An Inside Look at Extreme Programming

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Extreme programming roots evolved from Kent Beck and Ware Cunningham working together on a research group at Tektronix and the collaboration used on the project. (Larman, pg. 170) Extreme programming really became known during the Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation (C3) project where Kent Beck took personal risk in deciding which factor of programming to emphasize. As the methods taken became known as Extreme Programming (XP) the founders are often considered to be Ward Cunningham (the inventor), Kent Beck (the articulator), and Ron Jeffries (the realizer). (Unknown, Software Development Methodologies) The team worked together during the extent of the Chrysler Corporation project, which was the first large-scale use of XP. After this first project with the use of Extreme Programming Kent Beck published his first book Extreme Programming Explained and the use for this software development methodology gained increasing usage in the programming field.
Extreme Programming Principles and Values
The book Extreme Programming Explained written by Beck addressed that there are twelve practices to follow for XP. 1) The planning game: a high-level plan that explains and plans for the next iteration, 2) small release: frequent releases with evolutionary delivery, 3) metaphor: common vision, language usage, and terminology by all team members, 4) simple design: easy coding to make results work, 5) testing: automated tests with pass/fail results followed by implementation, 6) refactoring: enhance coding without affecting system behavior, 7) pair programming: having two developers working simultaneously at the same workstation sharing tasks and ideas, 8) collective ownership: anyone team member can change or improve coding at anyti...

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In this essay, the author

  • Describes how extreme programming originated from kent beck and ware cunningham working together on a research group at tektronix and the collaboration used on the project.
  • Explains that beck's book extreme programming explained addresses the twelve practices to follow for xp. the twelve-step practice aims towards lowering the cost of change.
  • Explains that extreme programming is founded on four values: communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage.
  • Explains that extreme programming isn't meant for all projects, organizations, and developers, but is being replaced by newer broader spectrums of methods for software development.
  • Cites wells, d., "agile software development: a gentle introduction", in agile process.
  • Explains that the figure represents the relationship that forms under the extreme programming methods. the project works on five main operational principles that are based on assume simplicity, rapid feedback, incremental change, embrace the change and quality work.
  • Explains that xp has the advantage of on-site customers. the strongest pitfall in extreme program is going through with software development without knowing and exploring the customer’s business requirements before beginning the coding process.
  • Explains that xp requires simultaneous work from developers, which poses problems for introverts. lack of documentation leads to poorly addressing defects in the coding. extreme programming does not work well with offshore employees.
  • Explains that extreme programming is about project management and programming methodologies. it is important to have a coach on hand that has experience using xp techniques and principles.
  • Cites bowers, a. n., sangwan, r. s. and neill, c. j. (2007). adoption of xp practices in the industry.
  • Explains unknown's extreme programming core practices, and their top 8 disadvantages. enterprise software blog.
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