Foreign Language In English Essay

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In the first place, there are many problems which are originated from learners and in this part of this essay; these problems are going to be explained. In Turkey, perception of learning a foreign language is affected different factors such as ideas; purposes, culture etc. according to Dogancay-Aktuna and Kızıltepe (2005) these factors include that “attitudes of Turkish students towards the British and Americans, motivational intensity, interest in foreign languages in general, attitudes towards learning English, instrumental and integrative orientation, English class anxiety, family encouragement, and feelings towards the English teacher and the English course.”(p. 259). English teaching and learning are cared by Turkish people. Karahan (2007) deals with English teaching in Turkey and explain “Many Turkish learners start learning English at high school; some others as early as primary school or even pre-school, yet the problem is that most are far from attaining the desired level of proficiency either in comprehensive or productive skills or in both.”(p. 74). One of these problems is that learners in Turkey see learning language as if it is a needless activity. The work of Karahan (2007) shows that English learners do not recognize English language position and advantages in their daily life and they postpone learning English till adulthood by the time they are forced by professional requirements. In addition to this problem, English learners not only cannot encourage each other both also they criticise each other pitilessly -especially while they are speaking- with unsuitable ways which make learning difficult. Turning to Karahan (2007), one finds that it is peculiar that students cannot connive their mistake while speaking Engl... ... middle of paper ... and ıts planning. Isık (2008) observes that this committee is under the influence of the party in power and this situation shows that it is troublesome to balance foreign language policies in Turkey. Because of these causes, in Turkey, any proper foreign language teaching policies have been shaped in pursuance of needs and facts yet. In addition to this problem, policy makers have a big responsibility in Turkey. Research by Sarıcoban (2012) suggests that curricula, textbooks, teaching methods and approaches which are designated by foreign language policy makers influence the achievement of foreign language education of Turkey and according to Sarıcoban (2012, p. 2647), “Although, resources and efforts have been expanded on the provision of English at the level of primary and higher education, policy objectives are not in concert with instructional practices.”
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