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The Real Downtown Cleveland

- Cleveland was founded the City of Cleveland in 1796. Originally a frontier village, Cleveland grew into a manufacturing and business center for northern Ohio. Today, the city is headquarters for manufacturing and service industries, as well as a growing tourism and convention destination. The Cleveland Plus region extends 100 miles along the Lake Erie shoreline. Cleveland Plus Region is separated into five distinct districts; Historic Warehouse District, Playhouse Square District, Civic Center District, North Coast Harbor District, Flats District, and Historic Gateway District (Cleveland Plus History).I lived in Cleveland for 16 years and Cleveland will always remain my one true home....   [tags: Cleveland, Ohio, History, Downtown]

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The University Of Houston Downtown

- In the University of Houston-Downtown, there are a plethora of individuals attending. From 18 year olds to 60 year olds, the university assists everyone who is serious about bettering their lives with education. With “Major Opportunities” as their slogan, there are no let down of chances given to students. The three people I’ve interviewed: a fellow peer, my mother, and a UHD faculty member, all had an assortment of reasons of how the university affects them. The purpose of the interviews was to find out the purpose of the university to people associated with the college....   [tags: University, High school, Student, College]

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Downtown Revitalization

- Revitalization efforts in downtown areas have gained momentum over the past few decades, this paper is focused on revitalization strategies, recognizing the process of decline, while identifying key strategies used in downtown revitalization efforts over the past fifty years (Faulk 2006). Downtowns, unlike suburban shopping malls or office complexes, evolved slowly over time, responding to changing technologies, social and economic patterns. A city’s identity relies heavily on the image of its downtown, so inevitably cities of all sizes commit themselves to achieving successful downtown redevelopment (Robertson 1995)....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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My Experience At The Renaissance Denver Downtown

- What a whirlwind this semester has been. It seemed like 15 weeks would be such a long time, but in actuality it was done in a blink of the eye. I have learned so much during this internship at the Renaissance Denver Downtown, and it has truly shaped the direction of my career path. I started this internship with the thought that I was going to learn everything I could about the sales department, so that I could successfully work with hotel sales departments when I was a corporate meeting planning....   [tags: Hotel, Management, Sales management]

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Should Downtown Atlanta Have Free Parking

- Should Downtown Atlanta have free parking. Atlanta is one of the most visited cities in America. The most common place people like to visit when coming to Atlanta is Downtown. Downtown Atlanta is a huge place located at the center of the city. Downtown has everything to offer from shopping centers to historic buildings. These are the many things that Downtown Atlanta has to offer. Downtown being the most busies place in Atlanta creates a lack of parking that has become a big issue for the visitors and residents....   [tags: policies, public works]

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We Must Revitalize Downtown Los Angeles

- Downtown is the commercial center of city or town. Downtown is a main target for employment and a great place to live in most cities. It should be the biggest attraction and most beautiful place of the city. Los Angles downtown is voted to be one of the dirtiest downtowns and Los Angles is a big attraction to tourist. Cleaning up downtown would leave better impressions on tourist and also residents. The crime rate would get lower and their wont be any homeless people around. One of the most beautiful music centers is the Disney Hall....   [tags: Argumentative, Persuasive]

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Economic Policy in Downtown Development

- When the Heer’s Tower closed down in the 1960's, the downtown area of Springfield, MO. lost a major economic and entertaining element. Since then, Springfield has been planning and working to get back a lot of the status that it once had. The city government had to bring attractions and business in the form of new business’s to spur development to accommodate the 151,580 citizens that reside in the small city. Mayor Tom Carlson and City Manager Tom Finnie have been heading the projects with the help of large developing firms such as the UDA or Urban District Alliance, and hope that projects such as the redevelopment of Heer’s Tower, SMSU’s Innovation center, and College Stati...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Revitalizing Downtown London Ontario

- SYMPTOMS Symptoms that show downtown London is in need of revitalization include; <ul> <li> A general migration out of the downtown core to the suburbs. <li> Large companies moved out of London to larger urban centres that could provide.... <li> The publics view of downtown was dirty, their philosophy was downtown was "dirty with nothing going on. </ul> PROBLEM Creation of highway networks outside the city and subsequent growth of suburban communities transformed the way citizens worked lived and spent their leisure time....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Social Construction Of Disabled And Nondisabled Guests At Downtown Disney

- After recording the behaviors of disabled and nondisabled guests at Downtown Disney, it became evident that the social construction of disability may have an influence on the amount of interest or engagement shown between individuals. Based on the observations recorded, it appears that the nondisabled people seemed to show a lack of interest or regard for the disabled people involved in the interactions. Although it may not have been overt, it seemed nondisabled people exhibited subtle signs of superiority over disabled people, appearing to treat them as if they were helpless or burdensome....   [tags: Disability, Mental disorder, Wheelchair]

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TD Centre: An Architectural Mini-Utopia in Downtown Toronto

- The TD Centre is a landmark of Toronto. It is one of the most recognizable elements of the downtown core. It has gained this status for two main reasons. The first one concerns its historical significance: the complex was one of the first of many skyscrapers built in the international style. The second reason is personified by the individual behind the planning and realization of the project: Mies van der Rohe. The building was the last high-rise the world-famous modernist created and therefore it embodied all of his concepts and beliefs on the international style....   [tags: Architecture]

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The General Manager Of Gap Clothing Store, Downtown Toronto

- Group Assignment Group member: Rajwinder Kaur, Shaminderjeet Singh,Pankaj kapoor and Naina sharma. Looking for the General Manager of Gap clothing store, downtown Toronto. Following are the criteria, requirements and the responsibilities required for this job. Criteria: • Minimum Five years of experience required to manage high revenue outlet. Most experienced persons can deal with more people in less time so, at the end of the day we are able to fetch more money in a single day. • Bachelor degree required in Retail sales and marketing....   [tags: Retailing, Management, Question, Soft skills]

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A Study On The Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre

- Nzuzi and her mother require a holistic umbrella of support from various agencies and groups in order to meet both her needs and those of Nzuzi. We have chosen to concentrate on the treatment of their medical conditions but also provide access wraparound service providers as immediate medical intervention on a number of levels is imperative. The Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre offers the services of primary health care from a physician or a registered practical nurse for diagnosis and treatment as well as referrals to community services and specialists and education programs....   [tags: Health care, Health, AIDS, Population health]

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The University Of Houston- Downtown And International Business Program

- 2012 was the year I graduated high school…fast forward four years and now I am preparing to study abroad. If someone had told my eighteen-year-old self this, I would not have believed it. If someone had told my nineteen or twenty year-old self the same thing, I still would not have believed it. You see, at that time I was a part of another institution, majoring in a field that held no interest to me. I was lacking motivation in such a way that I was beginning to disappoint those around me and myself....   [tags: Culture, Learning, Study abroad]

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The Mental Health Association Of Downtown Santa Ana

- In downtown Santa Ana, the Mental Health Association assists hundred of homeless people who also suffer from a mental disorder. In order to be a member of the Mental Health Association (MHA) there are criteria that need to be met. First the future member needs to be at least eighteen years of age. Second they need to be homeless. If the individual pays rent then they are not allowed access to the center. Lastly, the member needs to be diagnosed with a mental disorder. The disorder can be anything from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia....   [tags: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning]

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Downtown Abbey: Victorian Values

- Downton Abbey shows the need to leave the Victorian era behind to usher in twentieth century values because women wanted to choose their own life paths rather than following tradition. However, numerous people associated with Downton believed that maintaining tradition had more of an importance than moving on with the twentieth century. During the first season of Downton Abbey, there were many instances where the viewer could see the conflict between characters who wanted the Victorian period values to be cherished and maintained, while others wanted change....   [tags: victorian era, England, twentieth century]

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Downtown Night Life: Gainesville vs. West Palm Beach

- An exciting downtown night life is an important component of many towns and cities. Although Gainesville and West Palm Beach are in different parts of Florida, they are similar in a few ways. For instances, they both have a local university, they both are hot spots to pursue careers, and they both have large shopping plazas. But they differ in a few ways. For example, Gainesville is a college town, home to the Gator Nation. West Palm Beach, on the other hand, is a municipal town, home to beautiful beaches....   [tags: compare, contrast]

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The Life and Accomplishments of Tony Hsieh

- Introduction Zappos is an online shoe and clothing store. The idea of an online shoe store originally came from Nick Swinmurn in the year 1999. He then pitched the idea to Alfred Lin and Zappos’ current CEO Tony Hsieh. Zappos quick rise to success is mostly attributed to their ten core values. These values vary from creating fun and weirdness to being humble. However, the root of this company’s success lies only on one important thing: their regard for customer service. They value the quality time spent with customers over the phone rather than the quantity of customers....   [tags: Downtown Project, Zappos, Amazon]

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The Closure Of The Downtown Campus Center West Of Escondido And Pomerado Hospital

- Another threat to the Palomar Health System is the closure of the Downtown Campus location in Escondido and moving all assets to the new Palomar Medical Center west of Escondido and Pomerado Hospital to the south (Fox 5 San Diego, 2015). The closure of the Downtown Campus location would help save $20 million, but may cause issues to residents who find the hospital area convenient. This consolidation of resources and closure of a well-established facility in the community can affect patient retention rates, hinder accessibility to needed services, and a shift in the market service area....   [tags: Asset, Balance sheet, Revenue]

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Regal Edwards Boise Downtown Stadium 9 Movie Theatre

- Think of a day when you had no interactions with anyone, because maybe you were sick or you decided not to leave your house. You were most likely lonely, and the day seemed as if it would never end. It was most likely at this time that your crave for socializing was at an all time high. Our culture is built on interaction, and thus many institutions help provide a remedy to this crave. One such institution that is built on bringing together people is the movie theatre industry. It is here you can interact and spend a couple of hours in the company of others, all the while enjoying yourself as you watch a new film....   [tags: Movie theater, Film, Box office, Movie studio]

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Analysis Of The Movie Crash

- The United States of America is one of the most diverse places to live in the world. From east to west coast we see those who are from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and ethnicities. The 2004 film Crash directed by Paul Haggis, takes place in the city of Los Angeles. It follows a number of dissimilar characters and subplots as their lives intertwine over a 36-hour time period. Throughout the entirety of the film we see each character in different racial scenarios. This gives an opportunity for viewers to relate to real life situations....   [tags: African American, Race, Downtown Los Angeles]

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Cirque Du Soleil, By Thomas J. Delong And Vineeta Vijayaraghavan

- This case study is titled Cirque du Soleil, written by Thomas J. Delong and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan, and it follows the company of Cirque du Soleil, their performers, and their casting director. Cirque du Soleil was originally a group of street performers that formed in 1984, under the name “Le Club des Talons Hauts.” In the beginning, Cirque only had seventy-three members, which boosted to over two thousand members in 2001. In 2001, Cirque du Soleil was playing to almost six million people a year, worldwide....   [tags: Cirque du Soleil, Downtown Disney, Montreal]

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

- Fred Barnard was the first to claim, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. As an advertising manager in the early 1920’s, pictures were central to his position in advertising trams (Blackwell). Forty years later a picture was taken of Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., Joseph McNeil and David Richmond sitting at a counter of a Woolworth’s store in Greensboro, North Carolina. This picture was clearly not taken to be utilized as an advertisement of a product or company. Instead, it was taken to publicize the growing unrest among the black population....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race, Miscegenation]

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The End of Large Department Stores and Malls

- The biggest department stores in the mid-1960s were Macy's, Hudson's, and Marshall Field. Hudson's had 25 floors; two of its four below-ground floors were basement stores, where 60 departments did up to 25% of the store's business. At its peak in mid-century, Hudson's employed over 12,000 employees and welcomed 100,000 shoppers a day. Hudson’s even had its own telephone exchange (Capitol), and the nation's third largest switchboard, with only by the Pentagon and the Bell System larger. Across all major cities, the downtown department stores were enormous, with elevators and escalators....   [tags: Shopping, Internet]

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Small Theaters and Big Business

- Small Theaters and Big Business I want to discuss some of the conflicts and concerns that I have about what the Camera Cinemas complexes will face in the future if the stay at their current locations. I conducted a survey to see how many of my fellow citizens know of Art and Foreign Films. I was not only surprised by the response, but shocked to see that downtown San Jose is stiff not a comfortable place for most to go. Most people knew of Art Films or Foreign Films but the thought of seeing one was not a priority....   [tags: Arts Movies Films Essays]

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Canada 's Capital, Ottawa

- Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, My humble tourist opinion is that Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is not as dynamic as Beijing, not as romantic as Paris, and not as historical as Rome. Even within national parameters, cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, have more to offer to the casual visitor than Ottawa. But I am not writing to you as a disappointed tourist, but as a critical urban planner. I care not for how ordinary Ottawa may seem for savvy tourists, but for how sustainable Ottawa can be for local residents....   [tags: Sustainability, City, Urban planning, Automobile]

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Concept Of Whole Foods Market

- hole Foods Market monopolies green foods with minimum processing, without genetically modified foods as well as artificial coloring and preservatives. Whole Foods Market is one of the leading retailers of organic and natural foods in the world. Main appropriate type or resident group and optimal location for Whole Foods Market will be introduced based on concepts of Whole Foods Market, theories of urban business location and concrete commerce conditions of Toronto. Therefore, somewhere with a little distance from affluent downtown neighborhood such as 777 Bay Street is a best place for new Whole Foods Market in Toronto with wealthy, educated middle-class consumers as its main consumers....   [tags: Organic food, Whole Foods Market]

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Urban Survey of Vancouver

- Urban Survey of Vancouver I live in downtown. It is the heart of the Vancouver. It’s always busy and there are a lot of people on the streets most of the time. I believe that in my area everywhere you look you can see elements that identify that this is urban and is a part of Vancouver. The most obvious elements in downtown is of course would the high buildings. These are mostly the offices of the companies that may base in British Columbia, but also outside the British Columbia’s boundaries. These building are usually tall building, some of them have the logo of the company or companies on top of the front entrance or on the top of the building....   [tags: miscellaneous]

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Creating Community: Implementation of a Bycicle Friendly Business District

- Downtown Denton is an area that combines history, entertainment, and community. Within a mile you can find unique places to eat, find treasures both old and new, and then finish off your trip with a concert on the lawn at the courthouse. Yet, even with these wonderful attributes of the downtown area, a stronger sense of community as well as a larger and more stable economic base could be achieved if the area were bike friendly. Currently there are not even the basic provisions afforded to those individuals who choose bicycling as their mode of transportation....   [tags: Denton, sense of community, cyclists]

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Nightlife in West Palm and Gainesville

- An exciting downtown night life is an important component of many towns and cities. Gainesville and West Palm Beach are two cities in Florida that are both well-known to people. Although they are in different parts of Florida, they are similar in a few ways. For instance, both have a local university; both are hot spots to pursue careers; and both have large shopping plazas. Both cities differ in a few ways as well. For example, Gainesville is a college town, home to the Gator Nation. West Palm Beach, on the other hand, is a municipal town, home to beautiful beaches....   [tags: Tourism]

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Make Pratt Local Plan Formation

- Make Pratt Local Plan Formation I. Form a meeting with the entire team to discuss our plan to Make Pratt Local. A. A meeting consisting of myself and various members of the Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce will take place after the first of the year. In this meeting, smaller teams will be formed to tackle the various topics of interest. B. The advertising team will be in charge of putting together the media to help spread the word throughout the community. C. The outreach team will be in charge of going out to all of the small businesses in town and telling them of our plan to tackle the issue at hand....   [tags: Small business, Business, Pratt, Kansas]

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America's Search for a Cultural Center

- America's Search for a Cultural Center The average American child can not even comprehend what institutions provide cultural enhancement. Is that too bold a statement. I don't think so. Primarily because American culture probably doesn't exist in any real form. The closest we get to art is in our cinema. Art as a practiced form is lost. Literacy rates are abominable, museums are underfunded in response to the lack of public interest in viewing their wares, and art classes are practically non-existent as more and more schools have cut those programs in response to budgetary concerns....   [tags: American Culture Cultural Essays]

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Strategic Plan

- Partnerships Because public and private interests in downtown are so inextricably entwined, it is essential that all interested parties work cooperatively to identify and achieve shared objectives. Both public and private investments shape the character of the downtown environment – in terms of how it looks and how it functions. Only if these investments are coordinated can maximum benefits be obtained. When the Center City Commission initiated a strategic plan in 1999, it was responding to the recognized need for a collaborative planning process that both articulated long-range directions for Downtown Memphis and identified short-range action steps to help reach those goals....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Where Are the Five-and-Dimes?

- This summer I took my daughter and her friend for a walk through downtown Allegan. A small town located in southwest Michigan where I lived as a child. I marveled at how the downtown area was just as I remembered. As we walked, I daydreamed back to a better time. When I was younger, the world was a new and grandma gave me money that was burning a hole in my pocket. I spent a lot of time and money, in that downtown area. I was impressed by the dedication of the local store owners to keep their businesses open, and try to compete with big box retail, and e-commerce....   [tags: Economics ]

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The Effects of Highways and Automobiles on Urban American Character

- The development of the United States Highway System has had negative impacts on the urban character of our country’s cities. One of the main catalysts, if not the main catalyst, of urban sprawl has been the development of transportation. It has made it extremely convenient and easy for people to move farther out of the inner city and develop rural America. As a result many prominent cities across our country have felt the effects of sprawl through diminished downtown economies. Highways have also played a key role in the standardization of American urban environments....   [tags: transportation, suburban, ]

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Whitehorse: An Outlook into the Capitol of the Yukon

- Introduction Whitehorse receives its name from the nearby rapids of the Yukon River because of the way the frothy water resembles a mane on a fair horse. Those very rapids also happen to be the reason why the city of Whitehorse was originally established just over a century ago. The downtown and Riverdale subdivisions sit in a valley, which in turn provides an extra level of comfort against the extremes in temperature which occur in the territory (Pinard, Jean-Paul, 2007). Whitehorse is the Capitol of the Yukon....   [tags: Economics]

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Team Project Narrative: The Midtown Perspective

- For many decades, the midtown inner city area has been the most focused essential location for future economic prosperity, residential and business growth, inner-city vitality and vibrancy, and city wide expansion. The reason is that Rochester, New York was most known for being a key Rust Belt city which specialized in large scale production in transportation, electricity, and industrial processes. In the last 2 decades it has been universally known that with the new generation of emerging technology and the decreased use of old traditional factories, our foundation to economic uphold would soon decease....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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Las Vegas Casinos & their Gambling

- ... In 1947, the Pioneer Club opened on 25 E Fremont St. being a 24-hour gaming lounge and saloon (ibid). Los Angeles vice lords: Bill Kurland, Milton “Farmer”, and Tutor Sherer started the club (ibid). The Pioneer Club had a 75-foot tall neon cowboy designed by Salt Lake City graphic artist, Patrick Denner, and built by the Young Electric Sign Company (ibid). Between and furthermore from those years, casinos & clubs were built constantly. Today, Downtown attracts visitors with their flashing lights, casinos, and a LED video screen canopy that covers four blocks of Fremont Street between Main Street and 4th Street....   [tags: mafias, bills, Sin City]

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The Ghost in Morgan's Alley

- Lewiston, Idaho, once an important port for miners traveling in search of gold, is now a town of about 30,000 people. Few of the people who live in the Lewis-Clark Valley speak of its over one hundred year history. However, there are still parts of the community where one can explore and see the age of the town. Downtown Lewiston is one of a few areas where people can go exploring. They wander the streets, admiring the buildings that stand proudly above them. One building in particular ties a unique history into the downtown area....   [tags: Lewinston, Idaho, history]

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An Ethnographic Qualitative Data Analysis

- Introduction The purpose of this marketing research document is to conduct an ethnographic qualitative data analysis on conversations among three different business locations where meetings between people and conversations are likely. The data will be gathered from Starbucks locations which are in a residential area, downtown, and at a mall. From this data, I will make recommendations on how the data could be used as it is only after analyzing qualitative data that the true value emerges since qualitative data analysis is inductive (Hair, 2011)....   [tags: Male, Female, Sex, Data analysis]

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Toledo, Ohio

- Toledo, Ohio The city that I am going to examine is Toledo, Ohio. Toledo has gone through a lot of changes since World War II. It flourished with industry and grew out from there. Out of the many city models that the book covered, the model that a Toledo best fit into is the sector model. This essay will go into detail about the physical, economical, social, and political issues and changes that have faced Toledo in the past fifty years. As stated above, I feel that Toledo best fits the sector city model that was described in the book....   [tags: Papers]

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The World Is Based From Two Types Of Laws

- The world is based from two types of laws. Just and unjust laws. In recent years a series of new laws have been adopted. Some of these laws were just and others were unjust. Something that differentiates unjust law from just is it’s an unfairness. In other words, unjust law is something that does not equally apply to everybody. It could be directed to the specific person or group of people. For instance, the law of banning propaganda of homosexuality, making homosexsuals second class citizens who are not entitled to, for example, to express their feelings in public....   [tags: Law, United States, Property]

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The Image of Haifa, Isreal through Poetry

- ... 56) These lines illustrate Haifa as a vast desert too difficult to inhabit due to being encompassed by intense heat. However, as in the previous poem, White goes on to describe how the harmony and beauty within the shrine make him unaware of the intense heat, “His effort restores to his eyes the palette…flowers riotously colored…the sky incredibly blue”. (Haifa: A Poetic Journey, White, pg. 56). It is the harmony present within not only the shrine, but also the city itself that has allowed for Haifa to become inhabited by such a diversity of people, as Roger White metaphorically portrays in his poetic journal....   [tags: qualities, beauty, modern, sea]

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An Analysis of Policy Levers for Increasing Sustainability of the City of Ottawa’s Urban Transportation System

- Introduction Cities are the epitome of regional, national and international hubs that represent the congregation of people, a healthy social vitality, and are the symbol of wealth. They are economic, social, and environmental metropolises that are the aim of smaller, striving municipalities. Nonetheless, most cities are plagued by urban unsustainability where the car is the focal point of transport, making traffic denser than numerous buildings and car ownership greater than the city’s population....   [tags: Canada, urban planning/issues]

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The Fountain Made by J.P. Victor Andre in Madison, Indiana

- In the downtown area of Madison, Indiana, sits an extraordinary structure that seems to capture attention from all walks of life. The Broadway Fountain was created by a French artist named J.P. Victor Andre. Andre obviously knew what he was doing when he was asked to construct this fountain because of the impressive composition it has and with its mesmerizing size. “Some have suggested that Andre’s neo-classical design was inspired by the famous fountain in Place-de-la-Concord in Paris, or by a fountain exhibited at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in 1851” (Wright)....   [tags: indiana, broadway fountain, victor andre]

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Worsening Austin Traffic Prompts Talk Of Toll Swap

- Batheja, Aman. “Worsening Austin Traffic Prompts Talk of Toll Swap.” Texas Tribune, 05 Nov. 2013. Texas Reference Center, BCXJTEX9F9DAFC34324031B. Accessed 24 Oct. 2015. Since congestion on Interstate 35 is constantly increasing, the Texas Department of Transportation is attempting to switch 35 to a toll road and 130, which is currently a toll road, to a free road in order to move traffic out of Austin. Officials are considering several solutions to relieve congestion on I-35 that include switching parts of road from toll-free to tolled....   [tags: Road, Bus, Austin, Texas]

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Personal Narrative University : An Outstanding University

- DePaul University is an outstanding University. We have so many wonderful amenities and one of the very best teaching staffs ever. However, my concern is our lack of food choices partially because our meal plans can only be used in a few places on campus. The lack of usability of our meal plans in not fair to the students, considering how expensive it is to attend this University. With astronomical costs of living at DePaul, it is reasonable that the University establish a way to use our meal plans as another form of payment in the Lincoln Park and downtown campus....   [tags: University, Education, Chicago, DePaul University]

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The Importance of Fallout Shelters

- ... The District of Columbia began building shelters downtown in 1960 as well (Irish). The construction of these shelters marked a shift in civil defense, making this more intense for people in America (“Fallout Shelter”). The shelters were built either in downtown or in a person’s own yard. A family shelter is located in their own basement or front yard. If the shelter was built on a family’s yard, there was about 3 feet of earth on top of the shelter (“The Family Fallout Shelter”). The edge of a hill would be a good place for a shelter, depending on if the location of the nuclear attack was determined (Bomb Shelter Guide)....   [tags: enclosed space to protect from radioactive debris]

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The Los Angeles Police Department

- Los Angeles, California, a beautiful city known for its glamourous celebrities, lovely palm trees, huge Hollywood sign and luxury homes. California is home to millions of people and has many tourist attractions. Los Angeles is known for its scenic beaches along the Pacific Ocean, but it is not known for having poverty and homeless roaming around. The city that is home to the iconic “Hollywood” is filled with glamour; the glamourous nature of this city does very little to cover the dark side of poverty....   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness, Deinstitutionalisation]

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Public Officials and Conflicts of Interest

- As the adage suggests, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This was the case in the seemingly flawless project to revamp the downtown area of Myrtle Beach by replacing the Pavilion with the "New Pavilion." This new entity downtown would bring tourists to the area even during the off-season. With upscale shopping, half-a-dozen restaurants, an amphitheater, and a NASCAR-themed roller coaster, there would be something for the entire family. Before any hype could begin, the master developer of the plan and his company's façade was lifted and fictitious credentials were revealed....   [tags: Current Events]

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Wal-Mart - Great for Shoppers, Bad for Competitors

- Wal-Mart - Great for Shoppers, Bad for Competitors Wal-Mart can be a virus and a cure, since it has its pros and cons depending on the critiques perspective. From my point of view, Wal-Mart is an extremely efficient superstore, with amazing marketing skills, and coordination. However, Wal-Mart is also a bully and price decider, therefore, Wal-Mart is great for shoppers and bad for competitors. As a student; Wal-Mart is my primary resort for supplies and foodstuff, due to their matchless prices and wide variety of products which gives me the luxury of a ‘one stop shop’....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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Business: Differnt Types of Segmentation

- SEGMENTATION ANALYSIS: Segmentation Division Resulting segments Target % Advantages Drawbacks Geography • Location • Market size • Market density • Climate 40% • Effective approach with limited budgets • It works well in different areas of population density or significant changes in lifestyle across regions • It is quite limited as it assumes that all consumer are in similar needs Demography • Age • Gender • Income • Social class 30% • It is simple to apply and use, as government statistical data is readily available in most countries • It is easy for everybody to understand, from management to customer service staff • It is very little understanding of the consumer • Consumers in the same...   [tags: market, geographic, demographic]

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The Uncertain Future of the Camera Cinemas

- The Uncertain Future of the Camera Cinemas Nestled in the center of downtown San Jose sits one of the cities few cultural landmarks worth saving. The Camera Cinemas have been an institution since 1975. They serve as the unofficial home to San Jose’s small, but popular independent movie following. Unfortunately, they are at risk of being shut down for good if a new home can not be found in the next few years. This paper discusses the historical fight the Camera Cinemas have had to endure and what they must do to survive into the next century....   [tags: Movies Films Theaters Essays]

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Store Location Is An Important Factor For The Success Of An Organization

- Retail Store Geographical Location Selecting the proper and most appropriate store location is an incredibly important factor for the success of an organization. Mission Televisions store location will be in a secondary location, a few blocks from the downtown area. The reasoning behind the selection of this location is due to several important factors. A location several blocks from the immediate downtown area will have much less traffic problems. The downtown area is constantly blocked by heavy traffic, and parking and leaving parking areas is often treacherous and difficult....   [tags: Customer service, Sales, Light, Customer]

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The Healthcare System, Culture, And The Physical Environment

- According to the documentary Sicko, almost 50 million people are uninsured in America; and although 250 million people are insured, insurance companies often make it difficult for clients to receive money for their treatment. With costs of coverage being so high, it is difficult for most Americans to afford health insurance; because of this 18,000 uninsured Americans will die this year. In this paper, I will talk about how the healthcare system, culture, and the physical environment can affect health and wellness....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Universal health care]

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A Report On Meter Rate Adjustment Technical Memo

- MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: RE: Meter Rate Adjustment Technical Memo Introduction The City of Portland is currently involved in multiple policy updates designed to reevaluate and improve the City’s parking policies. In order to produce the most effective recommendations, the City recently conducted comprehensive data collection within the Downtown Meter District to study current parking conditions. Based on analysis of the data collected and the current goals of Portland’s parking policies, a meter rate increase may be warranted....   [tags: Parking, Parking space, Portland State University]

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Aboriginal Canadians and The Criminal Justice System

- No community in Canada comes into conflict with criminal justice system officials more disproportionately than Aboriginals (Dickson-Gilmore, 2011, p.77). Indeed, Aboriginal Canadians are often subject to both overt and unintended discrimination from Canadian law enforcement due in large part to institutionalized reputations as chronic substance abusers who are incapable of reform (Dickson-Gilmore, 2011, p.77-78). One of the more startling contemporary examples of this is the case of Frank Paul; a Mi’kmaq Canadian who was left to die in a Vancouver alley by officers of the Vancouver Police Department after being denied refuge in a police “drunk tank”....   [tags: criminal justice, chronic substance abusers]

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Analysis of Accra and Tronto´s Transportation System

- Mobility and Employment Apart from the urbanization that is taking place across all nations, the management theory of organization structure has also evolved drastically over the past century (Hall et al., 2012). Historically, centralization was once the dominating way of structuring an organization, which was denoted by the division of labour and its efficiency in completing the assigned tasks in separated and departmentalized functions, whereas a decentralized organization empowered her employees with decision-making across different level of organizational hierarchy....   [tags: mobility, employment, transportation, economic]

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Urban Transprotation Issues in the United States

- Transportation systems are what support the high levels of accumulation and concentration within cities. The bigger the city, the more complex its urban problems are if not properly managed. The largest transportation problems occur when public transportation systems fail to fulfill the many requirements of urban mobility. Urban efficiency is highly dependent on its transportation systems to move consumers, labor, and goods from one point to another. The most outstanding urban transportation issues in the United States are: traffic congestion, longer commuting, inadequacy of public transport, green transportation difficulty, and good distribution (Rodrigue)....   [tags: traffic, commute, trains]

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Where I Could Perceive Multiple Odors

- I have to confess, that it was not easy to find a place in Kodiak, where I could perceive multiple odors. This city is not dense in population and therefore, it lacks big indoor shopping centers and or other recreational areas. Most of the stores are distributed along two main streets. However, the downtown area has an open commercial area, which contains a restaurant, three gift shops, and a coffee shop. . For that reason, I decided to leave the quietness of my home, surrounded by trees and the smell of fresh grass, to visit the most populated part of my city: Downtown Kodiak....   [tags: Olfaction, Odor, Smell, Aroma compound]

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The Inequality Of The Jersey City

- Inequality is inevitable. Over these past few months, we have been circled by medias input on discrimination and seen injustice play out throughout the world. This was all looked upon through a large scale, but how unfair or unequal are things on a smaller one. Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities and is divided into smaller and easily accessible sections and so I decided it would be the best place to observe the realities around me. Since the concept of inequality is existent, I decided to try to find where it was located in Jersey City....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Jersey City]

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Reshaping Metropolitan Americ The United States

- Reshaping Metropolitan America provides an outlook of the next fifteen years for infrastructure development in the United States. Nearly two-thirds of the buildings that will be necessary to handle the projected half billion residents of the Untied States by 2030 are not built yet. We also need to reshape our cities to handle the inversion trend; families and the next generation want to move back and live near downtown. Richard C. Nelson, the author, supports this population shift but does not strongly support it....   [tags: Suburb, City, United States, Urban area]

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The Perfect Place for Departure

- The Perfect Place for Departure The scenic beauty and vast historical background of Charleston makes it an ideal location for cruise ships to embark from. It is both beneficial and lucrative for Charleston to have a port for ships. Historic downtown Charleston is known for its southern hospitality and caters to the needs of non Charlestonians, thus making it appealing for those attending a cruise. “Home to the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, as well as exquisite dining options, amazing beaches, shopping and countless historical sites, this charming seaside southern city is a fantastic destination in itself!” (Cruise Network) The trip to the port is a vacation in itself, eve...   [tags: Travel]

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Oregon, The Free State

- Oregon, The Free State Portland is one of the most beautiful and efficient cities ever developed in the United States. It is surrounded by the rich soil and forestry as well as the mountains and rivers that Oregon has to offer. From personal experiences, I can tell you that it is one of the most breathtaking picturesque places in the Country. However, developers see this place as an asset to their financial prosperity rather than a peaceful place. They want to continue with the latest trend by developing more shopping complexes outside of the city....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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California: My Biggest Disappointments Ever

- My visions of California before taking this course is a sunny, beautiful, happy and carefree place and those visions are partly because I visited there nine years ago. Upon my visit I concluded that I would eventually move there when I'm ready to start a family. My visit to California had left a tainted image in my mind, an image of a place where I could leave all my cares behind in hopes of staring anew, but what has left me speechless is the fact that I have no memory of particular events that lead me to this strange obsession over the state....   [tags: California essay]

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My Experience in Texas

- When I visited Texas last summer, I only expected to see my family and a few of the local sites. What I did see, however, was a unique perspective of a unique state. On the morning of July 16th, my dad, my mom, and I set out on the interstate to drive to Nashville to catch our plane. Our journey began with a flight that was smooth and soothing. As we neared Houston, our plane flew over the Gulf of Mexico. I observed huge 500-ton ships and oil rigs that looked like toys from my plane window. Once we landed, my grandma was at the airport awaiting our arrival....   [tags: travel, Texas,]

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The Alaskan Way Viaduct

- ... Spokane Street was completed in 1960. The Battery Street Tunnel was the vital "missing link" to connect the new waterfront structure with Aurora Avenue / SR 99. The tunnel was dug beneath Battery Street, with minimal disruption to surrounding buildings. Work started in September 1952, and it opened to traffic in a grand ceremony on July 24, 1954. Planning of the tunnel was a long process, with extensive discussion of key features such as a ventilation and fire protection systems. The automatic deluge sprinkler system was believed to be the first such system installed in a vehicular tunnel.” The ventilation system sampled and recorded carbon monoxide levels, and the sprinkler was controll...   [tags: elliot bay, alaskan way]

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How Are Traditional Tattooing?

- Traditional tattooing is one of the styles in tattooing that may look simple, but actually requires a lot of precision. Searching to find the perfect traditional design, the right artist and a flawless tattoo parlor to get your next model tattoo done can be quite difficult. With a distinct style and beautiful coloring, traditional tattoos are some of the hardest tattoos to perfect. To make this process easier and a lot less stressful for you I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 Charleston tattoo parlors....   [tags: Tattoo, Tattooing, Permanent makeup]

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Bringing Casinos to Ohio

- Bringing Casinos to Ohio Although gambling has been looked at by some as harmless entertainment, it is regarded by others as a unhealthy, and addictive activity that corrupts society. With various worldly issues pondering many of our minds, Bringing a casino to Ohio seems to be at the top of some voters priority lists. Although, voters passed issue 3, which gave the green light to to bring casinos to Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati, there is no requirement that the casinos are built....   [tags: Gambling]

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Atlanta and the Olympic Games

- In the summer of 1996, Atlanta Georgia played host to the 23rd modern Olympic games. It was easily the greatest thing to happen to Atlanta in the 90's and there were many benefits brought its way as a result. Of all these benefits, the most significant ones were (1) the legacy of all the facilities built for the event, (2) the revitalization of the downtown area, (3) the exposure it gave to the city and (4) the economic benefits it gained as a result of all this. In order to host the event Atlanta had to make sure it had all the facilities to be able to provide athletes places both to practice and perform....   [tags: Sports]

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WTO Riots in Seattle

- The WTO riots commonly referred to as "The Battle in Seattle" had a very big impact on Seattle. The WTO riots pretty much shutdown downtown Seattle for 5 days. Businesses lost millions of dollars from lack of people and vandalism. People all over the world watched the WTO riots from there homes on television. Many people realized that if you want something to happen bad enough you can make it happen. There were further losses in tourism due to damaged reputation, and/or public anxiety in living or visiting Seattle....   [tags: American History]

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Springdale Shopping Survey

- In a continuation of the Springdale Shopping District Survey, use of confidence intervals is introduced to improve upon the evaluation of the quality of the statistics derived from the survey of a sample population. There has historically been an assumption that the respondents represent a simple random sample of all potential respondents within the community and that the population is large enough that application of the finite population correction would not make an appreciable difference in the results....   [tags: statistics, confidence interval, sample population]

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Elizabeth River Tunnel

- The Elizabeth River Tunnel, downtown, and midtown tunnel tolls are completely unfair for anyone who lives or works in Portsmouth; people shouldn’t have to pay to drive to work, or even simply drive in their state. The tunnel tolls have forced people to rearrange their whole life because of one simple tax. There happen to be upsides to this new tax, which is that over the course of 58 years the infrastructure of the tunnel will be a lot stronger since the population in Virginia has increased. Keywords: Elizabeth, midtown, tunnel, tolls, tax, people, unfair, upsides, downsides I....   [tags: midtown tunnel tolls, unfairness]

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Irish Immigration: The Gilded Age

- During what is known as the Gilded Age, there was major changes happening in the US. These changes included industrialization, population increase, along with cities rising up and big business like the railroad company coming about as well. These were just a few of the many changes that were occurring. One of the biggest occurrences in the US was immigration. Imagine you and your family leaving your homeland to a completely new world where there is a language you might not be able to understand or speak....   [tags: industrialization, population increase, dublin]

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An Analysis of Serial Killing and Sexual Sadism Applying Robert Pickton as a Case Study

- Robert William “Willie” Pickton is currently serving a life sentence for the second degree murder of six British Columbian women. Although convicted for the murders of six victims, physical and forensic evidence for thirty-three women was uncovered at Pickton’s Port Coquitlam pig farm which served as the crime scene for his murders. Numerous other missing women, mostly marginalized prostitutes with chronic drug addiction, from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside area remain unaccounted for. It is not unreasonable to assume that they too, met the same disturbing fate as the other murder victims....   [tags: Psychology]

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Project Neighborhood Is An Off Campus Co Ed Housing Option For Calvin College

- Project Neighborhood (PN) is an off-campus co-ed housing option for Calvin College upperclassmen, where an estimate of 5-9 students live together with mentors at a subsidized set price of $275 per month. PN officially began in 1998 with one house and as the years progressed, a total of 6 project neighborhood houses (PNH) sprung up. PNHs used to be the pastor house of the nearby Christian Reformed Church, but has been donated to Calvin College to begin a bridge program. One of the main purpose of PN is for students to live near the donor church and participate in the ministry of the church....   [tags: African American, Black people, Grand Rapids]

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Relationship Between Blues and the Working Class in Ishmael Reed's Blues City

- Ishmael Reed, in ‘Blues City’ gives an account of the realms of ethnic diversity, cultural rivalries, the capitalism philosophy, and the interrelationship between blues and the working class. Oakland, often viewed as a sister to San Francisco across the Bay, is one of the most unique cities in the America. It is the home to dozens of artists, blue-collar workers, the Black Panther community, and a vibrant rustic and yet industrial town. Due to Oakland's bad reputation, Reeds in 1979 expressed his reservations when his shallow pockets forced him and his wife to find a house in Oakland....   [tags: cultural diversity, black panthers, oakland]

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Graduation Speech At The Georgia Dome At Two O ' Clock

- Graduation Day There is one moment that stands above all others in every child’s grade school career, and that is their graduation ceremony. The event that every freshman looks forward to from the moment that they step into high school. Don’t get me wrong, people have the most memorable times while in high school, I know have, but it will be a roller coaster experience for all. Nevertheless, it is just something about the anticipation that every teen has to finally be on their own and not having to follow their parents’ rules and orders every day....   [tags: High school, Graduation, Academic dress, Walking]

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The Pros and Cons of Privatizing Government Services in Canada

- Municipal control or an alternative delivery method. This is the question that has intrigued all levels of local government and created intense debates between taxpayers across municipalities. The services that municipalities provide are often vital to the existence of a local area. The issues of accountability, cost savings, quality of service and democracy often arise when choosing the best options to deliver services to a municipal area. In recent years the concepts of privatization, alternative service delivery and public-private partnerships are often promoted as ways cut down on overburdened annual city budgets and promote a higher quality of service to citizens....   [tags: Privatization of Public Services]

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Denison Texas: Main Street the Past, Present and Future.

- Denison Texas: Main Street the Past, Present and Future. Denison, Texas has been called “Katy’s Baby,” the “Gateway City,” and the “Infant wonder” (“History of Denison”). Every name mentioned is an accurate description of the ever changing Main Street in Denison, Texas. Main Street has adapted to modifications for well over 100 years. Main Street has transformed, developed, faded and reinvented itself, all while maintaining vastly needed improvements. Denison’s Main Street is known for numerous historical events from the past, present and hopefully the future....   [tags: Local Government ]

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Economic and Societal Implications on Communities Surrounding Sports Franchises

- With the ever-increasing rate at which professional sport franchises change venues, the surrounding communities must deal with the social and economic burden. The Atlanta Braves announced in November that the 2017 season will open in a new $672 million-dollar stadium in Cobb County. Turner field will only be 21 years old when their team vacates it and has it demolished. The announcement stunned many fans due to the lack of warning received and the seemingly young age of the current stadium. City officials claim that a professional team will increase tax revenue, create economic growth, and even bring the city closer together....   [tags: social/economic burden of stadium building]

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