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Did you know that the complete blood count test is performed by obtaining a few milliliters of blood sample directly from the patient? A complete blood count is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health. A complete blood count is a common blood test that's done to monitor a medical condition and medical treatment. A complete blood count gives enough information about the number and kinds of cells in the blood, especially red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. A complete blood count helps your doctor check for any symptoms, such as weakness,bruising or fatigue. It also helps him or her diagnose conditions, such as anemia which is a decrease in the amount of oxygen carrying substance found in red blood cells, infection, and many other disorders. A complete blood count test usually includes platelet count, white blood cell count, red blood cell count, hemoglobin, red blood cell indices, mean platelet volume and white blood cell types.
White blood cell count is an increase in fighting cells circulating in your blood. White blood cell count is also called leukocytosis. There are five major types of white blood cells which are neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes and basophils. White blood cell count varies from one medical practice to another. A count of more than 10,000 leukocytes in a microliter of blood in adults is generally considered a high white blood cell count. Abnormal test results are classified by numbers that are higher or lower 4,500 and 10,000 microliter. High white blood cell count in children varies with age and size. White blood cell count usually indicates a reaction to a drug which increases white blood cells production and an increased preparation of white blood cells to fight an ...

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...ive you information about the hemoglobin content and size of red blood cells. Abnormal values indicate that anemia is presence and what kind of anemia it is. The red blood cell indices measure the shape, size and physical characteristics of the red blood cells. There are three red blood cell indices which are mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, and mean corpuscular volume. Mean platelet volume is a machine calculated measurement of the average size of platelets found in blood and is typically included in blood test as part of the complete blood count. The volume of the platelets is calculated in femtoliter which ranges in between 7.5 fL to 11.5 fL. The blood differential test measures the percentage of every type of white blood cell that you have in your blood. It also reveals if there are any immature or abnormal cells.
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