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I believe in learning foreign languages for numerous reasons. Languages are the biggest source of freedom for me as a result of with a language you can accomplish almost anything, anywhere. Languages allow you to live anywhere in the world, which means the world is the limit. New locations means innovative job opportunities, a unique culture, and new friends. To me that is the biggest source of freedom available to anyone who is willing to spend some time and effort into learning a innovative language. Especially considering how the world is ting minisculeer and smaller in terms of the international communication that is occuring on around the world. It might be trouble-free to not learn a language 50 years ago, but now to be on top one must learn a language. I believe in…show more content…
Also, if the other side knows both languages they can communicate on their own without the others knowing. On the basis of academics, I believe in the opportunities in research. For example, my mother is is working on her pHd in chemical engineering, but specifically working with rockets. However, almost all of the research is in German, so she has to attempt and search for for every german speakers to come and translate the material. Its not possible to simply use google translate or another translation program because those programs are typically spelndid for miniscule simple sentences without a great deal of accuracy. If she took each sentence apart or every word apart, it would take forever, this would be a major waste of time. One of my pet peeves is wasting time. If some task taskthing can be done in an easier manner then I desire to learn it. I desire to spend amount of time learning a another language instead of having to call a translator for each step of the way. Obviously you can travel, but it is much easier to travel to innovative undiscovered locations when you can greater experience by on more
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