Nature and Procreation in Blue Highways

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Nature and Procreation in Blue Highways In the book of a rustic American journey, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon continually characterizes the land he travels with simple, natural references. Least Heat Moon repeatedly gives the nature he discovers on his journey very fertile, prolific qualities. The essays often contains vivid physical descriptions of the environment, particularly its natural beauty. Least Heat Moon ponders human existence and its interference with the environment. The themes of natural beauty and fertility repeatedly surface throughout Least Heat Moon's account of his journey around America. In several descriptions of nature throughout the book, William Least Heat Moon portrays the wilderness he finds with extremely basic, reproductive traits. The themes of procreation and fertility in the natural environment surround him. For example, in his description of a swamp environment, Least Heat Moon writes, In the muck pollywogs were starting to squirm. It was spring here, and juices were getting up in the stalks...water bubbled with the froth of ...

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