Port Orchard: A Natural Disaster

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Port Orchard, Washington is a town overflowing with rich forests, fresh air, and spectacular views. As Isaac Suttle walks from his front door, he can see the Two Brothers to the west and Mt. Rainier to the east. His home sits quietly in an area of Port Orchard surrounded by trees, the nearest neighbor hundreds of feet away. Like that of most western Washington, the weather is cool and rainy throughout the year with little relief in the summer. The drizzly rain can last for months; Isaac can remember a time when it persisted for 93 days straight. Though at times the weather can be miserable, it keeps the forest green and the air clean and refreshing.

Traveling ten miles out of his hide away home, Isaac comes to the downtown area. Right on the water, downtown holds a large marina, home to boats from all over Kitsap County. Small antique shops, a one screen movie theatre, and a few bars are scattered down the main street. The “best candy store in the world” sits on a quaint corner of the street and provides Isaac with his favorite treats as he walks down the small stretch of beach at the local park.

Not thirty minutes away is Isaac’s favorite escape destination, Point Defiance Park. A large park, it is home to a zoo, endless stretches of beach, hiking trails, and woods one could get lost in forever. It is a quiet place where Isaac can go to read and relax after an overwhelming week at a far from perfect school.

Port Orchard students attend school with more than 3,000 students throughout southern Kitsap County. Overpopulated, South Kitsap High is more of a hassle than an educator. Many students have to travel up to thirty minutes to get there, and when they arrive,...

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...eople Isaac knew who did not do drugs became his allies as his old friendships began to dissolve.

Most of Isaac’s classmates did one of three things after graduation. They either went straight to work at the shipyard, joined the armed forces, or, like Isaac, left for college vowing never to return. Although Isaac has no intention of returning to Port Orchard or anywhere in Kitsap County, he can see himself settling in an area of Washington State still untouched by commercial chains and overpopulation. Though Isaac enjoys being alone with nature, growing up near Seattle has given him the courage and confidence to leave Washington and travel hundreds of miles down the coast to San Luis Obispo. A completely different setting, Isaac hopes to use San Luis Obispo to help him become well rounded and ready for a successful future away from Port Orchard.

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