves by the manufacturing of other goods such as butter-tubs and baskets....   [tags: personal journey description]

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Highway Don't Care, by Tim McGraw

- Elizabeth is in her blue colored Honda Civic driving the highway on her way home from her workplace, listening to “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5 on the radio station. Out of nowhere, while Elizabeth was belting out the chorus, there is an ear-splitting and obnoxious sounding ding coming from the passenger seat. Her Android has a new text message and it is probably from her boyfriend, Adrian. Elizabeth reaches for the cell but it slips off of the seat and plummets onto the floorboard. She hurriedly glances up and gazes at the road, then dives down fast as lightning, or so she believes, and retrieves her Android....   [tags: Lesson, Music Video, Phone Distraction]

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The Devil 's Highway : A True Story

- Politics create a perception that illegal immigrants are all horrid human beings and deserve to be deported back to Mexico. There are a number of Mexicans who look to cross the border to the United States because they are in trouble and they must do whatever they can in order to survive. Regardless of this, citizens of the United States immediately ask for the heads of illegal immigrants and jump to conclusions that these people are crude and selfish although they are just trying to support their families....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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Freddie Fry-Highway Brides

- Freddie Fry-Highway Brides One of the cool things about writing for the Aquarian is that you get to hear a lot of really great music that doesn’t always surface within the commercial channels. New Jersey’s Freddie Fry fits right into that category with his unpretentious rock and roll sounds that might be more at home somewhere in Kentucky then down on the Jersey Shore. He isn’t plugged into the local hero squadron and prefers to roam deep within the Howard Hughes ghost-like realm. Even if you’ve bumped into Fry on the street, you probably wouldn’t recognize the man or the skill he brings to the table....   [tags: Music Review ]

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Freddie Fry-Highway Brides

- Freddie Fry-Highway Brides One of the cool things about writing for the Aquarian is that you get to hear a lot of really great music that doesn’t always surface in the usual commercial channels. New Jersey’s Freddie Fry fits right into that category with an unpretentious rock and roll style that might be more at home somewhere out in California then down here on the Jersey Shore. He isn’t plugged into the local hero squadron and prefers to roam deep outside the boardwalk territory in his own solitary Howard Hughes sector....   [tags: Music]

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Devil's Highway is Dangerous Stretch in Arizona

- Alone on the Devil’s Highway The Devil’s Highway is the name given to a long stretch of unforgiving desert located in southern Arizona. This section of desert is ruthless for many natural reasons, but the large death count attributed to the desert not entirely environmental. The Highway is also a dangerous boarder crossing spot for those trying to illegally enter the United States. While attempting to cross this strip of land immigrants face discomfort from the elements on top of a fear being detected and apprehended by boarder control....   [tags: death, smuggling, immigrants]

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The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea

- Six Deadly Sins Under what circumstances would you go through to better and provide for your family. Would you embark on these six deadly sins above to just get a simple loaf of bread on the table. There is no solid blame or black and white definite answer throughout this novel, The Devil’s Highway. The author Luis Alberto Urrea takes his readers to different perspectives and offers different points of view whether you appear to be a walker, coyote, or the border control on the topic of illegal immigration....   [tags: crossing the border, coyotes]

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Case Study : ' Ding Down The Highway '

- ding down the highway, Attorney Henry Brookhurst wanted to arrive at the mortuary ahead of the invited guests. Arriving at the Sunnyside Funeral Home, he went through the gate and drove up the hillside to the main office. After parking, he locked his car and hurried to the office. Entering the office, he asked, “I’m Henry Brookhurst. Is Julie available?” The young man sitting at the desk pointed toward a chair, “Have a seat over there, I’ll see if she’s available,” he said and entered the door on his right....   [tags: 2008 singles, 2007 singles, Never Forget You]

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- It’s a Monday morning and you have your fresh Tim Horton’s coffee in one hand and the steering wheel in the other hand. The roads are clear this morning; you are driving down the highway going 80 miles per hour. Your phone rings, it’s your friend. You know you are supposed to be meeting him later but he sent you a text message. Instead of waiting until you arrive to work, you grab your phone to read the message, only to hear the sound of squealing tires and metal on metal. Your coffee goes flying, the car spinning, and your body aching....   [tags: Text messaging, Mobile phone, SMS, BlackBerry]

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The Highway Hooker By Leo Dale Pittman

- The Highway Hooker “I robbed them, and I killed them as cold as ice, and I would do it again, and I know I would kill another person because I’ve hated humans for a long time.” Leo Dale Pittman, a psychotic child molester, and Diane Wuornos, a young mother incapable of becoming a mother, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on February 29, 1956, in Rochester, Michigan; Aileen Wuornos. The decisions Aileen’s parents made will have a dramatic impact on her future decisions. Leo, her father, beat Aileen night and day until he was arrest for rape and attempted murder of a seven year old girl....   [tags: Murder, Capital punishment, Aileen Wuornos]

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- In this year so far, there has been 40 people that have died in collisions where they were not buckled up, as well as 347 people over the last five years in Provincial Ontario alone (@citynews.). So this is becoming a growing problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more well known as the NHTSA has used many different ways of getting their message out about the dangers of not wearing a seat belt. The NHTSA has used all forms of social media, but the one of the most influential forms of getting their message out though has been their Public Service Announcements or PSA for short, on the television the NHTSA have a PSA called “Second Chance”....   [tags: English-language films, Automobile]

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Off Highway Vehicle Growing Recreation

- Today, Off-highway vehicle (OHV) use is one if the fastest growing recreation activities taking place on the public of the western United States. OHV includes, but is not limited to motorcycles designed for off road use, All terrain vehicles (ATVs), 4-wheel drive automobiles, and other vehicles such a sand rails or dune buggies (Cordell, Betz, Green, & Owens, 2005). As the United States population grows, so does the necessity for outdoor recreation, and OHV use is no exception; between 1982 and 2001 OHV recreation participation increased an additional 100%....   [tags: outdoor recreation, OHV, carrying capacity]

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- As people age, health checkups become more often. A person’s health may affect their driving capabilities. Joint, heart, and mental diseases are common as people get older. Such small disabilities can cause other people and their selves’ lives. For example, automobile accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities in the 65+ age group in the state of Texas was at 401, one of the highest in all of the United States. In the state of Texas there is no restriction keeping older folks off the roads until the age of 79....   [tags: Automobile, Driving, Driver's license]

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Tomson Highway in Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing

- Tomson Highway is a playwright of Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kaspukasing. The play is based on the real life of Highway as he was born as a full-blood Cree, lived in a Native community that takes place in Wasaychigan Hill, and registered as a member of the Barren Lands First Nation (“Biography”). Native people have their own culture and beliefs; unique language and mythology. Most of his plays use Cree and Ojib language and show the issue of the women power in the community. As the period changes, the Canadian government tries to implement a new system to ensure that native people can cope and adapt with the world that keeps changing....   [tags: playwright, play analysis]

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Environmental Issus with Highway Expansion

- Environmental Issus with Highway Expansion Since Highway 101 was completed in the early 1960s, no improvements or changes have been made and the highway has not been touched. Recently California transportation planners gave the final approval to the first expansion of Highway 101 in Santa Rosa. This raises some serious issues within the community. Although the planners have agreed to this change, members in the community have disagreements. The changes proposed consist of adding a carpool lane in both directions between Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park....   [tags: Papers]

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Cell Phones and Highway Safety

- Author; Matt Sundeen Wireless telecommunication technologies are rapidly becoming a significant concern in regard to highway safety. Almost 90 million people subscribe to wireless telephone services, and 85 percent of those subscribers use their phones while driving to conduct business, report emergencies, stay in touch with loved ones, call for assistance, and report aggressive or drunk drivers. It's not just phones on the road anymore. In 1999, two major auto manufacturers -General Motors and Ford- formed agreements with telecommunications companies that will enhance wireless features in even more vehicles....   [tags: Cell Phones]

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Gordon Brown - Back on the Highway to Musical Reality

- Gordon Brown – Back on the highway to musical reality He’s been called everything from the “The Mayor,” to the “The G-Don” but anyone associated with entertainment here in New Jersey; specifically the Jersey Shore music scene, should know who Gordon Brown is. Whether you've heard about his major label accomplishments thru bands such as Mr. Reality or Highway 9, or you’ve spent an evening watching one of your favorite acoustic artist at The Count Basie theater or Monmouth University, he has affected your musical experiences thru his business savvy and compositional skills, helping to create new outlets for some of New Jerseys best performers while coming up with events such as Writers In The...   [tags: Interview]

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Creative Story: State Highway

- Creative Story: State Highway It was a blistering hot July afternoon, with all the windows up and the air conditioning on maximum, the young boy questioned again why he was going to take college level courses when he had only recently finished his junior year in high school. He felt like it was a million degrees inside the red minivan. As he traveled in a South direction alone Arkansas State Highway 55, with the rhythmic beet of the tires on the road, he felt as thought he could feel each bump to its fullest, they were like waves on an ocean and symbolized everything he had over come and accomplished to make this journey....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Information Highway

- What exactly is this “information highway”. “Think of the information highway as a library that's so new it doesn't have any shelves yet or a card catalogue to find what you need or a road you can take with information on all kinds of subjects” (The Information Highway). The ”information highway” or “information superhighway” is a term that became popularized in 1990 and is now regarded as information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a basic human need. The official project behind the information highway was the National Information Infrastructure....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Highway Bound

- Highway Bound Highway 40, is it a battleground or an interstate. It is a large mass of asphalt, dark rubber tire marks burnt into pavement, tons of fast moving steel, confusion, boiling anger, mental anguish and lost souls. I view the nations first federally funded interstate as a large mass of asphalt that stretches from North Carolina to California. I have personally spent many infuriating, intense and mentally draining hours on this highway, traveling in route between Durham and Raleigh....   [tags: essays papers]

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Application of Linear Techniques to Project Plan and Scheduling for Highway Construction

- INTRODUCTION Highway construction scheduling and planning is a complex process. For any person involved in Highway construction project, the intimate knowledge of construction methods, materials, equipment, and historical production rates is a very important factor. My personal knowledge and experience has helped me in planning several projects for construction of highways. I have realized that good scheduling of projects takes into account the economies that can be realized by conducting multiple activities concurrently....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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Analysis of Tomson Highway´s Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kaspukasing

- Tomson Highway is a playwright of Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kaspukasing. The play is based on the real life of Highway as he was born as a full-blood Cree, lived in a Native community that takes place in Wasaychigan Hill, and registered as a member of the Barren Lands First Nation (“Biography”). Native people have their own culture and beliefs; unique language and mythology. Most of his plays use Cree and Ojib language and show the issue of the women power in the community. As the period changes, the Canadian government tries to implement a new system to ensure that native people can cope and adapt with the world that keeps changing....   [tags: Native, Prejudice]

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The Reservation vs The City in Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters

- Tomson Highway’s play The Rez Sisters shows both the negative and positive results of the interaction between Aboriginal and white culture (Nothof, 1). This is seen in the Rez (small town) vs. Toronto (city) mentality that the play’s characters use to measure value of things (Aurylaitė, 172). The influence of the city, white culture and its objects help shape the identity of the characters and even affect the community. For the characters Toronto is the place where all their dreams will come true (Aurylaitė, 172-173)....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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How to Make the Malahat Safer

- ... Although the idea of a bridge as an alternate route to Victoria seems like a logical choice that would also create a more convenient option to get to the Victoria international airport and to Swartz bay ferry routes, the reality of building a bridge in this area is very complex and the financial cost although undetermined has been said to be extreme, not to mention the substantial cost environmentally. The Sannich inlet is not only very wide and deep, but lies in a seismic and environmentally sensitive area....   [tags: mountain highway on Vancouver Island]

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The Environmental Protection Agency ( Nhtsa ) And The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- Overview: According to the document released by the US Environmental Protection Agency, there are 251 million registered passengers’ cars currently in use in the country. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) coordinated effort have resulted in the production of reduced greenhouse gas emissions to improved fuel use of all vehicles types. A survey conducted by DuPont and The Society of the Automotive Industry revealed that more than 50 percent of car designers and engineers expressed such environmental factors as fuel efficiency and emission regulations are the biggest challenges of the auto industry....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Emission standard]

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Public Service Advertising : The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Or Ad Council

- Have you ever driven buzzed. If not, do you know someone else who has. If you personally are not guilty of driving buzzed, chances are you know someone who has. It is much more common than one might think. Just consider the number of business professionals who go out for drinks on weeknight happy hours, the number sports fans leaving each game, the number of drivers out on New Year’s, or the number of college students out each weekend. There are many cases in which young adults might have a bit to drink, but still drive anyway....   [tags: Rhetoric, Logos, Ethos, Pathos]

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The Quiet Gem of California

- California, The Golden State, is best known for its breathtaking beaches, splendid weather, and its’ fun filled metropolises, which allow for the state to have a tourist economy unlike any other state in the nation. The Golden State always has something to offer, in fact it contains so much that a tourist would need several months to explore California and all that it is available. However, even then a tourist would still miss out on all of the attractions not found on postcards, the attractions tucked away into the mountains or hidden behind the mega tourist spots....   [tags: highway 1, road travel ]

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Utah, California v. Secretary of Transportation

- Significant facts In 1994, Congress pass a bill, with President approval, that withheld ten percent of federal highway funds from states who fail to penalize drug offenders by suspending the drivers license for six months. A condition the federal government placed on the grants for highway funds is states’ must suspend the drivers license for any drug conviction, regardless of severity, including marijuana possession. However, states do have the ability to “opt out” by passing their own state law stating they will not suspend drivers licenses for such violations....   [tags: Drug Offenders, Highway Funds]

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The Kiss of the Fur Queen

- Thomson Highway’s The Kiss of the Fur Queen has a core theme of art. In this novel, art is integrated into the lives of the characters. The modernist movement would indicate that art has the ability to plainly exist “art of arts sake”. Peter Lamarque notes “To value a work for its own sake is to value it for what it is in itself, not for the realization of some ulterior ends.” (par. 19) This commonly accepted view, that art is valued because it is great art, not for the role or function that it has in society, restricts arts impact....   [tags: Art, Education, Highway]

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Design Cognition and Safety

- 3.3 Design cognition and Safety 3.3.1 Overview Design and cognition contributes to the improvement of safety, by reducing the risk of human error. This is using developments from education and technological systems across all industries which all would have involved extensive input from the human mind. Based on a selection of papers, this section will focus on an analysis of cognition tools and identify the importance role that cognition has to safety within the highway and Air Traffic Management (ATM) sectors....   [tags: highway, air traffic]

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- Boston Big Dig Disaster

- Most people remember July 10, 2006 as just another regular day in their lives. As for Angel Del Valle it was the day that he lost his most pride possession in life, his wife. While they were coming through the new section of the connector tunnel from Boston heading towards the Ted Williams Tunnel the ceiling from above collapsed and immediately killed Milena Del Valle who was driving at the time. "At least 12 tons of concrete fell from the ceiling of one of Boston's Big Dig tunnels, crushing a woman in a car and again raising concerns about the integrity of the massive highway project that is the central artery through the city, A steel tieback that held a 40-foot ceiling section over Inter...   [tags: American History]

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Closure of Public OHV Areas

- Closure of Public OHV Areas Some years ago a new form of recreation came about known as an Off Highway Vehicle(OHV). Today these high powered, light weight vehicles come in many forms with anywhere from four to two wheels. There are many areas across the United States for such vehicles to be driven but as of today there are some groups out there who wish to close the areas in which these vehicles can be used. One area in particular, located outside of Yuma on the California and Arizona border has been subjected to many threats recently and those who use the land for its recreational purposes have had to fight to keep the land that was originally granted to them for use by the US government...   [tags: Off Highway Vehicles Transportation Essays]

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Tale of Multak- A Tragic Odyssey

- ... What makes the Party so powerful that I would willingly be executed. From that point on I realized that I was going to escape and try and find other superpowers in the world. After this exciting thought, I sped up to a steady powerwalk, and by the time I reached the lobby of my apartment, a downpour has begun to drench the whole city in an ominous gloom. I rode the elevator up to my room and looked for a bag to make travelling easier. Ordinary citizens were not allowed to own suitcases as it was an item for travel, and everyday citizens were advised strongly against traveling....   [tags: goldstein highway, party]

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Book Review: Divided Highways

- Since the beginning of the United States the American people have been on the move. Public transportation has played a major role in the development of this nation and in bringing its citizens together. In the book “Divided Highways”, author Tom Lewis takes the reader on a journey of the building of the Interstates and the consequences(good and bad) that came from them. Lewis believes that the Interstates are a physical characteristic of America and that it shows “all our glory and our meanness; all our vision and our shortsightedness”(xiv)....   [tags: Book Review ]

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Nature and Procreation in Blue Highways

- Nature and Procreation in Blue Highways In the book of a rustic American journey, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon continually characterizes the land he travels with simple, natural references. Least Heat Moon repeatedly gives the nature he discovers on his journey very fertile, prolific qualities. The essays often contains vivid physical descriptions of the environment, particularly its natural beauty. Least Heat Moon ponders human existence and its interference with the environment....   [tags: Blue Highways]

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Forgotten People of the Blue Highways

- Forgotten People of the Blue Highways Journeying along the back roads of the blue highways of the road maps, William Least Heat Moon discovers the forgotten people of America in Blue Highways. In the beginning, his trip seems to be motivated by anger and disillusion. But when readers look deeper into the story, they see that Least Heat Moon focuses the attention on how to "climb out of a world which he realized was impersonal and materialistic" (Lyons 63). By avoiding the large cities, he focuses his attention on the forgotten civilizations....   [tags: Blue Highways]

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Heritage of Blue Highways

- Heritage of Blue Highways In the country travelers' Bible, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon takes a journey into his Native American heritage as well as into the heart of American culture. As a person of mixed ancestry, Least Heat Moon wishes to seek the history and experiences of his past in his travels. He is especially interested in the Native American element of his heritage because he had no knowledge of his ancestry as he was growing up. At the point at which he begins his journey, after being a student and scholar of Renaissance literature, Least Heat Moon is able to identify more freely with his past ("Whispers..." 58-60)....   [tags: Blue Highways]

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Coming Full Circle in Blue Highways

- In his traveling diary, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon takes a trip to various destinations of unknown worth. His American back roads tour is characterized by the pattern of taking a journey that follows a circle. Least Heat Moon's circular journey is both literal and spiritual. His travels circle the nation, and he gathers history and personality from all corners of America. More importantly, however, Least Heat Moon sets out to fully explore and find himself. He provides the audience with the simple explanation of the circular nature of his journey because "following a circle would give a purpose&emdash;to come around again&emdash;where taking a line would not"(Le...   [tags: Blue Highways]

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The Effects of Highways and Automobiles on Urban American Character

- The development of the United States Highway System has had negative impacts on the urban character of our country’s cities. One of the main catalysts, if not the main catalyst, of urban sprawl has been the development of transportation. It has made it extremely convenient and easy for people to move farther out of the inner city and develop rural America. As a result many prominent cities across our country have felt the effects of sprawl through diminished downtown economies. Highways have also played a key role in the standardization of American urban environments....   [tags: transportation, suburban, ]

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Texting & Driving Is The Number One Killer On The Highways Today

- Texting & Driving has become the number one killer on the highways today. One would think that the death totals has risen because of one speeding, one’s inexperience driving, and one falling asleep behind the wheel. However, the silent gun is the cell phone and its silent culprits. The cell phone has accomplishers known as the key board (with its 26 alphabets), dialing pad (with its ratio of numbers 1-10), contacts (friends and family listed), email, responding key, and the ultimate attention getter (reading of the phone messages), and the hand help cell phones....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS]

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The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways

- Highway Revolt In the past seventy years the United States has evolved to become a nation of intricate roads and major superhighways. With 6,586,610 km of public roads the United States holds the leading position for the largest road network in the world. Creating such a monstrous change in a nation over a short period of time generated some disagreements between locals and politicians. In addition to disagreements, the undertaking of building an enormous network of highways held a vast number of unintended consequences....   [tags: construction of roads, superhighways]

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Blue Highways, Leaves of Grass and the Parkdale Library

- Blue Highways, Leaves of Grass and the Parkdale Library I don't know what exactly I expected to find at the library that summer. Rows of gleaming shelves and neatly stacked books, probably. No sound but the humming of fluorescent lights and the thump of rubber stamps. The librarians would be demure types - soft-spoken and intellectual. I thought of the place itself as a sort of solemn temple to the written word. With these images in mind, I was startled by my first glimpse of the employees' workroom....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Origins of Prehistoric People in North and South America

- Introduction Researches on the beginnings of coastal adaptation and exploitation of maritime adaptations have been carried out by John Erlandson and colleagues. There are existing anthropological theories which are over 10, 000 BP but Erlandson believes that the societies of hunter-gather used aquatic resources and among them were popular terrestrial hunter-gatherers (Slaymaker, 2007). This has been challenging since it is difficult to define exactly constitutes of fully maritime culture. There is also the change in environment in which there are rise and fall of sea levels and erosion of coastal environments....   [tags: Clovis Theory, Kelp Highways]

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America´s Transportation System

- American’s transportation system is one of the world’s most extensive, and includes highways, roads, airports, railways, and waterways. The American Society of Civil Engineers is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and as such, is equally committed to improving the nation’s public infrastructure. According to American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 Report Card, the overall grade of America’s Infrastructure was D+. The best sector, sold waste, it got B-. Other sector, like transit, roads, school and drinking water, they only got D or D-....   [tags: highways, roads, airports, railways]

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A Study of the Trans-Texas Corridor and How it Affects Texans

- A Study of the Trans-Texas Corridor and How it Affects Texans      Everything is bigger in Texas. That’s what a lot of Texans what Americans and people around the world to know – you don’t mess with Texas. In the 1950’s, when President Eisenhower created the first Interstate plan for the country and implemented new roads in almost every single state, it was the largest engineering feat in the modern world. Now, almost half a century later, Governor Rick Perry is set to break that record, with the costliest, largest, and most incredible-sized proportion Texas Trans-Corridor, dubbed the “Texas Superhighway,” a 4000 mile, $175 billion dollar project that won’t be completely functional for anot...   [tags: Texas Super Highways Transportation Essays]

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Automobile Safety - Slaughter on the Highways

- Slaughter on the Highways If there is one thing that is largely ignored in our society, it is the sheer slaughter that takes place daily on our roads and motorways/highways. It just doesn't get the same media and political attention as crime and drugs do, even though the number of road deaths is far greater than in both of these categories. When politicans want to raise their popularity they nearly always talk about the high number of deaths from drugs and the like, and what measures they are going to introduce to bring these down....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Thailand Highways Management Project

- Thailand Highways Management Project (P075173) Group 3 1. Praphop Anantakoon St101942 2. Lam Quynh Tho St102016 3. Phan Thanh Nga St102056 4. Trinh Thi Kim Phuong St102015 5. Nguyen Thuy Hang St102062 6. Probal Dutta St101941 SOM, May 2005 TABLE OF CONTENT I - INTRODUCTION: 3 1.The rationale of the study. 3 2.The Project Background. 3 2.1. The Project Information: 3 2.2....   [tags: Papers]

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Proposal for the Installation of Emergency Telephones On Highways in Connecticut

- Proposal for the Installation of Emergency Telephones On Highways in Connecticut Introduction I propose to install emergency telephones along Connecticut highways. Connecticut highways do not provide immediate help for emergencies. Daily, there is a 50/50 change of an accident or emergency happening. There are 45 and up to 70 emergencies in the Greater Hartford area alone. Proposal This report proposes that emergency telephones be installed on Connecticut highways. They would offer efficient ways to get help immediately for emergency situations and also would decrease the chances of crime that may occur while people have to wait for help....   [tags: Proposal Paper]

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China, A Growing Country

- On 14 March 2011 the National People’s Congress had approved a new national development program for the five years. The plan makes a dramatic point in China’s infrastructure development. It will no longer have emphasis on headline growth; China is looking for higher quality in growth. China has raised the living standards for its large population in the past thirty years. With bringing up the living conditions for it peoples it also wants to focus on things such as intensive energy and pollution....   [tags: chinese highways, expressways]

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Build Operate and Transfer a Type of Arrangement

- Build operate and transfer (BOT) or build own operate and transfer (BOOT) is a type of arrangement in which the private sector builds an infrastructure project, operates it and eventually transfers ownership of the project to the government. These project components are procured from the private sector in a single contract with financing secured by the public sector. During the period, the private sector has the responsibility to raise the finance for the project and is entitled to retain all revenues generated by the project and is the owner of the regarded facility....   [tags: BOT project, private sector, malaysia]

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The Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate System

- Today's society relies heavily on roads, and today just about all roads are paved, and we have the convenience of Interstates and US Highways to travel on. Before Dwight Eisenhower's Interstate System, and before the United States Numbered Highway system, there were no standards to which roads were built, most were not even paved, there were no required numbering systems, and ones that did exist were not organized in efficient ways. The US Route System, and later The Interstate System, have promoted massive growth, easier travel, greater tourism, and easier logistics in the United States....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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Reversing The Speed Limit Raise in Forestville

- The argument that Forestville should reverse a decision it made six months ago to raise its speed limit by 10MPH due to a 15% rise in accidents because accidents in Elmsford, a neighboring region, declined slightly, is inconclusive. A base line study of traffic pattern disruptions and speed variances in Forestville and Elmsford comparing demographic data, location, rate, and type of accidents for more than six months might determine significant risk factors. Federal studies suggest that accidents rise if speed limits are raised on highways by as much as 5% for each 4 MPH but on moderate speed limit roads, no such relationship exists....   [tags: City Government]

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The Privatization Initiatives of the 1980s

- Privatization is not a new phenomenon and has been affecting governments both positively and negatively for many years. Privatization is the process in which a government will sell a state owned enterprise and assets to be privately owned and operated. “The United Kingdom, under the Thatcher government, ushered in the era of privatization in the early 1980s.” (pg3) “The focus on privatization is rooted in the ideological belief that competitive markets are the most efficient actors capable of distributing resources and producing goods.” The sale of assets in the first decade of privatization generated more than £15 billion of revenue for the government....   [tags: SOE,tax collection,public good]

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Community Service And Public Service

- Community service. (What community service would you do) All throughout the world there is community service, and some have to do it because they broke the law. Others do it because they feel like helping out the community and want nothing in return. Mostly the people who have to do community service are people who break the law, and to pay back the community for their crime they have to do community service. Now they are making it a requirement for high schoolers to do some sort of community service to graduate....   [tags: Community, Community service, Community Service]

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Why Higways are Impoved and Constructed

- ... When a new highway or the improvement of an existing highway is planned, the planning must be based on a land use plan meeting the requirements of the Land Use and Building Act. 1.Feasibility study Planning a transport system combines interactive planning of land use and traffic. Thus, a frame work is made for the arrangement of different traffic modes and land use. Planning generates traffic policy objectives and goals, network plans for various traffic statuses, implementation strategies for the system and assessments of the impacts....   [tags: pedestrian, road planning, development]

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Traffic Camera Monitoring Systems: Safety vs Privicy

- In the past decade, American citizens have seen an increasingly common sight: the onslaught of electronic monitoring devices being placed at traffic lights and intersections with the sole purpose of recording driver behavior to issue citations; all in the name of safety. The proliferation of these traffic safety cameras, which has spread in unprecedented numbers to ever-smaller towns, is undoubtedly controversial, and has sparked much debate between citizens, police departments, federal agencies, and civil rights groups....   [tags: Traffic Safety]

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The ' The Rez Sisters ' Influenced By Materialism And White Society Beliefs

- The women in The Rez Sisters are highly influenced by materialism and White society beliefs. This influence is apparent when one looks at the goals of the sisters, which are acculturated and reflect the attitudes of White society rather than Native society. In Act 1, the women’s aspirations are perverted and extremely acquisitive. Annie wants to “buy a huge record player, the biggest one in the whole world”, Marie-Adele wants to “buy [herself] an island...the most beautiful island in the world” with a “real neat picket fence, real high, long and very, very, very white”, Philomena wants a “toilet......   [tags: Culture, Native Americans in the United States]

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Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement

- Recycling Center Environmental Impact Statement Introduction This paper will present an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of a proposed construction project of a new recycling center in a rural area. The proposed project is to be built in a nonattainment area. The EIS will address land-use and development, social and neighborhood effects, economic factors, air quality, noise, and water resources as it relates to the proposed project. Included in the process will be three alternatives as well as a no build alternative....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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Annotated Bibliography On The Wildlife

- Belier Wetlands Roe Highway Description of wetlands, specific belier - animals - plants - h20 - abiotic intro You don 't have to be a nature lover to be able to appreciate unique places for example the Beeliar wetlands, environments like this give great value to the communities around us. Nature is nature and its not going to change the way it is. Although the Government has this ‘great’ idea of extending Roe Highway down to Fremantle in Perth WA, for that to be Possible the Beeliar wetlands will be destructed....   [tags: Organism, Life, Biology, Species]

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History Of Route 66 As A Symbol Of Freedom

- Route 66 as most people refer to it today as “The Mother Road” stands as a proud symbol of the “ Road to Opportunity” (Scott Quinta). It is because of the construction of this great landmark that America had such a strong backbone during times of depression. It was a critical period for Americans with the Great Depression, World War II, and the Dust Bowl, it was if America couldn 't catch a break. Its population stood tall and did everything they could to survive and Route 66 was their to support them....   [tags: Dust Bowl, Great Plains, The Grapes of Wrath]

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Why to Travel By Plane Instead of Car

- “ A family of five was traveling to Florida for a family vacation when the family was suddenly struck between two semi’s. The EMT’s pronounced the whole family dead at the scene earlier that night. Police have yet to release details on what the cause of the accident was but said it was an unexpected incident”, the local news reported said. Traveling by plane is safer than driving by car for 3 main reasons: pilots go through intensive training, roads have more traffic than the sky, and there are more car crash fatalities per year than deaths caused by plane crashes....   [tags: car crashes, airplane accidents, pilots]

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What Is Operations Research

- This is an Engineering Research Paper. What is operations research. Operations research is the application of the methods of science to complex problems arising in the direction and management of large systems of men, machines material, and money in industry, business, government and defense. The distinctive approach is to develop a scientific model of the system, incorporating measurements of factors such as chance and risk, with which to predict and compare the outcomes of alternative decisions, strategies or controls....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Culture, Communication, and Structure Affect the Success of a Business

- How Culture, Communication, and Structure Affect the Success of a Business This report will consider how culture, communication, and structure affect the success of the business. The report will explain how quality assurance and control systems help the business to add value to its products and services This report will be compiled by the following methods : Osbourne advanced business The internet ( Also my partner works at the business that I will be studying and interviewed the owner MR M.J High Chosen business: Highway nurseries and garden nurseries and garden centre Address: London Road Framingham Pigot Norwic...   [tags: Papers]

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Traffic Monitoring Camera Systems

- Abstract With the significant increase of traffic monitoring camera systems, the debate on their safety, effectiveness and Constitutionality has increased. The purpose of this research is to present arguments from each side of the issue and then compare statistics on the subject in order to make a determination of whether these systems are more beneficial or detrimental to public safety, and whether public interest or financial gain is the core component in the implementation of the camera systems....   [tags: electronic monitoring devices]

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Lowering The Minimum Drinking Age

- A constant battle between a set drinking age in America has caught the attention of many professors and young people who have used the studied information to suggest their own views on whether or not the minimum drinking age should return to eighteen as in the past, or remain the same. This law was passed in order to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents in 1902 but may have indirectly demanded focus onto the exposed hazards speculated towards the younger, upcoming drinkers through this act....   [tags: Drinking culture, Legal drinking age, Alcohol law]

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