The Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

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As numerous high school students choose their classes, a foreign language is often a choice. However, few choose to to take this career. Learning a foreign language has many advantages in everyday life. However, some argue that a foreign language is not important and can be very difficult. Moreover, learning a foreign language has many advantages, such as boosting skills in a native language, analytical skills in the classroom, and career opportunities. Adolescents should have to learn a foreign language because it offers many advantages in everyday life. According to a recent study in Louisiana, “A study of 13,200 third and fifth graders in Louisiana public schools revealed that, regardless of race, gender, or academic level, children taking…show more content…
It is quite often thought that students should not be required to learn a foreign language, due it being too difficult and unimportant. According to Anthony, “Learning a new language is very overwhelming and can be even harder with a bunch of school work on top of it. I think that it should just be an option for the students,” (“Should Students Learn a Foreign Language”). Learning a foreign language only stresses students out due to the amount of work it takes to learn a foreign language. People claim that a second language only adds to the workload of students, and then furthermore adding stress and even anxiety. Some people also believe that learning a foreign language is a waste of time. However this is not true. Later in life, students that decided to take a foreign language in high school often don't remember basic conversational skills from this language. Some people think that when students choose their classes, they should not have to choose a foreign language unless they want to. Many students also choose to not take part in a foreign language because they know that for their specific career path, a foreign language will not be useful, and overall a waste of time (“Should Students Learn a Foreign Language”). However, as already previously stated, bilingual people are more marketable in the workforce. Although some do not want to learn a foreign language, it is unarguably benefticial in everyday
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