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The Psychology of Learning a Foreign Language

- If you want to learn English, the classroom is not the best place to pick up the language. Think about when children are learning how to talk. Typically the parents or guardians of the child teach this by acquisition. James Paul Gee defines acquisition in his short story “What is Literacy” as “…a process of acquiring something subconsciously by exposure to models and a process of trial and error, without a process of formal teaching. It happens in natural settings which are meaningful and functional in the sense that the acquirer knows that he need to acquire the thing he is exposed to in order to function and the acquirer in fact want to so function....   [tags: Communication Foreign Language Learning ]

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English Learning in China and Foreign Language Acquisition

- 1. Introduction Nowadays English an international language plays a more and more important role in the world. China wants to communicate well with the outside world and CEnglish has become the most useful instrument. The Ministry of Education has made the policy on English teaching in the primary school. Their reason is that English should be taught as early as possible. It's true that we need more people who can speak good English and communicate with other countries so as to bring economic profit to our country and introduce China to the world Cand to improve the country's image in the world, but is it the truth that teaching English in primary school is well preparedCor is everyth...   [tags: Foreign Language Acquisition]

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Mr. Mefisto - Foreign Language Essay

- Abstract Mr. Mefisto. Before asking who he is, the first question must be, he exists or not. I did not meet him directly, face to face, but I heard a lot about. If you ask people who knows they will give you all kind of answers. They will tell you that, he us good, bad, obedient or is THE GOD. My opinion is that it do not exists by it self, it exists as a relation between you and the World. If you are not in Harmony with the World, you are under his power. D-ul Dracu , Inainte de a te intreba cine e Dracul, cred ca trebue sa te intrebi daca intradevar exista....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Foreign Language Essay

- Foreign Language Essay Innehållsförteckning Innehållsförteckning          2 Inledning          3 Sammanfattning          4 Allmänt          5 Japans industriella          6 struktur Faktorer som bidragit     11 till Japans framgångar Jämförelse mellan          14 Sverige och Japan Källförteckning          18 Bilaga          19 Inledning Sverige är nu i en djup lågkonjunktur, med massor av "sparpaket". Därför tyckte jag att det skulle vara intressant att titta på just en av världens största och starkaste marknadseko­nomier och se vad som skiljer den mot Sverige....   [tags: Foreign Languages Essays]

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Foreign Essay

- Foreign Essay Efnisyfirlit Inngangur 2 Einkenni góðrar menntunar 2 Stiklað á stóru í uppeldissögunni 2 Stærð skóla og samband við umheiminn 3 Litlir umbótaskólar skila betri árangri 4 Kennsluaðferðir og uppeldisstefnur 6 Hvernig læra börnin best. 6 Montessori 7 Waldorf 7 Reggio Emilia 8 Ofurnám (Super-learning) 8 Tillaga um Hágæðaskóla 9 Umræða og niðurstöður 10 Heimildaskrá 11 Inngangur Ritgerð þessari er ætlað að leita svara við spurningum er varða nám barna á grunnskólaaldri þar sem aðaláherslan er á skólaumhverfið og kennsluaðferðir....   [tags: Foreign Language Education Development Essays]

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Foreign Language Essay

- Antonio Machado es un poeta, que nació en Sevilla, el 26 de julio de 1875. Fue influido por el moderismo y el simbolismo pero su obra se expresa con lirica de la Generación del 98. Su ninez la paso en Sevilla y en 1883 se movió con su familia a Madrid. Tenia un hermano que se llamaba Manuel Machado con el que juntos fueron a la Institución Libre de Enseñanza, que era privada y muy liberal. Su actitud humanitaria, liberal, y las actividades que en ella se hacían, como viajes a los pueblos cercanos a Madrid y la Sierra de Guadarrama despertaron en él un amor al campo y a la naturaleza que después pudimos ver en sus poemas....   [tags: Essays]

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All Students Should be Required to Study a Foreign Language

- All Students Should be Required to Study a Foreign Language Educators historically have argued over the propriety of offering various academic courses. One recent yet continuing argument on American college campuses tends to pit school against school, professor against professor, student against student, school against professor, professor against student and student against school. The issue is whether or not courses in a foreign language should be required to attain a Bachelor's degree. Some believe the idea is absurd, while others believe it is a progressive move toward 21st century education....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Types of Foreign Language Immersion Classroom Experience

- What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Foreign Language Immersion Classroom Experience. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of a foreign language immersion classroom experience. This topic is particularly valuable to parents and teachers of learners who are, or will be, part of a foreign language-based classroom that fosters both academic development and multilingualism. Foreign language immersion is an approach to learning that involves immersing students in an environment that uses a target language throughout the school day....   [tags: education, target, instruction]

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Communication and Culture: The Benefits of Beginning Foreign Language Study Early

- Communication and Culture: The Benefits of Beginning Foreign Language Study Early As global awareness increases, American interest in the study of languages other than English increases apace. Unlike early programs which did not teach “languages…primarily to learn oral/aural communication, but to learn for the sake of being ‘scholarly’ or, in some instances, for gaining a reading proficiency in the foreign language” (Brown 18), the twentieth century began to focus on communicative goals, and a variety of new theories and methods for teaching were put forth....   [tags: Research Papers]

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Go Ask Alice

- A Verwachtingen en eerste reactie The reason that I've chosen this book is that I thought, by reading the back of the book, it would be an interesting and good book. My first impression of the book was that it is a touching story, while I was reading it, it was like it was me who was going through everything, it felt as if I was Alice. B Samenvatting en analyse 1 zakelijke gegevens van het boek: a Go ask Alice. b Anonymous c Simon Pulse d 1971 e 185 2 een EIGEN samenvatting van het verhaal (in het Nederlands), maximaal 1 a4-tje Alice was een meisje die zichzelf te dikvondt en probeert af te vallen....   [tags: Foreign Language]

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- Introduction Di tahun 1918, delapan orang keluarga Mogi dan Takanashi melakukan merger dan membentuk Noda Shoyu Company, dengan total capital sebesar 7 juta yen. Pada tahun 1964, mereka mengganti nama perusahaan menjadi Kikkoman Shoyu, dan kemudian menjadi Kikkoman Corporation pada tahun 1980. Perusahaan ini mengalami penurunan saat Perang Dunia II, dan setelah itu untuk memenuhi kebutukan capitalnya, mereka menjual stocknya di pasar saham pada 1964, menurunkan kepemilikan keluarga terhadap perusahaan....   [tags: Foreign Language]

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Latar Belakang

- Latar Belakang Kasus pembobolan Bank BNI menjadi isu yang mengejutkan masyarakat Indonesia di akhir tahun 2003, dimana Bank BNI mengalami kerugian sebesar Rp 1,7 triliun yang diduga terjadi karena adanya transaksi ekspor fiktif melalui surat Letter of Credit (disingkat L/C). Kasus ini menjadi fenomenal karena selain merugikan keuangan Bank BNI tetapi juga berimbas pada keuangan negara secara makro. A.     Profil Singkat Bank BNI Bank BNI didirikan pada tahun 1946. Perusahaan publik ini mayoritas sahamnya dimiliki oleh Pemerintah Republik Indonesia....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Meine Ferien- German Essay

- Meine Ferien- German Essay Normalerweise fahren meine Familie und ich immer nach Frankreich in den Ferien, aber dieses Jahr entschlossen wir uns mit meinem Freund, Christian, nach Kanada zu fahren. Ich habe mich auf die Winterferien sehr gefreut, weil ich denn Schnee so sehr mag und weil ich so gern Ski fahre. Es war das erste mal, dass ich Urlaub in Kanada gemacht habe. Des Fluges dauerte ungefähr sieben Stunden. Während dem Flug habe ich zwei mal gegessen. Zu erst habe ich Nudeln mit Brot gegessen und später habe ich Melone und Joghurt gegessen....   [tags: Foreign Language, German]

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Reminiscencia de la infancia: el caso de un escritor de los siglos XX y

- Reminiscencia de la infancia: el caso de un escritor de los siglos XX y La primera primera ficción narrativa de Medardo Fraile, uno de los maestros de la Edad de Oro del cuento español contemporáneo, surgió a la edad de cinco años. La temprana edad de su escritura nos lleva a investigar sobre los hechos que acompañaron su infancia y que pudieron despertar en él esa necesidad de crear. La lectura de su obra narrativa, vinculada a su biografía, así como alguno de sus numerosos artículos, nos confirman el efecto que produjo en Medardo Fraile niño la ausencia de su madre, fallecida meses antes del surgimiento de ese primer cuento....   [tags: Foreign Language Spanish Essays]

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Sa pagitan ng lumang libro

- Sa Pagitan ng Lumang Libro Chapter I: Bagong simula Isang araw habang nakaupo ako sa ilalim ng punong mangga, nasabi ko, “Hay naku, parang kailan lang natapos ang klase, magpapasukan na naman”. “May bago kaya akong kaklase. Doon pa rin kaya papasok ang mga kaibigan ko?”…. Ako nga pala si Roxanne Marie Lopez ang naglalahad ng storya ng buhay ko. Isang umaga,” Hay, 6:00 na ng umaga na pala, pasukan na, kailangan ko ng magmadali…” Nang nasa skul na ako, una kong nakita si Ate Camille, skulmeyt ko, ganda ng bati ko nang mapalingon ako at mapansin si Lawrence, malapit na kaibigan ko kaso medyo nakakainis kasi masyadong manhid....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Teknologi SmartCard dan Impian di Masa Depan

- Teknologi SmartCard dan Impian di Masa Depan Teknologi kartu baik itu berupa kartu kredit, ATM, maupun kartu GSM handphone, saat ini bukan lagi monopoli masyarakat di kota-kota besar saja, namun juga telah merambah ke kota-kota kecil bahkan pedesaan. Pertumbuhan kartu ini baik dari sisi jumlah pengguna maupun teknologinya sendiri benar-benar melesat dengan sangat cepat. Salah satu teknologi yang di paling banyak diimplementasikan dalam berbagai jenis kartu adalah teknologi SmartCard. Jika berbicara tentang SmartCard, tentu saja anda berbicara tentang sebuah Chip kecil yang telah diprogram untuk menangani fungsi-fungsi tertentu maupun untuk menyimpan informasi yang ditanam didalam kartu an...   [tags: Foreign Language Essay]

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Supply Chain Paper

- Supply Chain Paper Cadena de Suministro Introducción En la era de la tecnología de las empresas ha recorrido un largo camino y evolucionado enormemente. Solía ser que el ladrillo y el mortero era la única manera de abrir y dirigir una empresa. Sin embargo, el Internet ha cambiado todo eso ahora las empresas pueden utilizar la tecnología para llegar a los clientes y otras empresas en todo el mundo. Esto ha causado un gran aumento de la economía en todo el mundo. En 2003, Business to Business (B2B) el comercio de la punta en escalas de $ 1,41 billones....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Jack Welch

- Jack Welch (CEO of GE) John F. Welch, Jr yang kemudian dikenal dengan nama Jack Welch lahir pada tanggal 19 November 1935 di Peabody, Massachusetts, dari keluarga buruh Katolik dan dibesarkan di Salem. Ayahnya bernama John Welch ( bekerja sebagai seorang mandor pada pembangunan rel kreta api ) dan ibunya bernama Grace Andrews. Welch adalah seorang yang berkebangsaan Amerika. Sebagai seorang anak dia menerima perhatian penuh dari orangtuanya secara khusus untuk hal-hal yang baik dan juga hal-hal yang terburuk....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Angels And Demons Dutch

- §5 Samenvatting: Professor Robert Langdon wordt naar CERN gehaald om een mysterieus symbool op de borst van een vermoorde wetenschapper uit te leggen. Langdon ziet dat het een Illuminati symbool is, de Illuminati is een organisatie van wetenschappers, en willen wraak omdat de kerk tegen hen en de wetenschap is/ was, maar Langdon dacht dat die allang niet meer bestonden. Dan blijkt dat er ook nog antimaterie uit het lab van Vettra is gestolen, En dat kan voor 2 doelen gebruikt worden; als de sterkste energie bron ooit, of als de sterkste bom ooit( ¼ gram is een explosie van 800 meter diameter)....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Chapter 6, Oo

- Allereerst: hoofdstuk 3 draait om Effectiviteit. Er zijn verschillende definities van effectiviteit. Het behalen van doelen, overleven, winstgevendheid etc. Zo zijn er tientallen definities mogelijk. De vraag in organisaties met betrekking tot effectiviteit is vaak: Hoe kunnen we zo effectief mogelijk onze doelen bereiken?. Effectiviteit is een belangrijk punt voor organisaties geworden. Investeerders zoeken een goede manier om hun geld te beleggen, globalisatie heeft tot meer concurrentie geleid en ook de druk uit de samenleving is toegenomen....   [tags: Foreign Language Essay]

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Friedrich Und Die Dedektive

- Die Wahl der US-Bürger auf Barack Obama als neuen Präsidenten war auch zahlenmäßig ein bemerkenswertes Statement: Bei einer Rekordwahlbeteiligung haben über 60 Millionen Amerikaner für den ersten schwarzen Präsidenten der USA gestimmt, endgültige Zahlen stehen noch aus. Obama lag damit deutlich vor seinem Rivalen, dem Republikaner John McCain. Die Wahlnacht war ungewöhnlich emotional verlaufen. Bei einem Auftritt vor seinen Anhängern sorgte Obama mit einer mitreißenden Rede für Freudentränen und Jubel....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Caso Nike Marketing Ii

- 1.- Scott Bedbury, ex gerente de marca de Nike, cree que el psicólogo humanista del siglo veinte Abraham Maslow ofrece el modelo más relevante para los consumidores más matizados de hoy. El dice que el comportamiento y el emplazamiento de marca de hoy deben reflejar un entendimiento de los asuntos psicológicos más profundos que Maslow puso en el vértice de su pirámide de necesidades. Relacione el modelo de Maslow con la marca Nike y su estrategia de comunicación. La teoría de la pirámide de Maslow explica distintas etapas y jerarquías de necesidades que posee una persona, las cuales representan distintos niveles, desde el suelo de la pirámide, donde se encuentran las necesidades más básicas,...   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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- Matriz de atividade individual* Módulo: Módulo 2 Atividade: Fórum –Tarefa Individual Título: Fórum Indicadores Básicos Disciplina: Contabilidade Financeira Turma: B Introdução Este trabalho tem por objetivo posicionar-se sobre a dificuldade agregada às empresas multinacionais pela diversificação nas regras contábeis existentes nos países em que atuam. Também serão apresentados comentários sobre o EBITDA, indicador criado para superar em partes estas dificuldades. Justificativa Em um mundo de economias extremamente interligadas, a necessidade de avaliar corretamente as empresas que participam deste grande sistema detém-se nas variadas regras contábeis de cada país....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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- Er is weinig twijfel dat de gunstige mening van ondernemerschap in de Verenigde Staten met betrekking tot andere landen heeft bijgedragen tot de opmerkelijke groei van dit land over zijn vrij korte geschiedenis. De ondernemerschap drijft Het Creëren van arbeidsplaatsen, de Groei van de Productiviteit en Innovatie - dat, beurtelings, de Belangrijkste Determinanten van het Concurrentievermogen van de V.S. zijn De nieuwe bedrijven creëren de meeste nieuwe banen in de Verenigde Staten. Vanaf 1980-2001, was de volledige groei in de netto banen van de V.S....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Famous Marketing Errors

- Greselile datorate alegerilor nepotrivite de nume de marci sau sloganuri – apar ca o neconcordanta clara intre o marca utilizata de companie si tara in care respectiva marca se lanseaza ( cauzele sunt diferite conotatii ale termenilor ce denumesc marcile respective). Astfel de greseli pot fi evitate printr-o mai buna documentare initiala din punct de vedere lingvistic si literar in tara vizata. o In 1990 au fost reintroduse, in Estonia, crematoriile, sub forma de companii private. In acea perioada, in Talinn, una dintre firme si-a luat denumirea „Inferno” (traducerea termenului fiind de foc foarte puternic si necontrolat)....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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- Decisión: ¿Eliminar por completo off-invoice promociones y utilizar presupuesto en promociones del tipo MDF. Off-Invoice: Método en el cual se le hacen descuentos temporales a distribuidores y retailers de Reynolds. Típicamente descuento de 10% de la lista normal de precios de RCM. Market Development Funds (MDF): Bajo este método el incentivo económico que se da al distribuidor o retailer, va dirigido a apoyar sus actividades de mercadeo de los productos de Reynolds. Típicamente consisten en reducciones del 10% del precio en vitrina más la actividades de mercadeo de apoyo (displays, publicidad en tiendas, fliers) Company and División History Reynolds Metal Company (RMC) es uno de los princ...   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Master Of Business Economics

- NV Big Food Inleiding, organisatie en activiteiten NV Big Food (verder Big Food) is een grote supermarktketen met vestigingen verspreid over heel Nederland, die eind vorige eeuw is ontstaan uit een fusie tussen De Vries supermarkten NV en Klimax Food Groep BV. Het supermarktbedrijf Big Food is met een marktaandeel van circa 15% één van de grotere spelers in de Nederlandse levensmiddelenbranche. Big Food bewerkt de markt met verschillende winkelformules: “Goedkoop en Lekker” (G&L), “Kwaliteit en Betaalbaar” (K&B) en “Gedegen en Goede service” (G&G)....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Caso 9.2 Orange Glo

- Caso 9.2 Orange Glo Cleans Up the Marketplace Introducción El análisis del caso que vamos a estar presentando es sobre la Compañía Orange Glo International. A continuación encontraran una breve descripción sobre los datos de la misma. Orange Glo International incluye una línea de productos 100% naturales. Sus líneas de productos son; OxyClean®, Kaboom® y Orange Glo®. Dicha compañía se unió en 1998 a Church & Dwigth como "business partners", terminando en una compra de Orange Glo International en el 2006....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Riordan Manufacturing

- Riordan Manufacturing Inc. Riordan ha crecido de una pequeña firma de investigación y desarrollo de plástico a una empresa multinacional de fabricación de plásticos en un breve | |lapso de 14 años. En este crecimiento se ha visto a Riordan expandir su operación a múltiples puntos de fabricación y distribución en toda América del | |Norte y China. Riordan ahora provee servicios a más de 32 clientes de diferentes tamaños, incluyendo a los fabricantes de piezas de automotrices, los | |fabricantes de aeronaves, el Departamento de Defensa, los fabricantes y embotelladores de bebidas....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Scsi Basics - Serbian

- SCSI (čita se – skazi) je skraćenica sa značenjem Small Computer System Interface. Zvanično ime SCSI standarda je ANSI X3.131 - 1986. SCSI interfejs je lokalni interfejs koji služi za povezivanje više periferija, koje su ili inicijatori ili resiveri. SCSi je obostrana magistrala koja neće raditi uopšte ako ne “saobraća” u oba smera. Kompanija Shugart Associates je, i ne znajući započela razvoj SCSI-a, proizvevši Shugart Associates System Interface (SASI) 1981, godine. Daljim modifikacijama SASI interfejsa proizveden je SCSI interfejs prve generacije....   [tags: Foreign Language Essays]

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Whirlpool Europe

- RITZ-CARLTON HOTEL COMPANY I. SINOPSIS Hotel Ritz Carlton merupakan salah satu dari deretan hotel-hotel ternama di dunia dimana sampai saat ini menyajikan pelayanan penginapan yang menitik beratkan pada pemenuhan pelayanan kepada pelanggan. Hal ini dibuktikan dengan peraihan penghargaan sebagai “Best hotel in Asia-Pasific” pada tahun 1998. Sejarah hotel ini dimulai pada tahun 1898, dimana sang pendiri hotel tersebut, Cesar Ritz mulai merintis bisnis nya dengan berbekal pengalaman di bidang yang sama....   [tags: Foreign Language Ritz Carlton Hotel ]

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Language Acquisition and Corrective Feedback

- Corrective feedback has been in the focus of research in SLA during the last years and has become an important part in learners’ language acquisition. Ellis (1994) referred to feedback as “the information given to learners which they can use to revise their interlanguage.” He also distinguishes two different kinds of feedback, positive and negative feedback; positive feedback has to do with the information that indicates that a hypothesis is incorrect. Ellis also mentioned some other forms of feedback such as direct or correction, indirect or the request for conformation, on-record which supplies ‘direct negative evidence’, and off-record which supplies ‘indirect negative feedback’; the neg...   [tags: Education, foreign languages]

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Can Graduates From Universities in Malaysia Compete With Foreign Graduates?

- The number of students graduating from universities in Malaysia is increasing every year. According to the Ministry of Higher Education (2011), 113 618 students from public universities and 44 586 students from private universities graduated in the year 2009. However, 115 015 students and 66 767 students from the public universities and private universities graduated in the year 2010 respectively. This shows an increase of 23 578 in the number of graduates from 2009 to 2010. It is a good thing to see the number of graduates increasing every year, but the question is do they possess the same qualities like those holding overseas degrees....   [tags: oversees degrees, foreign universities]

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Writing in a Foreign Language

- For a very long time, people have been studying the differences of writing among different cultures. Native speakers write texts which are very different from the texts written by foreign language writers. The main reason is that each culture has its patterns of thinking and it determines the way that they write. As a result, foreign language students need to learn the patterns of the language and the way that native speakers usually develop their ideas. If you want to make texts in a foreign language, you need to study how people arrange their knowledge....   [tags: Languages]

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The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

- In today’s world, we know the importance of learning foreign language and speaking foreign language. We say ‘a language is a person’ but we don’t know what is the time of learning foreign language and how many language we can learn. We don’t know them literally. Firstly we have to learn what the language is. The language is a system of communication consisting of sounds , words , grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular country or type of work. (From Cambridge). We can understand a language is verbal things but mimics and gestures also is a language....   [tags: mistakes, feedback, repetition]

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Chemistry: The Other Foreign Language

- Chemistry: The Other Foreign Language How is it that a student can come to my office hours, explain the complicated concepts that a problem set question is based on, even go as far as to intuit the right approach for solving the problem, and yet, is not able to derive the right answer. I am sure many GSIs of general chemistry, or of any introductory physical science class for that matter, have asked themselves this question numerous times throughout a semester. One of the biggest problems facing students in general chemistry classes is their inability to communicate what they actually know about the concepts on an exam or a problem set....   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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The Need for Mandatory Foreign Language Study in America

- The Need for Mandatory Foreign Language Study in America "Cultural isolation is a luxury the United States can no longer afford." -Senator Paul Simon Americans have hidden behind the excuse that everybody important knows English for too long. The United States is the only country in the world where a student can graduate from college without ever having learned a foreign language. Most countries start foreign language instruction at ten years of age or younger. It is time we did something ourselves and stopped letting everyone else do the work....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Physical Condition's Effects on the Adult Learner in the Foreign Language Classroom

- Physical Condition's Effects on the Adult Learner in the Foreign Language Classroom The physical condition is one of the conditions that affects the adult learner in second/foreign language classroom. This condition consists of physical changes that occurs in adults that have implications for adult learning. It affects mostly the brain and the heart. Adult education can add stress on them, they can start smoking or drinking, and sometimes it can cause heart attacks because they have trouble meeting with sudden and abrupt changes....   [tags: Papers]

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Language Learning Field: Content and Language Integrated Learning

- ... How can motivation be created and maintained during the whole lesson. How do we get students to interact. How can we encourage students to think. These questions need to be taken into consideration when we plan a CLIL lesson. According to Nikolov (2002), students are intrinsically motivated if the tasks are cognitively challenging and teachers should use predominantly form-focused tasks, and few meaning-focused tasks. As far as my lesson plans are concerned, I tried to create the task focusing on the content rather than the language....   [tags: curriculum, students, second language]

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English As A Foreign Language

- 1. Introduction In the essay, I set the English as a foreign language (EFL) context with a group of Chinese middle school students aged from fifteen to eighteen who mostly have an intermediate level of English proficiency. The majority of these students maintain passive attitudes towards language education, reflecting an unwillingness of acquiring English knowledge. The reason why they study like 'puppets ' throughout the learning process is mainly the pressure from the Chinese society. In general, english is often assessed via a set of tests, particularly in middle schools (Li Xiaoju, 1984)....   [tags: Teaching English as a foreign language]

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The Methods Of Learning A Foreign Language

- If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.” ‒ Nelson Mandela. Since the 1960’s learning a second language has decreased by 30 percent in today’s society. People who wish to learn an additional language often do so to communicate with people who reside in different countries. With an increase in today’s globalization, it is forcing companies throughout the world to break the language barrier. However, with the advancement of technology, numerous citizens find it unnecessary to learn another language, as a translation is at the tip of their fingers....   [tags: Second language, Language, Foreign language]

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Teaching English As A Foreign Language

- The current study aims at investigating the beliefs of five EFL preservice teachers in a private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia about English language teaching based on their experiences as learners and teachers in role-play based activities. This chapter presents the literature review that will serve as the foundation for conducting this study. The presented review will give support and argue for the necessity of conducting this study and how the result may add to the existing literature. To present this review, first, I will talk about past literature pertaining to preservice teachers’ experiences and its relationship to the formation of beliefs....   [tags: Teaching English as a foreign language, Education]

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English As A Common Foreign Language Taught

- As a common foreign language taught and studied by a majority of Vietnamese, particularly students, the teaching methodology as well techniques, approaches are improving increasingly. Besides some successes have achieved, it has existed some argumentative bias that although students started to learn English in 6 or even 10 years and had a fairly good vocabulary or grammar skills, they are still not likely to communicate well in this language. In addition, with the English traditional teaching methodology, English teachers and learners have more concentrated on grammar, vocabulary,.etc rather than speaking or listening....   [tags: Teaching English as a foreign language]

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A New Learning Method For Foreign Language Learner

- A New Learning Method for Foreign Language Learner: Mobile Assisted Language Learning Nowadays, the second language has already become an important skill for cultivating international talents. The teaching method of the second language is always changing, since people want to be efficient and quick when they are learning a foreign language. Due to the development of the internet, using mobile devices has become a popular way to study a language. Mobile assisted language learning (MALL) is not only limited to using mobile phones, but it also includes laptops, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, video recorder, and social media....   [tags: Language education, Foreign language]

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Why Should We Study A Foreign Language?

- TESL 99 Why should we study a foreign language. Hundreds of years ago, people used to stay in their native land, get along with their compatriots, and speak in their native languages. So nobody thought that there was any reason to study a foreign language. However, notions have changed nowadays. People have started to leave their hometowns, go into the world, and make new friends all over the world. Students in California State University, Fullerton(CSUF) also have the needs to work, travel or research in multiple languages....   [tags: Second language, Language, Foreign language]

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Teaching And Learning Of A Foreign Language At The Middle School Level

- This study examines the teaching and learning of a foreign language at the middle school level. Effective teachers are constantly seeking ways to make improvements on their instructional practices, their assessment techniques, and their engagements of students in the subject matters. Therefore knowledge of best practices encourages teachers to implement teaching methods that are more authentic, experimental and challenging (Zemelman, Daniels, & Hide, 2012). Many schools at every level are constantly balancing their budgets and offsetting reductions in government allocations by eliminating foreign language requirements, even though the demand for and enrollment in foreign language courses is...   [tags: Language education, Linguistics, Foreign language]

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The Importance Of Speaking A Foreign Language

- The United States is a melting pot of cultures. There is not one universal language, and for this reason, in order to communicate with others, we need to learn the language of others. In other countries, such as Germany, London and India, it is required that students learn English as a second language in their schools. I believe that speaking a foreign language is an important skill to have because it can be helpful in so many different areas. Given the decreasing number of English speaking people who live in the United States, there should be a foreign language requirement for elementary through high schools in America....   [tags: English language, Second language]

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English As A Foreign Language

- It is a well-known fact, that due to the rapid expansion of the English language worldwide, developing countries, included Chile have promoted the use of modern English as a foreign language in their classrooms. Learning and using this new language through subjects such as history, geography or others, is what the CLIL (Content and language integrated learning) Approach intends to do, thus opening doors on languages for a broader range of learners, nurturing self-confidence in young learners and those who have not responded well to formal language instruction in general education, providing exposure to the language without requiring extra time in the curriculum, enhancing the learning of lan...   [tags: English language, Second language]

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Foreign Language Learning For Children

- Foreign Language Learning for Children; Need or Option. Relocating to a new country is an opportunity that a few families get to experience, sometimes even more than once during one’s career. While such a move can be complex and in some ways even frustrating, the professional and personal gains are numerous. It teaches flexibility, agility and compassion as well as increase one’s competitiveness, pay and career promotion potential. And while learning the language of the relocation country is a personal and professional advantage for the moving professional, what about the accompanying family and children....   [tags: Linguistics, Language acquisition]

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Teaching English As A Foreign Language

- Teachers must learn to implement many skills and techniques to effectively teach English as a foreign language. Many educators have different opinions about which methods and approaches are most effective when teaching English as a foreign language. John Rassias, an American professor who developed a new method for the teaching of foreign languages, is an individual I greatly admire as he implements a theatrical and immersive approach to teaching English as a foreign language. He explains that to teach English effectively as a foreign language, one must understand the culture and language of the country whose language is being studied....   [tags: Education, Second language]

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Bilingualism Of A Foreign Language

- Learning a language is more than memorizing words. Acquiring fluency in a foreign language teaches students problem solving skills and thinking rigorously. Also, it offers many advantages in the social world. All students must achieve fluency in at least one foreign language before reaching high school to gain a more multifaceted education. Bilingualism is a useful tool in the global economy. Today, with the growth of the internet, businesses cross the oceans and unite all continents. Trade between certain countries requires an understanding of speech and culture....   [tags: Multilingualism, Second language, Education]

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Advantages Of A Foreign Language

- The product of two years of a foreign language class in high school graduates, is less than one student who graduates, fluent in the language they studied (Caplan). Being bilingual has proven to show many advantages that don’t only improve a students educationally life but also how shaped and cultured the person can be in every day life. It has also been proven to show a slower unset of some diseases. It can also strengthen the mind making one able to think more efficiently. If bilingualism is proven to show advantages the school district, parents of students, and students themselves should care about the advantages that bilingualism holds....   [tags: Multilingualism, Second language]

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Teaching English As A Foreign Language

- Transformational Generative Grammar, Functional Grammar, and Pragmatics etc. has left the language teachers bewildered with their jargon and hypotheses. Hence in this existing context, a grammar teacher remains in a state of confusion to decide whether he should follow the old prescriptive approach or the descriptive approach of the Structural Linguists; whether he should aim at the achievement of grammatical competence or communicative competence of the learners; whether he should concentrate on the parts of sentences by parsing them or on the utterances of the speakers; whether a teacher should concentrate in his pedagogy on the teaching of rules or the correct use of language....   [tags: Linguistics, Grammar, Second language]

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Teaching A Foreign Language At The United States

- When living in the United States, it’s never on the minds of young children to have to study a foreign language. English is spoken mostly around the world and you can always find someone, who speaks it. However, being able to speak a foreign language at least one nowadays is becoming a necessity. Imagine those students who come to school in America and are asked to learn how to read, write, and listen in English. A student who’s English is a second language to their first language has a lot more pressure to learn a new language....   [tags: Language, Second language, English language]

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Coping Strategies For A Foreign Language Class

- Yet, parents of dyslexic children might have mixed feelings with placing their children in a foreign language class at a young age, even parent of children with no prior learning disability have these concerns. Some parents may have the option of withdrawing their children’s from foreign language studies which is understandable and completely up to their choice. However, it can deprive learning opportunities and experiences for these students. In which, could be useful and important for other things such as opening up to new interest of cultures, knowledge, and language....   [tags: Second language, Linguistics, Language acquisition]

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English as a Foreign Language Assessment

- There are many purposes for which assessment is used for in regards to English language learners, “ Classification, program placement, monitoring of academic progress, and reclassification” are among just a few. (Syrja, 2011,1105) One of the biggest of the four is “Program Placement”. In order to place a child you must see if they need a program. Once a parent informs a school that a the child speaks another language other than English, a “Home Language Survey” is administered. If the survey results come back that the child is anything, but proficient in the English language a “State Language Proficiency assessment” will test the level of acquisition....   [tags: learning and teaching another language]

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Foreign Language Curriculum

- The U.S. government has acknowledged the demand for foreign languages, but managed to reduce funds that support language programs for K-12 grades. However, advocates have been emphasizing the importance of learning a foreign language at a younger age to promote the program. School districts have developed a plan to incorporate a foreign language curriculum in grade schools, which is designed to improve communicative competencies. Learning a language at adolescent years helps with the memory, creativity, and critical thinking....   [tags: Education]

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English As A Foreign Language

- It is no secret that much of the educational world has spent quite some time now wading blindly through the drudgery of preparing students for the near universally implemented high-stakes standardized test. In the United States, the English Language Arts content area has been targeted by the high-stakes tests to much greater extremes than most. English is now the world’s de facto lingua franca, having infiltrated global trade and academia to an almost unbelievable degree. As such, high level English language skills are necessities for success in an increasingly globalized world, both for students in the United States and students from non-English speaking countries....   [tags: Test, Psychometrics, Summative assessment]

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English As A Foreign Language

- In recent years, a growing number of parents are sending their children to study abroad. In 2011, the university of Cambridge had nearly 1,000 Chinese students who studied in undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in engineering, sciences, mathematics, international relation, economics,finance and administration (BBC news, 2011). Parents believe that their children may will become more self-conscious, because their children have to look after themselves and manage their finance (Topuniversities, 2014)....   [tags: University, Academia, Student, Education]

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My Experience With A Foreign Language

- By the time I became mature enough to listen, my grandmother always reminded me of one concept; education comes first. Despite this encouragement to work hard to receive my education, school and I didn 't take to each other straightaway. After struggling every day, for such long time, just to gain the knowledge of the basics, I knew something needed to change. Soon after carrying out some exploration into my reasons for struggling and putting in persistent effort, I realized I could progress in school....   [tags: Teacher, High school]

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Studying Foreign Languages And Education

- When it comes to the topic of studying foreign languages, education should begin from kindergarten age, most of us will readily agree that it can help one become more open minded and leads to an appreciation of cultural diversity. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of is it an investment that wouldn’t pay off. Whereas some are convinced that it can improve our employability. For example, between two candidates with the exact same skill set and experience, the person who is bilingual is arguably much more likely to get the job....   [tags: Second language, Foreign language]

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The Struggles of Learning a Foreign Language in High School

- I think that the high school students should not be required to study a foreign language. Learning a foreign language can be frustrating, the information is hard to retain, and the lessons are tedious. When I was in middle school, I had to take Spanish as a foreign language to graduate. However, I did pass the class but it was very difficult. Even, after passing the class, I still have a very difficult time reading or understanding someone who is speaking it. I discovered that what I learned was little or no use to me when I tried to use it in the real world....   [tags: learn, language, choice]

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Foreign Languages: Animal Communication

- Social behavior in mammals other than humans has always been something that has fascinated not only scientists, but the general population as well. Large mammals known to exhibit similar behaviors to humans have always been popular favorites at zoos and aquariums. Curiosity and fascination strikes when observing primates making gestures as if communicating in a foreign language, or seals dancing and striking their flippers together. Mammals are capable of displaying a wide range of interesting behaviors and among those that fascinate us is the way they communicate....   [tags: foreign language, bottlenose dolphin]

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Second Language Acquisition ( Sla )

- According to Ellis (2010), Second Language Acquisition (SLA) scholars have proved the importance of their research in the area for the Language Pedagogy (LP). At the same time, there is no consensus regarding the exact nature of this relationship as well as the actors and actions involved. Obviously, teacher training institutions have to take into account the specific nature of language teaching because, as mentioned earlier in the text, this field requires the instructors to teach, not only the subject per se, but also introduce the intercultural competence....   [tags: Language education, Foreign language]

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Why The Right Translator Work On Your Real Estate Marketing As A Foreign Language?

- 8. How to Choose the Right Translator With all the variety available, how to choose the right translator to work on your real estate marketing in a foreign language. In the previous chapter we have discussed the general approach to choosing a translation vendor: A freelance translator or a translation agency, a boutique agency or a large corporation, local or online. But anyway, by the end of the day the actual job of translation will be done by a live person, a translator. In this chapter we will talk over more personal requirements to the translator who will be working for you on your real estate marketing in a particular language pair whether you have found her or him one way or the othe...   [tags: Translation, Language, Terminology]

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The Effect of Motivation on Language Learning

- The concept of motivation has been the subject of many studies and is considered a crucial determinant of successful achievement in the field of language learning. A motivating learning environment has to support the education process. It generates learning initially and later will guide the process of acquiring a target language (Cheng & Dornyei, 2007). Teachers have long recognized that motivation is centered to problem-solving in education. Motivation is the key factor in getting students involved in the learning process and in keeping them engaged at their level of academic performance (Oliver, 1995)....   [tags: foreign language, languages, ]

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Foreign Language Classes Should be Required for Elementary Students

- There is a rising issue in today’s education system to whether or not we need to require and when the education system should start the second language learning in the school system. Some say that education system should wait until the students have reached high school and others say to start it young. Other school officials have said that they should require it in high school because they’ll remember the language better. Experts say that the education system needs to start it young while the child’s brain is like a sponge....   [tags: Elementary Education Essays]

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Language and Social Identities

- ... Culture and identity gives the essential impulse to launch learning the L2 and later the main thrust to manage the long and regularly dull taking in methodology; surely, the various elements included in L2 procurement presuppose inspiration to some degree. Without sufficient inspiration, even people with the most surprising capacities can't achieve long haul objectives, and not, one or the other are fitting curricula and great showing enough on their own to guarantee understudy accomplishment....   [tags: culture, foreign language]

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The State Of K 12 Foreign Language Instruction

- When discussing improvements regarding world language instruction, it usually ends with pressing the government to find a way to increase education funds for better and earlier world language instruction to students. “In light of these concerns, educators and policy makers need up-to-date, detailed information about the state of K-12 foreign language instruction in the United States. In 2008, the Center for Applied Linguistics surveyed more than 5,000 public and private schools to gather data for both national and regional profiles of foreign language instruction” (Pufah and Rhodes, 2011, p 259)....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Education, Middle school]

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The Role Of Sociocultural Aspects Among Arabic As A Foreign Language

- One of the most significant factors in learning another language is the ability to use the appropriate choice of words and sentences in the appropriate situation. Foreign and second language learners are disappointed, when they fall short of having a sufficient amount of knowledge of the sociocultural elements in learning another language. This study investigated the use of sociocultural aspects among Arabic as a foreign language (AFL) learners. We used a corpus of academic spoken and written Arabic to find out the most common sociocultural aspects in used by AFL learners....   [tags: Sociology, Linguistics, Culture]

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A Critical Literacy Perspective Into The Foreign Language Classroom

- Incorporating a critical literacy perspective into the foreign language classroom may seem daunting at first, but it is not impossible. As Barbara Comber argues, curriculum that focuses on “critical social action and textual production is often reserved for adult or workplace domains" (453), however, incorporating this perspective into the classroom can help “connect them with community members about matters of immediate significance" (453). The practices of critical literacy can allow the students to think outside the box, develop both as individuals and collectively, “claim value in their experiences and critique mainstream ideals that marginalize them and their families" (Jones 60)....   [tags: United States, Sociology, Latin America, Literacy]

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Management Of The Foreign Language Center At The Armed Forces Academy

- INTRODUCTION Motivation must be one of the main priorities for the management of the Foreign Language Center at the Armed Forces Academy in Tirana, Albania. The manager is very often challenged by finding ways how to inspire staff motivation at work. Intrinsically satisfying as well as extrinsically encouraging factors are both necessary in creating such an environment where employees are motivated to do their jobs. Staff motivation is not an easy job to do as it requires a combination of many factors altogether such as meeting employees expectations, fulfilling their needs, creating favorable workplace conditions, avoiding faculty burn out and finding ways how to keep qualified people wo...   [tags: Motivation, Employment, Management]

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How Can Effectively Teach English As A Foreign Language?

- How to effectively teach English as a foreign language. “The bad teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The perfect teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Teachers have the very important responsibility of shaping the levels of young, impressionable children. With this responsibility comes great pride and success. When I recall my own teachers, I realize the influence they had on me, both positive and negative. And the moments I really remember clear are those which encouraged me to be teacher....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Lesson plan, Learning]

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Teaching Curriculum Towards Second Language Learning Curriculum

- "A review of practicing theories of language, methodologies and syllabus design towards Second language learning curriculum of higher secondary level of Bangladesh- An investigation of effectiveness of communicative language teaching curriculum in SLA context" -------------- This research "An investigation of practicing theories of language, methodologies and syllabus design towards Second language learning curriculum of higher secondary level of Bangladesh- An investigation of effectiveness of communicative language teaching curriculum in SLA context" will focus on the broader arena of applied linguistics....   [tags: Teaching English as a foreign language]

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English: The Most Important Language of Today

- Presently, English is the most wide spread language in terms of the number of countries that speak the language as a mother tongue or foreign language. Regardless of languages such as Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish having a great number of speakers, English dominates as a foreign language for many. A Newsweek Magazine article, written by John McWhorter, ranks English as the world’s international language today and states it is likely to remain this way in the future (McWhorter). Writer Dorie Clark for Forbes Magazine also supports this claim from an economic perspective, whereas English is seen as the global language of business as well (Clark)....   [tags: language, mother tongue, foreign language]

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Why We Should Learn A Second Language

- A young Saudi student came to the US to study law. Unfortunately, this young Saudi failed in his study, and his father was upset from him. His father decided to not send money to him as a punishment of his failed. This young Saudi worked at restaurant in Washington, D.C. He learned English very fast. On day, he saw work ads in Saudi Embassy. They were looking for interpreter. He applied for the job, and because of his skills in English they hired him. The Saudi Ambassador Prince Bander noticed his skills, and he gave him a promotion....   [tags: Language, Second language, Foreign language]

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Language Requirements Are A Waste Of Time, Money, And Resources

- Learning another language can be considered a waste of resources, unless fully embraced by the student, thus triggering one to question Americas need for this to be mandatory. In Winchester’s article “How America Can Maintain Its Edge” he references the need to learn other languages, while Caplan’s article “The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money” discusses why learning another language is a waste of time, money, and resources. The bigger issues seems to be not that learning another language is unimportant, but rather when it’s learned being essential to retaining and using it....   [tags: Language education, Language, Foreign language]

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Dual Language Programs

- Beyond English Development: Bilingual Approaches to Teaching Immigrant Students and English Language Learners What a feeling. Learning a new language gives individuals a new way of thinking and feeling. Learning a new kind of language involves having total commitment and total involvement from students and teachers. In the article, Beyond English Development: Bilingual Approaches to Teaching Immigrant Students and English Language Learners indicates there are various standard definitions that describe language (Billings, Martin-Beltran, and Hernandez, 2010)....   [tags: Bilingual Education, foreign language, communicat]

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Language Is A Vital Part Of Communicating And Understanding Each Other Through Conversation

- Language is a vital part of communicating and understanding each other through conversation. Language has been around for plenty of centuries, and with such a long history, many countries have more than one language that they speak. In the United States, there are many languages that are spoken daily, but in most cases, American public schools oblige one language course from kindergarten through college, and that is English. American students should be required to take foreign language courses in public schools....   [tags: Language, Second language, Foreign language]

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The English Language Learners

- learning strategies, which were used for illiterate 15 refugee students (in Sudanese language), two adult students from CCAE (the Cambridge Center for Adult Education) and four teenage students from Orara High School. The researcher hypothesized Sangster`s assumption (2001) that the use of the traditional methods in teaching such as print based materials are not suitable and effective in ESL literacy classes. Dawn (2001) pointed to the fact that English language learners view the teacher as an “unquestioned expert” and that teachers should help students to learn English in anew way....   [tags: Teaching English as a foreign language]

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