Visiting Mountain City

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Visiting Mountain City

Mountain City, Tennessee, is my hometown. I have lived in this small town located in East Tennessee all my life. It has many attractions, shopping places, and great places to eat. Most people don’t realize what the town has to offer--everything from shopping in the downtown area to relaxing in one of the numerous parks. There are also several creeks and camping facilities for the outdoor man. This makes Mountain City a great place to go and forget about all your troubles.

Mountain City was established in 1885; the town was first called Talyorsville. The town has grown tremendously since its establishment. Located about 45 miles from Johnson City, it’s a perfect place to visit for a day. The drive is only about an hour from E.T.S.U. Mountain City is also located about 30 miles from Boone, North Carolina, where skiing’s a major attraction.

Since I have lived in Mountain City all my life, in my opinion, the fall season is the best time to go. The trees all around are full of color. This time of year is a perfect time to hike on one of the various trails, which will lead you deep into the Appalachian Mountains. Some of the trails lead to spectacular views of the town. The Deer Run Trail is a wonderful trail to hike in order to view the small town. The trail is about a mile long and very challenging. During the fall season, the weather seems warm during the day and cool throughout the night. I’d suggest taking some short sleeve shirts for the day and some long sleeved shirts for the chilly nights.

If the outdoors does not interest you, then Mountain City offers several stores to shop at. Downtown Mountain City is packed full of little stores filled with all kinds of treasures. There’s a variety of stores and wide selection of items to choose from. Some stores located in the downtown area are the City Shoe Store, Cornet Furniture, Auto Zone, Downtown Antiques, Hidden Treasures Antiques, and for the young people, Corner Pocket Arcade. The downtown area is not the only place to shop. I learned from my visit that there is a Dollar Store, Family Dollar, Tumbleweed Western Wear, Family Book and Card, and a Stanley Knitting Mill Outlet store. Some of my favorite places to shop are the little booths set up along side of the road, that feature crafts and different selections of souvenirs.
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