Beliefs Taken to the Extremes

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Beliefs Taken to the Extremes

Belief is a fundamental human trait. Belief in many things is what helps humans continue living their lives. Religious beliefs are one of the strongest forces of human emotion and often times those emotions can create dangerous situations. When people's religious beliefs are taken to extreme levels innocent people can be hurt. All throughout history there have been examples of just such incidents occurring. From the Inquisition, to suicide bombers in Israel, to the fighting in Ireland, to the recent events at the World Trade Center religious beliefs taken to extremes have been seen. In the United States many groups preach extreme beliefs that are harmful to the American people. One such group is the Religious Right.

For the purpose of this research paper the Religious Right is to be considered the people and groups that follow the extreme right of Religious views in America. Groups such as Christian Coalition, Christian Family Network, and the American Family Association fall under this category.

When looking at information the Religious Right provides and what they preach, of both religious and political views, one gets the impression that they wish only good. Anyone who believes that is sorely mistaken. What the Religious Right preaches is nothing more than Anti-Freedom, Anti-family rhetoric that threatens to undermine the very fabric of the American family, in all its forms.

Through movements, organizations, and people the Religious Right wishes to impose its belief system upon us, the American people. Those beliefs are, in all their forms, hurt innocent people. The agenda of the Religious Right is most definitely...

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...mily. In today's society narrow minded thinking like what is shown by the Religious Right is not helpful to our species. If the family as a unit is to survive into the future we must accept and embrace change and not be limited by our pre-conceived notions. Because of their blatant hate and ignorance the Religious Right shows their true views and their anti-family agenda.

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