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Alfred Hitchcock Manipulates the Audience to Build Suspense in Psycho

- ... The song bird like Crane is unaware that Norman’s mother, the owl, is out to get her. The crow is a symbol of death and its beak points directly at Crane to foreshadow a future scene in the film. Eyes are another symbol that manipulates the audience’s feelings and creates suspense in the film. After Marion steals money from her boss her eyes widen due to paranoia, especially after being pulled over by a police officer. This scene makes the viewer believe that she may be the possible psycho referred to by the title of the film....   [tags: symbolsim, horror, death]

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and the Industrial Revolution

- “Oh. No mortal could support the horror of that countenance. A mummy again endued with animation could not be so hideous as that wretch” (Shelley 57). This statement is how Mary Shelley successfully portrayed the overall negative consensus of the industrialization of Europe in the 1800s in her novel Frankenstein. This story parallels the world’s transition from nature and emotion to reason and truth which was the primary cause for the industrial revolution. Though the revolution brought new technology and knowledge, people felt as though they were enslaved by this sudden change....   [tags: Dr. Frankenstain, horror, monster]

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The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

- Edgar Allen Poe once said, “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” There have been so many breathtaking stories, but none of them has influenced literature the way The Tell Tale Heart did. The Tell Tale Heart is a short story published in 1843, and written by Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston in 1809. He was the son of impoverishes actor Elizabeth and David Allen Poe. He became an orphan at the age of three whereby he lost his father by desertion and his mother to tuberculosis....   [tags: horror, narrator, insanity]

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Gothic Elements in Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens

- ... The narrator is convinced that the old man’s blind ‘vulture’ eye (named so for its pale blue hue with a film over the eye thus giving the impression the eye is actually blind) is evil and often refers to it as an ‘evil eye’. “He had the eye of a vulture --a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and so by degrees --very gradually --I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.” This tale also presents alienation and isolation for both Poe’s narrator and his victim, the narrator is particularly alienated from the old man due to his particular psychological reaction towards him and his eye....   [tags: horror, romanticism, black cat]

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The Many Romantic Elements of Frankenstein

- The Many Romantic Elements of Frankenstein Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein exhibits many gothic elements, but most would argue that it is more of a Romantic novel considering its idea of true inspiration. Victor Frankenstein takes only his love for knowledge and science, and creates life. Although it ends up disappointing him and becomes the ruin of Victor, this monster came from much creativity. To create something from absolutely nothing is a most inspiring thing, classifying it as a romantic....   [tags: monster, nature, horror]

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Creative Writing: The Mortalis and Nightcrwalers

- Whenever the sun falls and the moon rises, we rise, too. Whenever the lights go out, ours come on. We Nightcrawlers lurk in the shadows and play in the dark. We stay on the other side, in which no Nightcrawler nor a Mortal shall ever cross. The guarded line is drawn between the two places. Any mortal in their right mind, skeptical of the Nightcrawlers or not, knows never to cross the path. That path that no one was stupid enough to cross, except me, Silas Asher Clay. My mother used to tell me stories about the Mortals....   [tags: horror stories, tales, cliff]

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The Gold Bug by Edgar Allan Poe

- Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809. Many consider him to be the master of mystery and horror. He only lived until he was forty, but he still managed to make a name for himself in that span. He was an author, a poet, and a critic. He had success but not of the financial or personal variety. For one, every woman he ever cared for ended up dead. That included his wife Virginia whom he loved dearly. The men in his life who were supposed to be there to guide him never stuck around. Financially, the copyright laws of the time did not favor writers....   [tags: mystery, horror, imagination]

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Mary Shelley and Flannery O’Connor: Gothic Isolationists

- Gothic fiction is a genre of literature that combines fiction, horror and Romanticism with a particular focus on the mysterious and supernatural aspects. Gothic fiction originated in England during the latter half of the 18th century. This distinctive genre of literature soon developed into a 19th century phenomenon. The success of this dominant genre in England is frequently attributed to Mary Shelley. Despite its recent success, gothic fiction ceased to be a dominant genre by the Victorian Era....   [tags: Fiction, Horror, Romanticism, Literature]

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The Tell-Tale Heart by Edger Allen Poe

- Edger Allen Poe was born to traveling actors in Boston on January 19, 1809. Poe was the second of three children in his family. Three years of Poe’s birth both of his parents had died, and he was taken in by the wealthy tobacco merchant John Allan and his wife Frances Valentine Allan in Richmond, Virginia while Poe’s siblings went to live with other families (Life). He was a very talented writer at a young age. By the age of thirteen, Poe wrote enough poetry to publish a book, but his headmaster advised him against it (Life)....   [tags: gothic horror, biography, death]

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Dangerous Knowledge in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

- Frankenstein is a book written by Mary Shelley in 1818, that is revolved around a under privileged scientist named Victor Frankenstein who manages to create a unnatural human-like being. The story was written when Shelley was in her late teen age years, and was published when she was just twenty years old. Frankenstein is filled with several different elements of the Gothic and Romantic Movement of British literature, and is considered to be one of the earliest forms of science fiction. Frankenstein is a very complicated and complex story that challenges different ethics and morals on the apparent theme of dangerous knowledge....   [tags: victor, mary godwin, horror]

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How Do We Remember the Holocaust Today?

- The Holocaust is considered the largest genocide of our entire world, killing more than 600,000,000 Jewish people during the years of 1933-1945. The memories and history that have filled our lives that occurred during the Holocaust are constantly remembered around the world. Many populations today “think” that constant reminders allow for us to become informed and help diminish the hatred for other races still today. These scholars believe that by remembering the Holocaust, you are able to become knowledgeable and learn how to help prevent this from happening again....   [tags: tragic events, horror, jewish]

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Edgar Allan Poe: Amazing Poet and Writer

- ... Poe began his military career. He enlisted in the United States Army as a private using the identity "Edgar A. Perry" and he then lied about his age saying he was 22 but he was only 18(Poemhunter). This is where Poe finally released some of his work. Poe released his first book, collection of poetry titled Tamerlane and Other Poems which only had 50 copies printed and received almost no attention(Poemhunter). Poe was eventually discharged from the military on April 15, 1829. Poe was now seeking something different so he decided to go to the United States Military Academy at West Point(Poemhunter)....   [tags: origin of horror & detective fiction]

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A Brief Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

- ... Maria Clemm and her daughter Virginia. (C-5) J.P. Kennedy helped him become editor of the Southern Literary Messenger from 1835-1837. Poe contributed stories, poems and astute literary criticism but his drinking lost him his editorship. Poe married his cousin Virginia Clemm in 1836,she was only 13, then in 1837 they went to New York there he published the narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym his only novel. In the summer of 1846 he moved with his wife to a cottage in what was a rural area in Bronx N.Y; she died there of tuberculosis in January of 1947.On October 3, 1949, in Baltimore a stranger found him delirious and in need of medical attention, a few days later he died at the age of 40 fro...   [tags: poems and tales of horror]

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Stephen King: From Rags to Riches

- Stephen King had a, somewhat, troubled childhood, which, some people believe was the reason he was inspired to write some of his darker works and made him into the writer he is today. Stephen King, one of the most intense storytellers of our time, was born in Portland, Maine in 1947, into a family of three: his mother, Nellie Ruth Pillsbury, his father, Donald, and his adopted older brother, David. After his parents had separated, when his father left for a pack of cigarettes and never returned, Stephen King and Donald King were cared for by their mother....   [tags: claustrophobic, horror stories]

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Mise En Scene : Movie Analysis

- Mise en scene is a French term that is defined as the overall point of view of a movie or the "placing on stage". In other words, it refers to the combined experience of what the viewers hear, see and think of when they watch a movie. The mise en scene of a movie catches the attention of the viewers’ moods as much as lighting, props sounds, and smells do. It alerts their emotional response system to a real-life setting, which is conveyed in the movie. Mise en scene has two significant visual components: design and composition....   [tags: Film, Horror film, Cinematography]

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Film Analysis: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

- Running water, a high-pitched scream, shrill violins, pierced flesh, a torn curtain, gurgling water: these were the sounds that gave a whole new meaning to the word "horror" in the year 1960. With enough close-ups and cuts to simulate the feeling of a heart attack, the notorious shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho serves as the ultimate murder sequence in cinematic history. What makes the scene so frightening isn't so much the blood or the screams or the cross-dressing murderer: the true horror lies Hitchcock's use the camera....   [tags: marion, tom, horror]

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Universal Attribites of Monster Stories

- Monster stories are stories that stir up a feeling of horror, and terror. The film Victor Frankenstein and the book Frankenstein; Dracula; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with an introduction by Stephen King, both focus on monsters. They all talk of a monster stories and their evils. However, despite this common topic, the evil displayed in the film and in the book is different and has its own intensity. A monster story is a story about a creature fashioned to evoke horror. The film and the novels Frankenstein; Dracula; Dr....   [tags: creation, horror, sympathy]

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The Shining by Stephen King

- Stephen King is a contemporary author of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. He is one of the greatest writers of the American horror genre. King wrote many bestselling books but his book The Shining, published in 1977, established King as a great American writer. The Shining is about a man, Jack Torrance, his son, Danny, and his wife when they become caretakers of an isolated hotel. Danny sees alarming visions of the hotel's past using a psychic ability known as "The Shining." As time goes on, Jack Torrance slips into a horrifying insanity and the only thing that can save his family is "The Shining." Stephen King is known for putting his past hardships, as well as successes, into this...   [tags: horror, science fiction, and fantasy]

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The Shining By Stanley Kubrick

- Throughout history, we have seen vampires come in every form and shape, which commonly comes through the medium of film or television. The traditional vampire is often ingrained into many Americans heads as a dark and bat-like figure with a lust for blood supplied through his innocent victims and large fangs, yet we constantly see movies that differ from this stereotype. The 1980 movie “The Shining” directed by Stanley Kubrick exemplifies a very modern and mutated image of the vampire in the form of psychosis while the 1931 movie “Dracula” displays the vampire in a more traditional sense, however, both films show the apparent influence of Slavic roots....   [tags: Vampire, Dracula, Horror film]

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The Use of Humor

- Humor is portrayed as the main theme of the two essays by Margaret Atwood, Female Body, and Why We Crave Horror Movies by Stephen King. However, due to different subject matter being discussed, the humor employed in each is dissimilar in many ways. The essay by Atwood is written in relation to the body of a female in which she manages to give the readers a sensitivity of the female body with a comparison of a female mentality to that of a man. She crafts her essay using humorous approach such as wit and inscrutability....   [tags: irony, horror, style]

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Features of Gothic Horror Displayed in "The Yellow Wallpaper", "The Red Room" and "The Monkey’s Paw"

- The purpose of this essay is to discuss how three Victorian writers use the features of Gothic horror to create an atmosphere of foreboding in their short stories. The three stories I will be exploring are The Yellow Wallpaper, The Red Room and The Monkey’s Paw. The red room uses the most traditional gothic horror features. It is exactly like gothic horror because it is set in “Lorraine castle” which has been “abandoned for 18 months”. This is scary because there is old furniture, statues, lots of corridors and corners people could hide behind in a castle....   [tags: The Yellow Wallpaper, The Red Room, The Monkey’s P]

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Can Anyone Tell Me About Any Home Based Businesses Horror Or Success Stories?

- I love it when someone is bold and asks if anyone can tell any home business horror or success stories. This is a very broad question and I could talk years on this topic. However, depending on the person, you really can tell where the persons mind is at when they ask it based on how they say it. Continue on and I will share the insight to both aspects. Now, sometimes when someone just gets into network marketing, they ask the question to validate that they made a good decision and sometimes the spouse may ask, to prove their point that it is the dumbest thing that they did....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Influence of Romanticism in the Contemporary Shows True Blood, American Horror Story, and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

- ... True Blood is a perfect example of the ideas behind Romanticism because any human that is intimate with a vampire in the show experience intense and unfamiliar emotions that keep them hooked and desperate to come back for more. There is a scene when Eric (vampire) is worried about his maker, Godric. Sookie then says, “You have a lot a love for him” and Eric replies “Don’t use words I don’t understand”. This dialogue is particularly interesting because vampires are creatures of death and darkness lurking for fresh blood to drink constantly, why should vampires experience an emotion like ‘love’....   [tags: Freedom, Liberty]

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Russian Genocide of Chechens

- ... The above facts illuminate the Chechen genocide by Russia. On a related topic, the whole concept of genocide needs to be vanquished. Thought it may never be completely destroyed, the United States government and I can both do things to end and prevent horrors like the Chechen genocide from happening again. The easiest way for me or any other individual to combat genocide is to make a donation. Another simple way for me to end genocide is to be kind to others, especially those different from me and to lead others by my example....   [tags: Joseph Stalin, human horror]

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Author of Mysteries to Horror, Edgar Allan Poe Wrote Tell Tale Heart and The Black Cat in One Year

- ... Overall the narrator reiterates his actions in precise and clear cut details that can make the reader imagine they were actually witnessing the incident. In the “The Black Cat” the narrator confesses in order to explain his grotesque actions. The narrator can be described as an alcoholic who lashes out in the story and is responsible for the murder of both his cat and his wife. He first gouges the cat’s eyes out and then, “One morning, in cool blood, slipped a noose about its neck and hung it to the limb of a tree” (Poe 200)....   [tags: kill, insanity, confession]

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Pre 1914 Gothic Horror Stories: Techniques Used in Writing The Tell Tale Heart and The Red Room

- The Tell Tale Heart and The Red Room are two short stories that share the genre of a gothic horror story. They are both based in the nineteenth century but the plots are very diverse from one another. The Tale Tell Heart tells the story of a man driven to insanity by his landlord’s eye whereas The Red Room is a story about an ignorant man whose disbelief in ghosts leads to him spending the entire night in a haunted room with ominous consequences. With both stories set pre 1914, the writers could expand upon their main ideas as the current time was one of huge conflict between religion and science....   [tags: the tell tale heart, the red room]

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Reconstruction: Surviving Mass Violence

- Craig Scott was just 16 years old when he crowded underneath a desk with his two friends while classmates, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, acted out a real-life version of a Hollywood scene of ruthless murder, shouting lines from their favorite movie while gunning down kids and teachers in the corridors of Columbine High. Craig remembers the shouting and laughter of the shooters as they burst into the library armed with sawed-off shotguns, a handgun and a 9mm semi-automatic carbine. Craig recalls how his friends were both shot, one slumped dead on either side of him, their blood soaking into his clothes....   [tags: columbine high, horror, shoutings]

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Gothic Horror in Susan Hill's The Woman in Black and H.G. Wells' The Red Room

- Gothic Horror in Susan Hill's The Woman in Black and H.G. Wells' The Red Room As with all things, the gothic horror genre of literature did not begin at one definable point, but evolved gradually. Gothic horror evolved out of gothic fiction (as opposed to classical fiction, for example the novels of Jane Austen), before establishing itself as a genre in its own right. However, many literary scholars and critics would point to "The Castle of Otranto", written by Horace Walpole and first published in 1764, as the first true gothic horror novel, containing as it does many of the clichs prevalent throughout the genre....   [tags: Wells Red Room Hill Woman Black Essays]

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Death's Been Stealing Souls

- I turned the tap. It groaned in agony as cold, unwilling water was forced through the old, rusted pipes and out of the recently cleaned, yet still lime scale ridden, tap. The blood on my hands was still warm and liquid; it came off easily under the clear, flowing water. I rubbed the cold bar of soap between my palms. As I scrubbed a little harder at some of the crusty bits of blood that had dried, a bubble escaped my slippery fingers and floated up into the air. It was given a little push by the breeze entering through the open window to my left, which brought with it the smell of fish and chips from the local shop....   [tags: horror,]

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Designing and Producing a Series of Advertising Posters for a New Horror Movie

- Designing and Producing a Series of Advertising Posters for a New Horror Movie For our media studies project, Gurpreet and I have decided to design and produce a series of advertising posters for a new horror movie. We plan to make our posters of the same style of those used in magazines, newspapers, public billboards and of course the cinemas. This project is mainly aimed towards a target audience of males. The age of our target audience is from 18 years old and above. Although many teenagers from an age of 16 may want to see the film because of its narrative image and rock music soundtrack, we don’t want the film to be seen as just another “teen horror movie”....   [tags: Papers]

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Stevenson Create a Sense of Mystery and Horror in Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll

- Stevenson Create a Sense of Mystery and Horror in Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll In this essay I am going to look at Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll, the first two chapters, and explain using quotes and information from these chapters how the writer creates a sense of mystery and horror. I will be focussing on the descriptions given about the characters and the house which plays a significant part in this story. This novel is about a highly classed doctor of science, named Dr Jekyll. Dr Jekyll is a very clever professor who makes a mixture of chemicals, which can turn him into a totally different person for a short period of time....   [tags: Papers]

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How is the genre of horror established in the opening sequence of the lost boys

- How is the genre of horror established in the opening sequence of the lost boys. A horror film is one that attempts to make the viewer feel frightened or nervous. One way of doing this that is often used is to make normal things seem strange or fearful. This is done using lighting, camera shots, music and sound effects. They often use Juxtaposition, which is putting two contrasting ideas next to one another, to make the separate ideas seem more extreme. For example, a shot of a peaceful day with a very relaxed tone would cut away to some people being tortured....   [tags: Papers]

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How Wilfred Owen Presents the Horror of War in Dulce et Decorum est

- How Wilfred Owen Presents the Horror of War in Dulce et Decorum est In the First World War people wanted the young men to go to war, but no-one really knew about conditions of the fighting in the war. Wilfred Owen was one of the people who wanted to tell the public what war was really was like. He tried to do that through his poetry. One of his poems "Dulce et decorum est" shows the horror of war very well. We know that Wilfred Owen really does know what he's talking about as he served through most of the war and died shortly before the armistice....   [tags: Papers]

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The Horror that Are Child Soldiers

- ... The things that child soldiers are forced to do lead to a lot of psychological trauma. When an organization called War Child interviewed children they had rescued, up to 90% admitted that they needed psychological help and support to cope with what they had seen and done. A study has shown that children who are rescued often have nightmares, sadness, recurring violent images, and intrusive thoughts. The children who were forced to commit terrible crimes or were the victims of the crimes have the most psychological damage....   [tags: perfect killing machines, minor abuse]

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The Horror of the Maguindanao Massacre

- It has been four years since the horrific Maguindanao Massacre or also known as the Ampatuan Massacre, but the painful memory that it left to the devastated family and friends felt like only yesterday. Last November 23, the Maguindano massacre victims remembered one again the said tragic event. It is even dubbed as the “deadliest day for the press” for 32 to 58 people in media was killed. It was estimated that there were at least 59 lives were brutally taken. Sadly, until now, finding justice had been painstakingly slow and very murky....   [tags: Andal Ampatuan Jr., tragic events in Philippines]

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The Mask of Horror: Eating Disorders

- In this Golden age of humanity with technology at the fingertips of mankind and world wide global awareness, it's hard to imagine from the comfort of well lit homes, a large population of the human race lives without fresh water and a nourishing daily meal. In the United States of America it has been said of an over abundance of food, though many of the citizens are forced to consume highly processed ready made meals in order to survive due to poverty. These meals are high in fat, sodium and of course, calorie, leaving the consumer with extra weight....   [tags: Bulemia and Anorexia nervosa]

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The Horror Of The Atomic Bomb

- The sheer number of casualties of World War II was enough to send a shockwave through society; however, the different and grotesque way that nearly a quarter of a million lives were extinguished elevated the psychological effect to a new level. An innate fear of not only death, but complete obliteration, has always lurked in the back of the minds of humans. That fear became an actuality on the sixth of August in 1945, a day that will forever be an infamous part of world history, when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan, virtually erasing its victims from ever physically existing (“Atomic”)....   [tags: Nuclear weapon, World War II]

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A Comparison of the Techniques Employed in Portraying the Horror of War in Regeneration and Journey's End

- A Comparison of the Techniques Employed in Portraying the Horror of War in Regeneration and Journey's End "I chose the First World War because it's come to stand in for other wars… It's come to stand for the pain of all wars." Pat Barker wrote "Regeneration" in the 1990's and R.C. Sherriff "Journey's End" in 1927, the quote is from Barker and illustrates the magnitude of the effect of the First World War, and expresses the appeal of the subject. Both works use different techniques in their portrayal of horror, and their effectiveness will be examined in turn....   [tags: Papers]

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The Horror of Pity and War in Regeneration by Pat Barker and Collective Poems of Wilfred Owen

- The Horror of Pity and War in Regeneration by Pat Barker and Collective Poems of Wilfred Owen Through reading ‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker and Wilfred Owen’s collection of poems, we see both writers present the horror and pity of World War I in an effective way. ‘Regeneration’ shows us a personal account of shell-shocked officer’s experience in the war. This links with Wilfred Owen’s poems as they too show how war affects the soldiers. Even though ‘Regeneration’ (a prose piece) and Wilfred Owen’s poems (poetry) are similar, they both present different styles as they are written at different times, a male and female perspective and in different literacy forms....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comparison of two Gothic Horror Films, Sleepy Hollow and The Lost Boys

- A Comparison of two Gothic Horror Films, Sleepy Hollow and The Lost Boys Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton) and The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher) are fairly recent films, they both use specific camera shots to portray different characters, however, The Lost Boys, recorded in 1987 has fewer special effects than Sleepy Hollow, for at the time of the making of The Lost Boys, fewer facilities were available, compared to when Sleepy Hollow was filmed in 1999. Lost Boys is in some ways a tragedy, about a group of Vampires who had been taken over by the villain, (as the title "Lost Boys" suggests) who we are led to believe is David, the leader of the group of Vampires, but is in f...   [tags: Papers]

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The Horror of Shark Finning

- ... Shark finning has a lot of cons environmentally today. Our marine ecosystem will collapse soon if shark finning isn't stopped. Sharks are the apex predators and are at the top of the marine ecosystem. As predators, the sharks keep the waters clean by eating other species that live in the ocean. Sharks have a low birth rate, and most sharks only have 1 to 5 babies their whole lifetime. So the shark population is bound to die, because of the killing of young sharks that haven't got the chance to reproduce....   [tags: marine ecosystem issues]

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The Horror of Animal Experimentation

- Millions of animals, of many species and genus, are experimented on. The types of animals that are bred and used in tests are numerous and alarming. These animals include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, non human primates, birds, mice, and rats. Astonishingly, the estimated number of animals victimized in U.S. labs every year is over 100 million. Most of these animals experience absolute torture in labs for their entire lives, which may not even be that long of a time due to what they’re put through....   [tags: agriculture, drugs, treatment]

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The Horror of Honor Killings

- Women have the right to live their own life the way that they please. Women are not properties, nor are they incompetent. Women have the same opportunities to thrive in society as does any male, but some customs and traditions of some cultures prevent women from soaring to such heights. Culturally traditional men want complete dominion over their women. But who can blame them, it’s how they were raised and these things have been rooted in them since they were young children. When one thinks of a culture’s virtue, they automatically think of women’s behavior within her family context....   [tags: women, sexuality, murder]

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The Fulfillment of the Definition of Gothic Horror by Chapters 5 and 4 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

- The Fulfillment of the Definition of Gothic Horror by Chapters 5 and 4 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 'Frankenstein' is a gothic novel, a type of novel most popular between 1760 and 1820. The main components of the gothic novel are mystery, horror, and the supernatural. The word 'gothic' itself has several meanings. It can mean harsh or cruel, referring to the barbaric Gothic tribes of the Middle Ages. However, gothic novels typically feature wild and remote settings, such as haunted castles or wind-blasted moors, and their plots involve violent or mysterious events....   [tags: Papers]

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An Atmosphere of Fear and Horror in the Opening Chapter of Dracula by Bram Stoker

- An Atmosphere of Fear and Horror in the Opening Chapter of Dracula by Bram Stoker The novel of Dracula is written by Bram Stoker It was written in the early 19th century and at this time there was much mystery and suspicion surrounding such places as Transylvania where the book is set. The book's form is that it's written as a journal by the main character, Jonathon Harker. The fact that it's written as a journal makes the whole book seem more believable, and it's as though he's actually writing his experiences as they're happening, and his thoughts and feelings make it seem more personal and seem more realistic....   [tags: Papers]

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Horror of War Exposed in Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front

- Horror of War Exposed in Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the greatest war novels of all time. It is a story, not of Germans, but of men, who even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war. The entire purpose of this novel is to illustrate the vivid horror and raw nature of war and to change the popular belief that war has an idealistic and romantic character.  The story centers on Paul Baümer, who enlists in the German army with glowing enthusiasm.  In the course of war, though, he is consumed by it and in the end is "weary, broken, burnt out, rootless, and without hope"  (Remarque pa...   [tags: All Quiet on the Western Front Essays]

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How does Shelley prepare us for the horror of Frankenstein’s creature?

- How does Shelley prepare us for the horror of Frankenstein’s creature. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818. Shelley (the wife of poet Percy Shelley) first got inspiration for her book in Geneva. There she stayed with her husband, Lord Byron and a few others. They were all challenged to write a ghost story during a hellish storm. Though she did write a story it was a forgettable on. The real inspiration came on June 22nd, the night before Shelley’s departure. The group discussed a subject from de Stael’s ‘De L’Allemagne’ where they considered whether the principle of life could be discovered and whether scientists could be discovered and whether scientists could galvanize a corpse of manu...   [tags: English Literature]

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Macbeth by Shakespeare

- This essay will focus on the gothic elements of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ written in 1606, which fully “displays the horror of regicide” due to the unnatural acts that take place throughout, such as; the witches prophecies, nature vs man and Lady Macbeth’s gothic influence. These act as a catalyst for the killing of both King Duncan and Macbeth. However, it could be argued that the main focus of the play is the protagonist’s fall into madness, because of the hamartia, ambition. Poole defines hamartia as “a fatal flaw; as if it were simply an attribute of character....   [tags: gothic, literature, horror of regicide]

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The Death Of The Car

- “Get back in your car!!!” The policeman was yelling at Gerry to tell him that something was not right and he would be safer in his car. As soon as the policeman said “Remain with your family…” he was mauled over by a huge 18-wheeler that was driving out of control down the middle of the street. Gerry floored the gas pedal as he sped to safety, but was instantly halted as an ambulance ran slap into the driver side of the car. As Gerry and his wife, Karin, awoke from the crash, his ears were ringing and all he could hear in the distance was screaming and screeching sirens....   [tags: Horror film, Film, George A. Romero]

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An Analysis Of Mr. Brzoska 's Class I

- Essay Response In Mr. Brzoska’s class I had to choose four essays to analyze for figurative language. I dreaded the thought of having to read twelve essays, nor did I believe that I would enjoy the readings. When selecting the essays, I was driven by curiosity. I chose DON’T EAT BEFORE READING THIS by Anthony Bourdain, SANDRA BLAND AND OR VULNERABLE BODIES constructed by Roxane Gay, WHY WE CRAVE HORROR MOVIES by the famous Stephen King. Lastly, I selected FROM JAMAICA TO MINNESOTA TO MYSELF written by Marlon James....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Horror film, Film]

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The Haunted Castle, By George Melies

- Some of the most iconic films in history has been those of the horror and since fiction genre. These films have gone down in history as the most thrilling experiences, bringing in audiences who want to leave with their hearts racing and a fear set into them so they can’t sleep at night. Coming from some of the darkest and twisted parts of the mind, the history of this classic genre is just as thrilling as the movies themselves. Horror movies draw their earliest inspirations from authors of gothic novels, such as Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, and Edgar Allen Poe....   [tags: Horror film, Film, Slasher film]

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Dimensions of Night of the Living Dead

- ... Romero himself related the living dead with lower class citizens, lacking the panache of vampires and mad scientists, and individually weak but powerful in numbers (Hervey 59). Fed up with the oppressive conservatism of the so-called “Silent Majority” that had earlier that year elected the commie-chasing and previously retired Senator Richard Nixon to the Presidency and that seemed intent on foiling any social progress, audiences rejoiced in the “moral ambiguity and refus[ed] to rejoice when order and normality prevail[ed],” as phrased by historian Arthur Schlesinger (Hervey 24)....   [tags: horror film, romero´s image]

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Analysis Of Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

- “He cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath– The horror. The horror!” (III, p. 178). There are many horrifying things in the world which are of all different orders of magnitude, from disasters that effect millions to insignificant fears of an individual: from catastrophes such as the holocaust to subtleties such as spiders. Conrad, in the Heart of Darkness shows each order, on it 's own level, all in one statement. The eminent Kurtz uttered the aforementioned quote as he was breathing his last, and incorporated all three levels of despair into his last two words....   [tags: Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, The Horror]

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Stephen King, A Voice in the Dark

- Stephen King; A voice in the Dark “People always ask me why I write such terrifying stories, and my reply always is; Why do you think I have a choice?” Stephen King is one of the world’s bestselling authors (and was before J.K. Rowling published Harry Potter). he is most known for his Horror stories, like IT or ‘Salem’s Lot. But also for his Horror/Fantasy novels, Like The Dark Tower Series. He writes about his fears, his problems, and things he’s overcome, and sometimes the odd. Stephen King (full name is Stephen Edwin King) was born on September 21st, 1947 in the small town of Portland, Maine....   [tags: horror stories, writing, fantasy novels]

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Tension in Edgar Allen Poe´s The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado

- Tension is a commonly used tool to hook and grasp the readers’ attention, by using conflict to raise the emotional intensity to a maximum. Edgar Allen Poe’s display of tension can be identified in two of his gothic fiction works, The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. Both stories are confessions of a murder told in first person. The Tell Tale Heart is regarding a man killing an old man simply because of a vulgar eye, without any intimate passion. However, The Cask of Amontillado describes the protagonist’s grudge that leads to carrying out revenge without impunity....   [tags: murder, horror, suspense, actions, setting]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Mortality Plays ' Pain, Penance, And Admonition

- In the article “Mortality Plays: Pain, Penance, and Admonition in Se7en and Saw”, it discusses the morality of the horror films Se7en (David Fincher, 1995) and Saw (James Wan, 2004) through the Christian tradition. In both films, there is a killer that tortures his victims which lead the victims to murder themselves. Wills and Wilson (the authors) analyze the murderers John Doe (Se7en) and Jigsaw (Saw) by how the murders are related to the Christian ideas of medieval and modern concepts of sin and penance....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Horror film, Christianity]

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Cause And Effect Of Comedy And Action

- Cause and Effect of Comedy and Action Movies In our world today, scary movies are everywhere, people crave watching someone getting killed or watching someone who is possessed, I don’t get why people enjoy that . It’s just not fun for me. I don 't “crave” watching those types of movies just as Stephen King said in his article.. I think it’s because since there is a variety of movies, we can choose other genres. maybe. Today I will be explaining the causes and effects of Comedy and Action movies....   [tags: Genre, Film, Horror film, Hero]

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Movie Review : ' It 's Haunted House Movies ' And ' They Couldn 't Stop With Just One

- Atop the list of the most impressive, satisfying haunted house movies created in the last decade is Insidious (although the sequel, Insidious: Chapter 2, essentially tainted it). The back-to-back stories set forth in the Insidious films focus on the Lambert family and their connection to the spirit world, which they reluctantly navigate through with the help of a team of paranormal investigators. And, like the vast majority of successful horror films, they couldn’t stop with just one. Director James Wan takes a break from the series, giving way to Leigh Whannell (feature length debut) – who also happens to be the writer and creative mastermind of all three Insidious films (not to mention Saw...   [tags: Horror film, Film, Ghost, Halloween]

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Halloween Is A Perfect Example Of A Cliche Slasher Film

- The “Slasher Film” has always been an iconic sub-genre of horror in American pop culture. Initially slasher films don’t seem to break the barriers of American Cinema; they still explore interesting aspects of the human psyche. Often we are thrown into the mind of our psychotic murderer, and then forced to live out his ritualistic killings. John Carpenter’s Halloween is a perfect example of a cliché slasher film. This film features some of the most common conventions of the horror genre....   [tags: Horror film, Slasher film, Halloween]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Living Dead '

- A zombie is a monster that has been a horror movie legacy for many years now. Zombie is defined as “a dead person who is able to move because of magic according to some religions and in stories, movies, etc.” Zombies haven’t always been the creature that we see today though. George A. Romero merged the old-forgotten zombie into the standardized version we see today. James Conroy writes, “With his 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, George Romero brought the concept of the slow-moving, flesh-eating zombie into mainstream American culture.” (1) Night of the Living Dead not only set an iconic image for zombies, but it also brought issues you would not normally see in a Zombie film, dealing with...   [tags: Horror film, Night of the Living Dead]

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Inside Hannibal Lecter

- The monster Hannibal Lecter can be summed up in one quote from Thomas Harris’ fourth novel, Hannibal Rising: “I don’t want a conviction, I want him declared insane. In an asylum, they can study him and try to find out what he is…. What is he now. There is not a word for it yet. For lack of a better word we’ll call him a monster” (Harris 283). From early in Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s life, it was clear that he was a monster. The film, The Silence of the Lambs, is one of those films that is a cornerstone to a generation of filmmakers and the movie industry itself....   [tags: Cannibalism, Psycological Horror]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Night Of The Living Dead '

- What would you do if you were put in an extreme life or death situation in an area that you did not know with only complete strangers to trust. In George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, that nightmare becomes reality. Seven people are trapped inside a secluded house with no means of escaping the zombies attempting to break in (Romero). It is a simple plotline; however, Romero’s film is revolutionary in how it reveals the disparity between races during the time and how it shatters the picture the audience has in mind of how a film should end....   [tags: Horror film, Night of the Living Dead]

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Edgar Allan Poe's Impact on American Literature

- Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most influential writers of the horror genre in American history. His horror stories have impacted numerous authors and their stories over the years. Various people have tried to copy his way of writing style, but they have failed to achieve the success he did. Even though Poe is no longer living, his impact on American literature can still be felt today. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. Even though Edgar Allan Poe did not grow up around his biological parents, his parents were both actors....   [tags: horror genre, american history, authors]

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The Invisible Man, By Claude Rains

- The Invisible Man is one film that makes great use of sound. Claude Rains, the man who plays as Jack Griffin, had to have been able to speak since he was unseen throughout most of the movie. When he does ‘appear’ as Griffin, his face is wrapped up, covered in bandages to conceal his invisibility and remain perceptible to others. It would be difficult to have a silent, invisible, mummified actor play this role, but Rains had managed to raise his voice through the bandages binding him. While he may be hidden for most of the film, he certainly is heard....   [tags: Horror film, Film, Sexual orientation]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of James Wan 's ' A Dark Scary Atmosphere '

- Insidious Decoded Insidious was released on July 21, 2011 and was directed by James Wan. James Wan is a very credible director. He won 10 awards throughout his directing career. This is a mystery and horror film that is about a family that thinks their house is haunted, and how they figure out that it’s not the house that’s haunted. It’s their son being possessed by some spiritual entity. The poster uses different ways to persuade the audience to come to see the movie. The ways include Ethos, which appeals to the audience through ethics and credibility; Logos, which appeals to the audience through logical reasoning; and pathos, which is appealing to the audience through emotion and feeling...   [tags: Actor, Film, Rhetoric, Horror film]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Night Of The Living Dead '

- Night Of The Living Dead a film that was in my opinion the first of its kind. It didn’t have the biggest budget when they filmed it. Yet a film I would watch again and again. The 1968 original film is a classic I really enjoyed. It didn’t have the most famous actors and actresses or the greatest acting in that case. It didn’t even have great film quality, yet I was glued to the film from the first minute to the last. I saw it as a change of scenery from the films we see today, and if you’re someone who likes black and white films you’re going to love this one....   [tags: Actor, Film, Horror film, Acting]

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Thriving with Failure

- Imagine waking up one morning and looking out of your window only to find the Earth stripped of its vegetation, thick clouds of smog filled with death floating by your window, and your neighbor struggling to the fetch the newspaper because he has been stricken with an incurable illness or disease, all because humanity has failed to be a good steward of the Earth. But what does it mean to be a good steward for the Earth. A good steward for the Earth is one who does her part to take care of the Earth and encourages others to do the same....   [tags: fear, horror, chemicals]

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Movie Review : ' The Monster '

- To some people it has happened, you see something standing in your dark room and when you turn on the lights, the figure is gone. Lights Out does the job of showing the audience the fear of the monster that looks at you or is with you in the darkness. The monster in this film would make the audience think back to their childhood and remember the fear of being in the dark alone because they would feel someone looking at them. This film gives the rule for the monster, you will be safe when you’re in the light, but be very careful when the lights go out and it gets dark....   [tags: Film, Horror film, Light, KILL]

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The Babadook And Mental Health

- The Babadook and Mental Health One might argue that the scariest horror films are those films which horrors portray a sense that something of that nature might actually happen in the real world. The beauty of horror films is that anything could theoretically be possible, like Freddy Krueger sticking his tongue through Nancy’s phone as he says, “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy” or a horde of zombies stampeding through the cities of the United States wiping out humanity in its path. If one thinks about it long enough, anything we can perceive could happen....   [tags: Horror film, Slasher film, Halloween]

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Analysis of Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is King by Stephen Crane

- Stephen Crane uses several different poetic and stylistic devices in his lyrical organic poem, “Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind”. For instance, the structure of the poem is made up of five stanzas. The purpose of the poem is to explain to readers the horror and distraction that comes with war. “These men where born to drill and die”-Lines 19. War also comes between families and loved, ones tearing them apart. “Mother.../... shroud of your son”-23-24. Dominant devices prevailing in the poem are tone/mood, diction, imagery, and sound devices....   [tags: horror, distracton, war, families, mood]

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The Civil Rights Movement and the Emmett Till´s Murder Case

- Emmett Till’s murder case started with him playing a simple joke. Emmett’s death showed how little care African Americans were shown at the time. Emmett’s murder really made the civil rights movement come alive. After Emmett’s death a series of things happened remarking the civil rights movement including Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. The murder case left not only African Americans astonished but even White’s disagreed with the result of the murder trial....   [tags: african americans, horror, rosa parks]

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The Reality Of The Entertainment Industry

- Many people, almost all of America, choose to watch movies, whether it is in theatres or on a TV at home. Children used to flock to the old theatres where they would watch black and white silent movies. For example, popular movies such as the original Wizard of Oz (1939) and It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) were in black and white and movies like Pandora’s Box (1929) and The Phantom of the Opera (1925) were silent films. These types of films mark the transition into a new era. Nowadays one cannot turn on the television without being bombarded with the new release of movies or shows....   [tags: Film, Horror film, Entertainment, Television]

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The Captivating Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe

- Edgar Allan Poe, an often misinterpreted literary mastermind known predominantly by his extraordinary tales of horror, the supernatural, forbidden love, madness, and mystery, is more than meets the eye. Though his genres of expertise may indicate otherwise, Poe was a very social person, having been raised as a gentleman, and he had more hands on military experience than any other major American author in history. As a writer, Poe gained a great deal of his inspiration from his surroundings. His stay in the army contributed significantly to his repertoire, said to have inspired some of Poe’s greatest works including “’The Gold Bug;’ ’The Man Who Was Used Up,’ a satire of southern frontier po...   [tags: tales, horror, the gold bug, love]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Doll '

- The Doll In My Closet Have you ever seen a movie that left a lasting impression on your life. From the moment I saw the movie Chucky my life changed forever. At the time, I was nearly nine but after watching the movie I was instantly terrified of dolls. Dolls are one of the scariest toys a kid could have and when you watch a movie like Chucky you can see why this would be true. I learned that night that it’s better to ask what a movie is about before you agree to watch it. I remember being woken up by my dad who was calling my name and telling me he had to take my mother to the hospital....   [tags: Dolls, Doll, Rooms, Horror film]

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Comparison of The Shining and Maus I

- The Shining is a 1977 horror novel by Stephen King that is based on events at the Overlook Hotel where the Torrance family is snowed in for the winter which leads to some unfortunate events. Maus I: a Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History is a 1986 graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about the story of his father during the Holocaust. Both of these novels are good stories that are filled with episodes and events that are demonstrated differently. Although the plots of The Shining and Maus 1 bear some minor similarities, the difference between them are more clear, which includes whether the plot is linear and sequential, and the use of stream of consciousness, foreshadowing, and flashbacks....   [tags: Novel Analysis, Horror Novel, Holocaust]

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The Boogeyman vs. Sometimes They Come Back

- While the general setting in these works is similar, 1970s New England, the main setting and secondary setting is different. "The Boogeyman” takes place in a psychiatrist’s office. The secondary setting takes place in the Billings’ family homes and the rooms where the children die. Conversely, “Sometimes They Come Back” takes place in a classroom at Harold Davis High School. The secondary setting is the dream Jim has detailing his brother’s murder. The plots are also dissimilar. The plot of “Sometimes They Come Back” moves at a steady pace....   [tags: short stories, Stephen King, horror]

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Suspense In The Red Room

- The Red Room’ written by a famous writer H.G Wells. He was a science fiction writer who lived in the Victorian times. People in the Victorian times believed in science and also believed everything they were told. I will be explaining genre, the structure, setting, language, imagery and atmosphere in order to create suspense. The Red Room is based on a gothic horror story. This type of fiction existed in the late 18th and 19th centaury, gothic stories are mainly based inside big, dark, ruined castles or abbeys and featured mystery and horror, it would also feature ghost haunted rooms, secret stairways and underground passages which would create tense and drama....   [tags: h. g. wells, horror story]

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The Shinning by Stephen King

- In the horror genre, there are many concepts that can contribute to horrifying the audience. A common fear for most is the fear of the unknown or that of which cannot be seen such as what lies beyond the world people cannot see. It can raise question of what may cross the line into ghosts or "supernatural" territory. There could be tons of reasons as to why something could be portrayed as haunted. In the film The Shining by Stephen King, the Overlook Hotel calls to Jack Torrance to come back to the hotel and fulfill his duty as caretaker of that hotel....   [tags: supernatural, ghosts, film, horror genre]

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Written Component Of Verbal Visual

- Written Component of Verbal Visual Essay (CPT): Thesis: Engulfed in darkness and surrounded by sounds both familiar and frightening, Josh Malerman’s novel, Bird Box shows that in order to survive the unknown one must continue to believe that they will find their safe haven. 1- Malorie has Hope “The place she is taking the children to may no longer exist. The excruciating trip, blindly taking the river, could result in nothing. When they get there, down the river, will they be safe?” (Malerman 92)....   [tags: Fear, Claustrophobia, Anxiety, Horror and terror]

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The Horror of Genocide

- Wouldn’t it be scary if someone suddenly decided that you should disappear because he thinks you do not have the right to live because of your race or religion. Scary yes, but definitely possible. The word genocide, which is also known as ethnic cleansing, is certainly not uncommon to anyone living in this not so perfect world, full of violence, hatred and discrimination. Throughout the decades, genocide has taken place in more than one occasion, causing wars, slaughters and mass destruction of cities and towns....   [tags: Ethnic Cleansing Genocide]

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