Interstate Highway Act Essay

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Many mass construction projects in the history of the United States have had a major impact on the economy and culture; however, not many of these have had as large as an impact as the Interstate Highway Act of 1956. The Interstate Highway Act revolutionized the way that we think about highways today. The act created an extremely easy mode of transportation for people across the country. Not only was the Interstate Highway Act extremely helpful in making rural and urban transportation for normal people, but it also helped commercial businesses in increasing sales across the country. These businesses were now able to transport their goods cheaper and faster. The Interstate Highway Act was tremendously beneficial in regards to its economic, social, and cultural significance. The legislation was significant economically in the way that it promoted business and cut travel costs, it was significant socially in the way that it allowed people to see friends and family even if they did not live close, and it was significant culturally in the way that it allowed people to move out to the country for low costs in order to live a happier life. Despite the Interstate Highway Act of 1956 being intended primarily for the use of U.S citizens, the first Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1921 was for the purpose of increasing transportation efficiency of the military during and after World War I. Although Woodrow Wilson intended for this purpose, it soon became clear that these roads were beginning to become very popular among normal citizens. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1921 had a relatively limited $75 million budget for improving the roads; this small budget proved to be inadequate for the large project that the United States planned to embark on.... ... middle of paper ... ..., and social aspects of society. It was one of the main reasons why the United States had so much success throughout the 1950s. It allowed more businesses to prosper, while also increasing the quality of life for normal people. It also boosted sales in one of the biggest industries in America to this day: the automobile industry. Even today the Interstate Highway proves to be one of the greatest investments the United States has ever made; the Interstate Highway has made $6 for every $1 it cost to make(Wendell Cox & Jean Love). Eisenhower was right when he said “the expansion and improvement of our roads and highways have been major factors in the development of our economy and will continue to be so in the years ahead,” the Interstate Highway Act of 1956 was a true turning point for America as a country culturally, economically, and socially (Eisenhower, Dwight D).
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