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The Growing Popularity of Extreme Sports

- Extreme Sports Over the past ten years I have noticed that my local snowboarding park has become more crowded every season, especially with younger kids. This has not only been the case for snowboarding, but for all extreme sports. I’ve noticed this trend at my local skateboarding park also. More so, there has been a noticeable increase of extreme sports being broadcast on television today than ever before. These changes caused me to ask the question: why have extreme sports become so popular to youngsters....   [tags: Extreme Sports]

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Articles on the Topic of Extreme Drought in Africa

- My topic is the extreme cases of droughts that are occurring throughout Africa. Drought is a local or regional lack of precipitation such that ability to raise crops and feed animals is seriously impaired. Our Environmental Science textbook covers this topic in chapters 9 and 20. Environmental Science is the branch of science concerned with environmental issues. My topic relates to environmental science because in developing countries such as Africa, food, water, clothing, medicine, and many other essential needs for life is extremely limited and situations such as droughts make it even harder for people to live and go through life....   [tags: Extreme Drought, Africa, Environmental Science, En]

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Extreme Measure Comes With Extreme Percaution

- “Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. We have taken the necessary security precautions and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect America and Americans.” President George W. Bush On September 11, 2001, terrorists initiated multiple attacks on America that took the lives of nearly three thousand innocent people. It was a day of destruction and horror that will be branded in the minds of many for a long time....   [tags: National Security]

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The Effects Of Extreme Dieting And Exercising

- Negative Effects of Extreme Dieting and Exercising Individuals today want to get fit and stay healthy and there is nothing wrong with doing so. But more often people make the mistake of doing more than what the body can handle. They believe they know what they are doing when it is actually the opposite. Extreme exercising and dieting can have negative repercussions on the body both physically and mentally. From unnatural weight loss to irregular mood swings, today, we will discuss the negative effects of extreme dieting and exercising....   [tags: Obesity, Physical exercise, Nutrition]

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An Inside Look at Extreme Programming

- ... Inspection is very important especially in terms of working in pairs and making sure work is correlated to reduce errors. Scheduling is rational, where programmers estimate tasks and then their schedule follows. Rather than having time-boxed slots that only allow a specific amount of time to complete work and time extensions are not part of the plan. In this developers can estimate time and progress at each stage and then plan their schedules as follows, this is very important in the stage that requires programmers to only work a 40 hour week, producing more effective proficient work during work hours....   [tags: software development methodologies]

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Going to Extreme Lengths in "The Crucible"

- Have you ever been overwhelmingly passionate about something that you would do anything it took to accomplish it. Sometimes people go to extreme lengths to get what they want. The Crucible is a play that shows us that trait. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams does just that. Abigail William's desire for John Proctor creates her dishonest and manipulative actions that affect the whole village. Abigail loves John Proctor even though he is already married and has a strong desire for him....   [tags: Crucible, Aurthur Miller, ]

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Greed Is The Extreme Or Excessive Desire

- Greed is the extreme or excessive desire to have more than what is necessary. In order for one to better understand the meaning of greed, one must also know the definitions of excessive and necessary. Excessive is more than what is necessary. Necessary is the basic requirements of life which can range depending on the needs of the individual. Greed is not part of human nature but the search for pleasure is. Pleasure is feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment. The search for pleasure and avoidance of pain is shared by all living things that have this ability....   [tags: Human, Humans, Prehistory, Religion]

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Evaluation : The Controversies Of Extreme Preemies

- Evaluation: The Controversies of Extreme Preemies Of all the babies that are admitted to NICUs, prematurely born children seem to be the most controversial. The controversy begins because sometimes parents must make an agonizing ethical choice of whether or not to keep their child alive when machines are the only thing doing so. Every life is worth trying to save, but there may be a point, financially, physically, and mentally, when the survival of preemies may be doing more harm than good to both the child and their parents....   [tags: Childbirth, Preterm birth, Magnesium sulfate]

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Taking a Look at Extreme Couponing

- The average American spends $151 a week on groceries; adding up to $604 a month which is taken out of the hard earned pay check of the household. It is not a mystery why shoppers would want to use coupons to attempt to bring down this cost. Efficient shoppers understand the value of spending the time to meticulously plan each trip to the grocery store to fit in as many coupons as possible. Joanie Demer quit her job in order to spend her time maximizing the benefits from couponing. When couponing, the best way to save is doubling up the coupons to utilize the voucher to its fullest extent; extreme couponers will hoard several copies of a newspaper or magazine in order to stock up on the coup...   [tags: saving money on purchases]

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The Extreme Practices Of Solitary Confinement

- This article focuses on the extreme practices of solitary confinement that maximize isolation and the sensory deprivation of prisoners in the United States. While on record the largest prisoner hunger strike, was a result of a protest to California 's use of indefinite solitary confinement and the cruel punishment it ensued. Although the strikers failed to reach their central goals they did bring focus nationally and internationally to the troubling aspects of a failing prison system. The hunger strike involved approximately thirty thousand prisoners and lasted a period of sixty days ending on September 5, 2013....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Cruel and unusual punishment]

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Extreme Parenting : A Difficult Job

- Extreme Parenting In the contemporary world, parenting is a difficult job. Different parenting styles will result in different outcomes. Amy Chua, an author who published a controversial article about parenting her children in an “authoritarian” way. Authoritarian parenting is a way to restrict your children away from participating in any activities besides academic-related. She believes academics are more important than everything else so she does not let her children choose their own extracurricular activities and get any grade less than A....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Parent, Childhood]

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The Extreme Practices Of Solitary Confinement

- This article focuses on the extreme practices of solitary confinement that maximize isolation and the sensory deprivation of prisoners in the United States. While on record the largest prisoner hunger strike, was a result of a protest to California 's use of indefinite solitary confinement and the cruel punishment it ensued. Although the strikers failed to reach their central goals they did bring focus nationally and internationally to the troubling aspects of a failing prison system. The hunger strike involved approximately thirty thousand prisoners and lasted a period of sixty days ending on September 5, 2013....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Cruel and unusual punishment]

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Extreme Parenting By Amy Chua

- Extreme Parenting When Amy Chua, a professor at Yale, wrote her personal memoir in 2011 called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, controversy arose regarding the topic of an extreme parenting type called a “Tiger Mom” (Tiger Mom). When The Wall Street Journal posted an excerpt from Chua’s book on their website, it received over 7,000 comments both positive and negative including death threats (Extreme Parenting). In her book, Chua describes is forcing her 7-year old daughter to stay up all night without bathroom or drink breaks until she was able to play a certain piano piece (Extreme Parenting)....   [tags: Childhood, Mother, Parent, The Child]

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Extreme Isolation Of Mice And Men

- Anshul Joshi Ms. Fox Period 5 English 23 November 2014 Extreme isolation in the form of solitary confinement is known to have devastating effects on the mind, having a strong effect on how people treat others. Unfortunately, this sense of loneliness can often manifest in negativity towards others. In Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men, characters often bring down others as a result of their own isolation. This isolation results in a man using his power to unfairly hurt his workers, a discriminated against worker taking advantage of a mentally-disabled man, and a dissatisfied woman cruelly insulting a lower class worker....   [tags: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Man, Novella]

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Tiger Is The Most Extreme Case

- In the past few years, societies have been criticising tiger parenting style. Tiger parenting refers to the way parents are overly protective and strict to their children. People claim it does not create any good for children but harms. Amy Chua, the Tiger Mum, is the most extreme case. People on media even called her ‘a wimp’ just because she doesn’t treat her daughters well like other parents. This is totally unfair. Chua or any other Tiger mothers should not be blamed or judged by others just because they want to raise their little tiger in their way....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Operant conditioning, Childhood]

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Extreme Poverty And Its Effects

- In life most people experience trials and conflicts. Fortunately many of us are able to find jobs, ask for assistance from friends family or even programs to aide us through those times. However what if those options were not available to you. What quality of life would you and/or your children experience. All over the World people live this reality everyday, They are forced to not only live in poverty, but some in what is known as extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is defined by The World Bank as life on less than $1.25/day....   [tags: Poverty, United States, Homelessness]

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Global Poverty and Extreme Poverty

- I chose to investigate the topic of global poverty. Global poverty is a very important and pressing issue. About 1.2 billion people are living in extreme poverty, a term that is defined as living on $1.25 or less (The World Bank 2013). Poverty is the lack and deprivation of basic necessities. With poverty, comes a wide range of difficulties and hardships. The story of one of these 1.2 billion people was recorded by Brittany Aubin in 2013. Bon, a seven year-old Burmese refugee in Thailand, is noticeably small....   [tags: neccesities, illness, economics]

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Body Expectations : Extreme Measures

- Body Expectations: Extreme Measures In a society similar to the one of the United States, individual’s body images are placed on a pedestal. Society is extremely powerful in the sense that it has the capability of creating or breaking a person’s own views of his or her self worth. The pressure can take over and make people conduct in unhealthy behavior till reaching the unrealistic views of “perfection.” In an article by Caroline Heldman, titled Out-of-Body Image, the author explains the significance of self-objectification and woman’s body image....   [tags: Woman, Female, Barbie, Self-esteem]

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Extreme Gambling: Addiction or Obsession?

- Gambling in the United States seems to be as American as apple pie. Going to the convenience store to pick up your weekly lottery ticket, then day dreaming about what you would do if you won. I have actually calculated how much I would give to each family member, how many houses I would buy and trips I would take. Once a year I take my wife to the casino for her birthday. We take a couple hundred dollars and spend all night at the roulette table, then end the night at the slot machine. It can be an expensive and rewarding night out....   [tags: Pathological Gambling, Gambling Addictions]

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An Extreme Abuse Of Discretion

- In October 2014 Judge Franklin exhibited an extreme abuse of discretion when he failed to recuse himself under 28 U.S.C. § 455 (B) (5) (iii). Judge Franklin had knowledge that his son, Steven Franklin, was an equitable partner with the Owens and Davis law firm representing the plaintiff in the case before him. 28 U.S.C. § 455 (B) (5) (iii) states “[A judge] shall also disqualify himself in the following circumstances: (5) He or his spouse, or a person within the third degree of relationship to either of them, or the spouse of such a person: (iii) Is known by the judge to have an interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding.” 28 U.S.C....   [tags: Law, Court, Judiciary, Judge]

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The Economy 's Extreme Sensitivity

- 1. The Honduran economy’s extreme sensitivity to a wide range of shocks—internal and external, endogenous and exogenous—is largely responsible for its pattern of slow and uneven growth punctuated by repeated crashes. Honduras’ economy is small, open, largely agricultural and predominantly informal. A lack of physical and institutional infrastructure, an adverse business climate, burdensome regulations and high security costs discourage investment, inhibit diversification and slow the reallocation of capital and labor, creating structural rigidities on the supply side....   [tags: Macroeconomics, Economics, Agriculture, Coffee]

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Extreme Sports: A Reaction to Extreme Technology

- Extreme Sports: A Reaction to Extreme Technology Many people in America work at jobs where they are separated from Nature and other people, sectioned off in cublicles, plugged into a machine, doing work which neither challenges their intellect nor is fulfilling personally. As a result, a separation forms not only between others and from Nature itself, but from themselves, and their purpose in life. A feeling develops that are not living life to the fullest. Much of our interaction these days is "virtual interaction", taking place between us and a screen....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Extreme Euphemisms

- When most Americans think of the word “torture”, images of barbaric and savage individuals inflicting pain in repulsively innovative ways are what usually come to mind. Torture is what foreigners do, because, as Americans, we are too civilized and morally superior to engage in such behavior. In “Regarding the Torture of Others,” Susan Sontag argues that because American readers and the culture have become a sexually charged and violent entity concerned with having “fun,” the heinous photos depicting the torture of terrorists at Abu Ghraib is as much their fault, as it is the Bush administration’s....   [tags: Language]

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Extreme Cuisines

- While every culture has its own standards for what is socially acceptable, what is considered acceptable for some, may be considered odd for others. Humans need food in order to sustain life, but some extreme cuisines are hard to stomach. Imagine swallowing the still beating heart of a snake or snacking on cockroaches, crawling grubs and a salad of bugs. A delicacy in some cultures is disgusting for others. What we eat says a lot about who we are. It is a clear case of nurture over nature; what a person chooses to eat depends very much on where they are born and raised....   [tags: culture, food, delicacy]

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Extreme Political Polarization

- Extreme Political Polarization The political climate today is increasingly becoming more turbulent as Republicans and Democrats volley for superiority in Washington. The two parties are becoming more polarized by the hour, and this is affecting the ability of the government to move forward and pass legislation and continue to improve America. The Senate is in a state of gridlock on some of the most important issues to the people of the United States to date, and yet the senators which the people elected are instead caught up in fighting the people on the other side of the aisle....   [tags: Politics]

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Extreme Environmentalists By Burning And Destroying Things

- What comes to mind when you see the words, Extreme Environmentalists. Do you think of just people going crazy by burning and destroying things. The term has been loosely defined and used in different ways such as stated above, and also the real definition which is, people who protest against environmental destruction: deforestation, desertification, and so on. What they are protesting about is not just to seem insane or crazy as human beings. They are trying to get their word out on how they feel about certain situations and it seems their voice is not being heard unless they terrorize such things they are against....   [tags: Natural environment, Earth, Protest, Environment]

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The Effects Of Extreme Temper Tantrums On Children

- Extreme Temper Tantrums: Positively Approaching and Reducing them In Children To first deal with children exhibiting severe and intense temper tantrums, there are reasons them that must first be recognized. Some of the reasons may have much more simple solutions. For example a child may seriously not be getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Although that may be the case, there are several other much less shallow reasons for children having extreme temper tantrums. If these outbursts are not controlled and dealt with by the parent or teacher then it can lead to an emotionally dangerous cycle for the child....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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The Extreme Capitalist Values Of Industrial America

- During the New Industrial Age in America, many aspects of American life were in flux. People were moving from rural areas to large population centres and factories were booming. This was also when America started to become an extremely capitalist country, with values to match. The economy was set up in a way that lower class Americans struggled to make a living, and as such child labour came into play. Children would work in factories that had conditions barely suitable for adults, let alone still developing children....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Working class, Capitalism]

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Extreme Differences Between A Smoker And A Nonsmoker

- Extreme Differences of Life When I was a little boy, I used to see a lot of people holding a little staff, named Cigarette, and always had the curiosity to try or know it. But I have the luck of my parents have taught me that this stuff is unhealthy. There are big differences between a smoker and a nonsmoker, an example the different life involving how the person behaves in his life or routine, the differences in risk factors and determinants of genuine stress incontinence, the diseases generate by its frequent use, the cigarette addiction and treatment....   [tags: Cigarette, Smoking, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking]

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Extreme Ethical Violation Of Law Enforcement

- Most Extreme Ethical Violation Of the ten cases previously discussed, two stick out as being more extreme ethical violations compared with the others. The cases involving Sergeant O’Neill with the Snohomish County (WA) Sheriff’s Office and Officer Nicholas Pontore with the Watervaliet (NY) Police Department both involved providing information regarding ongoing investigations. Not only did this information help the criminals evade arrest, it created the potential for harm to law enforcement officers who were investigating those cases....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Constable, Crime]

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Two Extreme Views on Gun Control

- Take away all registered guns in America and abolish the second amendment and now America is the least violent country in the world. That’s the opposite of what my family NRA (National Rifle Association) card holding friend would say he simply disagrees. (Babcock) “You would leave the general American public defenseless against all the criminals that would still possess firearms.” (Babcock). It’s an obvious problem facing the American society today. “America is the most violent nation in the Western World” (Strahinich 23)....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Voting Based Extreme Learning Machine

- ... Sundararajan, H. J. Kim, A fully complex-valued radial basis function classifier for real valued classification problems, Neu- rocomputin305 g 78 (1) (2012) 104–110. [4] R. Savitha, S. Suresh, N. Sundararajan, A fully complex valued radial basis function network and its learning algorithm, International Journal of Neural Systems 19 (4) (2009) 253–267. [5] G.-B. Huang, M.-B. Li, L. Chen, C. K. Siew, Incremental extreme learning 310 machine with fully complex hidden nodes, Neurocomputing 71 (4-6) (2008) 576–583....   [tags: decision making, real valued classification]

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Extreme Frugality: An American Co-culture

- Several months ago I began to suspect that a new acquaintance had some unusual ideas about money. Her Facebook posts and conversation starters revolved around living a frugal lifestyle and her approach, at least at the time, seemed quite novel. The Great Recession has certainly forced all of us to reevaluate our spending behaviors and tighten up our proverbial belts a few notches. In fact, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) conducted a poll in January that shows many of us are experiencing “frugal fatigue.” Cunningham, an NFCC spokesperson, says that “…66 percent (of respondents), indicated they were tired of pinching pennies… ,” but, “(t)he interesting finding is that mor...   [tags: Finance]

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Can We Reduce Extreme Poverty?

- We entered the 21st Century with 6.6 billion people and our generation’s challenges become bigger. Reading an article on I found out that according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, one person in eight on this planet suffered from chronic undernourishment in 2010 to 2012 (p. 2). Extreme poverty is an extremely debated issue and it’s about today’s world population that live with one dollar a day. 70% of them live on the African continent and the rest are dispersed between Asia and South America, according to Paul Collier in The Bottom Billion (2007)....   [tags: Poverty Essays]

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Describing all Phobias, but Particularly Coulrophobia and Monophobia

- Introduction In this paper I will be describing phobias and fear, but more specifically coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) and Monophobia (the fear of being alone). I also will describe possible causes of phobias, the history of phobias, how fear is helpful in small amounts, what fear does to someone and how to defeat it. Fear is present in all people but some more than others and I would like to know why. The definition of a phobia is “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”....   [tags: extreme fear]

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Extreme Roles of Women in Sports

- Extreme Roles of Women in Sports Sports are so prevalent and popular these days that we often see them as symbolic of real-life issues and real-life drama. The football field can illustrate the battle between good and evil. The baseball pitcher, nearing retirement, can come back to give one last game and wow the crown one last time before gracefully surrendering the field. Isn't that what sports represent. The good guys (i.e. your baseball team) go to battle against the bad guys. It's not quite war, but it might as well be war without causalities....   [tags: Females Athletics Gender Papers]

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The Extreme Right in Britain

- The Extreme Right in Britain Introduction Perhaps, one of the highly debated issues in the electoral procedures of different European nations is about the extreme right. Based on the premise that the nation is the primary unit of social and political organization, extremist nationalism has been revived since the demise of communism. Unlike civic nationalism, which stresses equality and solidarity, the exaggerated, chauvinistic, and aggressive nationalism of the extreme right upholds the significance of the nation and national identity against any other value....   [tags: Political Politics]

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Factors of Extreme Heat Waves in US during 2012

- 1. Introduction July 2012 was the hottest month in the history of the United States. Besides breaking previous summer records in record-holder books, the heat waves caused billions of damage to society. During that year, United States also witnessed numerous massive tornadoes, ice storms, wind storms, wildfires, droughts and hurricanes. Is it over. Are we going to witness similar extreme events in the future. This essay will try to answer all those questions mainly discussing factors which caused those extreme events....   [tags: Greenhouse, United States, climate]

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The Extreme Right Party Electorate in Western Europe

- The extreme right parties in Western Europe emerged successfully in the 1980s. Evans (2005) argues how their surge effectively moved them from outcasts to political entrepreneurs. From this wave of success to the present day, a number of socio-economic and political factors have facilitated a change in the socio- demographic of the party’s electorate over time. However, what has become significantly interesting in new analysis is that their electorate patterns are becoming increasingly similar across countries despite electoral success (Hainsworth, 2008)....   [tags: Socio-Demographic Profile, Western Europe]

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Abortion in Extreme Circumstances Only

- Abortion Abortion is the induced termination of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is capable of survival. This issue has created moral and social concern since the beginning of time. Individuals as well as the church, which is very influential on some people, have had to take a stand on either side of this controversial issue. There are many different views being taken on abortion making the decision of right or wrong that much more difficult to make. The act of aborting a fetus deals with a very complex definition of what a human life is....   [tags: Papers Pregnancy]

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The Sports of Korfball, Extreme Ironing, Underwater Hockey and Rugby

- Baseball, hockey, korfball anyone. The wide world of sports ranges from the predictable to the obscure. You can play korfball with the people of the Netherlands, go to the extreme ironing world championship near Munich, Germany, or play underwater hockey or rugby with the New Jersey Hammerheads, or any of the other seven teams in the United States. No matter how strange these sports sound or seem, people play them. Korfball is a co-ed sport similar to basketball, except it is typically played on a large, grassy field....   [tags: sports, ]

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Voting Based Neural Network: Extreme Learning Machine

- ... Selection of the subset of the classifiers is done using ensemble pruning methods. Ensemble pruning not only reduces the complexity of the algorithm but might even improve the generalization as proved by the concept “Many could be better than all” [11]. So far many ensemble pruning methods have been proposed. Mainly ensemble pruning [12] approaches are categorized into three types. a). Ordering Based Pruning: In this pruning approach the classifiers are arranged using some criteria and some of the top classifiers are selected as a Pruned Ensemble (PE)....   [tags: optimization, pruning, ]

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A Brief Note On Extreme Outdoor Recreation Participation

- Gender difference in Extreme Outdoor Recreation Participation Overall, it appears the common theme is that extreme outdoor recreation is dominated by men. From the initial google image search it was decided that the first page and its associated images were to be analysed due to the images being ‘best fit’ for the search. From this, 32 images were shown, 1 included a woman (3.125%). Even though woman were not shown in numbers, the quality of their participation was of interest. In this initial search the 1 image portrayed the woman as an active participant of extreme outdoor recreation (figure 1)....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Sociology]

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Organisms Response to the Increases in Extreme Weather Events

- ... Some of these tropical areas around the globe will also receive an increase in rainfall over many parts of the tropics (Legates et al. 1990). With this added rainfall and higher average temperatures some tropical rainforests would show an increase in forest cover. Allowing greater growth or an alteration in biodiversity and tropic levels within these stable, tropical environments (Petchey et al. 1999). With this evolutionary rapid increase in temperature many organisms must alter their responses faster than previously needed....   [tags: carbon dioxide, global increase in temperature]

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Obesity and Eating Disorders: The Two Extreme Eating Behaviors

- On the eating spectrum, there seems to be two opposite extremes, obesity and eating disorders. Most people would categorize their eating behavior as normal or between these two extremes. However, these two conditions are still prevalent in society today. Although rare, eating disorders and obesity have a long history of origin. These conditions, while requiring attention and response, created other concepts and theories. Restraint theory is one that stemmed from curious minds of different eating behavior....   [tags: obesity, eating disorder, restraint theory]

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Parents Are Putting Extreme Burden On Children 's Education

- There is so much pressure to be successful that parents are putting extreme burdens on their children’s education. Unfortunately, this can lead to anxiety and stress on both parents and children. When does helping a child succeed interfere with their educational and mental well being. Helicopter parenting is becoming more extreme in the past few years, the pressure to be the perfect family is causing undo stress on the student and creating the opposite of perfection, failure. The Oxford Dictionary defines Helicopter parent as “ a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children”(Oxford)....   [tags: Parenting, Slow parenting, Adult, Parent]

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Proposed Solutions to Extreme Cases of Animal Abuse

- ... One cause behind the continuation of animal abuse is the lack of adequate and effective humane law enforcement organizations. In many instances of animal abuse, the cases are not reported. However, even when cases are brought to the attention of humane law enforcement, many are not resolved in a suitable manner. Often humane law enforcement organizations receive numerous complaints, leaving them unable to answer each complaint in a short period of time. As Matthew Bershadker stated in an interview for the New York Times article, “Animal Abuse Calls will now go to Police,” the A.S.P.C.A....   [tags: media attention, violence, theory]

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Extreme Passion Illustrated in Peter Shaffer's Play, Equus

- One definition of madness is "mental delusion or the eccentric behavior arising from it." But Emily Dickenson wrote Much madness is divinest Sense- To a discerning Eye- Novelists and playwrights have often seen madness with a "discerning Eye." Select a novel or play in which a character's apparent madness or irrational behavior plays an important role. Then write a well-organized essay in which you explain what this delusion or eccentric behavior consists of and how it might be judged reasonable....   [tags: Peter Shaffer, Equus]

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The United Nations : The Middle Of Some Of The Most Extreme Global

- We all can vouch and agree that within these past years America has been in the middle of some of the most extreme global deliberations. The United Nations deal with issues such as poverty, financial crisis, race and war a lot of which are taking place outside the United Nation. Consequently, many have pondered the United Nations involvement in them all; which has prompted the question of whether the burdensome and strenuous problems and failures we as a country has gone through over time have in fact stunt the contribution of the United Nation in our society....   [tags: United Nations, United Nations Security Council]

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The Doctrine Of Mean Is Too Extreme Or Deficient Of Good Morals

- The doctrine of mean is means to avoid behavior that is too extreme or deficient of good morals. The ends-means rule is saying that the ends justifies the mean, or do whatever it takes to reach your goal. This is the exact attitude that the banks and insurance companies had when it came to making their money. Although the ends-means rule sounds bad it can also be put to use in a positive way. If goals of the people involved were noble, and the actions they took to reach those goals were noble then we can say the ends do justify the means....   [tags: Subprime mortgage crisis, Goldman Sachs]

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A Woman’s Place: The Catastrophe of Sexism Taken to the Extreme

- Are women equal to men. Are they essentially the same or wholly different beings. How are women to be treated and what is their position. In 1892 when this story was written, a woman’s place was at home and she was to be submissive to her husband. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author, was a feminist who disagreed with this principle. Her discontentment with a woman’s role in society, their medical treatment in regards to mental disorders, and the institution of marriage are evident in her writing....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Dystrophin Protein And Its Effects On The Body Of Extreme Significance

- Introduction Dystrophin is the protein that is commonly associated with the two forms of muscular dystrophy: Duchenne’s and Becker. This protein is found is muscle fibers, retinal isoforms, tissues of the brain and kidneys, as well as Schwann cells and Purkinje neurons in the central nervous system (Murphy et al. 2016). Since the dystrophin protein is found in organs and places in the body of extreme significance, if this protein mutated it could cause severe symptoms like the ones that occur in muscular dystrophy, a disease that is incurable and leads to death....   [tags: Muscle, Myosin, Muscular system, Cytoskeleton]

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Children With Ebd Is An Extreme Condition, Depression, And Social Withdrawal

- The DSM identifies two main subcategories of children with EBD based on (a) externalizing and (b) internalizing behaviors (Kauffman, 2009). Externalizing behaviors included forms of aggression or disruption in the classroom. Internalizing behaviors included anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal. Students with EBD can display both internalizing and externalizing behaviors simultaneously. Garner (2014) offered a single realization as to why students with EBD struggle in school, “EBD is an extreme, chronic condition that does not respond to typical interventions” (p.37)....   [tags: Psychology, Behavior, Human behavior, Stereotype]

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Extreme Human Emotions are the Sole Product of Biological Functioning

- It has been claimed that human emotions are the sole product of biological functioning. The James Lange Theory of Emotion (1884) proposes that there are three components of emotions which can be attributed to the automatic nervous system (ANS). The three components are Cognition (appraisal of the event), Action (Fight or flight) and Feeling (Aspect of the emotion). Here we see that a biological attribution of emotion has been in place since the 1800s and has been common knowledge for some time. This essay will assess and examine evidence that has been provided to support the idea that emotions are the product of biology....   [tags: The James Lange Theory, psychology]

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Bobos Is Short For Bourgeois Life And Extreme Political Movement

- Even though Bobos are more known as seeing as people who rebel their liberation in the daily lives and extreme political movement against the government. Bobos is short for Bourgeois Bohemians. Bobos are people who are born in upper-middle and capitalist class. Bobos are easily compared with the people who does not belong to upper-middle class. They have strong feelings about their class status that they were born into. They have more strong political movement, and they have cultural tastes that are very similar to their lifestyle....   [tags: Social class, Middle class, Working class]

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Perfect Competitive And Monopoly Are The Extreme Of Market Structures

- Perfect competitive and monopoly are the extreme of market structures. Therefore, the supply and price decision are totally difference between perfect competitive and monopoly. As, perfect competitive, where there are many firm competing, none of which is large and freedom to entry and all firm products are homogenous products. Slomans, Wride and Garatt (2012) states firms are price takers. There are so many firms in the industry that each one producers an insignificantly small portion of total industry supply , and therefore has no power whatsoever to affect the price of the product since if firms rise the price, customers can choose another firm to consume which are lots of firm in market....   [tags: Monopoly, Perfect competition, Economics]

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The Ugly Side of Extreme Weight Loss Reality Shows

- What does it mean to be healthy. Is it a number on the scale, the size pants a person wears, being able to run a mile or is it something that cannot be seen by the naked eye. America has become the fattest nation and the most delusional at how to truly be healthy. With so many people striving to lose weight the focus has shifted from getting healthy to who can lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time. Reality shows like “The Biggest Loser” has glorified extreme weight loss and has given viewers unrealistic expectations when trying to lose weight and get healthy....   [tags: Health, The Biggest Loser, Overweight, Fitness]

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Living with the Extreme Fear Created by Anxiety Disorders

- ... 1073). Animal phobias include fear of specific animals, like fear of rats, fear of spiders, and fear of dogs. Natural environment phobias involve fear of heights, fear of water, fear of the dark, fear of storms, and many others. Blood-injection-injury phobias include fear of injury, fear of blood, fear of needles, and other medical procedures. On the other hand, examples of situational phobias – fears triggered by specific situations – include fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of bridges, among many others (Smith et al., 2013)....   [tags: mental, phobia, treatment]

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Extreme Wealth Is Bad For Everyone- Especially The Wealthy

- In the article “Extreme Wealth is Bad for Everyone- Especially the Wealthy” published on November 12, 2014 for The New Republic, the main argument is whether wealth is beneficial for people in terms of society, happiness, and life or not. Geared towards the common public, based on the fact that the source is for commercial entertainment, Michael Lewis successfully points out that wealth is indeed a negative influence on people’s lives. However, Lewis would have struggled with successfully conveying his ideas on the effects of wealth with a more educated audience because he failed to point out both sides of the argument....   [tags: Wealth, Poverty, Concept, Capital accumulation]

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Social Welfare Is A Necessary Evil For Extreme Circumstances

- From the conservative side, social welfare is a necessary evil for extreme circumstances, but the more far left attitude towards social welfare, one where the state and market operate hand in hand, as opposed to being as estranged as possible, is not necessarily as catastrophic as might be expected by Americans.  The current European economic crisis, besides the collapse of the Soviet Union, is often pointed to as the premier example of how government involvement in markets is catastrophic.  However, it is not necessarily the case that welfare spending caused the collapse (Krugman, 2012)....   [tags: Unemployment, United States, U.S. state, Welfare]

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High School Writing : An Extreme Struggle For Me

- Before my senior year in high school writing was an extreme struggle for me, I never had confidence it what I wrote. I felt as the only reason I would get passing grades on my papers was do more to the fact that my teachers were trying to rush through the papers in order to be done with them, rather than my ability as a writer. I felt like this was a reoccurring theme since I had entered middle school, because of this I felt my confidence as a writer slip from me slowly but surely. This continued until I Mrs....   [tags: Writing, Paper, English-language films]

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Extreme Sli Gpu The Virtual Reality Coming Alive

- Extreme SLI GPU-The Virtual reality coming alive With the arrival Titan, GTX 1080 brings the landmark in the gaming experience. With GTX 1080 price South Africa are quite reasonable if you are thinking about gaming upgrade. It is a giant step in performance, along with faster in performance, the GeForce GTX 1080 is manufactured with the very most up-to-date technology to deliver extraordinary performance and effectiveness, giving gamers the oomph to play the latest games with settings maxed out....   [tags: Personal computer, Laptop, Solid-state drive]

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Stress At Extreme Measures Can Cause Mental Illnesses

- What is stress?What relieves stress for people?Stress relievers are things people do to to take away or temporarily dispense stress in their life.Without stress reliefs their problems slowly mentally challenge a person negatively. Stress at extreme measures can cause mental illnesses and even permanent mental disorders into people 's’ lives forever. I became to have problems with stress too.I almost let stress get the best of me too. It was a day in mid november, Spirit Lake was playing the game before state....   [tags: 2008 singles, English-language films, Goal]

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Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer: Extreme Characters

- Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer – Extreme Characters The Adventures of Huckleberry, Finn by Mark Twain, follows Huck, a young boy, through his adventures down the Mississippi River. Through his adventures and many obstacles with Jim, a loyal run-away slave, Huck changes and becomes more mature. He overcomes his carelessness and prank playing that he had at the expense of other people. Towards the end of his journey he is reunited with his old and close friend Tom Sawyer. The two once were very similar but now have many differences which are quite obvious....   [tags: Literary Characters]

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Extreme Nationalist, Hitler’s Rise into Power

- Extreme Nationalist, Hitler’s Rise into Power In 1933, a widely known nationalist figure known as Adolf Hitler, rose into power as chancellor of Germany. Germany’s weak government and economic stability gave an enormous opportunity for a new leader to take control. With this control and power, Hitler and his party, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazi party for short, Hitler rapidly set up concentration camps, created the Gestapo, and began his massacre of 6 million Jews....   [tags: great depression, hitler, dictatorial power]

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Extreme Programming Up Front Design Methodologies

- ... Meanwhile the design is kept simple (Fowler). Simple is a key word in XP. In fact, Martin Fowler's essay (Fowler) seems to make it XP's core. However, what exactly is meant by simplicity will depend on multiple factors. As Martin Fowler defines it, he lists the following (Fowler): it runs all the tests, reveals all the intentions, does not have duplicated code, and has the fewest number of classes or methods. “runs all the tests” seems to imply that a program's testing such as JUnit returns with a pass....   [tags: design, bulit, programming]

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Extreme Depictions of Feminism

- Extreme Depictions of Feminism in John Irving's The World According to Garp and Catherine MacKinnon's Sexuality In the classroom, in popular culture and in suburbia, to call someone or something 'extreme' is enough to completely eliminate his, her or its credibility. 'Extreme' has become a derogatory comment. In this paper, I will be dealing with two extreme depictions of feminism; one from John Irving's novel The World According to Garp and the other Catherine MacKinnon's essay "Sexuality." It is important to keep in mind that some have argued that the extreme views of any movement for social change are important because they push boundaries and make other voices of the movement sound mor...   [tags: John Irving World According to Garp]

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Different Definitions of Extreme Happiness

- Throughout history, and even to this day, humans has spent all their lives striving for one thing, supreme happiness. And to define this term, many people depending on their culture and background, would each have a different definition. Whether it's wealth, long life, or material, none of would be able to offer a person true happiness. Because while one spend their entire life seeking wealth and materials, one will soon realize that he has been neglecting other aspects of his life that are worth far beyond materialistic values....   [tags: dhammacakkapavattana sutta, buddhist, noble truths]

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Extreme Sports

- Extreme Sports Works Cited Missing “Extreme sports have boomed since the early '90s” (Petrecca 16). It is hard to believe that such activities as sky diving, snowboarding, bungee jumping, and the up and coming razor scooter have been labeled as so-called “extreme sports”. What characteristics must a sport have to labeled extreme. Perhaps it is the lack of safety, or the inability to create specific rules for these sports. Maybe it is the fact that these sports are just recently becoming mainstream so there is no other classification other than extreme sports....   [tags: Skydiving Snowboarding Sporting Essays]

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Extreme Rationalism

- Extreme Rationalism Rationalism is the idea that we can gain knowledge through the processes of mind alone. Empiricism is the idea that we can only gain knowledge through the senses. Empiricism has been adopted by the Western world because it is the foundation of the scientific approach to life that we use. Various popular sayings such as 'seeing is believing' and 'I heard it with my own ears', show that we accept the use of the senses without question....   [tags: Papers]

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Extreme Roles

- Extreme Roles In every country, city, town and neighborhood in the world, there are stereotypes. We all live in a classified area where you can be regarded as rich, poor or middle class. Within those three types there becomes sub-categories, where ethnicity , gender and sexuality also become a part of the environment. The list goes on and on. In David H. Hwang’s M. Butterfly, the roles of men and women in the Eastern and Western society are extremely limited in that men and women are both expected to act there part....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Commercialization of Extreme Sports (X Sports)

- The Commercialization of Extreme Sports (X Sports) ABSTRACT For years, extreme sports had little to nothing in common with each other except for high risk, and an appeal to women and men from the ages of 12 to 34. Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN), realizing this age group was a prime viewing audience, brought together several extreme sports and created yet another commercialized sporting spectacle. Since 1995, this television network has produced the Summer X Games. After these summer productions proved to be successful television and live spectator events, ESPN expanded into the winter extreme sports....   [tags: X Sports]

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Voltaire's Candide Exposes Extreme Optimism

- Philosophy of Extreme Optimism in Candide It is often said that a person's life is shaped when he or she is a child. This is very much so with Candide - Pangloss was his tutor in "metaphysico-theologo-cosmolonigology" (Voltaire 18) since Candide was a child, and instilled into Candide's mind his philosophy of extreme optimism. Pangloss belief that "all is for the best in this world" (24) somewhat stays with Candide throughout his travels and is more of a burden to him than anything else....   [tags: Candide essays]

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Germany Wasn´t the Sole Cause of World War One

- The first global world war that led to the death of millions of people and the use of excessive chemical weapons, tanks, and machine guns that the world has ever witnessed is accused by Germany’s violent actions and their extreme ideologies, but some others argue Germany was not the sole cause of the war. In an attempt to dominate the world, Germany enforced their extreme ideologies to the rest of Europe. Many scholars believe that Germany fueled World War 1 because Germany believed that they should conquer the weak....   [tags: extreme ideologies, nationalism, Russia]

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The Work Breakdown Structure Is Classified As A Waterfall Methodology

- In this case study, the work breakdown structure is classified as a waterfall methodology where it is more rigid whereas eXtreme programming (XP) would be considered under the agile approach. The work breakdown structure (WBS) is a hierarchical structure that outlines tasks needed to deliver the product or service. This traditional project management tool can provide many key benefits for Sabre because they have recently relied on a large modelling software package to help their company make flight schedules more profitable....   [tags: Project management, Extreme Programming]

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The Rosewood Massacre: Racism in the 1900's

- Racial unrest and violence was prevalent throughout the United States in the early 1900’s. It was hard to go any amount of time without hearing of the lynching of a black citizen, a violent mob against black people, or large riots of killing blacks. In Rosewood, Florida, an incident of high caliber and commotion occurred during these moments of extreme racial segregation. These Rosewood incidents became public knowledge as the entire population of blacks chose to move out of the small city. These black citizens were in fear for their lives as many racially heinous and violent crimes were occurring against the people of their same race....   [tags: extreme racial violence]

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Rainwater Harvesting: Conserving Water at DHS

- Decatur High School uses water for numerous tasks on a daily basis. Whether its watering schools lawns, washing animals at the Ag building, watering greenhouse plants, or cooking in the cafeteria and washing one’s hands; DHS could not function without the readily available supply of water. Unfortunately, water has become scarcer in Texas over the past few years, because of extreme drought conditions. Due to the limited supply of water in Wise County and surrounding areas, DHS should install a rainwater harvesting system....   [tags: Extreme Drought, Irrigation]

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Torture as an Interrogation Device

- ... However, every lead obtained under duress proved to be false. In 2002 Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen, was seized by US agents and interrogated for several days before being sent to Syria for further probing. After ten months Arar falsely confessed to having been trained in Afghanistan even though he had never been to that country. Four years later, the Canadian government acknowledged that Arar was innocent of all accusations. Going back to the middle of the 20th century, an American pilot confessed to his Japanese captures that the United States had an inventory of over 100 atomic bombs and that Tokyo and Kyoto were its next targets even though the pilot had no knowledge whatsoever of t...   [tags: extreme methods of eliciting information]

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Extra-tropical Storms, Extreme Weather Should We Worry or Not?

- In recent news, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has released the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of Working Group I. The AR5 increased the certainty of human caused climate change from 90% to 95%. The AR5 was published in September of 2013 and is set for finalization in 2014. It is expected to present a clearer view on the current climate conditions. It consists of three Working Groups (WGs) and a Synthesis Report (SYR). In section 6 of chapter 2, the IPCC-AR5 discusses the current storm trends of extra-tropical storms and extreme climate events overall....   [tags: Climate Change, Government]

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Extreme Execution, Flexible Phases, And X Team Support Structure

- Extreme Execution, Flexible Phases, and X-Team Support Structure 1. Describe the X-Team principle of Extreme Execution. Discuss how to create a safe culture for extreme execution. Describe the tools that can facilitate Extreme Execution. This principle states that in other for a team to successfully execute a project it has to internally coordinate and integrate the efforts of both the internal and external activities this includes .The integration of internal and external activity includes scouting ambassadorship and task coordination ,decision making and problem solving....   [tags: Activity, Task]

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