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What 's On The Inside That Counts

- It’s what’s on the inside that counts. That has been a common moral that was to justify things should not be easily judged by their outward appearance. This goes to show how our society tends to emphasize importance of physical appearance. I realized that how you look really affects the opinions of others about oneself so I became interested in aesthetics. My interest for it was not meant to be shallow, because I believe there is potential beauty in everything despite having favorable physical features or not....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Dermatology, Psychology]

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What Counts as Knowledge

- It has been asserted time and time again that theology has been promoted into the realms of academia where it really has no place. The apolistomialogical question at hand is, “What counts as knowledge?” The aforementioned assertion is based on the belief that theology is not an area of knowledge, that when it comes to theological concepts like “God”, one can’t really know anything. Religious studies are often times marginalized to the realm of faith. This type of epistemology stems from the belief that the study of religion has no basis in science; that its foundation is in ancient scripture and old-fashioned texts....   [tags: theology, culture, religious]

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What Really Counts as Learning

- What Really Counts as Learning Learning happens in so many places and in so many ways. Maybe it is at the mall, or at home, or even in a classroom. For Russell Thomas it was in the poor town of Coney Island. In Coney Island, Russell has to learn many hard lessons in life. He learns that you can’t change everything and that life isn’t fair. Russell is forced to realize that failure is part of life and that it happens to all of us. These are all teachings that are irreplaceable and valuable. The lessons that Russell learns are ones that he will use for the rest of his life in his experiences....   [tags: Russell Thomas Essays]

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Transmission Of Hiv, Viral Load, And Cd4 Counts

- Vertical Transmission of HIV, Viral Load, & CD4 Counts in Gambia Ahmad Alqassim, Hosam Shalaby, Ikenna Nnamani, Renad Jadkarim PROJECT SUMMARY HIV is still a challenge public health issue all around the world. It targets the immune system within the body through targeting CD4 immune cells. we studied the impact of CD4 count and HIV viral load as risk factors for mother-to-child (vertical) transmission of HIV frequency during the pregnancy period and 6 months after delivery in three different regions of Gambia....   [tags: Immune system, HIV, AIDS, Pregnancy]

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The Second Implication Is Recognizing That Performance Counts ( P. 65 )

- The fourth implication is recognizing that performance counts (p.65). The outcome of the performance of the leader contributes to many important elements of their leadership, such as the credibility and trust developed, ability to establish power, and the positive effects on the followers. Middle school and high school students are susceptible to influence, and as an adult they look up to, it is important to be aware of my action and words when I’m leading. The fifth implication is flexibility (p.65)....   [tags: Leadership, Communication, Leader, Management]

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A Woman 's Testimony Only Counts For Half Of A Man

- A male gets twice as much inheritance as a female. (From the Quran in Sura 4:11) A woman’s testimony only counts for half of a man’s testimony. (From the Quran in Sura 2:282) Husbands are a degree above their wives. (From the Quran in Sura 2:228) A wife may remarry her ex-husband if she marries another man, the two have sex, and then the second man divorces her. (From the Quran in Sura 2:230) Slave-girls are sexual property for their male owners. (From the Quran in Sura 4:24) A man may be polygamous with up to four wives....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an, Western world]

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Counts vs. Daimyo

- Counts vs. Daimyo By examining Japan and Medieval Europe’s past, both areas had feudalism incorporated in their social structure. Feudalism was a relationship among the upper class, in which a member of the nobility was granted land, and in return promised to protect the king, who gave them their land. The nobility referred to are counts in Europe and daimyo in Japan. Both are generally governors who rule over a substantial subsection of the empire with certain duties and obligations. Daimyo and counts are very similar with some slight difference like whether their power is handed down by heredity and how much power they really have....   [tags: Papers]

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Every Child Counts

- Every Child Counts Growing up I loved being surrounded by children. Looking back on my earlier years, I realize that teaching has always been a desire of mine. As a child I read to my dolls, pretended to be a teacher to my friends, and baby-sat every opportunity that arose. No matter what the situation was, if there were children involved, you could count me in. I love the feeling of being around children; the joy they bring to a room is what makes them so special. Children are wonderful beings that make me laugh and realize how precious life can be....   [tags: Teaching Education Careers Essays]

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Dare The School Build A New Social Order By George Counts

- This book, Dare The School Build a New Social Order by George Counts, is an examination of teachers, the Progressive Education Movement, democracy and his idea on how to reform the American economy. The book is divided into 5 different sections. The first section is all about the Progressive Education Movement. Through this, George Counts points out many downsides and weaknesses of this ideal. He also talks about how he wants teachers to lead society instead of following it. In the second section, he examines 10 widespread fallacies....   [tags: School, Education, Teacher, Want]

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What Really Counts

- Some stories start out slowly. Some start quickly. Some, unfortunately never start at all. It was the latter that was slowly becoming the bane – or, as he saw it, the description -- of Morgan Dubois’ existence. Granted, his story was slow in forming not because of lack of effort or desire on his own part, but fizzled time and time again due to an enormous lack of cooperation from the outside world. The outside world, of course, being girls. Standing a modest six feet, two inches in height and tipping the scales at one hundred and eighty-five pounds, Morgan Debois wasn’t that demanding of attention, and his brown hair and hazel eyes – maddeningly typical, in his eyes -- did nothing to chan...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Frequency Distribution Is A Visual Display That Organizes And Presents The Frequency Counts For Easy Interpretation Of Information

- Frequency distribution is a visual display that organizes and presents the frequency counts for easy interpretation of information. A measure of central tendency is a value that describes a set of statistics through the identification of the central position within the given set of data. The valid measures of central tendency include mean, mode and median. Dispersion is defined as variability or spread in variables or probabilistic distributions. It includes standard deviation and variance. The univariate methods are useful since they include the calculation of margins of error in a measure between two groups....   [tags: Sampling, Sample, Stratified sampling]

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It's What's on the Inside that Counts

- Children breaking out in sweats as they lay sick in bed. Their bodies, contorted in pain, are hot with fever. They scream and thrash at invisible beings that haunt them in their nightmares. In 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, many young girls were experiencing these symptoms, and the townspeople were left bewildered. Witchcraft was determined as the cause, and witchcraft craft trials ensued. In order to prevent any other children from being hurt by the malevolent witches hiding in the town, Thomas Putnam, whose only child, Ruth, was ill, insisted upon having witch trials....   [tags: American History]

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Every Decision Counts: Antigone

- ... Their actions of making impetuous decisions is the reason why they are to blame for the tragic events towards the end of the play. After Ismene refuses Antigone’s idea of burying Polyneices, Antigone argues, “I will bury him; and if I must die,/ I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down/ With him in death,” (I.Prologue.55-7). Although Antigone is being a good sibling to Polyneices, by fighting for his burial, she does not think thoroughly about her rebellious ways. If Antigone dies, Ismene will be left alone and if Ismene helps her, Antigone and Ismene will both be sentenced....   [tags: Sophocles play analysis]

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Classical Counts

- The music sways and sweeps itself through the mind of the listener. The piano, percussion instrument, violin and other choice instruments come together to form a musical fantasy. The positive effects of classical music on a person’s mental well-being can be shown through a fetus in the uterus, premature infants, and developing children due to the Mozart effect assisting in providing benefits that positively influence human life. So for an individual to help his or herself or their future child place in a Mozart mix and let the stress stray away and the rhythm and music of classical music seep into the brain’s pores....   [tags: Music]

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Employment Report From A County Sheriff 's Office

- Nestled on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Citrus County is home to hundreds of thousands of people, according to the latest data from the United States Census Bureau (United States Census Bureau, 2015). Comprised of several small towns, Citrus County spans nearly six hundred square miles, consisting of an older, predominantly white population, based on reports from the Census Bureau (United States Census Bureau, 2015). As the dominant law enforcement agency in the area, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) works diligently to ensure public safety through patrolling and policing....   [tags: Crime, Police, Theft, Citrus County]

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Taking a Look at the Syariah Courts

- The civil courts from time to time infringed upon the jurisdiction of Syariah Courts before Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution was modified by the Constitution (Amendment) Act 1988 (Act A704) which came into force on 10 June 1988. The infringement by the civil court upon the jurisdiction of the Syariah Courts caused vast concern among those interested or involved in the management of Islamic Law. A committee lead by Tan Sri Syed Nasir Ismail was established by the government to look into the position of Syariah Courts and urge measures to raise their status....   [tags: Federal Constitution, civil courts]

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Caseloads in America's Courts Today

- The court historically has heard an average of 700 cases monthly. However, over the past few years the number of cases filed has doubled. In most cases, the efficiency of the courts allowed final case disposition within a month. Current backlogs in court hearings exceed two months. Cases sometimes take up to three months for final disposition. Because of the perpetual problem with hearing backlogs, judges wish to reconsider the present mixed calendar system. Six judges rotate between hearing criminal and civil cases on a monthly basis....   [tags: caseloads, courts, USA,]

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The Medicalization of Deviance and Overview of Mental Health Courts

- Medicalization of deviance in the United States (U.S.) over the years has expanded as medicine has become the main response to deviance through the use of therapeutic social control. Medicalization is referenced to in criminal justice as one of the ways of explaining deviance and is used to determine the responsibility of an offender. Deviance characterizes behaviors and actions that violate social norms and is seen as having an illness or a disease needing treatment. Therapeutic social control uses medicine and science as a treatment of deviance....   [tags: Medicalization of Deviance]

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Westchester County 's Influence On The American Revolution

- *Westchester County has nearly one million residents living throughout the 450 square miles and its population is larger than five states and 77 countries (Westchester, 2014). This region has a lot to offer historical; Westchester County played a key role in the American Revolution, cultural; arts, music, theater, museums, gardens, literary arts, cultural centers, and so on, geography; its locale is right along the Long Island Sound on the southeast and the Hudson River on the west, rolling hills, retaining rural characters, while adopting the urban and suburban lifestyles and New York City in close proximity, and population trends; the county’s population grew 3% between the 2000 a...   [tags: New York City, New York, Westchester County]

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My Experience At Essex County College

- To whomever, it may concern, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Kelly Agurto, a college student who’s currently attending at Essex County College who’s finishing this Fall Semester 2015 and had started in the fall of 2012. I am the youngest child from my mother’s side of the family of both parents. Since both my parents been separated ever since I was six years old. I was fortunate enough to have gotten an opportunity to play soccer both my Freshman and Sophomore year at Essex County College....   [tags: High school, College, Associate's degree]

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Case Study : County Adult Detention Center

- earlier. The other officer stayed behind to wait for someone to come to pick up Mr. Jenkins vehicle, which would be impounded. Prior to arresting Mr. Jenkins, Officer Onge started two separate reports on both situations. One for the damage to Mr. Jenkins vehicle, and another for the arrest against Mr. Jenkins. Officer Onge explained to me that in a normal situation, he would have contacted transport to come pick up Mr. Jenkins, but on that particular day, there were no transport officers available, so he needed to make the transport himself....   [tags: Police, Police officer, Constable, Cobb County]

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Arguments Considering Whether the courts have Made any Efforts to enforce the Human Rights Act

- This piece of essay is primarily focused on arguments considering whether the courts ( here the UK courts) have made any efforts at all to enforce the Human Rights Act at the domestic level that is to “bring rights home”. However, there have been diverse views on this issue drawn from academic writings and judicial decisions. These would be examined in the essay. The Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) was passed to protect and to promote the rights and freedoms of individuals. Does this mean that without the Human Rights Acts, individuals may not have any rights or rights protection at all?....   [tags: human rights act, uk courts, uk system]

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State Courts And Federal Courts

- Nearly all rights that involve us are approved by state governments, and like so, state courts manage most arguments that control our day to day lives. Because federal courts protect several of our main laws, they are also very important in our lives. “Due to federalism, both the federal government and each of the state governments have their own court systems ("Comparing Federal & State Courts").” “State court systems vary from state to state, and each is a little different ("State Courts vs. Federal Courts", 2015)....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, United States]

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The Impact Of Meagan Grunwald On The Death Of Utah County Sheriff

- The story in discussion is that of Meagan Grunwald since it was one for which various articles from different online sources were available due to the large controversy it had sparked a while ago. Meagan Grunwald, a teenager of seventeen was convicted in May 2015 on 11 counts, including aggravated murder, attempted murder, aggravated robbery and use of a controlled substance and was sentenced to 30 years to life with the possibility open for parole.(Associated Press, 2015) The girl had engaged in a 51 mile crime spree that left one sheriff 's deputy dead and another wounded with her 27 year old boyfriend Jose Angel Garcia-Jauregui who was killed in a shootout with police in the spree which i...   [tags: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Forgiveness]

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Stephen Coonts "flight Of The Intruder": Summary

- Stephen Coonts' "Flight of the Intruder": Summary This week I read Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts. I read from page 1 to page 437 for a total of 437 pages. The book is about an A-6A Intruder (a naval bomber) pilot named Jake Grafton. In the first few pages Jake's best friend and B/N (Bombardier/Navigator) is killed by a Vietnamese soldier's rifle. In this mission their target was a "suspected truck park." Jake goes into despondency (depression, despair) for a days and tries to convince his squadron leader that the targets are worthless, that thousand of Americans have died en route and returning from these....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Public Corruption Of The Orange County, California Courts

- Even though monopolies are illegal, public corruption allows companies to form and continues to be a problem today. In an article published by the Los Angeles, Anh Do and Richard Winton expose a case of corruption in the Orange County, California courts. In the Travel Pulse article "Airlines Leaving Us Little Choice – Like A Monopoly," posted by Rich Thomaselli, the practice of monopolization is observed in the airline industry. The author criticizes large airlines on their growth that has led to at “93 of the top 100 [airports], one or two airlines controlling a majority of the seats” (Thomaselli)....   [tags: Airline, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines]

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The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

- The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County is a delightfully entertaining piece of work. The characters are developed beautifully through fantastic descriptions, amusing actions, and mostly through smooth, flowing, and terrific dialogue. The dialogue is, indeed, the main attraction of this event. Simon Wheeler's speech is optimistic, and above all, very friendly. Wheeler tells of Smiley's antics as any great story teller would. Wheeler offers his own observations generously....   [tags: Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County]

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My Maternal Grandmother 's Lineage Is All From Transylvania County, North Carolina

- When most people hear the word ‘Transylvania’, their mind typically pictures Dracula; however, in my family line, my maternal grandmother’s lineage is all from Transylvania County, North Carolina. The Tinsley bloodline is mainly from Transylvania County, then some branches of the family tree migrated to Mississippi over the years. All in all, this family line originated in the Southeast United States. My eighth generation maternal grandfather is Thomas Tinsley. Thomas Tinsley was born in 1618 in Yorkshire, England....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, James City County, Virginia]

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The Leading Causes Of Mortality Of Linn County Are Cancer, Cardiac, And Chronic Lung Disease

- C. Community Diagnosis C1. Top Three Problems The leading causes of mortality in Linn County are cancer, cardiac, and chronic lung disease. Linn County has identified some health issues and aligned them with the Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020) goals. The top three areas of concern for Linn County are cancer, cardiac, and obesity. Cancer of the prostate is the most common followed by breast cancer. Linn County’s goal for 2020 is to reduce the mortality rate to 150.5 per 100,000 down from 167.3 (Linn County, 2014)....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Health, Cancer]

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Courts of Healing Justice: Juvenile, Family, and Drug Courts

- Courts of healing justice are specialized courts that deal in specific types of offenders. The ones that will be covered here are juvenile courts, family courts, and drug courts. These courts keep these specific types of cases out of the general courts. Their goal is to try to heal the offender of what is causing them to offend instead of just locking them up. They are also referred to courts of second chance. These courts work with social services and law enforcement agencies to provide special attention to the offender’s problems (Kinsella, 2004)....   [tags: juvenile court, family court, criminal justice sy]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Sommet Leader Brian Whitfield Sentenced On 20 Years '

- State the title of the article, the name of the publication in which it appeared and the date of publication. The article I have chosen titled “Sommet leader Brian Whitfield sentenced to 20 years” was published by The Tennessean on June 8, 2015. Provide a summary of the news story, with emphasis on the facts. A previous leader of The Sommet Group, Brian Whitfield, was accused and found guilty after a plea of not guilty to stealing money from clients and the government in the amount of $20 million....   [tags: Jury, Judge, United States federal courts]

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American Courts And The Justice System

- American courts play an essential role in our justice system. America has a dual court system; state and federal. They both have three main courts and all of them have their own jurisdictions. The federal supreme court is the only court that can decide future of the whole country. There is more to the American courts than just state and federal courts. The American courts can be confusing due to the numerous types of courts such as state, federal, supreme, criminal and civil courts. There are a larger number of courts and some of them are inferior courts....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, United States]

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Understanding the Complexity of Canada's Courts

- ... The act also assigns power go both the provincial and federal governments. The constitution is Canada's supreme law, and any government, whether it be federal, provincial, or territorial, that passes laws that are inconsistent with the constitution are invalid. Canada's constitution is similar to that of the UK and there are four unwritten elements to the constitution; federalism, democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law, and respect for minorities. All of the provinces (excluding Quebec) follow the common law system....   [tags: common law, judges, supreme]

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The Roles Of The Courts System

- This essay will define the role of the courts system provide some history of the courts highlight the various types of courts.with outline of civil and criminal courts and supreme courts. Pages to follow will establish the jurisdiction and hierarchy. Evalutate the advantages and disadvantages of using The jury system. With final piece to provide a conclusion The role of the courts are to administer the law, which has had much history over centuries going back as far as Anglo-Saxon period. When local issue where decided by local customs laws....   [tags: Judge, Court, Law, Jury]

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History and Function of Drug Courts

- Drug courts were first established in Miami in 1989 and have continued to grow today. Over the past twenty-four years, drug courts have provided a treatment-orientated approach to help defendants with drug-related crimes. The constant interaction of the drug court provides the needed structure for participants to maintain their involvement in the program. Understanding the overall goals of the drug court and the outcomes of participants in the drug court program are the key factors in measuring the success of the drug courts....   [tags: Drug Treatment, Drug Use]

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The Significance Of Supreme Courts Jurisprudence

- Section IV Q8: The Significance of Supreme Courts Jurisprudence through Judicial tests on the Right to Freedom of Speech. The Supreme Court in several cases regarding free speech challenges has produced several significant precedents over time who’s jurisprudence have both defined the limitations of an individual’s right to free speech as well as placed restrictions upon the government’s ability to regulate free speech. Political speech challenges in particular have led to multiple disputes that have resulted in a series of judicial balancing tests....   [tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution]

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Juvenile Offenders And Juvenile Courts

- According to the authors of And Justice for Some, between the years 1985 and 1997, the number of juveniles placed in state prison more than doubled (Poe-Yamagata & Jones, 2000). While they are separated from the adult population if they were tried in the juvenile courts, when a juvenile is waived to the adult court, they are incarcerated with adult inmates in jails and prisons. In the past years, the courts are moving away from case-specific decisions on waiving juveniles to the criminal courts and are now considering the waiver on offense seriousness....   [tags: Crime, Capital punishment, Roper v. Simmons]

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Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Delinquency

- How would you feel if the police arrested kids all over our country to jail for just crossing the street the wrong way or pushing another kid on the playground. That is what is happening to many underage juvenile all over the United States; they are being sent to adult prisons for crimes that do not deserve such severe punishments. Why they were tried as adults is an enigma and we will explain why this is a terrible injustice. In 1899 children in between the ages of 7-14 were believed they were incapable of committing criminal intent....   [tags: Crime, Juveniles, Laws]

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Drug Courts Vs. Incarceration

- Drug Courts vs. Incarceration Maybe Locking Up Drug Addicts Isn’t the Answer Within our society, there is a gleaming stigma against the drug addicted. We have been taught to believe that if someone uses drugs and commits a crime they should be locked away and shunned for their lifetime. Their past continues to haunt them, even if they have changed their old addictive ways. Everyone deserves a second chance at life, so why do we outcast someone who struggles with this horrible disease. Drug addiction and crime can destroy lives and rip apart families....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Addiction, Drug addiction]

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The American Courts System

- In America, we have the luxury of having access to a theoretically just and efficient courts system. A luxury not afforded to many human beings around the world. It is also our right as citizens to know and understand the way the system works as well as its pros and cons. American law can be complex, and it is important to know where the law comes from to better understand how the system all comes together. This paper will discuss the sources of American law, the two divisions of courts in our country, as well as the pros and cons of the system primarily pertaining to civil law....   [tags: Law]

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Drug Courts in Error

- Rhetorical Box Outline Intro One Our judicial system is in dire need of a make-over. Time and again drug and alcohol offenders (numbering in the thousands per year), are pushed like cattle through the revolving doors of courthouses and jails; each, serving varying terms, only to be back in a cell on similar charges in no time at all. Ultimately, it is behaviors that must be changed. Regardless of the length of a prison or jail sentence; simply “doing time” does not change behaviors. Intro Two Rehabilitation needs to be added to the sentencing equation if we truly wish to make a dent in the underlying problem....   [tags: Rhetorical Box]

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The Diversity Of The County

- Demographics / Population Riverside County is nestled in southern California, approximately 100 miles from the Mexico United States border. Between 2000 and 2016 the population in Riverside County grew by as much as 44% to 2.2 million people (County of Riverside, 2013). In other words, Riverside County is more populous than the states of Vermont, Delaware, and Wyoming combined (World Media Group, 2014). The diversity of the county has changed as well. The number of Hispanic residents continues to rise while the number of Caucasian residents declined yet the African Americans (A.A.) population stayed the same at 6% (County of Riverside, 2013)....   [tags: United States, Nutrition, Obesity, Health care]

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History Of Lufkin As The County Of The Angelina County

- Lufkin serves as the county seat of the Angelina County and is located in deep East Texas United States. Lufkin was formed essentially due to its proximity to the railroad crossing, booming lumber industry, and the golden expansion era. It was named after city councilman, Captain Abraham P. Lufkin in 1882. Captain Lufkin was a cotton merchant and Galveston’s city councilman. The economic growth of Lufkin was tied to three very well-known families who invested in Lumber: The Kurth’s, Henderson’s, and Weiner’s....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Theft, Crime statistics]

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Courts and Power Relations

- The courtroom is a ritualised space, involving costume, language, spatial organisation and so on, and courts, therefore, constitute performative exercises of power. Discuss some of the ways in which courts demonstrate power and/or power relations. The courtroom is a ritualised space in which many features are effectively manipulated to demonstrate the states power over the individual. It is because of such displays of power that the courtroom is commonly identified as a place of justice where social order is upheld....   [tags: Costume, Language, Spatial Organization]

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Tudor and Stuart Courts

- Whilst contemporaries praise the monarchy in terms of likeness, renaissance portraiture was more than just a record of features. It can be argued that the depiction of wealth, symbols of power and badges of descent are not art for art’s sake; but rather art for the sake of power and dynasty. However, this scrutiny to present dynasty is often somewhat inappropriate and impossible, best recognised in depicting the two year old Edward VI as a symbol of sexual fluidity. Both the Tudor and Stuart courts used their dynastical brand to improve their individual image but this does somewhat dilute the importance of a collective representation....   [tags: Importance of Dynasty Representation]

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Texas Courts

- In 1822, Stephen F. Austin established one of the first courts in Texas and appointed a provisional justice of peace. Since Texas was a part of Mexico at the time, the Mexican governor replaced the justice of peace with three elected officials. (Utexas) Soon after Independence, the republic of Texas under the 1836 Constitution, established a supreme court and allowed Congress to create inferior courts. Judges in such courts were to be elected by Congress. Counties, at the time, had County and Justice of Peace courts, whose judges were popularly elected....   [tags: Justice System ]

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Juvenile Courts

- Serious crimes such as murder, burglary and rape have raised questions as to whether the young offenders should face severe punitive treatment or the normal punitive measures in juvenile courts. Many would prefer the juveniles given harsh punishment in order to discourage other young people from engaging in similar activities and to serve as a lesson to these particular offenders. However, results from previous studies indicate such punitive measures were neither successful nor morally acceptable....   [tags: Criminal Justice ]

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Juvenile Courts

- There is ongoing debate as to what should be done with juvenile courts. Should juvenile courts be abolished or just reformed. There are a number of reasons offered for each viewpoint, and the ultimate goal is trying to figure out which option would be most beneficial for juveniles. Juvenile delinquency is a continuous problem in the United States. It is also considered an issue that all of society needs to take part in trying to solve or at least diminish. Despite the number of social controls that can aid in dealing with delinquency much of the burden is placed on the juvenile justice system....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Juvenile Courts

- Juvenile Courts in United States Persons aged below 18 years are regarded as underage and when they break the law they are not charged in the adult courts. They are charged in the young offender courts which are also called Juvenile courts. For an offender to be eligible for juvenile court, he or she must be under the state’s laws categorized as a juvenile. The age of 18 years is the maximum age at which an offender can use juvenile courts. The applicable age in a few states is 16 or 17 years, while Wyoming State has 19 years as the maximum age....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Specialized Courts

- Specialized Courts “Specialized courts differ from traditional courts in that they focus on one type of offense or offender. Usually the judge plays an intensive supervisory role. Other criminal justice components (e.g., probation) and social services agencies (e.g., drug treatment) are involved and collaborate closely in case processing.” (Office of Justice Programs [OJP], 2008). High statistical correlations between offenders may demonstrate a need or possibility of specialized courts. These courts focus on the underlying issues behind the offending and try to cure it at it’s roots (NIJ, 2008)....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Assault on the Courts

- Assault on the Courts Fighting has become a habitual event seen in professional basketball. There has been a consistent decline in professionalism and morals predominately in young athletes. Before the Ron Artest event, most players were idolized as gods and portrayed as today’s heroes. However, a shocking phenomenon has risen as newer and younger athletes have entered the “new” NBA. Professionalism, morals, and integrity have taken a back seat to greed and selfishness. On November 1st, 2004, during the Pacers vs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The County of Hungry

- Let’s imagine a place that’s warm and humid in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter, a place where the rolling hills dominate most of the country side and the high peaks of the beautiful Mt Kekes towers towards the heavens like a grand monument. It’s a country filled with winding rivers that cut swift paths through the country side and the great Balaton Lake whose watery shores draw people in like the depths of a beautiful girls eyes. This grand place is the great country of hungry (my family’s native country) where many people and cultures have called their home and live in the different areas including places like the grand city of Budapest with the hustle and bustle of city life, t...   [tags: budapest, beauty, geography]

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The Functions and Goals of the Special Veterans' Courts

- ... In the case of Judge Robert Russell’s original special veteran’s court, his court saw (at the time of this particular article) a 90% success rate without any recidivism. In Hennepin County, Minnesota, their special veteran’s court was found in a study of two years to have lowered the amount of offenses committed of 83% of the participants six months after being in the program, as compared to six months before. One judge noted that working with fellow veterans is particularly helpful to those going through this special court....   [tags: offenses, programs, recidivism ]

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Specialty Courts For Veterans Of The Us Military

- This paper reviews specialty courts for Veterans of the US Military. The mission of various Veterans Courts is to specifically identify and aid those who have served in the United States military, to attempt to reduce the chances of further entanglement with the criminal justice system in the future, and to improve their lives in all aspects. This mission is attempted through the hard work of various Veterans groups at the local and State levels, as well as the community, all under the direct supervision of the court....   [tags: Judge, Court, Crime, Veteran]

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Juvenile And Family Court : An Outcome Study Of The Hamilton County, Ohio Unofficial Juvenile Community Courts

- 1. Beck, Victoria S. Ramsey, Robert J. Thomas, Judge T. Travis, Lawrence F. 2006 “Juvenile Diversion: An Outcome Study of the Hamilton County, Ohio Unofficial Juvenile Community Courts” Juvenile and Family Court Journal 57(2): 1-10 Beck and associated conducted their study in order to examine the unofficial diversion program in Hamilton County, Ohio. In their study they wanted to determine the answer to four questions; “(1) does the diversion program effectively prevent stigmatizing the child; (2) Does the diversion program effectively install the necessary discipline to remain out of trouble; (3) what is the recidivism (a new petition field) rate for diverted children; and (4) are parents w...   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Recidivism]

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The Juvenile Court Of Adult Criminal Courts

- A juvenile is an adolescent under age for specific benefits, for example, voting, consuming alcoholic refreshments, or consenting to sexual acts. In the event if accused for a criminal or juvenile offense, usually an adolescent is not tried by an adult criminal court but the case is handled in the juvenile court, despite the fact that when genuine law violations are affirmed in numerous purviews, adolescents may be transferred to adult criminal courts. A few jurisdictions have statutory necessities that adolescents must be tried in adult criminal courts in the event that they are accused for genuine wrongdoing....   [tags: Crime, Law, Criminal law, Criminal justice]

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The Jury and Its Role in the Courts of Trial

- The jury plays a crucial role in the courts of trial. They are an integral part in the Australian justice system. The jury system brings ordinary people into the courts everyday to judge whether a case is guilty or innocent. The role of the jury varies, depending on the different cases. In Australia, the court is ran by an adversary system. In this system “..individual litigants play a central part, initiating court action and largely determining the issues in dispute” (Ellis 2013, p. 133). In this essay I will be discussing the role of the jury system and how some believe the jury is one of the most important institutions in ensuring that Australia has an effective legal system, while other...   [tags: jury systems, proceedings and judgements]

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Racism, Anti-Semitism, and the Southern Courts

- Section A: This investigation is centered on the question “To what extent did racism and anti-Semitism affect the court case of The People V Leo Frank?” The essay focuses on the effect of racism and anti-Semitism against Leo Frank, a Jew from Brooklyn, during and after the trial where he was found guilty. It discusses these forms of racism and anti-Semitism in context of the time period of the court case, from 1913 to 1915. The paper discusses the portrayal of the court case in the papers as well as the public view and their actions, such as the lynching of Leo Frank without any repercussions or charges....   [tags: The People V Leo Frank]

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- The jurisdiction of the federal courts is defined in Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution, as extending in law and equity to all cases arising under the Constitution and federal legislation; to controversies to which the U.S. shall be a party, including those arising from treaties with other governments; to admiralty and maritime cases; to controversies between states; to controversies between a state, or its citizens, and foreign governments or their subjects; and to controversies between the citizens of one state and citizens of another state....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Problem-Solving Courts are Helping to Reform the Justice System

- ... In my current career, it is my job to help rehabilitate youth offenders, so treatment and rehabilitation of the underlying issues that cause someone to commit crimes is very important to me. Traditionally, before drug courts, anyone charged with a crime went to traditional courts. These courts were not specialized and were “little more than revolving doors for specific classes of offenders” (Lynch, pg. 309-310). Traditional courts did little to address specific issues of offenders and instead are more focused on sentencing an individual and moving on to the next....   [tags: crime, drug, rehabilitation]

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The Search for Time in Yoknapatawpha County

- Setting is an important aspect of any story, movie, poem and novel. Setting enhances many aspects of a story by adding time, location and mood into the works. Imagine how different Harry Potter would be if it took place in South Africa, instead of the magical kingdom of Hogwarts. Setting also enhances the tone of the narrator by adding effects, such as, weather changes, time of day, time of the year and the time period of the story. Furthermore, in the short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, the setting is a source of conflict....   [tags: setting, conflict, tradition, time, place]

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The Role of Courts in American Politics

- The Role of Courts in American Politics The third branch of the federal government is the judicial branch. Before the existence of the Constitution, a system of state courts was in place. Through much controversy and compromise a decision was accomplished, which put in place the Supreme Court. In Article III, Section 1, "The judicial power of the United Statesshall be vested in one Supreme Court and such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish." The Supreme Court was initially set up as a part of the separation of powers in the American political system....   [tags: Papers]

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Types of Offence and Courts

- Types of Offence and Courts This assignment is set out to explain how courts deal with both criminal and civil matters. It is sets out the role of the Police Service, Fire Service and the Army within the English legal system. Task One: There are three types of Criminal offences that the Criminal Courts deal with. The three types of Criminal offence are; · Summary * Either Way * Indictable Summary Offences These are dealt only within the Magistrates Court....   [tags: Papers]

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County Profile on Shasta, California

- ... In 2014, U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to have health care coverage. Therefore, those uninsured must have access to health care coverage in any way. The Medi-Cal Managed Care system for Shasta County is the COHS Model (County Organized Health System), also known as the Healthy Families Program. This program“administers a capitated, comprehensive, case-managed health care delivery system. This system has responsibilities for utilization control and claims administration and Medi-Cal covered health care services to all Medi-Cal beneficiaries who are legal residents of the county” (Department of Health Care Services, 2009)....   [tags: outdoors, services, status, health]

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Capital Budgeting : Charles County

- Capital Budgeting Charles County Maryland is a county that has grown by 20% since the year 2000 outpacing the region, state, and nations’ growth rate. With the increase in population, taxes have risen modestly and the county maintains its $17.1 billion market value according to Fitch Ratings. Fitch Rating is one of the three major U.S. rating organizations and has given Charles County an AAA rating. The county’s debt policies support a modest tax supported debt burden even as the county has met capital needs related to its strong population growth over the last decade....   [tags: Tax, Finance, Investment, Real estate]

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A Study Therapeutic Practice And Domestic Violence Courts

- Relatively recently in history the development of specialized, or problem-oriented, courts have assumed a predominate role in multiple areas. Three of the major ones discussed here include drug, mental health, and domestic violence courts. In 1996, the American Bar Association provided their interpretation of specialization, stating: Traditionally, specialization refers to a specialized subject matter combined with subject matter expertise. With reference to courts, specialization usually signifies that a court has limited and frequently exclusive, jurisdiction in one or more specific fields of the law....   [tags: Law, Domestic violence, Crime, Criminal justice]

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Observation of Adolescents in a County Court

- In observing Municipal Court at Jefferson County Court House there were many adolescences present. Thought there were older adults, the adolescences or delinquents seems to make up a number of the people there. The thought is, is there an effect the young adults there or reason why young adults are seen in municipal court. When observing the present of the adolescences was interested because of the fact that most were told to shape up or they would end up in jail. One was also told to get into counseling and have an intervention or would end up in jail....   [tags: Juvenile Crime, Criminal Justice System]

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The Analysis of Judges in the Superior Courts

- The Analysis of Judges in the Superior Courts A power passed by a French political theorist called Montesquieu states “that there are three primary functions of the state and that the only way to safeguard the liberty of the citizens is by keeping these here functions separate.” The three main powers that ach group has is; 1. The legislature. This is the law-making area of the state or In England the Parliament. 2. The executive or the body administering the law. Under the British political system this is the government of the day which forms the Cabinet....   [tags: Papers]

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The Success of the Courts in Defining Intention

- The Success of the Courts in Defining Intention The Mens Rea of a crime refers to the mental element or the state of mind the defendant possesses in order to be liable for an offence. Mens Rea can be any one of four elements, Transferred Malice, Recklessness, Gross Negligence or Intention. It is crimes of specific intent such as murder which require a Mens Rea of either direct or oblique intent. Direct intent is where the defendant desires the consequences and it is his or her purpose to achieve these consequences....   [tags: Papers]

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The County Sheriff 's Office

- The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office was formed in 1868 when legislation was enacted and provided the citizens of the county the responsibility to elect the sheriff rather than politicians. Greenville County encompasses nearly 795 square miles and is represented by over 400 sworn officers who oversee the 450,000 plus residents of the county. In 2015 the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office deputies respond to over 220,000 calls for service, resulting in an excess of 30,000 incident reports and processed over 700,000 calls through their communications center....   [tags: Police, Law enforcement agency]

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Offer and Acceptance in the Courts

- Offer and Acceptance in the Courts In dealing with problems of offer and acceptance, the Courts have taken a strict approach, stating that there must be clear offer and acceptance in order to create a binding contract. As such, offers must be clear on their terms and capable of acceptance and can only be accepted on terms that mirror the offer, as established in the case of Gibson v ManchesterCityCouncil (1979) [1]. There are dicta in certain cases, notably in the judgments of Lord Denning MR, which have attempted to mitigate this harsh approach, in the case of Butler Machine Tools Co Ltd v Ex-Cell-o Corporation (England) Ltd (1979)[2]....   [tags: Papers]

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The Real Housewives Of Orange County

- The reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, shown on Bravo, is recognized to be one of the most dramatic, luxurious and outrageous reality TV shows and definitely the most viewed out of the Real Housewives series. The TV show is based around literal housewives, women who stay at home and seem to look pretty on their husband’s arm, and their daily “tribulations”. These wives live in mega-mansions and live the lifestyle one can only dream of having. Between Botox injections and wild events in the lavish venues of the “OC” there is still plenty of room for drama....   [tags: Reality television, Television program, Television]

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Policy Advocacy At The County Level

- Policy Advocacy at the County Level It is important we focus on the preventive measures that can help bring change and awareness within local communities. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), currently enrolls more than 640,000 students throughout the county (Dauter, Fuller, 2016). Promoting a culture of prevention aim at educating youth, should incorporate policy advocacy interventions that can be embedded and take root within one of the largest school districts in the country. It’s within a social worker’s scope of practice to adopt an “integrated, ecological framework for understanding the origins of gender-based violence” (Heise, Lori1998)....   [tags: High school, Sociology, Domestic violence]

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Demographic and Socioeconomic Profile of a County

- The area which will be focused on in this piece is the county of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (DLR) (CSO area code CTY 05) which is located in South County Dublin. The population of this area stands at 206,261 (47.8% male, 52.2% Female). People aged 0-14 stands at 37,536 (50.95% male, 40.05% Female).The elderly (65+) account for 29,872 of population (42.42% Male, 57.58% Female). The fact that there are significantly more women of the age 65+ would indicate that the health of males is worse than females in this area which then results in a lower life expectancy for men....   [tags: Statistical Analysis]

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Montgomery County Department Of Education

- Hamilton County Schools Hamilton County Department of Education, HCDE, ranks as the largest employer in Chattanooga Tennessee with barely over 4500 full time and just under 1500 part time employees (Chattanooga Chamber, 2016). This organization claims to provide 42,000 students with a world class education (Hamilton County Department of Education, 2015). The 2015 fiscal year posted total revenue of 413,372,112 dollars (Tennessee Report of the Department of Education, 2015) The Hamilton County, Tennessee school district is led by a school board made up of nine elected members, and the Superintendent of the school system....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Teacher]

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A Report On Allegheny County Jail

- Allegheny County Jail opened in May 1995 and is located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. There are 35 pods on 8-dual level floors. Each pod has 56 cells on 2 levels that surround a central day area where meals are served and leisure time is spent. The Jail is clean, well lit, and has a climate and air quality control system. There are safety and emergency communications systems to increase safety of employees and the inmates. There is industrial style carpeting covers a section of the day area floor in the low security pods to cut down on noise level....   [tags: Security guard, Physical security, Surveillance]

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Physical Geography of Pierce County

- A Brief Introduction: Pierce County is a very scenic and key area to the development of the northern Mississippi. The county today has a total land area of 576 sq. miles and is home to just over 41,000 people. Consisting of 6 villages, 13 towns, only 2 cities, and many unincorporated settlements Pierce County is very rural and has made grown largely due to the trapping, lumber, dairy, fertile soil, tourism, Fishing, mining industries, and the easy access to waterways. March 14, 1853 Named after the recently elected 14th president of the United States of America Franklin Pierce the county got its current name....   [tags: northern Mississippi, Franklin Pierce]

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Local History of Will County

- Will County is home to a number of historical landmarks, famous figures, and a plethora of history. It was not always as built up as parts of it are now; Some two hundred years prior, Will County was a land of prairies in which it was farmed and hunted by the Potawatomi Indian tribe. The first established settlement in the boundaries of the county were made by a man named Jesse Walker in 1826. He named it Walker’s Grove, and worked with Potawatomi in the areas of agriculture, milling, and trading to newcomers of the establishment....   [tags: Potawatomi, Illinois, ]

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Leadership At The College Of Beaver County

- Recently, the Community College of Beaver County, CCBC, decided to reorganize and restructure the departments located in the Academic Support Services division. Throughout the campus, the college employs transformational leadership. The administrative leaders exhibit the transformational leadership style that has the ability to inspire and align the employees’ interests by empowering, supporting, encouraging, and recognizing employees for their efforts. As a requirement for the position, the transformational style of leadership is recommended for a candidate to possess for the hiring of a new manager, and the strategies are mentioned for the college as to why this type of leadership exists a...   [tags: Management, Leadership, Positive psychology]

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A Study Of The Johnson County

- The study of the Johnson County should be considered solely for illustrative purpose only. However the results are indicative of the kinds of conclusions to be generated from a detailed modeled based on a more specific and comprehensive data inputs from users. Over the entire planning period of 30 days, shale gas field (10 wells completed) located in Johnson County, Texas produced approximately 9.2 million gallons (34826 m3) of HF wastewater. Figure 2 shows the optimized aggregate HF water management plan for the field development, where the x-axis denotes the progression of the well completion schedule and y-axis shows the total volume of HF wastewater produced by completed wells on each da...   [tags: Water, Water supply, Water pollution, Hydrology]

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